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The fabulous frolickers planning the way for their first arrivals....

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LankyLegs Thu 17-Nov-11 10:31:14

Hello ladies! Let's hope we have lots more BFPs and healthy pregnancies as we approach Christmas and 2012!


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB 27th Sep - Girl - Imogen
Toriajayne - BFP 16th Feb - EDD 26 Oct - DOB 25th Oct - Boy - Thomas 9lb
Goldmaple - BFP Feb 28th - EDD 9th November - DOB 30th Oct - Girl Emily Grace


Capricorn76 - BFP 12th Apr - EDD 1st Jan 2011
Seablue - BFP? - EDD 10th Jan
stegasaurus - BFP 27 Aug - EDD 3rd May
Slowshow - BFP 3rd Jan - EDD 15th Sept


Truffkin - BFP 10th March - EDD 18th November
Lankylegs - BFP 27 May - EDD 1st February
Womanly Tales - BFP 14 Aug - EDD 25th April
Empusa -
Latetothisbabymalarky - BFP 8 Oct - EDD 8th June 2012
Florin - BFP 14 Oct - EDD 22 June 2012
Flickstar -

DessieLou Mon 19-Nov-12 11:02:29

She's right, they do! grin
Good luck, Cavey!
No sign of Pearleyfish..... hmm

pixiestix Sun 04-Nov-12 13:32:29

Hello Cavey! That sounds like wonderful news, I will have everything crossed for you in a weeks time. Do come over to FB with us if you fancy it - we talk like a bunch of deranged maniacs over there, its quite frenetic. grin

FrankelDeBeauvoir Sun 28-Oct-12 12:17:25

Hello lovely Frolickers, 'tis I: the artist formerly known as Cavemum grin

I don't know if any of you oldies are still around and reading this thread, but I'm just stopping by to bore update you with my progress. I've just had my first cycle of ovulation induction, which involved daily FSH injections to stimulate my ovaries. I reacted really well and by last week had 2 lovely big follicles ready to pop. I've now just started the 2WW and am feeling very hopeful about things, having had some very dark, black days.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and that I often think of you all and hope you are enjoying your lovely snugly baby's. smile

DessieLou Tue 23-Oct-12 12:50:09

MCT PM me your name/ email address and I'll see if I can add you to the Frolickers group. Not much point staying on this lonely thread! Beeble has had her little boy...he is very cute! So just us and Pearly left. Pearly are you already on the FB group? Good luck for the impending birth!
I'm 34+5 so not far behind you, MCT. Starting to feel rather real now, isn't it? I had the Flu jab on Friday and Whooping cough yesterday and have hypnobirthing class today so it's all go at the moment. I reckon the next few weeks will fly by.
We ended up just going to Glasgow for a few days. Not hugely glamorous but it's only a couple hours away and it was great to get away together. We live in the back of beyond so it was nice to be surrounded by civilisation for a change!
Will hopefully see you on FB. smile

PearlyFish Mon 22-Oct-12 16:35:39


Just dropping in as I saw you'd revived the thread. I got a bit behind after a holiday a few months back and reverted to lurking rather than posting for the time being. I'm currently 3 days overdue and playing the waiting game. Just wanted to log on quickly to say best of luck to MCT and Dessie, and big congratulations thanks and speedy-recovery-wishes to Beeble smile x

MCT76 Mon 22-Oct-12 14:55:41

Hi Dessie and Beeble! I've been wondering where you'd gone and thought there was nobody left in here...I am still lurking occasionally...are you all on Facebook? How can I find you there?

I am now 35+5 and getting increasingly anxious..finishing work this week which is great and getting everything ready in case he turns up early. Other than that, everything seems fine (fingers crossed). Hope the Braxton Hicks have eased down, Beeble. How was your break Dessie? Where did you go in the end?

DessieLou Fri 19-Oct-12 13:20:17

Looks like it is just us 3, MrsWajs! Very lonely....
Beeble I will PM you in a minute. Braxton Hicks must be so least you know it can't be far off though. Exciting! smile

MrsWajs Fri 19-Oct-12 04:19:39

I just figured out who you are Beeble!! wink

Are there only you, Dessie & MCT left on this thread??

Beeblebear Thu 18-Oct-12 02:49:19

Hi dessie . It is beginning to echo in here. pm me your email and I'll see who can add you on Facebook Ifyou would like.

No baby here yet but getting close. Little glum today after36 hours of consistent Braxton Hicks every 8 minutes, then just petered out to nothing today. Oh well.

DessieLou Tue 16-Oct-12 15:09:15

Have we moved and nobody told me?! What is this Facebook page you speak of Beeble? And are Pearly and Beeble still upduffed or are they Mums? So many questions.....
[lonely emoticon] confused

DessieLou Tue 16-Oct-12 15:05:22


Beeblebear Mon 10-Sep-12 14:25:30

Hi all, sorry for being mia. I think I.m trying to keep up with too many boards and facebook groups. Seem to post to this group on facebook more.

34 weeks now. Still 5 work weeks left, though I.m aiming for 4 day weeks now so about 20 workung days.

Had a wee melt down during postpartum ward tour yesterday when I heard the little babies crying!!!

Hope everyone else is doing well.

DessieLou Sat 01-Sep-12 15:30:15

Blimey, you can get an app for everything nowadays!
Bump is doing well, she is very active! I felt like my insides were being tasered the other day! We're still having a nightmare with names but thankfully we've got 12 weeks left. How about you MCT, have you got any ideas? Boys names are so much easier than girls!
I have an appointment with the midwife on the 10th, first one for a while. I think she'll arrange for us to go to antenatal classes soon. There's not much available round here in deepest darkest Scotland! I'm going to start aquanatal classes soon as I've just given up work so will hopefully have the energy for them now! I've hardly put any weight on so don't want to start now!
Enjoy your break MCT. We're going away in 2 weeks for the last bit of 'us' time. We were also going to go to France but my passport seems to have run out so we'll be sticking to the UK too. Not sure where yet though, need to find a dog friendly B&B somewhere! smile

highheelsandequations Sat 01-Sep-12 12:26:34

MCT I got a kick counter app on DPs iphone, I'd sit down after my meal every evening and just concentrate on counting kicks for a little while. I found that very reassuring (and quite nice and relaxing too).

MCT76 Fri 31-Aug-12 16:40:24

Hi Dessie!!! I'm here! I was wondering the same thing...what's happened to everyone? I haven't been posting as I thought nobody was reading are you doing? Have you decided on a name yet? How's your bump coming along?

Late: It's nice to know Harriet is sleeping through the night already! And all those lovely new things that they do everyday...ahhh! I can't wait!

I'm all signed up for the 3 antenatal classes offered in my area. The first one is on Sept 18th and after that, DH and I will be going away for a few days. I wanted to go to France but we decided to stay in Blighty in the end to make things easier so we'll be spending a few days in Bristol and Bath.

I've been to the hospital a couple of times as I wasn't feeling any movements and, thankfully, all is well. They were brilliant and told me to call anytime if I'm worried. I am feeling a bit more now and trying to write them down so I don't forget but my anterior placenta cushions them which means they are quite subtle.

Hope to read more about how everyone else is

DessieLou Fri 31-Aug-12 14:49:05

Where is everyone?! Beeble? MCT? Anybody?! Hellloooooo....? hmm confused

highheelsandequations Wed 29-Aug-12 22:19:30

late I am sooo jealous of your sleep, R is nearly 14 mo now and still not sleeping through!!

LateToThisBabyMalarky Sun 19-Aug-12 19:49:54

Hello hello, just dropping by to see how y'all are doing with your bumps! Reading the posts about movements, ante-natal classes etc., it all seems like such a long time ago... be sure and enjoy these weeks of pregnancy (take lots of photos of the bump too!) as they fade into distant memory once the bump has become a baby!

Harriet & I are doing well - 9 weeks now, how crazy is that! I thought they stayed little teeny babies for ages, but the rate of change and growth is amazing - she's holding her head up, likes sitting up not lying down, lots of smiles and all moves so fast! She's such a good-tempered person too, she's been sleeping through from 11pm to 7am now for a couple of weeks, meaning DH & I also get a nice long kip & everyone's happy smile

Hope everyone continues blooming, take care of yourselves & your bumps!

DessieLou Mon 13-Aug-12 18:44:10

Hi guys,just checking in....not much happening! We've moved house now and only 6 weeks til I give up work...Hurrah! All is well with bump although I'm still not really putting weight on which is good I suppose. I thought I'd balloon but I'm actually quite small.
MCT - Holly is off the baby name list now! He likes Emily at the mo which I quite like but have just seen it's in the top 10 from last year...typical. I rather like Madeleine but he reckons it's too posh (?!).
Hows everyone else doing?

pixiestix Mon 13-Aug-12 12:50:14

yy The more the merrier. Come on over to FB if you fancy a natter smile

highheelsandequations Fri 10-Aug-12 22:59:23

Hellooooooo ..

Very quiet in here, hope all you pregnant frolickers are blooming, us postgrads do tend to hide on fb these days, although all frolickers are welcome to join the fun, just pm one of us to join smile

Beeblebear Wed 01-Aug-12 21:01:32


I have gone for 2 yoga classes now. They are nice and seem to be doing some good stretching on my hip. My hip gets a little painful for the day or two after, but then feels great (unless i over do it again. lol)

Appointment at the DR this afternoon to check on things sure hope they don't tell me i've gained too much weight and then for bloodwork tomorrow (was supposed to get that done before today's appointment but have now been turned away twice) I have to do the glucose test. Not looking forward to the beverage. YUCK!

Oh and I finally got signed up for prenatal classes. 2 more couples have registered now so I don't think they will move the class to the city, which is what I was worried about.

HOpe all is going well for everyone else.... are you all hiding on some sort of facebook group now? Perhaps i should get onto that.

MCT76 Wed 01-Aug-12 13:57:06

Hi there! It seems like everyone's been keeping a low profile as of late..hope you're all feeling well and not stressing too much.

Dessie: Congratulations on your little dancer! Holly is a beautiful name. Are you considering any others?

Late: Glad to know Harriet's being a good girl and allowing you to get some rest. I've not really looked at any parenting books yet. My parents were visiting for two weeks and my mum brought me some in Spanish so I will start browsing through those soon.

Beeble: How did your appointment go? Have you started the yoga classes yet? How are you finding them?

I have been very busy and rather stressed out with my parents here. My mum and I have a very difficult relationship at the best of times and with the added "bonus" of pregnancy hormones and my tendency to worry about things a bit too much, it was not the easiest of times but now they've gone, I feel guilty. She did say she wants to come for the birth but I reckon we'll have to lay down some ground rules as DH and I would like to have some space and privacy during that time without interference from relatives until we feel ready for them.

On a more positive note, I rang my midwife on Monday and expressed my concern about not being able to feel movements yet (I will be 24 weeks tomorrow). She advised me to call the Labour Ward which I did and they were brilliant. They fitted me in for a scan straight away and it was such a relief to see my little boy on the screen kicking away. The consultant said that, as my placenta is so thick and so high up, it is normal for me not to be feeling much but oddly enough, I seem to be feeling some movements now! grin

Hope to hear some news from you soon! X

Beeblebear Thu 26-Jul-12 15:52:46

Found out this weekend that my brother is having a GIRL! Will be the first girl grandbaby for my parents. ... which also means we get all their boy stuff which will be really great.

My bump has definately grown, but keep being amazed at how much further I have to go... only 11 more weeks (ish) left of work and 12(ish) left until baby arrives. Nursery is all set up and ready, now just have to do the little stuff... like pack a hospital bag, get some emeregency - breastfeeding is not working - supplies like a couple bottle nipples and some formula.. and wash all the baby clothes we have been given.

All in all I have been feeling quite good, except what i assume to be minor pain in my pubic region. I think i may have felt a couple braxton hicks, but I can't be sure... they seemed to last way way longer than what any of my books said. Next appt with the clinic is next Wed. After that I start going every 2 weeks. Still have not signed up for any prenatal classes. Our local one still has 0 registrants. It may be too late... oh well.

And going to my first prenatal yoga class tonight with the other girl from work who is also pregnant. I gave DH a good laugh last night.... I have never been to yoga and my mom gave me a yoga mat set... so i was in the spare room unwrapping my gear and rolled out the yoga mat. which is when DH walked in and asked me if I was practicing. I told him NO i'm just unpacking and unrolling my mat so I don't show up looking like a total NOOB! lol Oh well... I'll end up looking like one anyways smile

Baby is kicking lots. I'm surprised at how well you can see it from watching the belly. DH doesn't understand how I can be totally conted sitting and staring at my belly for half an hour.

LateToThisBabyMalarky Mon 23-Jul-12 11:17:31

Ooo! A girl Dessie, how lovely! Out of 8 babies in my NCT group, only 2 are girls! Good to hear everything is looking well from the scan, it's amazing to see your baby in so much detail isn't it! Enjoy feeling the movements while you can - once the baby is out you can't really remember exactly how it felt, even the really big kicks and rolls! I actually filmed my bump moving right at the end, it does look very strange!

Harriet is now 5 weeks old! Can you believe it! She's a little poppet, a very good baby. We are doing the Gina Ford routines and getting on very well with them, we're ALL contented, not just the little baby! And we're very pleased that some proper maternity leave weather has finally kicked in!

Flick, how are you getting on with Leonard?

How're all the other growing bumps doing?!

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