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The fabulous frolickers planning the way for their first arrivals....

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LankyLegs Thu 17-Nov-11 10:31:14

Hello ladies! Let's hope we have lots more BFPs and healthy pregnancies as we approach Christmas and 2012!


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB 27th Sep - Girl - Imogen
Toriajayne - BFP 16th Feb - EDD 26 Oct - DOB 25th Oct - Boy - Thomas 9lb
Goldmaple - BFP Feb 28th - EDD 9th November - DOB 30th Oct - Girl Emily Grace


Capricorn76 - BFP 12th Apr - EDD 1st Jan 2011
Seablue - BFP? - EDD 10th Jan
stegasaurus - BFP 27 Aug - EDD 3rd May
Slowshow - BFP 3rd Jan - EDD 15th Sept


Truffkin - BFP 10th March - EDD 18th November
Lankylegs - BFP 27 May - EDD 1st February
Womanly Tales - BFP 14 Aug - EDD 25th April
Empusa -
Latetothisbabymalarky - BFP 8 Oct - EDD 8th June 2012
Florin - BFP 14 Oct - EDD 22 June 2012
Flickstar -

LateToThisBabyMalarky Thu 01-Dec-11 16:44:16

grin grin grin grin grin
It all went really well, HUGE sigh of relief! It's not really a bean anymore, I'm going to have start calling it something else now, it's incredible how much it's grown and developed. It was flipping itself around and over, so bizarre to see when you can't feel anything! It even waved it's little jazz hands at us and the sonographer got a great shot - you can see ALL the little fingers!

I'm very lucky to be having one-to-one midwife care, and she went through the initial report & bloods with me, it's all looking good - the nuchal thing is in the normal range (that's my next anxiety obsession wink). I have an incredibly high level of iron apparently, midwife has told me to take the pregnacare vitamins every other day rather than every day - anyone else have unusually high Hgb levels?

Feeling a lot more confident looking forwards now - DH is completely over excited. We're looking forward to telling our folks at Christmas! grin
I have tomorrow off, so the weekend starts here! Whoop whoop!

LankyLegs Thu 01-Dec-11 17:45:20

Late!!!! Nrilliant news my dear - so pleased for you! You can actually start to enjoy your pregnancy now! It's such a lovely experience - I remember getting very emotional and teary - eas just quite overwhelming all that happening inside you inside you and you can't even feel it!

Enjoy the long weekend on cloud nine and well done! grin grin

LankyLegs Thu 01-Dec-11 17:46:16

*brilliant... not the latter I spelt up there in all my excitement!

Florin Thu 01-Dec-11 18:13:36

late so so pleaded for you. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating!

Flickstar Thu 01-Dec-11 18:27:15

Yipee so pleased for you late! It sounds incredIble how much your jumping bean has grown in the last few weeks. Now you can really enjoy everything! Treat yourself to a glass of bubbly tonight and enjoy the weekend smile xxx

highheelsandequations Thu 01-Dec-11 23:51:14

Yay for the fab scan late grin

Truffkin Fri 02-Dec-11 10:56:47

Just catching up with everyone's news - Late so exciting that tour scan went well, it sounds like a great experience. We really loved telling everyone following our scan so enjoy making your announcements!

Florin I was really worried about my diet as well as I struggled to keep anything down at all for so long. At one point the only thing I could eat without being sick was fruit ice lollies so the Del Monte ones were my saviour as they are one of my 5 a day! My midwife helped me no to stress out as it's really true that the baby will take what it needs and stay healthy. It will make you feel crap but so long as baby is ok grin

Flick glad your duvet day helped. I did have a couple of days in my pregnancy when I just slept a lot. I went back to that in the last couple of weeks and made the most of my maternity leave by stockpiling sleep!

Lanky I know what you mean about having too much mat leave before your little one arrives, but I ended up having 4 weeks before he arrived and it went quickly. I had a 'job' to do most days and spent the last week sleeping a lot. Plus you need to take at least 3 calls a day from people enquiring after you ( but really just checking if the baby has arrived wink)

So I'm not sure if I mentioned that we named our little boy Lucas Christopher. He is a week old today, I can't believe how that time has flown! Like Lanky I felt that my pregnancy went quickly and I think that speedy time is set to continue. I want to really enjoy my maternity leave ( although at the moment I never want to go back to work and leave him, which I never thought I would hear myself say)

I'm posting on my phone whilst he sleeps snuggled into me so will get round to a proper birth story ASAP. The midwife woke us all up at 9am yesterday and we had to wake him, plus she did his heel prick test, which he hated, so he had quite an unsettled day. We spent most of last night snuggling skin to skin and he seems to be much calmer today and back in his feeding / sleeping pattern.

My Mom arrives this afternoon to stay for the weekend, which will be lovely. I'm hoping we can get organised enough to meet her off the train so will see how that goes. I have 3 hours to be ready to leave (gone are the days I can leap out of bed and be out the door in 20 minutes!!)

pixiestix Fri 02-Dec-11 13:31:15

grin grin grin grin Yay Late!!!! Fantastic news!! Now you can start properly enjoying your pregnancy. Best Christmas present EVER!

Truff I can't believe Lucas is a week old already! shock And double shock shock that you already have any kind of sleeping/ feeding pattern going! We will still in a fog of muddlement at that point and for many weeks afterwards

pixiestix Fri 02-Dec-11 13:31:57

We will? Doh, we were!

Florin Fri 02-Dec-11 13:34:32

truff glad to hear all is going well. Enjoy baby Lucas (fab name by the way)

cherrycobbler Fri 02-Dec-11 22:57:10

brilliant news on the scans late and flick!

am dead impressed that you are together enough to write a post namechecking other frolickers truff, I think I forgot my DH's name for the first few weeks! You sound so blissed out as a mummy, its so lovely to read smile I think time speeds up from when you hit the second trimester of pregnancy (with a small pause for weeks 38 till birth, when it drags again), I can't believe my BFP is already a rolling, sitting, cheeky six month old that wrestles with sticks of sweet potato and waves to music.

Truffkin Sun 04-Dec-11 22:07:02

Oh Cherry that's lovely, but where does the time go?!

We're not in any kind of routine really as the timing changes from day to day! My saving grace is that he will go 3-4 hours between feeds at night so I can get 5-6 hours sleep each night. We got him a little bouncy / vibrating chair today and he seems to like it. He is quite interested in things so enjoys looking round and staring at himself in the little mirror on the toy bar grin

I need to get myself over to the post natal thread I know! Will definitely get my birth story done tomorrow then might get my butt in gear to venture over!

LateToThisBabyMalarky Tue 06-Dec-11 13:41:18

Truff, here's hoping we all take as naturally to motherhood as you seem to be doing - and that we all get nice sleepy babies that let us get good long stretches of shut-eye! grin

Who's next for some scan action? Is it Florin on 22nd?

I am finding I've been waking up with nausea recently which is a bit odd as I haven't had morning sickness so far... Hope it doesn't escalate!

Have also booked our NCT class! It's all becoming a bit scarily real! grin

Truffkin Tue 06-Dec-11 15:35:44

I have finally got round to writing my birth story and must apologise as it's very long and some of it you will already have heard. Please feel free to skip, it's been a useful process for me to remember as it was all a little muddled in my mind!

So I'd gone to bed on Thursday 24th feeling a bit uncomfortable but nothing that suggested an imminent labour. I'd spoken to my SiL on the phone that afternoon and agreed to keep my legs crossed as 25th is my nephew's birthday. At 4am I woke to go for a wee and whilst sitting on the loo suddenly realised I was getting period type stomach cramps. I sat there for a while and had a bit of a 'uh oh' moment, but thought it's probably nothing so I'll try to go back to sleep.

Got back into bed and DH had woken up and asked if I was ok. I said I thought I was having contractions and he was awake then to time them (quite excited bless him, being a week overdue was playing havoc with his punctual tendencies!)

So contractions were coming every 5 mins and lasting 30-40 seconds so I called the birth centre. The MW listened to me through a contraction and we agreed as I was coping ok I'd call back again when the contractions were 3 mins apart and lasting a minute. I got up to put my TENs machine on and have a bounce on my ball whilst DH had a shower. It was nearly 5am by now and I called my Mom to let her know.

For the next 40 mins I used the TENs and breathing plus had a hot shower, which all helped me through contractions. At just before 6am the contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes and lasting a good minute each time. DH called the birth centre as I was curled over a pillow on the bed in my 'happy place' just dealing with contractions. They said to come in but to go to maternity triage as the centre was full. We got a cab and arrived at the hospital at around half 6.

So we were sent to the waiting room as all of the rooms were full. I was less than impressed and took myself off to sit on the toilet as it was the most comfortable place to sit. I lost track of time at this point but it felt like not too long and I started getting a pushing urge, which I couldn't really do much about and I was making some interesting noises with each contraction! After about 3 of these a midwife came at the insistence of DH and got me into an exam room (I walked as couldn't bear to sit in a wheelchair)

On examining me, all hell broke loose as she shouted to the other midwife that I was fully dilated and the baby was ready to come. They got me off the bed and into a hospital gown and my waters broke pretty much all over the place.

I got into a delivery room and they strapped me to a monitor as there was meconium in my waters. I was there for about 30 mins and straining with every contraction, but having horrible back pain.

At 8am the midwives changed over and the new one came in, asked why 'this low risk lady' was strapped, immobile, to the bed. At that, she got me off the monitor and helped me to kneel on the bed, leaning over the back. She also explained how to push through each contraction and manage me breathing to stay quiet and channel all my energy into pushing. After 3 pushes the head was ready to come out and it was really stinging. The MW offered me G&A but I'd had it before and felt sick so said no. The TENs was still on and was comforting so I stuck with that. DH was great, mopping my brow, kissing my forehead and relaying the MW's instructions, plus generally just cheerleading for me.

I summoned all of my strength and pushed the head out, which was an immediate relief. DH went to look and came back a little moist-eyed saying 'it's got a face!' (to my relief!)

It took another 2-3 pushes for the body to be born and our baby arrived at 0907. After the MW wiped some of the meconium off DH told me he was a boy and I remember being surprised. He was passed up to me and I wiped him and cuddled him but was really conscious of the cord still being attached for some reason. DH cut the cord (he'd always said he wouldn't want to do this) and I got some help to turn around and sit up on the bed. I held him and breastfed whilst the placenta was delivered (my notes say this took 8 minutes!) and then passed him to DH for cuddles whilst I was examined.

I needed a few stitches for 2 tears (one 2nd degree and a graze) and I think the anaesthetic going in was the worst of all the pain. Whilst I was getting sorted out the paediatrician checked the baby out (and weighed him as 7lb 13oz) and DH made a few calls in between telling me I was brilliant and had done an amazing job - he was just great.

By 1030 I was showered and moved into another room and managed some skin to skin time while the baby slept. We were sharing a room as it was so busy, but didn't really notice. We had some time pretty much on our own until my Mom, sister and brother, plus DH's parents arrived to visit at around 3pm.

We spent some time discussing name options and decided to name him Lucas Christopher (Lucas was on our shortlist and Christopher is after DH's cousin, whom we have asked to be Lucas' Godfather). As my labour was so quick (recorded as 5hrs 15 mins in my notes) there wasn't time to get anti-biotics in for my group B strep so Lucas needed IV ABs every 12 hours for 2 days, which meant we had to stay in. We were moved to our own room on the post natal ward at about 6pm and stayed there until we were discharged on Sunday night.

We're now day 11 and I'm feeling good, he's feeding well and not bad at sleeping so things are good at the moment. I'm sure it won't be as plain sailing forever but it's a nice start. We move house a week on Saturday so I'm looking forward to being closer to everyone, it's lovely to have our own time to get settled but I feel a bit far away from everyone now.

LankyLegs Tue 06-Dec-11 16:05:49

Hello peeps!

Truff thank you for posting your birth story - wow - sounds like you did amazing well - you should be very proud of yourself and Lucas is a beautiful name. He looks totally adorable too. It sounds like you are doing so well at home and I hope it continues - I think your chilled out approach is definitely working. I bet you are pleased about moving house if it means being back near friends and family - can't believe you had all that booked in! Hope the move is easy peasey - hey everything must seem easy peasey after childbirth no?! Am hoping to take a leaf out of your book too grin

Late sorry sickness has appeared - hope it doesn't rear it's ugly head in anything more than you are experiencing now. And exciting news about the NCT class! It does make it feel all very real - wait until your bump appears and then time will really start to fly....!

Cherry where does the time go - can not believe your little one is 6 months already - I remember when you got your bfp and now she is little person with her own personality - amazeballs really!

Florin how are you doing?

Still keeping an eye out for womanly hope you are well and come back and see us soon wherever you are!

Flick hope you are coping with your sickness ok. Sadly that is all we can do - cope!

I hate to say it but the last couple of weeks my nausea has also returned - I thought it was just a fad but been feeling quite rough during the day too. I don't think it helped that I bout of food poisoning last night and fainted on the bathroom floor! Just felt stupidly dizzy and light headed for half an hour but as soon as I got it all out the system I immediately felt better. Serves me right for eating soft shell crab dim sum and then wondering to Winter wonderland in hyde park and eating a crepe - I wouldn't have thought it was that but who knows. Be careful with what you eat and where you eat it - I have been quite naive tbh blush and now had 2 bouts of food poisoning in roughly 3 months.

Oh and truff meant to say thanks for the mat leave advice - I am definitely planning to keep myself occupied and already have a list of jobs as long as my arm to crack through so actually looking forward to the time off - only 8 days of work left - eek!

I hope everyone else is doing well!

Flickstar Tue 06-Dec-11 16:06:50

Oh truff How lovely! That is such a wonderful story- thanks for sharing with us all. Sounds like everything is going really well for you all and long may the easy sleeping and feeding continue. Hope the move goes well xx

late florin has her scan tomorrow and mine is the 22nd. Hope your sickness goes soon- how bizarre!

Hope everyone is well.

Flickstar Tue 06-Dec-11 16:08:19

Cross posts lanky! Poor you and your food poisoning. Glad you are well now and hope the nausea goes away again pronto. How many weeks left now?!

LateToThisBabyMalarky Tue 06-Dec-11 22:32:11

Thanks Flick, the trouble with the iPhone app is that once you start a new post you can't nip back & check things.

Good luck for tomorrow Florin, hope you get some lovely pics! grin

Lanky, so jealous of you only having 8 days of work left, not so jealous of the food poisoning, poor you sad

Thanks for the birth story Truff, and good luck with the preparations for your move!

bunnygirl80 Wed 07-Dec-11 10:11:36

truff lovely birth story. Sounds like you had a great midwife if she was happy to abandon the monitoring and let you just get on with it. Glad feeding and sleeping are going well, hope they stay that way grin

lanky i had 8wks mat leave (due to contract being terminated for being pg hmm) and I found having that much time meant I got nothing done, as I just kept putting it off. Hence going to hospital in labour at 38+6 with a highly disorganised bag blush

Flickstar Wed 07-Dec-11 11:48:18

Good luck today florin! Both with your scan and telling the boss afterwards although I'm sure he will be absolutely thrilled!

Am having another wobbly week. I don't know what is wrong with me and why I am so doom and gloom and worried! I have NO reason to be worried- no spotting, bleeding or cramping and I saw a heartbeat at 7+5. Yet I am still panicking about my 12 week scan which is not even for another two weeks yet. I think it might be reading all the sad stories of losses on the July AN thread so I think I am going to hide that thread and just stay in here which is my happy place!

I am 9+2 today and trying to be positive- all help appreciated!

Sorry to be such a moaning Minnie today!

Truffkin Wed 07-Dec-11 12:08:33

Flick just wanted to share that I found those things really hard on my 'due in November' thread. It's hard to read about losses without wondering why you should be any different. Just remember that you have no reason to worry and maybe save that thread until after your scan? I struggled to keep up with mine until I was on maternity leave as it was so busy!

Flickstar Wed 07-Dec-11 12:15:48

Thank you supermumtruff! xx

bunnygirl80 Thu 08-Dec-11 04:37:11

flick I found the same with my AN thread - there were a number ladies who experienced some really traumatic losses on there. It's hard trying not to worry though, especially in the early days before you're feeling movements etc. as you've no way of knowing what your baby's up to in there. You've already had a good scan and seen the hb though, so the odds are really stacked in your favour smile

LateToThisBabyMalarky Thu 08-Dec-11 06:58:11

Flick there's nothing wrong with you smile - I know EXACTLY how you feel, because I was feeling EXACTLY the same only 4 weeks ago! I'd had my early scan, all fine, there's the heartbeat - which gives the baby enormously better odds of making it - and then got all chewed-up about what could happen between that scan & the 12-week scan... And now I've had the 12-week scan I'm getting all chewed-up about what can happen between now and the 20-week scan....! I have a feeling this is a big part of motherhood, we've just started rather early! grin
I'm keeping to this safe & happy thread for a while (and the June threads are totally hectic - can't keep up!) where there's all the support & advice from the FTFs who have followed exactly the same path to keep me calm & rational smile
This bit feels so incredibly slow, but you'll get there, and the 12-week scan is just amazing, your baby is developing so amazingly quickly, and you'll be on the most incredible high for Christmas grin

Truffkin Thu 08-Dec-11 09:24:09

If it's at all helpful I'll also say that for me there was a massive high from 12 weeks as we started telling people after the scan, which was lovely.

Then I had a few weeks of worry leading up to the 20 week scan (on and off, not constantly!) thinking that we would find something wrong. Then I had the post scan high and then started to feel movement from 22 weeks, which reassured me from then on.

I also took a very conscious decision to enjoy every day of my pregnancy and take a positive approach. I could not control the progression of it (aside from the usual health and wellbeing actions) so chose to enjoy every day, rather than 'waste ' time with worry that wouldn't change a negative outcome if that was what was meant to be.

I really think this attitude helped me to have a very positive pregnancy in spite of the relentless sickness.

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