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The fabulous frolickers planning the way for their first arrivals....

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LankyLegs Thu 17-Nov-11 10:31:14

Hello ladies! Let's hope we have lots more BFPs and healthy pregnancies as we approach Christmas and 2012!


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB 27th Sep - Girl - Imogen
Toriajayne - BFP 16th Feb - EDD 26 Oct - DOB 25th Oct - Boy - Thomas 9lb
Goldmaple - BFP Feb 28th - EDD 9th November - DOB 30th Oct - Girl Emily Grace


Capricorn76 - BFP 12th Apr - EDD 1st Jan 2011
Seablue - BFP? - EDD 10th Jan
stegasaurus - BFP 27 Aug - EDD 3rd May
Slowshow - BFP 3rd Jan - EDD 15th Sept


Truffkin - BFP 10th March - EDD 18th November
Lankylegs - BFP 27 May - EDD 1st February
Womanly Tales - BFP 14 Aug - EDD 25th April
Empusa -
Latetothisbabymalarky - BFP 8 Oct - EDD 8th June 2012
Florin - BFP 14 Oct - EDD 22 June 2012
Flickstar -

Florin Wed 23-Nov-11 18:37:53

truff just popping my head round the door as I bet Wednesday afternoon for you to go into labour so seeing if I guessed right!
I am very excited as came home to letter confirming my 12 week scan will be on 7 December! Can't wait if all being well in 2 weeks I can be all official about my pregnancy-no more lying about things it will be lovely!

Truffkin Wed 23-Nov-11 18:59:34

Hi ladies, nothing happening so sorry to ruin your bet Florin grin Great news about your scan, how exciting! This thread will be lovely in the run up to Christmas, 2 scans a new arrival (gulp) and hopefully some brilliant news for Cavey too.

I had a bloody show this morning but no contractions, still I have until Monday before the pressure gets put back on for induction, so will try to keep calm and will the baby out by sending 'Mommy is ready' vibes!

I'm not really that uncomfortable, have been ok really considering how heavily pregnant I technically am. I've not had any swelling at all and my weight gain has been minimal so I'm still mobile and carrying on as normal apart from walking a bit more slowly than normal if we are out and about. I will admit to getting a bit fed up of waiting and really feeling like people are just hanging on for news, which I can't give them!! Last night I had a few Braxton Hicks and DH got excited thinking it was happening, so when they tailed off just before I went to bed he said how he had got his hopes up and was disappointed. He wasn't directing his comment at me, but being a bit hormonal (hmm) I felt like I'm letting him down.

Need to stay in the PMA zone! I had a good nap this afternoon so am keeping well rested for when I need my energy in labour grin Let's hope tomorrow is the day.......

Florin Wed 23-Nov-11 19:59:33

Oh my god just had a private scan it was completely amazing saw baby kicking away. It was a great place with huge tv on the wall to see baby on. We heard the heartbeat too which brought a tear to my eye. And he said nucual (sp?) fold measurement looked really good too didn't think they could see that at 9+6! We are completely buzzing going to let myself have half a glass of champagne to celebrate!

Flickstar Wed 23-Nov-11 20:27:18

Wonderful florin! You have made me have a wave of excitement about Sunday rather than terror so thank you. Enjoy that champagne! Does your sister know how far along she is yet?

truff I still think tomorrow afternoon so you are sticking to my schedule with your bloody show today.

Thanks for all of the knicker checking reassurances!

cherrycobbler Wed 23-Nov-11 22:16:11

Ah Florin so happy to hear about your scan yay! Was it the London Ultrasound Centre?! We had an early scan there, the huge TVs were amazing (when I got over my fear and managed to open my eyes). Enjoy the bubbly and the excitement!!

Ooh, a bloody show Truff? Things are a-happening... Good luck lovely.

Truffkin Wed 23-Nov-11 22:16:35

Florin what a gorgeous experience, so happy for you.

Flick I really hope you are right. Am hoping DH will step up tonight to help out and finish what he started wink

Flickstar Thu 24-Nov-11 11:05:15

All crossed for today truff!

I think the sickness has hit me sad have been off food since Sunday and can only eat a very limited number of things but have not as yet felt sick. Today I feel very nauseous and have had no actual vomit but lots of retching which is quite foul! I am 7+5 today and just wondered when everyone elses' nausea kicked in? Keep your fingers crossed its just a one off bad day for me! I had convinced myself I wouldn't get it as my mum never had it in any of her pregnancies.

Hope everyone is well today. I wish November would hurry up now, I'm ready for December! Xx

LankyLegs Thu 24-Nov-11 11:27:08

Florin how wonderful for you - hope you are still on cloud nine - enjoy and not long now until you can go 'public' about your pregnancy wink

On tenterhooks for you truff....!

Flick sorry you are feeling a bit rough... I think mine kicked in at 7 weeks - and much like yours was just a constant feeling sick with retching and not much vomitting (apart from the odd occasion)... reminded me of feeling permanently hungover. You will get to know the foods that you can and can't stomach - its different for lots of people. It's grim and I hope it doesn't last long for you.....

Late just wanted to say so pleased you hit 12 weeks tomorrow! I bet you are ready to put the first trimester behind you and hope you are getting excited about your scan next week too!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

LateToThisBabyMalarky Thu 24-Nov-11 20:26:27

Eeeee! Florin! grin These early scans are just amazing aren't they - just incredible that even at this stage it's a little living thing with a heart beating away and throwing it's stumpy little limbs about! And a little bit weird to see it flipping itself over and stuff, but you can feel anything at all! Love it! grin

Feeling really sorry for you Flick, even with all the hairy episodes I've had so far, I wouldn't swap them for weeks of morning sickness - that's one horrible pregnancy thing I HAVEN'T had to deal with & I feel very lucky! Hope you get lots of support & good suggestions as to what helps relieve it - and hope it doesn't last very long! On the other hand, it shows everything is progressing wink

Thanks Lanky, I can't believe it's 12 weeks on Friday, and that's the end of my first trimester and then I'm in my SECOND! shock Madness!

Truff! Anything happening?!

Truffkin Thu 24-Nov-11 22:14:47

Nothing! Have been quite frustrated today, hopefully can perk up a bit tomorrow. My SiL phoned today to tell me to keep my legs crossed tomorrow so we don't have first borns with the same birthday!! Still bits of show coming away, makes me think it might be a long drawn out process <yawn>

Flick in my experience your body will tell you what you can manage. I was sick every day from 7 weeks (up to about 30 weeks, but that's highly unusual so don't panic!) and learned what stayed down best. I found that what worked for me was plain but salty. Things like salted rice cakes, salted baked crisps, bread sticks and also dry bread. I also recall fruit flavoured ice lollies were a God send (some days I had 4 or 5 and nothing else!!)

Florin Thu 24-Nov-11 22:54:00

flick what truff said about ice lollies for sickness is so true they are wonderful
Oh truff you poor thing hope baby arrives soon
late congraulations reaching 12 weeks very jealous it must be so lovely to know you are now in 2nd trimester
Waves to lanky

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 06:19:05

Morning ladies,

Thanks for all your words re. Sickness. I am now suffering from diarrhoea which I know is tmi for breakfast time! I am about to eat an ice lolly for my breakfast.

Congratulations late How amazing to be 12 weeks! When is your 'official' scan again? Hope you take some time today to celebrate your huge milestone.

truff just think, your body is making things easier for you and doing lots of the hardwork now while you can still rest and relax at home. When you go into full labour it will be a breeze as you've had a nice long build up.

Back later on. Waves to all on this miserable morning

pixiestix Fri 25-Nov-11 11:25:08

Cavey if you are still reading, good luck with the blood tests today - I hope they show some excellent results for you. We are keeping your seat warm!

Happy second trimester Late!! grin grin

Sorry you are feeling so sick Flick - Mini Cheddars were my best friend throughout morning sickness. I can't look at a packet now!

Hang in there Truff. FWIW I think you are bang on re induction. I was induced at term because of GD and it was a bloody nightmare not an experience I would want to repeat. Stick to your guns. Baby will come out when s/he is ready. And enjoy your nephews birthday today!

We have had an exciting week - DD has started walking! smile She is still a little wobbly but very, very sweet. I still can't get used to seeing her strolling into a room, it makes me do this -> grin

Truffkin Fri 25-Nov-11 13:28:35

Baby Truff is here! Woke with contractions at 4am, in hospital by 0630 and he arrived at 0907! Birth centre full and as it was so quick he was born on the labour ward with no drugs, just kept TENs on for whole thing. Midwives were brilliant, baby is amazing. Fed quickly and slept since, even when he had a canular fitted as labour was too quick to get the anti-biotics in through me.

No name as yet, we are still debating!

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 13:28:46

There is news.....! I shall wait for MummyTuff to come back in and announce! EEEKKK! smile xxx

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 13:30:43

Cross posts! So exciting! You did amazingly truff! I knew your bosy was gearing up for a super speedy labour.
You look gorgeous in the photo on FB- I cannot belive that you have just pushed out a baby - you look so good and your baby boyt is just adorable.

So pleased for you xxxxxxx

Florin Fri 25-Nov-11 14:23:46

truff congratulations really thrilled for you!
I am having a better day today feelig less sick, got better nights sleep which i think helped. dh also just admitted he has made me trip to John Lewis in london to start looking at pushchairs and can we go to blue water tomorrow to look further-for a man who does anything to avoid shopping I am amazed. He is definitely excited about this baby!
Is there a frolickers Facebook page?

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 15:03:58

Oooo there should be a Frolickers page! Actually, I think there is one for Frolickers with babies that bunny started. Am I right ladies with babies?

I have truff as a friend on FB from when I left MN last Christmas.

Glad you're having a sick free day florin! It probably helps knowing that it's the weekend tomorrow too! Your dh is so cute looking at buggies. Which ones does he have his eye on? Anymore news on your sister and how far she is? Hope it's all going ok with the two of you.

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 15:05:04

I meant to say as well florin, have you got your date for your 12 week scan? That can't be too far away now can it?!

CaveMum Fri 25-Nov-11 16:01:37

Congrats Truff grin

Sounds like you did amazingly! And I'm impressed you've posted do soon!

LateToThisBabyMalarky Fri 25-Nov-11 19:11:45

Wahey! Well done Truff, grin what fantastic news - sounds like you are just MADE for popping babies out! wink. Fingers crossed we all get quick'n'efficient labours just like you!

I am having a small glass of wine tonight - to celebrate hitting 12 weeks wink, and a little toast to BabyTruff

LankyLegs Fri 25-Nov-11 19:22:39

Wohoo!! Well bloody done truff you make it sound easy peasy!!! Enjoy your newborn snuggles!

Fab Friday news!

bunnygirl80 Fri 25-Nov-11 22:25:39

truff congrats on the arrival of baby Truff.

There is a Frolickers page on FB which I set up for the post grads, you lot are welcome to join us there if you like. PM me or one of the other postgrads and if you pass the initiation we'll let you join wink

cherrycobbler Fri 25-Nov-11 22:27:28

OOOOHHHHHHH huge congrats truff!!! Well impressed by your very efficient labouring grin.

There is indeed a postnatal Frolickers page set up by lovely bunny so that we can all unashamedly coo over our PFBs - very happy to add any of you grads, I think you just need to be a FB friend of someone who is a member of the group and then they can add you. In fact, flick should I add you anyway, and its an easy way for you to add truff if she wants to be added (this may be a stealth way of me melting over newborn piccies)? Or happy not to if you think it may be baby overload! I am pretty rubbish at techno things so hope that makes sense.

Flickstar Fri 25-Nov-11 22:40:16

Sounds good to me cherry!

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