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The fabulous frolickers planning the way for their first arrivals....

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LankyLegs Thu 17-Nov-11 10:31:14

Hello ladies! Let's hope we have lots more BFPs and healthy pregnancies as we approach Christmas and 2012!


Fudgecat - In loving memory of Baby Elliot - Born asleep on Friday 17th September 2010

Fulhamgirl - EDD 30th May - DOB 9th Apr - Girl - Lily Ann - 4lb
Trying4Baby1 - EDD 25th Apr - DOB 6th May - Girl - Emily - 10lb 2.5oz
Pepperonipizza -EDD 24th May - DOB 28th May -Boy
CurlyCasper - EDD 21st July - DOB 24th June - Girl
Spirael - EDD 25th Jul - DOB 7th July - Girl - Miranda Jane - 8lb 3oz
DesperateHousewife21 - EDD 18th July - DOB 9th July - Boy - Dylan James
Sazziej - EDD 1st Sep- DOB 24th Aug - Girl - Evie - 7lb 8oz
Ozziegirly - EDD 24th Aug -DOB 25th Aug - Boy-Thomas - 7lb 1oz
NovemberAli - EDD 2nd Sep - DOB 8th Sept - Girl - Matilda - 8lb 6oz
WhiteRoses - EDD 15th September - DOB 19 September- Boy
Hobnob - EDD 26th Sep - DOB 21 September - Girl - Matilda 6lbs 6oz
Pixiestix - EDD 24th Sep - DOB 26 September - Girl - Tegan - 7lbs 7oz
Addie81 -EDD 7th Oct - DOB 19th October -Girl
Chancewouldbeafinething - EDD 10/10/10 - DOB 21st October - Boy - William James - 9lb 14.5oz
Hermya321 - EDD 24th Oct - DOB 24th October-Boy - Asher - 8lb 3oz
WorrisomeHeart - EDD 12th Oct -DOB 26th Oct Boy - Lochlan - 8lb
YorkshireTeaDrinker - EDD 6th Nov - DOB 5th Nov - Girl - Eleanor
Bunnygirl80 - - EDD 19th Nov- DOB 11th Nov -Boy-WIlliam - 7lb 2oz
Mumnerves - EDD 8th Dec - DOB 16 Dec Boy - Sean 8lb 2.5oz
Luckyseven - EDD 17th Dec - DOB 20th Dec Girl - Beth Elise 8lb 4oz
Oneof8 - BFP 18th May - EDD 17th Jan - DOB 3 Jan Boy - Tom
Homebound - BFP 30th Apr - EDD 8th Jan - DOB 12 Jan Boy
Aly323 - BFP? - EDD 31st Jan - DOB 25th Jan - Boy Kai
Muser - BFP 22nd June - EDD 27 Feb - DOB 15th Feb - girl
Kurlyvoice - BFP 1st September - EDD 16th April - DOB 12 March - Boy Alastair 4lb 13oz
Superpenguin - BFP 1st July - EDD 4th March - DOB 18th March - Boy Thomas 8lb 13oz
Haloflo - BFP 22 July - EDD 20 March - DOB 29th March - Girl Hannah 8lb 9oz
JollySergeantJackrum - BFP 7 Aug - DOB 21st April - Boy Harris 8lb 3oz
MrsWajs - BFP 13 Aug - DOB 25th April - Girl Robyn 7lb 2oz
Crazydays - BFP 4th Sep - DOB - 28th April - boy Thomas 7lb 3 oz and girl Isobel 6lb 14oz
Cherrycobbler - BFP 3rd Sep - 11th May - girl
crazybutterflylady - BFP 1st Sep - EDD 13th May - DOB 24th May - girl - Tabitha
Bellaby -BFP 11th Sep - EDD 22nd May - DOB 16th May - girl - 6lbs12oz
Highheelsandequations - BFP 30th Oct - EDD 13th July - DOB 6th July - Girl Rose 7lb 4oz
Roundtable - BFP 14 Jan - EDD 17th Sept - DOB 20th Sep - Boy
CrazyAlien - BFP 29th Jan - EDD 2nd Oct - DOB 27th Sep - Girl - Imogen
Toriajayne - BFP 16th Feb - EDD 26 Oct - DOB 25th Oct - Boy - Thomas 9lb
Goldmaple - BFP Feb 28th - EDD 9th November - DOB 30th Oct - Girl Emily Grace


Capricorn76 - BFP 12th Apr - EDD 1st Jan 2011
Seablue - BFP? - EDD 10th Jan
stegasaurus - BFP 27 Aug - EDD 3rd May
Slowshow - BFP 3rd Jan - EDD 15th Sept


Truffkin - BFP 10th March - EDD 18th November
Lankylegs - BFP 27 May - EDD 1st February
Womanly Tales - BFP 14 Aug - EDD 25th April
Empusa -
Latetothisbabymalarky - BFP 8 Oct - EDD 8th June 2012
Florin - BFP 14 Oct - EDD 22 June 2012
Flickstar -

LateToThisBabyMalarky Thu 17-Nov-11 12:23:55

Oooo! Shiny new fred, thanks Lanky grin
That old fred saw me arrive, depart and then arrive again!

Went along to QCH for my booking-in this morning - a bit strange after already having had 3 scans, but there we go! Have my 12-week scan booked for 1 Dec (when I'll actually be 12+6, but I left it late to book in etc., so earlier dates are all booked up). Got a bit of a shock when I stepped on the scales, I could feel I've got a bit heavier around the old bottom and belly area, but now freaking out a bit about how quickly my shape is changing! I'm quite petite so I guess it's going to show sooner rather than later...!

Hope everyone else is well

Thanks for the birth story Gold, I hope I get one as straightforward as that! A friend of ours just had a 55-minute labour and delivery which I was very impressed with!

Truff, hope all's well with you and, if it hasn't happened yet, you don't have too much longer to wait! smile

Florin, what a coincidence your twin conceiving at the same time as you. I'm sorry she's kind of stealing your thunder and this is yet another thing you'll feel you'll be sharing with her. I guess by now you've already got mechanisms to deal with the rivalry & competitiveness, but we're here for when you need to rant and sound off! Let her be all dramatic & high maintenance, you'll be the one breezing through it, smiling (albeit through gritted teeth) blissful and glowing wink

Florin Thu 17-Nov-11 14:09:03

lanky thank you for starting the new thread!
Hope everyone is having a lovely day, I can't wait for the weekend, we are going away to our family holiday home with my parents so looking forward to relaxing chilling and being pampered by my mum!

LankyLegs Thu 17-Nov-11 15:00:52

Late you are here to stay this time so don't you worry! Pleased you are properly in the 'system' - it's great getting all those appts sorted and booked in. Also - don't worry about your weight - you will go through lots of changes over the next few months.. each stage is different it takes some getting used to! Get ready for it!! It is really lovely when you start getting a bump - most exciting bit (plus the movement/kicking)!

Florin your weekend sounds lush - wish I had something similar planned (although I am doing to try and book in a cheeky mani and pedi if I get my way!)Enjoy the weekend.

Thank crunchie it is Friday tomorrow - although not looking to the weekend that much. Still have dreaded in-laws.. but hoping to get rid of them to a friend of theirs for a few days - fingers crossed!!

Truffkin Thu 17-Nov-11 22:28:44

Hi ladies, loving an empty new thread to play with! Thanks Lanky

No news here yet, although as I'm not actually due until tomorrow I can't really complain. Not even a twinge, which I am a little disappointed at. The worst thing is people keep phoning and asking if there is anything happening and then when I say no, it's like they feel let down!! It's really our mothers and siblings, whom will clearly be the first to know when anything kicks off!!

I've bought a pineapple to eat tomorrow and DH is planning a trip to the Indian restaurant down the road on Sunday to utilise their 'all you can eat buffet' to get me to eat something spicy grin

Florin your weekend sounds lovely, hope you get lots of nice chill out time. Lanky if you can fit some treats in you definitely should, things have been hectic for you recently.

Late glad you've had your appointment now, I felt like is was an official thing done and liked that feeling. I can't believe that was back in May for me, the time has just flown by and am hoping the next however long will go quickly too. I want my baby!

I got the Silver Cross newsletter (by email) today and their riverbank baby gum / nest is discounted from £70 to £45 so am tempted to get that. We don 't have a playmat / gum type thing and have heard they are handy even in the early days. I love Silver Cross stuff too, we've got our pram from them (the Surf).

Right, I'm off to get ready for bed. I find if I can try to drop off before DH comes in, his snoring doesn't bother me as much grin

pixiestix Fri 18-Nov-11 09:02:53

Just marking my place on the shiny new fred. If we take the same sort of time to fill this one up as we did the last one then you will all have your babies by the time it ends - how that for thought of the day! grin

Happy due date Truff!

womanlytales Fri 18-Nov-11 09:30:47

All the best Truff. thank you for starting this thread lanky Wave to everyone. Not much to report on my end - which is fabulous smile Energy levels are pretty good - and surprising but have to remember not to do too much because then the tiredness seems to drag on forever.
Have a lovely weekend and happy Friday to all smile

cherrycobbler Fri 18-Nov-11 10:06:18

Ooh lovely new thread Lanky! I feel a wee bit emotional that I started the old one when pregnant and it's now finished having seen the arrival of quite a few babies and BFP's.

Gold if you're still lurking thank you for sharing your birth story, glad it all went well, hope you and E are finding your feet! If you are on Facebook we have a postnatal group on that for us all to post pictures and coo over our babies, would love to see a pic of the squishiest new arrival!

Happy due date Truff! I got the constant calls from my parents, as if I would have had the baby and forgotten to tell them. I also got used to DH picking up his phone in record time everytime I called, only to the sound slightly disappointed when he found out I wasn't calling mid-contraction.

Happy Fridays to everyone else, hope you have lovely weekends!

Florin Fri 18-Nov-11 14:02:01

Happy due date truff hope little one arrives soon

LankyLegs Fri 18-Nov-11 16:36:54

Happy due date Truff and don't worry the little will arrive eventually! Hope you are not getting too fed up at home - at least it is the weekend and you will have some entertainment.... hope the curry does the trick! You the know the key is to plan loads of stuff in and low and behold you will go into labour grin

cherry can't believe that last thread lasted so long! Lots of babies on though - was a successful one.

pixie slightly scary thought - might not think about it just yet!

Womanly pleased there is nothing much to report - thats the way we like it.... tiredness will pass.... and then return in the third trimester - hooray!

Hope everyone has lovely weekends! I am cooking in the madhouse tonight as my lovely MIL has invited over her other son, his girlf and her best friend over for dinner grin. They are all leaving tomorrow and I can not bloody wait... although I bet they will end up staying knowing my luck!

I have however booked in a mani and pedi - lush. Hope everyone enjoys their weekends!

Truffkin Fri 18-Nov-11 17:49:00

Thanks everyone, more of the same here! Have persuaded DH that we should visit the winter wonderland in Hyde Park this weekend so am hoping that either a) making plans invokes the law of sod or b) all the walking will help encourage the baby out of hiding!

Lanky here's hoping that you get some peace and quiet back after this weekend, enjoy your pampering!

Womanly glad you are feeling well, long may it continue grin

CaveMum Mon 21-Nov-11 12:57:33

[pokes head round door to see if there's any news from Truff]

pixiestix Mon 21-Nov-11 15:24:44

Hello Cavey! How is the fertility treatment going? Really hope that things are looking good for you.

Shall we have a sweepstake on Truff's labour date then? grin To pass the time, like wink My bets are on the 28th.

Hope everyone is relatively morning sickness free today.

Truffkin Mon 21-Nov-11 15:47:17

It's our nephew's birthday on Friday so would like to avoid that if possible! Saw MW this morning and am seeing consultant tomorrow, think they will be pushing for induction on Monday if nothing happening and really want to avoid that, will be arguing my case strongly!

CaveMum Mon 21-Nov-11 16:06:33

I'm pretty good pixie thanks for asking. 1st cycle of Clomid and waiting to see if I'm about to ovulate - temps are all over the shop but I did get some good old CM do it's been sex o'clock in the Cavey household! Got my Day 21 blood test on Friday, so we'll see if it's done the trick when the results come back.

Don't worry, I have every intention of joining you all very soon grin

Florin Mon 21-Nov-11 22:16:46

Waves to cavemum good luck with the clomid I was on it and 2nd dose and it worked (1st dose 50mg which wasn't strong enough so 2nd dose was 100mg) hope it works for you soon and you can join us over here!
truff hope baby arrives before you need to be induced.
I am on a long weekend in Cornwall having a lovely time. My mum has booked me in for a neals yard facial tomorrow can't wait!
We are being very impatient and can't wait to see the baby next so have booked a private scan on Wednesday when I will be 10 weeks. I know we are impatient but after a long wait to get pregnant in the first place we just want to know everything is ok. Any how I am sure I have saved the cost of it by not drinking wine for last few weeks anyway! At our last scan at 7 weeks we jut saw a blob and a heartbeat so hoping if all ok we should see more of a baby shape! I feel so rough so hope that is a good sign!

Flickstar Tue 22-Nov-11 13:46:58

Hello lovelies, I am still here. Have just been keeping a little bit of a low profile in advance of my scan on Sunday. Still have my wobbly, terrified days but on the whole am feeling much more positive. I have to keep telling myself that I am young, fit and healthy and have no cause for concern. I have had no spotting or cramping so don't know why I am so bloody worried and knicker checking every 5 mins! Normal?!

thanks for new thread lanky hope you are soon out of unlawful hell.

florin glad you're having a nice time away and hope your twin is behaving- what are the chances?! I can kind of Imagine how you feel as we found out that Mr.Flick's best friend's wife is due on the same day as me (well, going by my dates which are probably wrong!) and she is already being horribly competitive, comparing symptoms etc. Obviously it's much worse for you having had to be compared all,of your life but I'm sure you're handling it all with good grace.

womanly glad to hear all is well. You must be almost 20 weeks now?! Are you going to find out the sex?

truff hope all is well with you and that you will soon be snuggling your bundle!

late almost at the magical 12 week mark! I'm so jealous you're nearly there, this first trimester is soooo slow! So nice you saw your jumping bean again and had a nice stress free scan.

Big waves to everyone else. I hope to be back with good news on Sunday xxxx

Flickstar Tue 22-Nov-11 13:55:39

Ha ha lanky I meant inlaw hell but the auto correct on the iPad is a little too fierce!

Truffkin Tue 22-Nov-11 13:59:31

Hi all, I'm still here for now! Had a sweep this morning, which was a bit ouch but not really painful. Cervix is soft and 1cm dilated so am hoping the sweep has an impact. Hospital have agreed to monitor me from Monday rather than book me in for induction just yet, so I'm pleased. Hoping that labour starts naturally before then so I don't need it, obviously!

Florin your weekend sounds lovely, I adore facials although often fall asleep blush

Flick absolutely normal, I knicker-checked when TTC, then during first months of pg and now for last few weeks hoping for a show! I shan't know what to do with myself when there is no reason to gaze at my pants several times a day grin

Flickstar Tue 22-Nov-11 14:03:39

Sounds good truff! I'm going to predict Thursday morning (24th) any other takers?!

Florin Tue 22-Nov-11 14:21:24

I am going for Wednesday afternoon Truff Good luck I will be thinking of you
Flick the First few weeks are awful, it has sped up a little for me but I am still madly knicker checking and now booked another scan for tomorrow just to keep an eye on baby.
Know how you feel about dh's best friend. The competition is horrid I just want to deal with pregnancy one day at a time not compare every little symptom
Facial has been lovely been nice to relax as just my parents me and dh down here and my dh has everyone has really looked after me.
So who has/is finding out the sex? Dh never wanted to but as soon as I have found out I was pregnant we were both desperate to find out so think we will try to find out.

LankyLegs Tue 22-Nov-11 14:33:45

Truff how exciting - hopefully the sweep will do the trick and babytruff will make an appearence soon. Pleased that they are not taking you down the induction route jut yet.

Flick Sunday - how exciting - come back and let us know how it went. And I totally remember those first 12 weeks - I was obsessed with wearing white knickers and and doing microscopic analysis on everything - hopefully Sunday will give you a bit of piece of mind. You are right though - you are young, fit and healthy and that is all on your side - keep that in mind! (And also I think the inlaws were being unlawful so your ipad wasn't far off!)

Florin sounds like you are having a wonderful time and hope the scan tomorrow goes well too!

Cave - keep us posted with yout clomid progress - really hoping it does the trick for you my dear.

My bets for BabyTruff are on Friday 25th....

LankyLegs Tue 22-Nov-11 14:34:33

Sorry for overuse of the word exciting - I should really read my posts before hand!

LankyLegs Tue 22-Nov-11 14:47:50

Fook I have serious baby friggin brain going on today. Truff I am re-placing my bets for Saturday 26th - of course babytruff won't be arriving on your nephews birthday... doh as if s/he would want to share the limelight with someone else!

LateToThisBabyMalarky Tue 22-Nov-11 18:51:14

Dropped by to see if there was any news from Truff's camp - hope you don't have to wait too much longer, are you terribly uncomfortable? I can't even imagine what these days are like for you, knowing it could all kick off at any minute! My bet is s/he will come after they've booked a date for an induction, but about 24hrs before it's due to happen - and it will be a girl! (I've seen this scenario played out several times, and it's always with girls! grin)

Flick I also pay probably far too much attention to my pants grin Whatever gives that feeling of security, that it's not gone wrong today, then that's what will get us through to the 12 Week Milestone and that can't be bad (as long as no-one in RL knows about it of course smile)

I can't believe I hit 12 weeks on FRIDAY!!! If I wasn't so blummin' convinced that my thinking everything is going to be ok will actually cause it NOT to be ok, I might allow myself get a bit relaxed at hitting this big milestone. But I don't want to tempt fate so I might still fret about until Dec 1 when I have the Official Scan, just to be on the safe side wink

Florin - I really want to find out the sex at the 20-week scan, DH would like not to, but doesn't want me to know and him not to so hopefully I'll win! grin I want to get a name (or names) lined up ready, and kind of start thinking about him/her as a person, rather than an 'it' right up until s/he arrives. Each to their own though, it's a personal preference thing.

Did anyone see those pics of Chantelle Houghton with her 11-week 'bump'?! After comparing it to mine (I haven't really got anything to show off yet, just extra kilos on the scales!) I decided she'd just had a big lunch and her jeans are too tight.

Cave, lovely that you dropped by, I'm excited for you because you WILL be getting your BFP in 2012 (if not before wink) and joining this thread!

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