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Nov 2011: aches, pains and waddling, soon to be cuddles and swaddling

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PamSco Sun 06-Nov-11 18:11:03

Thanks Moosey for the title smile

I thought I'd go for it as there are only 4 or 5 posts left to go on the old thread.

Two other threads to be aware of:

Stats - you can update announcements here

Post Natal - for those of you already cuddling smile

Hope this thread sees all our nests full.

TerrysNo2 Tue 08-Nov-11 19:10:49

Yay katie won't be long now! grin

Woodifer Tue 08-Nov-11 19:14:22

smiling i found this info on sweeps

I'm 40+3 today and have midwife appt on Thurs - so may get offered one depending on cervix.

Don't seem to be any negatives apart from discomfort.

juststarting Tue 08-Nov-11 19:21:58

Crikey Katie, half way there already, good going! Good luck for the other half.

TwoJackRussellsandababy Tue 08-Nov-11 19:28:53

Congrats Tjuice, good luck Katie and everyone else still waiting, looking forward to some more good news grin

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 19:38:13

My word Katie!! Clever you!! Good luck smile
Just, my mw has never discussed my birth plan with me. She 'advocates' I stay at home as long as I can then go to the hospital and that's pretty much it. I haven't written a plan as such. OH knows my thoughts and to be honest that's as much as I was planning. I may write some points down.
That is a lovely name Tjuice. Terrys what did you go for in the end?I genuinely thought all your options were lovely!

Poppet45 Tue 08-Nov-11 19:38:24

Wow another amazing few days, well done girls!! A particular wahoo to 'Overdue Katiebeau'. This thread's going to be the Marie Celeste by November 15th.
Just I feel your pain. My DS is 27months, and is really embracing the Terrible Twos right now too. I could happily spend an hour or so a day beating my head against a brick wall after debating such issues as 'me do it' 'not dat!!!!' 'not' 'no' 'mummy go away' 'no mummy help me' and 'mine'. I'm amazed anyone has a three year age gap, how could you look your toddler in the tyrannical eye and think awwww lets have another grin. Jacob shook my life to the core when he first turned up, but after her highly dramatic start, Willow is definitely the easy one right now, nappy, feed, sleep, repeat. Still if its any consolation a friend of mine's son is doing just the same Terrible Twos routine, but hasn't got a heavily pregnant mum/upheaval of a new sibling, its just what they do. Apparently they have a similar hit of hormones to a teenager when they're two, hence the moodiness!
Voodoo Oh god, I remember the due date phone calls, and ensuing panic when I'd disappeared from phone contact and Facebook for an evening to go to yoga. Pissed me off mightily. This time I vowed to tell everyone a due date a week later than my real one to give us a head start. Of course Willow really didn't need a head start as it went. Hey ho.
Hicks and shows I never ever ever had a BH hence me not being able to work out if those with Willow were real or BHs, nor any afterpain that I can recall, but I've had two pinkish but not bloody shows and both were within 48 or so hours of delivery!
Oh I can't wait for more announcements. Hugs and good luck to all!

bumpandisaacsmum Tue 08-Nov-11 20:29:11

Evening all, hope those with labour signs are doing well esp katie well done on 5cm!!

After coming home following sweep yesterday I had a curry & went to shops with my mum followed by a lovely warm bath.

Woke this morning at 3am with uncomfortable 6am these were definite contractions 10-15nins apart. With help from my mum & DP managed to get DS to school, dog to vet appt and sort a few bits at home. At 11am contractions were 3in 10 mins & lasting 90 seconds so made way to hosp. Got to hosp at 12:10 & felt the urge to push; 12.40 DD Madeline Theresa entered the world with the help of TENs and a little gas & air. She is an absolute sweety & barely makes a noise; loves BFing lots though smile

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 20:31:47

tjuice lovely choice. congratulations.

katie ooh exciting good luck.

just hope the sick feeling eases.

nothing much happening here, blood has eased off, am getting the odd ache/pain in my side but nothing to panic at yet.

juststarting Tue 08-Nov-11 20:35:29

yay Bump! Congratulations! Sounds like it was a pretty good birth really - must have felt reasonably in control to get DS and dog sorted like that!
Wow, it really is all go here right now. I wonder if its contagious. My parentsa re coming down for two days tomorrow night, so I am hoping if it is contagious, I stay birth free till then!
Poppet - interesting what you say about the hormones. Helps to remember he isnt actually doing this out of some kind of vindictive desire to bring mummy to her knees!

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 20:40:14

ooh xpost bump congratulations. so so pleased for you.

Poppet45 Tue 08-Nov-11 21:05:35

Congrats Bump what an amazing birth story!!! How wonderful! Am I right in thinking this was after DS's not terribly fun birth or do I have you confused? If so even more of a wonderful gift.
Just Yes I too keep muttering 'hormones' rather than obeying my initial instinct which is either to go batshit or sit on the floor and weep.

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 21:18:36

Congrats bump! Lovely story and sounds a lovely birth too!
I'll offer to turn the lights out...
My ds at 2/3 was a horror. It also coincided with dd being born. I remember it well. So you have my sympathy just and Poppet. So hard at that age as nothing seems rational. He's 13 now and apart from the odd rage which is definitely hormonal and to be expected he is just lovely. Was hard going but definitely worth it all.
I've gone to bed to read and oh what a surprise here are the braxton hicks!

neverinamillionyears Tue 08-Nov-11 21:30:21

Aww bump well done, very controlled and perfect timing smile Madeleine is one of my favourite names it is beautiful I'm sure she suits it perfectly. Very very happy for you x

PamSco Tue 08-Nov-11 21:34:54

Wow Bump now that's a birth plan I want! Welcome Madeline Theresa smile

cookie9 Tue 08-Nov-11 21:49:55

Wow bump what a fab birth. Congratulations.

Tjuice congratulations on your little one too.

Contractions still going strong here. Hoping labour doesn't stall

Truffkin Tue 08-Nov-11 22:02:40

Great work Katie am sending you good vibes.

Bump fabulous birth story! I'd love to be so far along when arriving at the hospital, well done.

Good luck Cookie here's hoping for you.

Also my due date is 18th so am thinking I'll be sweeping up behind everyone once you've all moved on to the post natal thread grin

mashpot Tue 08-Nov-11 22:19:31

Congratulations TJuice! Sounds great and a gorgeous name for your little girl.

Katie! Wow, best of luck, silent dilation to 5cms sounds good.

Just my midwife hasn't discussed my birth plan either but I've written it and included it in my file so its there for whoever is with me when I deliver.

We blew up the birth pool yesterday and its sitting ready to be filled in the kitchen - I hope I get to use it. I'm still firmly in the waiting room.

I had a busy day, wax, manicure and haircut! The wax was a lot less painful than I thought so can highly recommend lycon wax for the future! Lovely as my pampering day was it was also quite tiring so I'll be back on the sofa relaxing tomorrow. Unless I'm in labour that is...

PamSco Tue 08-Nov-11 22:56:25

Oh Cookie hope you keep going.

I've just had a fabulous bath, I just lay there as DP poured warm water over my side. So relaxing. We were just chatting and laughing - feel like a million dollars now. And I can walk again, hurrah!

Truff I'll keep you company smile

mashpot Tue 08-Nov-11 23:06:23

Oh I posted without reading the last page - congratulations bump, great news, well done.

Merlioness Wed 09-Nov-11 00:54:41

Congratulations TJuice and bump!

Good luck Cookie and katie

Nothing happening here apart from the continued painfree tightenings. 38 weeks today and getting impatient.

voodoomunkee Wed 09-Nov-11 02:48:28

Wide awake..... Bah humbug. OH will not stop snoring. Plus just seem to be wide awake for no reason!
Hope things are going well Cookie. Expecting lots more announcements before this week is out!!

Staceroo Wed 09-Nov-11 08:17:14

Mornign all! Congratulations TJuice and Bump - and looking forwad to an update from Katie!

Had quite a busy day yesterday runnign errands with DH, so today I'm home alone and planning to chill out! May even watch some Christmas movies!

Thanks for the link about sweep wood - been wondering what it was all about myself!

voodoomunkee Wed 09-Nov-11 08:31:00

I'm not as tired as I would expect after only a few hours sleep. Feel quite energised hmm didn't even have a snooze yesterday apart from a 10 min power nap. Mw later, definitely going to see if can rearrange a sweep before next week when I could see her again. I can't believe am actually only 40+1, feels way more!
Ds has a day off today as part of a consultation day at school, they basically spend the whole day doing parents appointments, unfortunately when I arranged mine it was for my last week of work and I could only go after 5, of course they had to rearrange the whole day and kept my same appointment so am not there until 5.45! I'll be shattered!

hadak Wed 09-Nov-11 09:32:40

OOOOOOOOOOH Just lost a mammoth post! Mind you it was mainly full of my moaning so probably for the best!!
BIG congrats to new mummies Tjuice and Bump I can't believe how chilled out new mummies sound about their births.
Good luck to Katie and Cookie *Katie- obviously when you are not so busy please could you send me some silent dilation vibes as that sounds like the way to go. Hope the second half is as good for you.
39 weeks today and with the probs I have had earlier in preg I didn't think I would make it this far (waters went at 15 weeks but replenished and resealed fairly quickly)plus baby enjoys playing houdini like tricks with his cord and wraps himself up in it a bit too much making the doc consider inductionat 37 weeks but we are still here and waiting. I know I shouldn't moan as I have another week to go and some of you ladies are already over.
Voodoo we too have a consultation day at school planned but we haven't booked an appointment just waitiing for allocation as it will br SODS law that baby will decide to make an appearence that day or will need a feed or nappy change just as we are leaving- think I might let OH go along alone for this one if baby is here.
Hope everybody has a good day and is feeling much less grumpy than me.
Good luck to all the mummies getting close to meeting their new babies.

pandia Wed 09-Nov-11 09:52:02

Morning and congrats to Tjuice and Bumps - sounds like you clever ladies had relatively chilled out births and managed to stay calm and in control!

Sending good vibes to Katie and Cookie - my goodness silent dilation, I definitely want some of that! Also Cep wondering if anything has progressed for you too?

Hadak I'm joining you here at 39 weeks today and feeling very ready. For no particular reason I had also expected to have given birth already (perhaps encouraged by all the other ladies here who surprised us!). I have a sweep booked for my due date - so thanks for all the info but I was just wondering from a practical point of view erm, what does it actually feel like? Painful? Do I need to prepare myself before I waltz in there? (Obviously hoping I won't actually need the sweep after all)

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