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Nov 2011: aches, pains and waddling, soon to be cuddles and swaddling

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PamSco Sun 06-Nov-11 18:11:03

Thanks Moosey for the title smile

I thought I'd go for it as there are only 4 or 5 posts left to go on the old thread.

Two other threads to be aware of:

Stats - you can update announcements here

Post Natal - for those of you already cuddling smile

Hope this thread sees all our nests full.

hadak Tue 08-Nov-11 08:27:31

Good morning ladies. Up very early this morning and feeling sooo much better than last few days. Washing in, going to tackle ironing soon and do some long overdue paperwork.
Good luck Cep and Voodoo

H007 Tue 08-Nov-11 08:38:00

Thought things were happening here last night but can't remember if it was real or whether it was a dream... How bad is that? Either way it started yesterday early evening when I emptied my bowels (sorry tmi) and during the night I felt irregular pains (or I dreamt it) nothing now though, oh well MW this morning.

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 08:53:44

Hope so Cep! I've not had a show or anything else. However I am not sure I had one until I was actually in labour with my dd so am not too worried! My bump is tight all the time but does get tighter then ease off. Have you noticed how everything becomes a potential sign?!
Cep who's on standby to get ds?

Merlioness Tue 08-Nov-11 08:55:16

Congratulations Terrys and Mama!
Terrys, what an amazing birth story
Truffkin good luck with the move
katie ouch for your fall! I hope you feel better today
cep, voodoo and H007 good luck!
Been having random tightenings here all day so far, but they aren’t painful at all, though they do stay even when I change position, move around, or lie down. Definitely not dehydrated, but I’m putting them off as nothing.

Just got a huge flower arrangement delivered from my former managers to say thank you for my hard work. I was and am in floods of tears.

Hope everyone is well

TerrysNo2 Tue 08-Nov-11 09:03:35

Hi all, got a gorgeous sleeping girl lying naked inside my top at the moment (well, she has a nappy on, I'm not that crazy!) grin She slept last night from 2.45-7.15am so I am feeling fresh as a daisy, I'm sure she will throw a curve ball tonight but I learnt from DS just to appreciate the good nights when you can!

cep a bloody show usually means labour is 24-48 hours away (as opposed to a non-bloody show which can happen weeks before) I have had bloody shows with both PGs and babies were here within 48 hours. Good luck!!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my birth story, looking back now I am so happy with how it went and was actually lying in bed last night thinking, I need to do that again smile

voodoo, merlioness and anyone else having lots of Braxton Hicks see it as a good sign, I am sure thats why my labour was so fast this time as I had been having strong and uncomfortable BH for weeks before.

PamSco Tue 08-Nov-11 09:26:45

Terrys thanks for that last thought. My BH have been bonny powerful, some days I get them all day other days no more than 5 or so and quite rare to go with none. I find them satisfying, like scratching an itch.

Was at yoga last night 5 out of 9 of us are due either friday or saturday it got us all excited thinking that was possibly our last session all together.

Off to buy the last few bits and bobs today - sheets for pram, moses and crib. Finally packed the hospital bag yesterday. Invested in a guilty pleasure - National Enquirer, haven't bought that since my Uni days when I smuggled it into the laundarette smile

Staceroo Tue 08-Nov-11 09:56:56

Morning all! I had the best nights sleep last night! Only got up once to pee!!

Best night in months!

I too like the thought of lots of BH meaning for a nice easy swift labour! As I've had them all day everyday for weeks!

Gonna get up off my bum today and pop into town - need dishwasher tablets/shampoo etc so a wilkos run is in order!

Hope everyone has a nice day and we have a new happy birth story come this evening hopefully mine!

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 11:15:49

voodoo i know, it's really annoying, every ache or loose movement. My mum is coming over to keep an eye on ds, she had planned on coming over tomorrow anyway as she's about hour and half away, but she'll come over this afternoon to save a possible midnight rush. Especially as apparently they're getting fog during the night hours over there at the moment.

terry's this ones doing it all different to ds, with him i had period pains for a few hours then went to loo and had the show. This ones keeping me guessing, smile

There's a lot of us getting close with bh etc, good luck for everyone.

Nothings changed here, still getting blood when i go to the loo and wipe and on an st, but no more mucus. Still not feeling any pain, but still feeling uncomfortable, but as i've been uncomfortable for the last week or so not really reading much into that. Still keeping to todays plans and seeing my friend for lunch while i can.

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 12:07:22

Cep, really does sound promising! Enjoy your lunch smile
Seriously do people think I've forgotten it's my due date? Texts, phone calls.... Even poor OH is getting it at work! He's only been there 3 weeks!
My poor mother even made the mistake of asking. I was like erm mam you would actually have to be one of the 1st to know! Sigh. I've took up residence on the birthing ball. It seems to be the only position that doesn't aggrevate my sore back. Damn sciatica! (sp?). Sorry am a right moody witch today! Lack of sleep, constantly being uncomfortable and nothing progressing I think has just got to me. Oh and while I was out for 5 mins the dog (who doubles as a Tasmanian Devil) has shredded a bag of crisps across the downstairs! Give me strength!!! Lol

Katiebeau Tue 08-Nov-11 13:02:24

AhVoodoo and cep I hope things get moving quickly for you.

I have even looked under the sofa for my missing Braxton Hicks/contractions but they are no where to be found. I'll get DH to check the attic later.

Mum and Dad on their way today. Goodness knows how long they will have to stay but I have a sweep today (eekkk) and they live 5 (well 3 but it takes them 5) hours away. DD looking forward to Grandma's bag (chocolate) and Grandy shops (comic buying).

40 + 8, I'm massive. Addicted to biscuits today. My christmas M&S
boxes are all open blush

Praying they can do the sweep. I will be gutted if I'm still a closed shop.

Thank you for all the nice messages re the fall. Much better today. I slept for 5 whole hours - woo hoo.

smilingcl Tue 08-Nov-11 13:16:06

40+5 today and all's quiet! I'm quite comfortable at the moment and people aren't driving me bonkers with texting or anything, just a bit bored, I've been on maternity leave for 3.5 weeks now, everything is ready. I'm not keen on daytime TV and I'm not that motivated to go out when it's all wet. Plus I keep spending money when I go out, and I have a strict budget to maintain if I want my year off! I haven't had any BH contractions yet so I haven't even got those to get mildly excited about, come on baby!

Got a midwife appt tomorrow, can she only do a sweep if your cervix is partly dilated then? I've got a feeling I'm closed up tight! Are there any negatives to having a sweep, I'm keen to let nature take it's course but also slightly impatient...

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 13:16:33

Good luck Katie!!!!

cookie9 Tue 08-Nov-11 13:24:15

Sweep painful but midwife very positive and apparently I was 1 to 2 cm dilated. If successful should go into labour within 24 hours. Feeling a bit sick and am bleeding after sweep. If anyone else having a sweep perhaps take a pad with you as hospital ones massive! Going to have a lie down as bad night with cramp and back ache last night.

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 15:13:36

ooh good luck cookie

Tjuice Tue 08-Nov-11 17:00:35

Hello all ladies-in-waiting
Amaya Rose was born yesterday by very mellow c-section. She is a shade over 3 kilos with a shock of dark hair. And pretty hungry! My milk hasn't come in yet and she was so obviously hungry last night, so she had a tiny cupful of formula that i pipetted into her mouth as she suckled. Never seen that technique before but the midwives here believe that you don't compromise the breastfeeding is way. She is a great breast feeder though, and I guess I am more relaxed than last time as the latch is perfect and she has good suction.

Afterpains were awful yesterday but more chilled today. And I need to get my iron levels up, as my blood pressure has been really low, with dizziness and vomiting but it's easing up.

Home tomorrow, can't wait! Good luck to all of you.
Cheers Tjuice

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 17:12:08

Congratulations tjuice! Gosh babies are coming thick and fast! Sounds like you are very chilled out. Was the section planned? How heavy is 3 kilos - am old fashioned!
Cookie, all sounds positive!
Well barring a miracle I shall have a baby that is not one of the 10% or whatever it is born on their due date! Tomorrow am officially overdue! Am totally unmotivated to clean the house or do anything apart from lie on the settee.
Cep, how you doing? Katie did the mw manage to do the sweep?

juststarting Tue 08-Nov-11 18:01:55

Evening all. Congratulations Tjuice. Sounds like you are doing really well at staying nice and relaxed.
And how has everyone else fared today? I am feeling sick and therefore panicky this evening. Or more so than every evening anyway. Tiring day with DS, I dont know how I am going to do this with a baby too - he just seems to be getting moe and more terrible two like by the day since he actually turned two a couple of weeks ago. Obviously he still has his charming and lovely moments, but I think he troublemaking potential is rising in direct negative correlation to my coping potential. Though thismorning he demanded a bath right after breakfast having only just got out of one at bedtime last night - this is a child who a week ago would never voluntarily get in the bath (though he tended to enjoy it once there).
Eugh, tired of living in a body now. Nothing but trouble it seems. Though the other day I abruptly felt crazy desperate for sex. ONly lasted a short while, and I didnt dare do anythign about it if I could have - until we have some support on hand, I darent push those buttons at this stage!
So, did you all have the opportunity to talk through birth plans or anythign like that with midwives? Mine just seems so completely cusory, I have just realised that she made our next appointment for 39.5 weeks, said she expected I'd have had it by then, and we have never discussed anything about what I want or not at all. She wasnt even going to tell me what I needed for a home birth till I asked.

alicat10 Tue 08-Nov-11 18:10:06

Congratulations Tjuice - love the name

3kg is about 6lb 10 I think

Truffkin Tue 08-Nov-11 18:23:57

Congratulations TJuice sounds like a lovely experience and you have one good little girl there! Hope the breastfeeding kicks in as soon as possible and that you are home and settled tomorrow.

Just my MW hasn't discussed my birth plan with me at all and at the ante natal class they touched on it briefly but that's about it. In my notes I have a page with questions I might find helpful when drawing up my plan so I've kind of just gone with what I think. It's not all encompassing by any stretch of the imagination, but includes the things that I feel are important (active labour, water birth, pain relief, cutting the cord, 3rd stage, vit K) and I know that I will want to make some choices at the time, depending on how things have developed.

I think I've had some more Braxton Hicks today, but nothing that is a sign of anything happening. My DH is getting the new 'Call of Duty' game this evening so he will definitely be hoping that he gets a few nights to play some of that before he's on birth partner duty grin

PamSco Tue 08-Nov-11 18:39:05

Yay! Congratulations Tjuice beeeeeaaaaaauuuutttiful name you have given you blessed wee gal.

Power to all the waiting room ladies. I decided to spend as much time as I could walking today to get The Boy bedded down further. If you could see a coffee table walk - that's me. My waddle has now slowed to a crab like shuffle. Not comfy at all, so I've done a cursory clean of the kitchen and flopped onto sofa.

Any Edinburgh ladies out there - TK Maxx seem to have received a wagon load of GroBags. I got 2 today both £15 each so that is nearly buy one get one free compared to the £28 for the same ones in Mothercare. Not sure if all TK Maxx'z get the same stock?

TerrysNo2 Tue 08-Nov-11 18:41:27

congrats tjuice - love the name, very bizarre as I'd never heard of it before yesterday when it was on our shortlist! It came 2nd though but v close smile

After pains are painful, first time mums don't worry too much as they were only mild period cramping, second+ timers, be prepared with paracetamol + nurofen, I am taking 2 of each every 4 hrs alternately.

Katiebeau Tue 08-Nov-11 18:53:24

Holy crap. Silent dilation to 5cms. In delivery having waters broken as they are worried I won't know until it's too late to get to hospital. Update you all when I have news. grin

Katiebeau Tue 08-Nov-11 18:53:58

Congratulations T Juice. Beautiful name.

neverinamillionyears Tue 08-Nov-11 18:58:09

Wow Kate. Good luck x

PamSco Tue 08-Nov-11 19:10:45

Good luck Katie

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