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Nov 2011: aches, pains and waddling, soon to be cuddles and swaddling

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PamSco Sun 06-Nov-11 18:11:03

Thanks Moosey for the title smile

I thought I'd go for it as there are only 4 or 5 posts left to go on the old thread.

Two other threads to be aware of:

Stats - you can update announcements here

Post Natal - for those of you already cuddling smile

Hope this thread sees all our nests full.

Katiebeau Mon 07-Nov-11 10:00:12

Aren't those fake contractions doing useful stuff though like shortening the cervix? I'm so stressed I'll be told tomorrow they can't do a sweep!!!

Thanks for all the offers though, I would nick them all if I could grin. And you guys could have a break.

bumpandisaacsmum Mon 07-Nov-11 10:00:59

voodoo & moosey please send some doughnuts & muffins this breakfast leaves little to be desired!

poppet so glad to hear Willow continues to do well x

katie I can offer you loads of contractions if you want then, free of charge. Not sure how/if they'll be helpful though as they seem to like to get to the point of being regular/painful & intense then leave again!!

Thinks I need to have strong words with this baby as due date is today, eviction notice will be served shortly if baby doesn't get the polite hin to vacate on it's own accord xx

voodoomunkee Mon 07-Nov-11 10:06:27

I don't know about their usefulness as they don't seem to be assisting anything apart from my frustration!
I never thought I'd be pee'd off I was having to cancel an appointment for someone to mess about with my nether regions but dd's birthday really needs consideration! Hopefully Katie the midwife will be able to do her stuff or whoever it is doing it!
Bump help yourself to the muffins love, your need is greater than mine! They should honestly make sure the pregnant and post natal women are well fed in hospital. Hopefully you will get some progress today.
Ah my word, I just feel achy and crap. Homes under the hammer time perhaps.

pandia Mon 07-Nov-11 10:08:10

Hope things pick up today for you overdue ladies moosey and katie - ouch katie your fall sounds horrible, please take care and rest now!! Have either of you tried reflexology? I've started having sessions and apparently she can't do the induction one until my due date (16th) but when she can, she reckons she can start labour within 2-3 hours....might be worth a try?

Bumps I hope your LO takes the polite hint - I love the idea of an eviction notice - hee hee!

BuffyFan Mon 07-Nov-11 10:11:41

Still only 37+6 so think I will be hanging around a while longer! No signs of anything happening at all. Just had an NCT promo woman call to ask if I was interested in a family photo shoot deal - had to tell her that the family hadn't turned up yet, and could she ring back in a month or so?

If only Amazon could deliver contractions to order....

DH and I actually DTD last night and am feeling a bit achy this morning, but nothing more definite than that. Think I will be locking up behind me at the end of November. envy

Katiebeau Mon 07-Nov-11 10:12:52

Ah Bump theres me moaning. I spent 4 days in hospital before my induction with DD. It sucks!!!sad

Re food DH did M&S runs every day. The food was just so shit. Failing that there will be a cafe somewhere that does proper breakfasts.

Is your BP any better?

Offers Bump one of the pretty decorated donuts.

Katiebeau Mon 07-Nov-11 10:14:18

Love reflexology but not helping bring on labour sadly!

voodoomunkee Mon 07-Nov-11 10:32:30

2nd breakfast of a muffin and I'm still hungry!

TerrysNo2 Mon 07-Nov-11 10:46:54

Part 2 of my Birth Story here

<sends labour vibes all round>

PamSco Mon 07-Nov-11 10:57:43

Do you know - I have no idea why I react like this but every birth story I read the harder I cry. Tears pouring down here at how lovely your birth story is. It sounds like an amazing day Terrys. A big welcome to your little girl.

SnoozleDoozle Mon 07-Nov-11 11:09:09

Congratulations to Mama, Terrys and Hils hope I haven't missed anyone.

bumpandisaacsmum Mon 07-Nov-11 11:55:00

Just a quick update: BP remains high but managed on meds (just). Am 1cm dilated & Dr said that he'd happily break waters. He did a sweep so hoping that is the gentle hint baby needs that time is up. If not eviction notice will be served later this week as they are going to book me in to be induced!!
Just awaiting final date, details & meds then I am escaping!!

As for food, there is a couple of cafe's & an M&S shop on-site at this hosp so am happy to fall back on their services if required smile

cep Mon 07-Nov-11 14:28:26

afternoon ladies.

katie ooh hon, that fall sounds painful, i hope you're taking it easy.

bump fx for you, glad they were happy to do sweep etc.

moosey good luck.

i'll join the group of very fed up ladies. Am feeling so uncomfortable. I keep getting the odd ache on my right hand side but as i get when i need the loo as well, it could be anything. So not getting excited until things get stronger. Took ds to meet a friend today as unsure when we'll get them together again for a while. Also have plans to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow, after then no plans, except mum coming down to help on wednesday.

cep Mon 07-Nov-11 14:31:48

terrys nice birth story, so glad it went well. Have to admit i'm a bit like you i keep getting feelings it's a girl but my head is expecting a boy.

TerrysNo2 Mon 07-Nov-11 15:26:40

Wanted to add for the person asking about being sick (brains forgotten who) that I wasn't this time. I am sure its because I didn't have any drugs whereas last time I was sick after having G&A

juststarting Mon 07-Nov-11 16:25:21

Afternoon all. Got a proper strop on here. I feel unjustified moaning but there it is, having one of those days. Just feeling utterly unsupported toda. DP is just so wrapped up in work I ask him to do things like meet me for a midwife appointment and it becomes a big deal. And I spent the morning trying to contact him but he had his phone off. I mean, what if I had been in labour? Even my midwife, even though I have talked about my home birth plans and stuff like that at the last three or four appointments, spends 20 seconds with me and goes on about getting me into hospital once labour starts, just cause she hasnt remembered or read my notes. And I have a toddler who is being a proper 2 year old today to deal with when I feel like crap and my back hurts and I'm dissappointed that my imaginings of doing some nice things for myself during my maternity leave, like a spot of christmas shopping, or watching a movie in the day or something, have been so grossly unfounded. And I am scared. I'm scared of the birth, I'm scared of the aftermath, I am scared of getting so low and so ill again and no one seems to have bothered imaginin€g that I might be having some feelings around this time and its more than I just want someone to change some nappies for me. And I spoke to my parents thismorning, who are pretty much our only option for looking after DS when I go into labour and their "ready to drop everthing" is so far from it - my dad is still drinking too much to drive every night (not an issue in itself, he always has done, he just likes some wine and whisky in the evenings) and they havent thought to maybe pack a bag for themselves or anything. So their "we can be there in 2.5 hours" is much more like "we can be there the next morning if you call after about 7, or within about four hours if you call in the day".
Anyway, sorry for the mega brat sulks. Tired and crabby and dare I say it, possibly hormonal!
Right. Guess I'd better get DS back up even though he only went tosleep half an hour ago after a mega battle of the nap time else he wont go to sleep tonight. Ah, maybe I should just let him be, let DP get home and deal with it and bugger off out till some time tomorrow. As if.

juststarting Mon 07-Nov-11 16:29:50

Oh, and I too blub at every bloody birth story - well done Terrys fantastic work.

Truffkin Mon 07-Nov-11 17:19:02

Waaah - I wrote a mammoth post and then the bloody internet lost it angry

The jist of it was basically, lovely birth story Terrys well done and hope you are enjoying being a family of 4! Sorry to everyone who is feeling fed up, just think in only a few short weeks time we will all have our lovely babies grin Just, it sounds like you are having a tough time and things feel overwhelming for you. Is it at all possible for you to just run yourself a nice bath (or have DP do it for you?) with candles and have some time out to chill?

I saw the MW this morning and baby is 3/5ths engaged now, so progressing well and everything else is fine, just need to wait it out now. Am 38+3 today so still could be a few weeks yet. MW said if she was betting she wouldn't think I'd go until 18th but who knows hey? Luckily I am not feeling fed up yet, but am sure it's just a matter of time until I get to the 'get this baby out' stage!

Also, in house news it looks like things are moving pretty quickly now. We have 3 people coming to view our current flat this evening and our new landlord would really like us to move sooner than we are talking about if possible. If we can, it would save us money to move sooner as the rent on our new (3 bed, semi) house is almost half of what we pay for our current (2 bed, first floor) flat in London shock but in reality, it depends on when this little one turns up as I really don't think I'm going to want to be packing up the house and moving 100 miles away just after giving birth grin

We do have family who can come and help us get packed etc but I'm assuming we will be all over the place initially and need a week or so to settle down before we can think about getting moved. I really want to be in and settled by Christmas so it was always going to be tight on time, but now things feel like they are gaining momentum! I'm excited to be back near our families and friends, but a little daunted by doing it all so quickly. I've started de-clutttering so things are a little easier when we do start packing, but still - all or nothing hey grin

Staceroo Mon 07-Nov-11 18:46:56

Evening all! Congratulaton to our newest arrivals!!

Nothing to report here, enjoyed my first day of maternity leave, 5 days till due date!

(Sorry have read too many pages to name check - and have nothing to add myself so just bookmarking really!)

TerrysNo2 Mon 07-Nov-11 19:15:35

Please can I have your thoughts on these names

sasaunde Mon 07-Nov-11 21:54:23

I wasn't remotely sick, but then I never am (haha famous last words, and I should add except following exessive exessive consumption of spirits).
Well all my BH and discharge and other signs have abated completely since OH got back from hospital. Finding it tough looking after a toddler and an invalid but better get used to it! 39 weeks today and resigning myself to another week of hobbling.
juststarting I am scared too! sad I wish I had done all the things I planned (doula, hypno birthing courses etc) sad Ho hum. Fighting the fear with brushing up on some breathing relaxation techniques and very much enjoying the wonderful last few birth stories we have had. Congrats new mummies!

hadak Mon 07-Nov-11 21:56:07

Evening ladies.
Nothing exciting to report here still lazing about and doing very little. Poor OH has been painting/cleaning / cooking as well as working lots. I feel awful for not helping out but just feel too crappy to join in!!
Terrys thank you for the second part of your birth story. Sounds like you did fab and of course you have got your snuggly lovely DD.
Too all your overdue ladies sending lots of contraction vibes.
Sorry not to name check everyone but good luck with house moves, childcare arrangements, all the aches and pains and happy doughnut eating.
Heres hoping to more birth stories soon

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 07:57:45

Morning ladies, Think ive had a bit of a show this morning, a bit of bloody phlegm (sorry tmi) when i wiped, not loads though and not really uncomfortable so could still be ages yet. So plan to carry on as arranged today unless it all changes within next couple of hours.

voodoomunkee Tue 08-Nov-11 08:20:08

Oh Cep, fingers crossed for you!!
I was awake a lot with v painful braxton hicks. Was hoping it would carry on but of course it stopped. My due date today.

cep Tue 08-Nov-11 08:25:15

oh how frustrating voodoo fx it'll pick up soon.

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