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Nov 2011 - almost time to push!

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TerrysNo2 Wed 12-Oct-11 19:07:48

Last thread was full so thought I would just start this one off - hope you don't mind as I know I've not been a regular but god forbid you guys having nowhere to chat ;)

Right, caz what's happening, I am stalking you all over the shop and need more news smile

cookie9 Sun 06-Nov-11 06:32:47

Wow a few more babies have arrived! Congrats hills and mama and thanks foresting your birth stories.

Hoping reflexology session and sweep help labour start here this week. All this stop and starting is getting me down.

cookie9 Sun 06-Nov-11 06:33:23

Pops should read posting not foresting. Bloody iPad!

mashpot Sun 06-Nov-11 07:55:26

mama great story, many congratulations.

Hils your birth also sounds great, you make it sound incredibly easy to get to the pushing stage so just what we all need to hear at the moment.

Having spent all day yesterday telling friends that there was no sign of this baby being anywhere near ready, I came home with sort of period pain, backache and I feel like I haven't had more than one hours sleep last night due to braxton hicks! Can BH last all night and what does it feel like for everyone else? I find it hard to describe but its sort of like my bump hurt and felt tight for the whole night.

I think it does feel better now I'm up but still have backache. Never mind, its a quiet day for me today. DH put the new baby wardrobe together yesterday so I am washing the rest of the baby clothes and towels etc to put them away and he made the cot too so I will put sheets on and also get the sheets and blankets ready on the moses basket. I should feel more prepared by the end of the today but I'm sure these mild symptoms will drop off anyway!

39 weeks today!

neverinamillionyears Sun 06-Nov-11 09:05:42

Morning all.

mash if I were having all what you've had I would def be thinking that it was the start of something. I've not had one braxton hick or anything, just getting more and more uncomfortable although I am managing to get more sleep each night with the obvious toilet trips to take into account.

Another work day for me but just 4 hours. I don't mind working as it makes the day go quicker.

Hope everyone has a lovely relaxing Sunday x

Truffkin Sun 06-Nov-11 11:48:10

Morning all and congrats to Hils on the new arrival. Great birth story too.

I had some discomfort last night but think it was just wind blush Have had no braxton hicks at all and wonder if my body knows what to do or might just keep the baby in forever grin I'm seeing the midwife tomorrow so will hopefully get a view on what is happening. I'm rubbish at trying to tell the baby's position and was convinced last night that he or she had dis-engaged and was lying across the top of my bump. Really hope not!!

Am planning lazy Sunday today. Cooking a roast and maybe a walk later. We were thinking of going to the cinema but I don 't fancy sitting still for too long.

BuffyFan Sun 06-Nov-11 12:04:39

Congratulations Hils and Mama and welcome to more babies!

DH is upstairs finishing off the nursery as IKEA finally had the wardrobe doors in stock (the rest was built by August bank holiday weekend). I know that bump will not care when he arrives whether or not his wardrobe has doors, but it does make us both feel more prepared.

Well my first week of mat leave (technically still holiday) has been a much needed rest, and completely uneventful. My BP is coming back down, although the CMW is keeping an eye on me. If I could have another week before bump turns to baby that would be lovely (I'm 37+5) as now the wardrobe is finished I can focussing on washing clothes and filling the wardrobe! Also want to defrost the freezer in prep for refilling it, spend some time with DP, teach the cat all about babies so she doesn't do anything stupid, clean the house from top to bottom, write the Christmas cards, do all the Christmas shopping....

Yeah right. I'll be happy if I do a quarter of that!

Meanwhile I'm definitely up for joining the jam donut bandwagon... mmm smile

voodoomunkee Sun 06-Nov-11 12:13:25

Who's going to have the honour of naming the last(hopefully) thread!
Congrats Hils! More babies eh! Not mine though sad I've done my nails, had a lovely cooked breakfast and caught up on strictly. Off to collect the cot mattress from John Lewis today hopefully. Still hungry as well. Have not had appetite like this in ages. Still worn out though. No signs of anything happening today. Have relaxing Sundays or positive labour signs for those that want them!

TerrysNo2 Sun 06-Nov-11 12:31:33

Hello all, just to let you know that we had a beautiful baby girl this morning at 5.30am, she was born at home after a fairly quick labour weighing 8lb. I didn't have any pain relief except tens which surprised even me.

Will write a full birth story shortly but right now too shattered. In fact I wrote the first part last night during early stages of labour and have put it on my blog here but will write the rest later. We have no name ideas as we both thought it would be a boy.

PamSco Sun 06-Nov-11 13:32:24

Congratulations Terrys and Mama

How's this for the next title?

Nov 2011: babies arriving daily while some patiently wait and wait and wait

WHoever starts it can you add the post natal thread as a link so people can find it easily?

Hope everyone is well today. I have an achey achey left side - a bit like when my gallstones started (OH NO - PLEASE NO). I'm hoping it is just his shift in position which until today has been easily worked out but now I have no clue. Truff I have the same concern - feels transverse eek. But if he movd out he can move back so not worrying (too much).

BuffyFan Sun 06-Nov-11 14:02:16

Congratulations Terrys look forward to the birth story when you've recovered.

How about:

November 2011: Already popped, popping all the time and still waiting to pop?

PamSco hope it's not gallstones. I woke up this morning feeling like bump had hold of my right kidney with both hands and was giving it a good squeeze...

pandia Sun 06-Nov-11 14:42:06

Congrats Terrys!! Fireworks is obviously the way to kickstart labour for you! Didn't work for mesad but still only 38+5. Great birth story. Am in total awe of only tens for pain relief, wow well done you!! You have encouraged me as I have been going into minor meltdown with fear of pain. Trying to convince myself that it's just the anticipation that's bad and once I get started it will be fine!

hadak Sun 06-Nov-11 15:43:18

Oooh more babies. Congrats to Hills and Terrys you both sound as though you were in complete control. I am slightly in awe at just the TENS and getting to the pushing stage with no pain relief...
I am sure I will be screaming "EPIDURAL !!!!!" at the first sign of pain.
I do use a TENS for my ongoing back pain and generally find it quite helpful but I have bought a mama TENS for labour and have just read the instructions- think I probably need to have a proper play with it as the settings are different to my other one!
Hope you new mummies are getting pampered and managing some rest. Good luck to all of us still waiting.

cep Sun 06-Nov-11 15:46:42

congratulations terrys and mama so pleased for you both. congrats again hils

Had a good night last night, seemed to go well and everyone seemed to enjoy it, but i am hurting today, back and legs.

nothing happening otherwise, keep thinking i'm getting pains but doen't turn into anything. hope you're all ok.

PamSco Sun 06-Nov-11 16:05:06

How's this for tremendous PMA...

I bought a Boots 3 in 1 TENS on eBay. Supposed to be unused - it wasn't but it does work. It came with small pads for back pain and post natal toning but no pads for labour. So I give Boots a call to see if I can buy pads. Yes yes, in stock. So I waddle over to the shop... Oh no we don't stock labour pads, only do teh small ones arrrrghhh. My obvious waddle and slightly teary look obviously inspired the lovely woman to go rooting around the stock room to find an old rental model that was going to be sent back. She let me have the unused pads saying it makes no odds whether it goes back with or without the pads. SHE IS MY HERO!

MooseyMoo Sun 06-Nov-11 17:05:12

I can create the new thread. Anyone have a preference for title?

How about: Nov 2011: aches, pains and waddling, soon to be cuddles and swaddling

Congrats to terrys. Sounds like another lovely birth.

pam wow, that is amazing. Love that some people will go out of their way to help others.

40 weeks today. Went for a lovely walk today. Blue skies and autumnal trees. Nothing happening though. Seems baby thinks it's underdone. I beg to differ...

knockedupagain Sun 06-Nov-11 17:20:31

Congrats to Mama, Hils and Terrys! Good births all round, which is heartening for those of us left!

I'm really hoping I hang on till Friday, and then Connor pops out on his due date of 11/11/11. Am having a sweep at 10.00am on the day, but drew the line at agreeing to an induction just to try for a cool birthday. Will be monitored on Fri, the following Mon, and induced on Wed 16th if he still hasn't put in an appearance.

knockedupagain Sun 06-Nov-11 17:21:53

Moosey I love your thread title... go for it!

voodoomunkee Sun 06-Nov-11 17:56:15

Wow Terrys! Snuck that one out didn't you! Congratulations!
Like the new thread name. Is it up and running?

juststarting Sun 06-Nov-11 17:58:28

Congratulations Terrys. Even though its all over, I am on tenderhooks for the rest of the story!
Feeling shattered and generally a bit poorly today. Thought, well, its not suprising, its been a busy day, and then reviewed said "busy" day and realised it HAS been a busy day for DS and DP, but I've largely watched. Hmm.
I too am one with a fear of the transverse lie. But I keep telling myself she was feeling like she was transverse when the presentation scan showed her head was down, so hopefully its ok. Hopefully.
It would be cool to have 11/11/11 as a birthday, its true. We did have a 1/11/11 didnt we in the end?
One week of maternity leave and its been such a relief to have DP home over the weekend. These days I dont know whether I dread or relish time with just DS and me!

PamSco Sun 06-Nov-11 18:12:29

Ok I was online and there are only a couple of posts left to go so here's Moosey's titled thread.

stef06 Sat 17-Nov-12 20:49:14

I'm emetophobic and I wasn't sick during labour and was only sick a handful of times throughout my pregnancy

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