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Nov 2011 - almost time to push!

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TerrysNo2 Wed 12-Oct-11 19:07:48

Last thread was full so thought I would just start this one off - hope you don't mind as I know I've not been a regular but god forbid you guys having nowhere to chat ;)

Right, caz what's happening, I am stalking you all over the shop and need more news smile

Voodoo you can't go to the MLU as you don't tick all the boxes/policy (utter rubbish btw, especially if a mw has said that!) but your home is your home and no policy on earth can force you to leave it in labour.
You can hire/buy a birth pool for around £100 - ours is a birth pool in a box (note to self - need to test it out this weekend).

Look, this is purely my own opinion but what would you get at the MLU that you won't get at home? They don't offer any extra pain relief at the MLU and you will get 1-1 care throughout labour and often 2-1 care during pushing.
If you are worried about emergencies, then how long would it take to blue light you to hospital? If it's 30mins or less, I would not worry as it takes that long for a crash c-section to be prepped and that's worst case under a general anest.

I know you had your heart set on MLU but would a HB be that bad? I can't make your decision for you and if you truly would not feel safe at home then my advice would be to go for CLU, as fear stops labour. On the plus side, your DH is supportive, which makes a massive difference.

Just think - with a HB you get to sleep in your own bed with your newborn and your DH and have a proper cuppa and eat/drink whenever you like. Some women have a bottle of champagne of standby for after the first bf!!

But that's all my own thoughts and, as always, you need to do what is right for you. No one will judge you here.

PMA for me - my right boob fairly gushes colostrum now - it's gone from being clear to lovely and milky yellow (left boob not so much). I'm chuffed as I never got this with DD and it fairly soaked my bra today. Hoping it paves the way for a good attempt at bf.

stripeymummy Fri 14-Oct-11 13:06:19

Hello All,

Back from my brief jaunt north of the Border - and already there is a new thread!!

Congratulations caz, glad to hear that both you and Xander are doing well, and that he is such a good size smile

I read your post on the previous thread chip, you are being so strong and amazing. Love to you and your family.

It's really starting to hot up now - people having mucus shows and contractions. I can hardly believe we're so close to the end! I am still trying to get my head around the fact I'll be induced two weeks on Monday shock

Not much to report here, had my 36wk MW check up on Wednesday and everything seems to be chugging along nicely. So apart from feeling tired a lot - though sleeping badly - not being able to get comfortable, having a foot/elbow/bum/back/head being shoved in my ribs/sides/bladder/cervix, and generally feeling a bit fed up, I'm fine grin!!

Hope everyone else is ok and managing to cope with the high BP and crappy consultants - which are probably not really helping the high BP.... hmm

voodoomunkee Fri 14-Oct-11 13:07:07

Dont know where to start raising hell and I am to the point where I can't see a point. Am starting to feel really panicky about giving birth sad

Caliphora Fri 14-Oct-11 13:23:18

Voodoo I agree with Mrs: if you're close enough to the hospital, go for the HB. If their only concern is your BMI, you have no reason not to be in MLU, but they're obviously "playing it safe"...

If you wanted to raise hell, I'd speak to the Supervisor of Midwives, as well as the LSA Midwifery Officer Look up NICE guidelines, print out and bring. For example, according to NICE guidelines, even if I need the Strep B antibiotics, it shouldn't hinder a water birth or mobile labour. I'm bringing them to my next consultants meeting, and I'm going to be adamant about it.

Or, find the birthing centre closest to you, and show up on the day. They're not going to turn you away unless you need to be transferred to the hospital for complications.

voodoomunkee Fri 14-Oct-11 14:03:36

Yep the consultant even said 'they're playing totally by the rules'. BMI is 36 and cut off is 35.

Staceroo Fri 14-Oct-11 15:39:51


Kelly have fingers crossed for you to, and there sounds like there'll be some action soon!

Ali fab news about collection, will try to get some to you at the weekend, but need DHs PP acc.

Poppet Really pleased to hear BF is going so well, just a shame about silly nurses taking the initiative to feed her just before you get there! That would make me mad, but better that and to know she is always being looked after I guess!

MrsA I'm getting full on collustrum flowing from both boobs now! I love it, but DH is a little grossed out I think! Not quite to the point where it's making my bra wet yet though!

We've had caroets laid in 3 out of 5 rooms today, baby's room included! SO tonight the in laws are coming over to help build all the furniture, then I can get started on washing clothes and getting everything put away! SO excited!

Also, found a fab beatrix potter shop in the cotswolds on my weekend away last weekend, and bought loads of things for our 'theme' so can't wait to get those out!

36 week appointment today and all good. Gonna go know and read what she wrote in my notes though! One thing she did say is that the baby seems really long (just like DH who is 6'7"!) But long is OK, I can deal with long, just not a fat head!!!

kate393 Fri 14-Oct-11 17:47:29

YAY FOR CAZ!! amazing news! grin

goldmaple Fri 14-Oct-11 19:05:53

caz so very, very happy for you and your healthy chubby baby! Congrats!

kelly and cali sounds like things are on their way for both of you! That is really exciting! How long after a show does labour usually start? A few days?

Baby has dropped lower here, making me waddle! Its actually a bit painful for my pelvis, but I'm hoping thats her getting ready for the big debut. I actually measured the same at my appointment weds as I did two weeks ago but they said it was the baby dropping. I have stopped gaining weight, but as I put on 40lbs I think I just reached my limit. After 37 weeks I am ready for this baby to come.

36 +3

Caliphora Fri 14-Oct-11 19:40:54

Maple No guarantees - it can be weeks yet! (God I hope it's not weeks...)

TerrysNo2 Fri 14-Oct-11 20:50:52

Evening all

I am 37 weeks today so I have a fully cooked baby, yay me!! Although I'm in no rush for it to come out just yet so stay put.

For anyone craving cheese I just made this recipe and it was delicious. Yum!

I am quite confused about weight gain this time, with DS I put on 2.5 stone so I assumed I would put on the same this time but I've only put on 1 stone. I'm not complaining but I am just surprised at the difference as I don't think my lifestyle/diet is any different??

voodoo I am a big HB fan, labouring at home is so much more relaxed and in the end if you have to be transferred in (like I was with DS) at least you were at home as long as possible. Whats stopping you from doing that?

stripey sorry if I missed this before, but why do you have a planned induction date?

stace good luck with the nursery, put some pics up when it is done.

MrsA can't believe you are leaking already, thats a good sign!! I can get some easily when I squeeze but not leaking out although I never did really leak with DS either but supply was never an issue.

Happy Fridays all!

voodoomunkee Fri 14-Oct-11 21:20:46

Evening all. Can't believe the size of Xander and the relief for caz and her hubby must be immense!
Have just got home from leaving the house at 8am.... Am shattered and have a long day at a fundraising event tomorrow. Tired tired tired.
I think the homebirth thing just scares me a bit. Plus most people I speak to in rl are dead set against them. Like mine and OH's mums and friends of mine. Plus as hadnt planned on it I haven't hired a pool or budgeted for one even! OH is so supportive and is trying not to show how stressed he is about the stress I feel! Plus he starts work next week and I still have 2 more weeks at work AND am 37 weeks on Tuesday so don't feel like am prepared at all! Am sure that this seems so stressful thanks to the pg hormones and the mush my brain feels like! Thanks for being so supportive everyone, really can't say how much I appreciate it, means im not bombarding poor OH with it constantly.

juststarting Fri 14-Oct-11 21:22:22

Got myself a bit alarmed today - been having some flashing in front of my eyes for 15/20 seconds a few times a day for the last few days. As a migraine sufferer, I just kind of didnt think much of it (other than "crap, I hope this doesnt develop") and then it suddenly dawned on me today it could be a sign of pre eclampsia. Rang the hospital midwife who basically said "na, you had your blood pressure and urine checked on monday, you're not swollen, you're fine, just keep an eye on it" but now I am having some epigastric twinges (check out my use of "epigastric") and getting worried again. See how it goes tomorrow I guess. Would be a total pain in the bum to get pre eclampsia. I got two more weeks at work and really need to get some loose ends tied up there, as well as a good few days of uni work I need to achieve, plus quite a lot of preparation for baby still to do. I resent doing it frankly, if she's not going to do her bit. All she has to do is turn upside down. I'll smack her bum, that'll help. Probably the only smacked bum she'll get in her life. At least I hope so. Actually, my son gets quite a few, but thats largely cause I cant leave his bare bottom alone, its so CUTE, I have to restrain myself from patting and pinching continually when its out.

juststarting Fri 14-Oct-11 21:37:16

voodoo, I had a home birth. it was a nightmare. But only because I got scared. And I would have got a lot scareder, a lot sooner, in hospital. it was completely the right thing for me. I think if I had been in hospital I would have ended up with interventions I clearly didnt need cause we got there in the end without them. BUT, if you dont have the support of the people aroudn you, it isnt going to work. My mum didnt want me to have one, but she did respect my decision and was in the house (though never in the room) throughout, as was my dad, and it was SO nice to sit on my own sofa with my little family, and more importabtly still, not to be alone with my new baby overnight that first night - we both needed the extra care - he because he stopped breathing at one point and I was too tired, having been awake for four nights, to notice, and thank god my mum had sat up with us and got in there (he started again as soon as she picked him off me) and me because in the end, I couldnt even stand up in the shower without an arm to lean on after such a long labour. If I dont have to go in to hospital due to breach baby or pre eclampsia or anythign else that may occur, I wont. I am really hopefull that I can have another home birth, EVEN THOUGH my last one was hard. That said, I live a 20 minute WALK from the hospital, so transfer woul dbe quick.

SnoozleDoozle Fri 14-Oct-11 21:45:43

I was online this morning and tried to post my congratulations to Caz and then my computer froze, so I'm back now for another go. Ok, congratulations Caz, and such a big baby, for being only 37 weeks. That must be good news (for him, rather than you, since I see you ended up with a C-section).

Very exciting news from lots of others as well, it looks like there might be more announcements shortly.

Sorry to hear your hospital appt was such a disaster voodoo, the stress can't be doing you any good. As I've said, all through this thread, I fall firmly into the other category of women (probably the minority view these days!) - the ones who want the hospital, the consultants, all the worst case scenario stuff on hand, but then that is entirely due to my own previous birth experience (where I entered into it believing in my own ability to give birth naturally, and the power of positive thinking, but ended up needing every medical intervention under the sun). Despite me saying this though, I'm with everyone else here, in that I think its your body, your baby, your choice, and its such a shame that you have got such conflicting advice, which has left you so stressed. I hope that over the next couple of weeks you can come to some arrangement that is satisfactory for both you, and your doctors. Best of luck.

Katiebeau Fri 14-Oct-11 21:59:06

Congratulations to Caz and Jon on the safe delivery of Xander. My and DH are so pleased for you.

Juststarting - I had visual distrubances on Wednesday morning and I was told to hot foot it in for checking despite having had excellent BP and urine been fine not 16 hrs early at my weekly check the previous afternoon!!! All OK thankfully - my first migraine though - awful.

Good luck Cali and KellyKettle.

Chip - I can't find the words, you amaze me with your strength.

Wave to Bluetinkerbell - thank you for the updates on Caz and I hope you are
doing OK.

Sorry if I missed anything from anyone, still trying to keep up.

37 + 5 here - would like Bobblehat to be early! Consultant has confirmed he will not impose a deadline for induction (unless I cave and want it), daily monitoring from +12 days but no need for induction unless there is hint of issues with me or baby.

Katiebeau Fri 14-Oct-11 22:06:34

Voodoo - I am so sorry you are having this crap so late in pregnancy. I am amazed at what a difference it has made to us having a midwife and consultant team who go on the individual and actual clinical need and not any protocol.

We are paying for it but I have seen the consultant in action in the NHS and he is no different - I bet the Chief Exec of the hospital thinks he is a pain in the arse!!!! But he speaks with a respect to women sadly missing in so many medics/midwives in this field.

I hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction. Surely 1 BMI point is just a really, really big poo blush???

voodoomunkee Fri 14-Oct-11 22:20:02

Thanks ladies! Thing is my BMI has decreased and obvious the baby appears fine! In fact now apparantly is measuring too big... They also corrected my height which was 3 cm shorter than I actually am! Had this been correct at the start then there is the potential that none of this would actually havebeen an issue. You wouldn't think that this was a well known and massive hospital. Consultant is obviously unable to overrule the mw's in their multi million pound MLU. I'm so sick of all this. The clu is really not somewhere I want to be. Small outdated stuffy rooms, no opening windows, post natal like yards from the delivery rooms and so on. Urgh. This isn't a slight on the staff or their ability or the fact if this is somewhere you need to be then that's a no brainer! I'm just frustrated I feel I am left with little choice.

stripeymummy Fri 14-Oct-11 22:45:17

Hi Terrys being induced at 38+5 as I have a heart problem, so everything has to be uber controlled. I'm on a drip and epidural right from the start. Wasn't too keen on the epidural at first for the whole labour, would have like to feel some of it, but after listening to some other antenatal mums and their stories I'm really quite happy with the situation. Plus the doctors want as little stress on my heart and lungs as possible. So I have lined up the film of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy so keep me entertained through the duration grin

Folicacid Sat 15-Oct-11 07:18:07

Mowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnin all,

Voodoo I know nothing really but if you opt for homebirth then maybe they'll take you in the MLU as a better case scenario. The mix up with height and your BMI dropping makes this situation all the more ridiculous. GAH.

I've got a couple of questions for you all, hope you don't mind?

1. If you have a baby in sling and it's winter what do you dress them in? a snowsuit? or would that be too warm?

2. Facebook: what are you going to do about putting baby photos on facebook? I feel really unsure about putting lots of baby photos and the like on fb pages with the fact that FB then own the photos to do with what they want. Am I being uber paranoid? I was thinking just one photo at the beginning and then setting up picasa or whatever and sending people the link with updated photos.

But I do feel on t'other hand I like to see new photos of friends' kids that I don't see often so I'm a total hypocrite. (Mind you you can go too far, I do have one friend who has albums and albums that go up like clothes sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, etc...child is now almost 3. confused

voodoomunkee Sat 15-Oct-11 08:31:10

Colic consultant would have happily compromised on MLU rather than hb but mw's are refusing. So now I have to go to clu or eventually go against advice and have a homebirth. Crappy situation. Am getting more and more panicky about all of it.

voodoomunkee Sat 15-Oct-11 08:32:28

Stupid iPhone autocorrect! Folic !

Folicacid Sat 15-Oct-11 08:51:54

MWs refusing? sorry I missed that. Jeez Voodoo. I think I may have rose tinted view of MWs but that surprises me/ pisses me off more. They can't refuse a HB though <muhahaha evil laugh>

voodoomunkee Sat 15-Oct-11 09:24:47

It's ok Folic I was ranting about it yesterday and there was lots going on! Yeah the MLU mw's refuse to let me give birth there and it's now appearing like a power thing! Consultant believed that they would look at my circa as had lost so much weight and I am low risk but because they made a decision a while back and clearly want to stick to their new rules then I am an unfortunate person who is caught in the guidelines! Consultant stated that the rules would be changed in the future but obvs that doesn't help me. They can't refuse me a hb but it isn't what I wanted and now I feel I haven't a choice. Sigh. I've woken up feeling sick and very very stressed. Poor dc's and OH have just got it right in the neck sad my mw has suggested that my best option is to 'stay at home as long as possible before going to the clu' my opinion and OHs is that the clu is not somewhere that we want to be... There is a pool but it's not exactly appealing! Shame when they have spent so much on the MLU that they didn't spend some on the clu too.

voodoomunkee Sat 15-Oct-11 09:29:06

Sorry for fling the thread up with my ire! Just very frustrated sad
How are our ladies who seemed to be on their way?

TwoJackRussellsandabean Sat 15-Oct-11 09:30:48

Good morning all,

glad your feeling better just, hopefully it wont happen again before the bubs comes smile

Folic, I guess when the baby is in the sling you can feel how warm they are and then adjust the clothing accordingly? I would figure that if they are cuddled up next to you there wouldn't need to be too many clothes on unless we are in line for a similar winter to the last one?

I'm not too keen on baby photos on Facebook either, but it's the whole issue of asking other people not to post photos of our kid that is worrying me rather, my sister in law can be a bit prickly at the best of times as it is and she has millions of photos of my nieces online.

I have a question which I was going to ask as it happens;

DH doesn't drive and doesn't want me to drive home from the hospital afterwards, which is of course sensible. But, what should we use to bring bubs home in, the car seat or the pram bit of the buggy in a taxi? A minor thing granted, but was wondering what to do for the best....

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