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Nov 2011 - almost time to push!

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TerrysNo2 Wed 12-Oct-11 19:07:48

Last thread was full so thought I would just start this one off - hope you don't mind as I know I've not been a regular but god forbid you guys having nowhere to chat ;)

Right, caz what's happening, I am stalking you all over the shop and need more news smile

Cali I assume you have been diagnosed with pre eclampsia and not just pregnancy induced hypertension - they are not the same (as I'm sure you know).

The pdf you linked to is one I have read and hopefully you can use the readings for mild, moderate and severe bp readings and apply them to your monitoring.
Tbh, they take pre-eclampsia very seriously, and are quick to admit to hospital and get you on bp tablets, so if that's not happened they must not suspect full pre-e. Do you have anything more than protein in unrine and higher bp? Headaches, flshing lights, sever swelling?

Hospitals get sued for more often for not doing something than for doing something IYSWIM, so they are (without exception in the NHS) likely to go down worst case senario route unless they have good evidence not to.
Hope this helps.

Btw, if they do offer bp tablets - ask for labetalol. I was on methydopa in 2008 throughout my pg and it stopped my milk coming in. Both are deemed safe in pg. (Have since found out I should not have been on tablets, contributing to my fear/hatred of NHS maternity services!)
Good luck.

Caliphora Thu 13-Oct-11 12:49:20

Mrs I was admitted for preeclampsia, as I had the other symptoms, so I'm assuming that's what they're treating me for (it's mild though, as my bp is still low). I haven't been told otherwise.

KellyKettle Thu 13-Oct-11 13:02:28

folic I need to email you and sort out PP. It's on my list.

Pregnancy/birth oils. I have a selection!

Lavender essential oil and a diffuser for calming labour smells (if I can be bothered).

Lavender & tea tree to mix together in bath to help with post birth healing/swelling/csection scar if I end up there.

Hypercal cream (Holland & Barrett about £4/5) which apparently is anaesthetising and healing on cuts and grazes.

Twirling away on my birth ball watching The Proposal at the moment. DD still not home from playgroup and I'm just not sure what to do with myself.

TerrysNo2 Thu 13-Oct-11 13:14:04

Hello all

Just walked the 2 mile roundtrip to take DS to pre-school (up and down hill!) and I'm shattered, only 2 hours till I have to set off again to pick him up, if anything will set me into early labour I am sure this is it.

MrsA yes I am going for a homebirth again this time so keeping my fingers crossed for it. Who else is?

I was wondering if anyone want to do a list for text buddies - we did this for my last AN thread and it was really good for getting quick news in case people couldn't MN in hospital. I don't mind organising it if people want to e-mail me their mobile number and due date - last time we paired up people who were 2/3 weeks apart in dates so hopefully there would be no crossovers. What do you think? Maybe you are all more patient than me! smile

Kelly things sound exciting for you! You have reminded me I need to get my birth ball out of the cellar - DS will have a great time rolling on it.

Cali sorry there hasn't been more progress, sometimes they brew for a while and then it all happens at once so keeping my FX for you.

bumpandisaacsmum I am another who is woken from lovely slumber to painful Braxton Hicks, I seem to get one every time I turn over. I am assured that its a good thing though as our bodies will be more prepared when the time comes. Lets see

PamSco I get leg cramps too, they are a horrid way to wake. I have found drinking water helps and if it doesn't get better then I have to get up and walk around for a few mins. Not fun in the middle of the night though!

Folic will PM you. Thanks for organising

KellyKettle Thu 13-Oct-11 13:24:35

DDs home so it's all gone a bit manic here.

Just to say I read that leg cramps are worse when you lie on your back. I find i don't really get them sleeping on my side. Something to do with the uterus pressing on your blood supply.

Not sure it's true but it's made a difference for me x

Merlioness Thu 13-Oct-11 15:29:34

Hello all,

Just marking my space. Nothing from caz yet? Stalking her everywhere...

Cali that really sucks!

I too like gold's idea of adding the weeks.

Had OB appointment today at 34+1 and LO is measuring 10 days ahead, so my next appointment is in 2 weeks to assess the situation. Placenta has moved out of the way and baby is cephalic now, like a good boy.

Terrys thanks for new thread

Folic still struggling to find the words, but will PM you soon.

Sorry if I forgot anyone and hope you are all well

Hello all - on MN when I should be working!!

As we all approach d day, I would really recommend those of you not sure about birth choices and what is best for you and your body, have a look at

It is a series of short videos (60s - 3mins long) by leading doctors, midwives and doulas about the different approaches to birth, including 'what is a show', 'how do I induce labour', plus discussions on how women can cope with fear of birth. It's a very good site.

merlion just be cautious about being told your baby is big - scans, especially from 36 weeks onwards are notoriously inaccurate. I was told DD was approaching 10lbs, yet she birthed at 7lb 15oz - over 2lbs out. As always, do what feels right for you and if you'd rather go with the doctors then that is what is best for you but don't feel you have to. They can be wrong wink

Bluetinkerbell Thu 13-Oct-11 15:54:10

Nope no news from Caz yet... it's driving me crazy! smile

Folicacid Thu 13-Oct-11 16:01:19

Mrs A great link, I'm loving the 60 secs doula films.

Merlioness Thu 13-Oct-11 16:45:23

Thanks Mrs A. He had been measuring ahead the last 2 scans too, but I'm not too worried about his size, as I'm well and truly in the land of the oblivion but rather hope he'll come a little bit earlier.
Here I have no choice and will have to give birth with OB and in hospital. It's all very managed, but I've escaped the section for now. gTT was all clear too.
Will take a look at the website when I'm on the computer.

blue it's driving me crazy too. Anytime I wake at night I check all the various places in case there has been Xander's birth announcement. Fingers crossed that today is the day that we get news of cuddles smile

alicat10 Thu 13-Oct-11 17:59:16

Quick collection update - we have £115 so far :-)

pandia Thu 13-Oct-11 18:23:25

Just wrote a longish post and phone deleted grrrr. Long and short of it was finished work today which is good but also very weird. I'm another like snoozle and kelly with terrible insomnia - DH and I not even in the same room anymore as he is bored with being awake and reading books most of the night. Bit sad and not quite how envisaged run up to our first born. Hey ho.

cali bit of a frustrating rollercoaster for you, thinking of you. And caz I'm another who can't wait for news of you and Xander!

Off for celebratory end of work dinner with DH. Have good evening all

TerrysNo2 Thu 13-Oct-11 18:32:51

alicat have PM-ed you

Poppet45 Thu 13-Oct-11 23:50:49

Hi all!

Ooooooh Halloween smilies grin <moi, easily amused? face>
The sense of anticipation on this thread is palpable. Good stuff and the waiting will soon be over. As will the sore hips, bad backs, crampy legs, weird jelly things in the loo... Sorry for those having more stressful final few weeks what with pre-eclampsia fears and rubbish consultants and talk of big babes.
I'm another one who keeps logging in for news of Caz. I hope things are going okay and she's got her wee boy in her arms v soon. If not already. He's going to be about 36 weeks isn't he? In which case I'm guessing he'll be in the special care nursery as a routine at least for the first night? If so Caz and you want someone to hold your hand just ask. We're on day 54 (I think?) here so I am well and truly institutionalised and would be honoured to show you around. Anyway Willow is 35 weeks today and a wonderfully chubby 4lb 2oz. Am delighted she's had her biggest ever weight gain two days after starting BFing, and last night she pulled her naso-gastric tube out twice. Get her she's already got junior membership of Le Leche League! The unit's being great about me BFing her, she's on cups when I'm not in - my only gripe is that because she's so small we can only do one or two feeds a day without tiring her out, yet today after agreeing with her MW that I'd be in for the 3pm one, I walk in at ten too, to find her cup feeding Willow. Who was far too snoozy and full of my EBM to want to breast feed so I had to wait an hour, do her nappy and strip her off before she'd even attempt it. And then only for 15 minutes. Not making things easy. Especially as she's now on 3 hourly feeds so if I miss one, we're in for a long wait. Still in the scheme of things its minor.
We also had another brain scan last night after I was told in teh ward round her previous one was 'just as before, with only signs of a grade 1/2 intraventricular haemorrhage'!!! Which was news to us as we'd been told it was clear. Thankfully after another scan, we were told 'she'll be a lawyer at least' and it appears to be okay. Enlarged ventricle and one cyst but both of these could be congenital and there's no evidence of any bleed or damage.
And finally, lovely lovely Chip. I was so moved to hear of your final hours with Sylvie-Rose. You must relive them every minute sad but if it's any consolation at all (and probably nothing is right now), you were there with her, doing everything you could to help her - and no mother can do more. You should be proud of yourself for having the wherewithall to do that. I was talking to one of the nicu nurses about her (I hope it was okay, but like others I find her on my mind such a lot) and she said it did sound like SIDs because babies struck down with it so often seem to flip a switch and are irretrievable no matter how much CPR is done on them and how quickly caregivers act, she said she didn't know why that was, but it is a tragic trait of the condition. I know nothing will help but we're all here for you. Hugs and thoughts to you.

chipmonkey Fri 14-Oct-11 01:52:02

Poppet I am so glad you told me that about SIDS. You have no idea what a comfort that is to

Caliphora Fri 14-Oct-11 03:46:08

So, I'm awake because we had a little trip to the labour ward again - head is 3/5 (soooo painful) and contractions are still going, but no baby yet. They didn't even bother with an internal, and it was the same registrar as last night, so I was a little bit persona non grata hmm.

Anyway, just an update on my pattern I've now sold 8 of them, which is the most any of my patterns has sold so far, and I've even been emailed by a lady in the US who had great support from SANDS US when she lost her little boy, and bought the pattern for that reason!

Zombie Cali is off to bed.

Merlioness Fri 14-Oct-11 04:06:38

Woohoo! We have a healthy baby Xander! Just in case any insomniacs are up smile

lktoday5 Fri 14-Oct-11 04:50:17

Woo hoo!!! Congrats caz!!!! Insomniac lk here up w cramps for the 5th night of 7 but your news has put a smile on my face grin

KellyKettle Fri 14-Oct-11 04:50:42

Yay! Thanks for the update Merlioness!

Fantastic. Keep us posted if you can, hope Caz & Xander are well!

KellyKettle Fri 14-Oct-11 04:52:03

Cali hope you managed to get back to sleep ok, hopefully not long now. I can really sense your frustration.

Great news on the patterns though smile

pandia Fri 14-Oct-11 05:19:48

Hello any other insomniacs! Yay hurray for xander! How exciting and what a relief to hear all is well, thanks merlioness. Looking fw to more details.
Cali hope you're getting some rest. Sounds like things are really happening and maybe it won't be too long now smile x

Folicacid Fri 14-Oct-11 05:28:28

Welcome to the world Xander! Looking forward to all the details. Are we doing birth stories like on other threads?

Eeesh Cali sounds painful, I hope you are back in the land of nod.

Merlioness Fri 14-Oct-11 05:35:47

pandia yay for ML. Hope that you had a nice dinner with your DH
poppet Xander was 36 weeks on Tuesday, so he is slowly working his way to term! I’d have no idea about SCBU though
How annoying about the BF/cup feeding issue sad But Willow is doing so well.
chip I have been to see a counsellor today (for my own pregnancy/chiuldbirth anxieties) and she echoed what Poppet said. She lost a daughter to SIDS at 15 months and said that they just cannot be brought back for some reason or another sad. Thinking of you and your family daily.
cali sounds bad sad But it’s great that your pattern is selling so well. Hope you managed to get back to sleep

There are more news about Caz and Xander, but I’m not sure it’s my place to spill the birth announcement IYKWIM?
Mum and baby are well though (though probably both asleep). I’m sure Caz, or someone dedicated will be on soon to give a full announcement smile

bumpandisaacsmum Fri 14-Oct-11 05:56:44

Another awake here!! BH have woken me again, not slept past 4am since Fri night & it really starting to get to me.

caz & Jon congrats on baby Xander's safe arrival, glad to here mum & baby doing well - am sure Anabelle is keeping an eye on you & her new baby brother xx

cali sorry that you hosp are being far from helpful, hope you managed to get some sleep xx

cookie9 Fri 14-Oct-11 06:16:48

Congratulations Caz on the birth of Xander!

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