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Nov 2011 - almost time to push!

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TerrysNo2 Wed 12-Oct-11 19:07:48

Last thread was full so thought I would just start this one off - hope you don't mind as I know I've not been a regular but god forbid you guys having nowhere to chat ;)

Right, caz what's happening, I am stalking you all over the shop and need more news smile

cookie9 Wed 12-Oct-11 20:13:10

Looking forward to getting an update how Xander is doing.

TwoJackRussellsandabean Wed 12-Oct-11 21:02:36

Marking my spot smile

MooseyMoo Wed 12-Oct-11 21:26:36

Marking my spot too. Whilst singing 'Aaah, push it... p p p push it real good. da da da da da da dada da'.

voodoomunkee Wed 12-Oct-11 21:29:48

Yay found the thread! Knew if I lurked I would see something that looked right! Thanks terrys!
Yes wonder how caz and cali are.

neverinamillionyears Wed 12-Oct-11 22:09:00

pulling up a swiss ball to park my big bum on.

chipmonkey Wed 12-Oct-11 22:22:34

marking my place.

Bluetinkerbell Wed 12-Oct-11 22:28:11

Marking mine too so I can update on Caz if there is more news!

KellyKettle Wed 12-Oct-11 22:28:17


Lost bits of mucus plug this afternoon and have been having cramps.

It's all settled down now so I have decided its just a slow warm up but quite exciting nevertheless.

Thanks for new thread Terrys smile

bumpandisaacsmum Wed 12-Oct-11 22:58:42

Thanks for new thread terrys

chip feel humbled to be able to read your post, I can't imagine how difficult things are for you & your family at the moment. It is lovely to know that you lil princess Sylvie-Rose went peacefully surrounded by your love xx

It is exciting waiting on news from caz hope all is going well for her & cali thankyou blue for keeping us up to date.

Had my 36week appt with GP today. Baby is all well & head well down (as if I didn't know from the pressure down there) took a while to get heartbeat but was due to cr*p equipment and when it was eventually picked up was really strong. My BP is a little high, so need to keep an eye on that & also sugar in urine so have to do another sample & possibly GTT (don't see the need at this late stage).

Have been having huge trouble sleeping, sleep from 10/11 then wake at 3am & am with strong BHs; has been the same the past 4nights, they then settle & I try to put my head back down just as DS wakes!! Between the BH, baby being well engaged and my BP having increased a little I feel it won't be long before baby arrives (BP rose dramatically in the week leading up to DS's labour). Also having major nesting instincts & DP is being made to clean and prep lots of bits on my demands...things are starting to feel a little too real & am feeling slightly scared!!

Hope everyone is keeping safe xx

goldmaple Wed 12-Oct-11 23:06:22

caz can't wait to hear news about Xander. I bet he is pretty comfy, but hopefully he can be convinced to make an appearance soonsmile

chip thinking of you and your family and keeping you all in my prayers.

kelly sounds promising! Are you full term? Let us know of any further developments!! Sounds like we might have a few babies soon.

I was thinking that we could end each post with how far along we are so that when people start having symptoms of labour we know how far along people are and whether labour is good or bad at this point?

36 weeks

PamSco Wed 12-Oct-11 23:43:50

Thanks for thread Terrys

chip I've shed tears over your post more for your strength than for anything. My heartfelt thoughts to you and your boys. Your lovely girl has lodged in your hearts for ever. Sorry my words are clunky.

Caz and Cali best of luck to you both.

Caliphora Thu 13-Oct-11 00:59:27

Bah - got told to go to labour ward - sent home again as no dilation, posterior cervix and a p***y registrar who refused to answer my question: "When do we draw the line with this pre-eclampsia and get me going?" - they say I have to do the BP monitoring, but won't give me a goal to work with, thus stressing me out even more and upsetting me no end. I've had 4 different consultants saying 4 different things now, and I will throw a hissy on Saturday (monitoring day) if I don't get a definite answer.
The registrar tonight said "It's either going to be managed until you go into labour naturally, or it's going to go pear shaped and we'll manage it as an emergency" - WHAT? That really concerns me.

DP disappointed as he was hoping for Sprout arriving, I'm exhausted but contractions have chilled out, so I'll get some sleep tonight.

SnoozleDoozle Thu 13-Oct-11 06:06:58

Thanks for the new thread Terrys.

Can't sleep, have been awake since 4am and after tossing and turning for two hours, thought I might as well get up since DH's alarm clock will be going off shortly anyway. House is like a bombsite, covered in dust due to kitchen renovations, and I'm itching to clean it (nesting instinct?) but can't really see the point because there is more dusty work to be done later today, and it would just need cleaned again.

Getting excited by everyone's updates, definitely seems like arrivals will be happening soon. I thought something might be happening on Tues evening, had really strong BHs for hours, but then it settled down. I think, on balance, I am glad, because I don't feel quite ready yet, I feel like I need these next three weeks or so. Plus, since I am currently meant to be having a C-section, I don't fancy going into hospital in labour because that turns my controlled environment into something much more scary.....

KellyKettle Thu 13-Oct-11 06:07:08

Oh Cali, that's rubbish. No wonder you're stressed. I can't believe they can't tell you a target range. They must have one or else how do they know.

Gold I'm 38 weeks now so I suppose in theory it's fine. Awful continuous period pain but definitely no contractions. More plug gone this morning. Fascinating. Could still be weeks though couldn't it? I was pretty much on my EDD with DD.

DD goes to playgroup in 3 hours so Im ridiculously excited about a morning to myself.

Nesting all finished, cupboards stocked, baby things washed, bag packed. So it's junk tv, biscuits and tea in bed for me from 9-12:30!

KellyKettle Thu 13-Oct-11 06:10:02

Morning snoozle. The insomnia is horrible isnt it? I was terrible yesterday but last night wasn't too bad. Bed at 11:30pm, 3 loo visits and up at 5:30am.

Wondering whether to get up and have a cuppa and breakfast or stay snuggled between DD & DH a bit longer...

voodoomunkee Thu 13-Oct-11 06:45:22

Awww cali that's rubbish!
Kelly so exciting that things seem to be moving! Am going to be here the end of November am sure!
Need to get up and get ready for work but it's warm and comfy in bed......

mashpot Thu 13-Oct-11 08:32:04

Thanks so much for posting chip. Your strength and courage as a family is really moving and your plans for a memorial for your daughter sound perfect. Sending your strength and best wishes.

blue great to see you here and thanks for Caz updates, I hope we hear more today! Cali sorry you are having a frustrating time, I suppose you have to try and rest and take it easy but I know that's hard to do when you're on edge.

Kelly I'll be keeping my eye out for more news from you, sounds promising! voodoo I'm sure I'll be here till the end of November too! I still have 2 weeks left at work though and I'm not ready for baby yet so all this action from other ladies feels quite surreal!

MrsArchchancellorRidcully Thu 13-Oct-11 08:55:02

Found you! kelly you may have a baby by the end of the week eh? 2nd ones are supposed to come earier I think??

PamSco Thu 13-Oct-11 08:55:41

mashpot I know what you mean, still in work and a bombsite in the Baba room.

But then I'm only 35 weeks I like gold's idea of adding our weeks onto the odd post so we know were we all are.

Kelly rest up love, stay hydrated and erm anything else you think is right! I have no idea what it's like to get started, I imagine exciting.

Cali what a pain for you. On a PMA the hospital would get things going if there were any major risks or indications - every extra day your babe gets is good from a development perspective.

Caz looks like it maybe a longer journey than you hoped for but I hope you get to stay rested and relaxed.

bump great news on positioning - not long now. It is a bit scary isn't it. I'm still in denial I think.

I've got the first of my 2 leaving drinks tonight, this one is threatening to be the session or all sessions - obviously for everyone else, not me sad

I work in 2 different locations hence 2 drinks nights - not uber popular lol. Looking forward to seeing old and new faces. Funny how many people turn up when you are buying!

I slept from 20:00h to 01:00h on the sofa last night then 01:00h to 07:00h in bed. Only 1 disturbance at 05:00 for a quick leg cramp. I wish I could give the sleepless of the world half of my lethargy - I'm getting zero done in the house! All very annoying but I know I am blessed as I can't cope without sleep.

MrsArchchancellorRidcully Thu 13-Oct-11 08:59:16

cali how rubbish but imo you are better off at home letting things start naturally but that's just me.

Re bp - I'm not a doctor but for me anyway, I would not be worried if my readings were no higher than 145/95 or thereabouts. It's when the lower figure goes above 100 or the hjigher goes aboove 150 that they get twitchy. You are best monitoring yourself so they know it's not stress/white coat related. A good place to look is the NICE website as that gives cut off figures for bp and pre-eclampsia treatment for pg women. On phone so can't link.

bumpandisaacsmum Thu 13-Oct-11 09:12:14

HUGs to you cali I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to see someone different every time & all saying something different. On a positive note if they are happy for you to be at home then things must have settled enough for it to be safe for you & baby. Try to rest & relax, it is the best thing you can do and as Pam said every extra day baby inside is a bonus for him. If they are not willing to discuss inducing you would it be worth asking for a sweep as I know many people who have gone into labour following a sweep. I was in a similar position with DS, my BP kept getting higher then I'd be monitored and it went down so was told to keep monitoring - after a week my MW booked me in to see the consultant & she basically told him I needed to be induced (was term+5) and got sent in to find I was already in early labour & I wasn't aware; by that evening I had my membranes ruptured & that resulted in a baby. Was told by my community MW after the she suspects my BP had increased as a respose to the start of labour things occuring xx

Can't wait to here if there is any news from caz such a waiting game for Xander to appear xx

kelly glad to hear things seem to be progressing xx

Caliphora Thu 13-Oct-11 11:21:10

To me it's mostly the worry that they keep monitoring and monitoring, and then go "Oops, sh*t, emergency caesarean" - or worse.
I'd like Sprout to stay in as long as possible, but I also want us both safe and sound.

It's the same old problem of not feeling any continuity in care.

Caliphora Thu 13-Oct-11 11:31:50

NICE guidelines pre-eclampsia: Recommend birth within 24–48 hours for women who have preeclampsia with mild or moderate hypertension after 37+0 weeks.

Folicacid Thu 13-Oct-11 11:54:30

Hello, I've found you guys...

...just popping on to say that I'm just waiting for personalised card for Sylvie-Rose to arrive and then I'll get it posted away so time yet for messages if anyone feels they would like to PM one. I'm not reading them.

All sounds pretty exciting on here, best of luck Cali and Caz still.

I'm on track for a vag birth now that scan has shown placenta has... moved on up... nothing can stop it yeah. Baby's bum sticking in my ribs and I'm on the ball every evening.

Have got baby vests and sleepsuits on the clothes horse now and then when dried and ironed (last time I ironed was many a moon ago) then labour and post natal bag can finally be packed. Baby's room is still very much a work in progress and need to get moses, pram and cot sheets then we're ready...ish.

Must remember to buy arnica too- and some oils for birth. Anyone any suggestions?

I also found myself doing supermarket shop today at 7.30am confused

This post is turning into an internal musing so will quit while clearly not ahead!

36 + 4

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