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Nov 2011 - Feathering our nests and buying baby vests

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PamSco Sun 11-Sep-11 08:15:58

Taking liberties again grin as there are only 5 posts to go on old thread. Hope everyone is well this morning!

Folicacid Sun 11-Sep-11 08:57:44

Keeping us organised Pam smile

Well it's our anniversary today and I started celebrating it early by having a vivid sex dream that actually involved my husband for a change grin I think the sex ban seems to be playing havoc with my night time thoughts. Rolling around like teenagers is all well and good but you know, a bit of actual, um, penetration wouldn't go amiss. Funny, as maybe if we could I wouldn't fancy it as have gone into a real tired slump. Are all you lot still At It?

LK great that you are home, did you manage to get a good kip last night?

cookies no more scares y'hear! have you packed that hossie bag? wink

Pam Boooo to kitchen not finished yet- will you put up some pics when it is?

voodoo well done OH, he must be feeling on top of the world? has he decided which one to atke? likes buses eh, you wait for ages...

I'm looking forward to a lovely sunday lunch out and not much else (have been so busy this week). Got shocking heartburn and such sore hands in the middle of the night and sore feet from water retention. But apart from all that still very happy.

voodoomunkee Sun 11-Sep-11 08:58:15

Drawing up my birthing ball and marking my place! Thanks pam :-)

H007 Sun 11-Sep-11 09:00:36

Well the kitten has arrived and he is a little terror haha... Less than 24hrs and at least one lamp is off to the tip! Funny thing is the night before we went to view him a lady said he was too timid for her WTF???? haha... Me and OH are walking around treading on egg shells waiting on little Freddie pounching on us from some well hidden spot that he's found haha! Lots of fun to be had and he is so very cute, he'll definately keep me amused and busy in my extra long annual leave and maternity leave which I am now on smile

Folicacid Sun 11-Sep-11 09:02:49

H007 heehee kitten sounds aces- what does he look like?- and big congrats to maternity leave starting- woohooo! I'm crawling on hands and knees towards mine.

voodoomunkee Sun 11-Sep-11 09:24:27

Ooo mat leave already! Yay! Folic, OH is taking the one nearest home just for ease of travel even though the other one is only another mile away! Plus this one has a sooner start date too. He hasn't turned the other one down as of yet though, just in case!!
My sex life is none existent!!! Very dull it is too :-( lol

Folicacid Sun 11-Sep-11 09:30:09

voodoo great to have choices though, he must be on cloud nine.

haha maybe I'm better off with my dreams grin

Staceroo Sun 11-Sep-11 09:55:31

folic we are still 'at it' as you put it, but no where near as often as usual because ive had some real pain at the top of my legs lower pelvis, so legs don't really go in the right position without some pain iyswim!

Pam thanks for new thread (and handy link)

ik glad you're safe and sound at home now!

I don't know why but I've really started to feel like there is a strong chance of this baby coming early! I've heard a lot that small women often go early and i just feel really ready. So cep when you say that all the little girls are coming it makes me think it even more! Tjuice I too have been imagining dropping little girl in the loos at work!

Stripey and others, my bump doesn't seem to look any bigger, though 31 week appointment yday said still bang on right size, but it does feel heavier! I'm finding it difficult to move around and get comfy. Everyone is always telling me what a lovely neat bump I have ans how lovely it is, which I agree with, but it doesn't mean it's easy to carry! I was only just over 8st before and a size 6, so the extra weight is really difficult for me to manage, relative to my 'normal' size!

Cali I too miss sleeping on my belly! Also miss lovely cheeses and pate! DH knows that the first thing I want when back home is a lovely cheeseboard and pate! yum yum!

Chip really pleased to hear everything is going well and Sylvia Rose has moved to SCBU grin

Enjoy whats left of the weekend all!

Truffkin Sun 11-Sep-11 10:05:01

Thanks for new thread Pam we do get thrpugh them at a rate of knots!

LK glad to hear all is well with you for the time being and yours sounds like the perfect Saturday evening!

H007 sounds like you will be kept busy with your new arrival, more ambitious than I could manage in the run up to a newborn!

Folic I would have to say that after the initial few months of pregnancy when my libido was through the roof, we've slowed down to a couple of times per week. I've heard that it could increase again in the last few weeks of pregnancy but am assuming that we'll both be knackered for a while when the baby arrives so there might be a natural lull. DH is already disturbed by thought of abstaining for 6 weeks or more after the birth ( it mentioned this in his book!) so we'll see grin

I'm enjoying a very chilled weekend after a hectic few and some more to come over the next month or so. I have 2 hen weekends and a wedding before my due date.

I've not sorted out a hospital bag either, I can't seem to get myself organised and at 30+2 it still feels like I've got ages (I know with 2 thread babys I should not be so complacent!) Still, mu Mom is coming to visit in a few weeks so I'm hoping she will help me to get sorted.

Am looking forward to a lovely home cooked roast beef dinner today. Have been maxing the red meat and leafy green veg this weekend in an attempt to boost my iron levels at the behest of my midwife.

Caliphora Sun 11-Sep-11 10:15:46

Folic Still at it here, too, but we're a bit... limited... because DP is so scared he'll "dent her head"... Weirdo. It also feels a bit odd when she has a movement fit in the middle of business time...

We were going swimming yesterday - I was really looking forward to getting weightless for a little while - but it was £5.10 for 55 minutes in the pool! Outrageous! How do they even time it? I felt really guilty for dragging DP out and getting all excited only to scoff at the entry and refuse to pay that kind of money...

alicat10 Sun 11-Sep-11 10:46:30

Cali was it a council pool - I thought swimming was free for pg ladies, it is round here

CazandBelle Sun 11-Sep-11 11:00:46

shock at all the sex still going on! Haha my husband would be very jealous to know. Only happened about 3 times here since 12 weeks!

Had our 4D scan yesterday, I've seen him move his fingers, yawn, frown, put his hand in his mouth, stick his tongue out, hands over his eyes - really made my day. I've seen my baby boy alive! I love the DVD - much better than the still images!

Wow he is a chubster, really cute chubby cheeks! I can see Belle in him, but he has his own little features too! I'm so in love!

Worrying estimated weight, (5lb12, at 31+4!!!) I hope they are wrong as it is a massive jump from my 30 week scan at the hospital 10 days ago. Next hospital scan is Wed so I wonder what they are going to say.. Really makes me wonder how accurate they all are tbh.

If I have diabetes after that test on Friday I will be asking why I wasn't tested sooner because he's been measuring big (long) for dates since 15 weeks. I've now been stressing out all night that I'm making him fat and he'll come out with some scary problem and his lungs and heart won't be able to support his own body and it'll be my fault for making him so big. I'm really scared he's going to hit something ridiculous like 12lb if the difference in weight in 10 days is anything to go by.

Really panic ridden this morning. Why can't it be safe for him to be born now? Belle died at 32 weeks and I'm terrified we won't get past next week. Probably even more so now I've seen him being alive and moving his little arms and face. So scared we are not going to get to induction day safely. I don't even know when it is. Why won't the consultant give me a date already?

Need to pull myself together today.

Caliphora Sun 11-Sep-11 11:13:32

Caz I'm so jealous - but so happy for you! I'd trade all the sex in the world to be able to afford a 4d scan! Because it took us 6 years to get here, every day is spent counting moves and praying for full term to be here. I hate not seeing a midwife every week, I hate not being able to constantly monitor her heartbeat... It's getting unbearable - I can only imagine what it feels like for you, hun!

As for the diabetes test - push the doctor's on it. But you'll be able to work with it if it comes back positive - and you'll be so closely monitored. Remember -*you're not making him big*. You're growing your baby healthy and lovely, plump and gorgeous for when he's born. 12lbs is not the biggest he could be - my friend had a 12lbs, a 13.5lbs and a 14lbs baby. Then she got sterilised...
Point is that all those three were absolutely fine, and so will Xander be, as he is born out of so much longing and love!

I'd also demand to know your induction date ASAP - I know my due date, so why can't they just set the induction now? It's getting close anyway!

mashpot Sun 11-Sep-11 11:26:28

Caz I'm glad you enjoyed the scan. The weight is only estimated and not actual but hopefully you can have your mind put at rest on Wednesday. It's a tough week for you but you will get through it - with lots of positive vibes from all of us on here.

I saw the mw on Thursday and all seemed to be well, good heartbeat and no problems. She felt around my belly and said the baby is an odd position with limbs all over the place which explains why I don't get kicked as such, but can just feel lots of wriggling under the surface. I told her I'm starting to feel really unprepared but she said we'd talk more about the homebirth etc at my next appointment in 4 weeks.

I'm going back to Yorkshire (where parents live) in two weeks for a wedding so I'm going to spend an afternoon shopping with my mum to buy some babygros etc so I least I will have got something! Even if not a cot, pushchair or anything else!

7 weeks left at work for me!

As for the sex - DH hasn't been able to bring himself to for ages, I made him about a month ago as I really miss it but he just can't enjoy it so not sure we'll even do it again before little one arrives. ho hum.

lk pleased you're home at last. H007 the kitten sounds gorgeous. I have an old cat who does nothing but sleep so can't imagine a little thing scampering around the place.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday dinners. Pie, mash and green beans (to boost the iron!) in my house today.

alicat10 Sun 11-Sep-11 11:40:33

Caz the estimated weights are very much estimates - DD was estimated to be 7lb 8oz the morning she was born and was 6lb 10oz so that's about 15% out which on a weight of 5lb 12oz has got to be potentially about 14oz out so try not to get hung up on it - I think some hospitals won't even give these estimates to you as they cause anxiety (I'm obviously half convincing myself here as well as I think junior is on the small side). It's about 8oz per week in third tri isn't it so you have about 6 weeks or 3lbs to go - 8lb 12 sounds like a perfect weight smile

Don't really know much about GTT but if you are worried you could try making some of the dietary changes anyway just so you feel like it's more in your control.

TwoJackRussellsandabean Sun 11-Sep-11 12:12:24

Afternoon all,

Folic, we try to do the deed once a week or so, generally at my instigation as DH feels uncomfortable knowing there is a third person around, but mostly I can persuade him to forget about that for a while wink

Caz, how long till you hit 32 weeks? Am sure we will all be thinking about you until then, your picture looks great and it'll not be long till you get to meet your boy, just think the longer he stays put the healthier and more ready for the world he will be, every kick he gives you is just reminding you that he's there and just waiting to meet you!!! I definitely think that you should ask about your induction date if that would settle your mind, although if there is any chance that it will make you fixate on that one date and give you more to worry about then possibly best that you don't know, IYSWIM?

GDD is a pain in the bum, lets hope you dont have it, but my consultant said that most babies are fine and the main risks are that the bub gets stuck in your pelvis or that they have low blood sugar when they do get out and for the second case they will be given formula milk (or yours if you manage to express any beforehand) to sort them out, am in no way belittling the risks, but for me I need to try to not worry too much about it all whilst making dietary changes to try to control my blood sugars and hopefully limit any future problems.

The cot bed is up and made up too and last night I was dreaming about the baby coming early, am really impatient baby now, two months feels like a really really long time!!!!

Folicacid Sun 11-Sep-11 12:32:05

Caz don't want to speak out of turn here on our lovely thread but your post made me feel really sad.

You wanted to see your son in 4D to allay your fears and to see him alive and moving- and you have and it was amazing. But now you're stressing out about his weight and somehow blaming yourself that he will be born with all kind of problems- and now you are 'really panic ridden'.

I cannot ever say that at this moment I can truly understand how you are feeling or how overwhelming these fears must be as I have never had a stillborn child but is there anyone there in RL who can get you to stop being so hard on yourself? You need to somehow find the inner strength (and you've got bags of it, look at all the fundraising for your daughter) to give yourself a break. And give your partner a break as well.

You have been through a horrendous time, you've lost your daughter- unimaginable pain. But now you are are growing a big healthy bouncing boy who you will see do all the things you described at the scan in the flesh in a matter of weeks. Please try and believe it.

If you have Gest Diabetes you have it and you'll control it- don't blame yourself. Worrying in advance so much must really be hard and if you can allow yourself to stop even if it's just for a day, try to. It must be so tiring.

I hope you have a good day today- take care.

CazandBelle Sun 11-Sep-11 12:44:01

twojack 32 weeks on Tuesday, 32+4 Saturday which is the exact day we lost Belle. I 'know' everything will be fine this week; it would be silly to really think it will all be the same because the world doesn't work like that. I'm just feeling vulnerable right now I guess and the weeks are feeling so long.

and you are more than likely right about me getting fixated on a date. There is a fine line at the moment between focus and obsession.

and folic you are right, my husband has said as much to me this morning too. He's said I was euphoric yesterday and it was lovely to see me so excited and positive about baby, and today I've come crashing down. I wish I knew how to control these moments when fear gets the better of me.

Right I need to watch our DVD again today and recapture the magical feelings I had all day yesterday!! give myself a kick up the bum.

Being busy in the past has usually helped as a distraction, and the nursery is being re-painted this week and then we'll start building furniture. hopefully that will be a positive focus. and hopefully getting past Saturday will change something too...

voodoomunkee Sun 11-Sep-11 14:32:14

Caz have u got anything planned for next sat? Would it help to have something planned? Like others have said I can't imagine how you feel or the thoughts that must whirl around inside but I do think you are being extremely tough on yourself. Not saying it isn't understandable, of course it is and I defy most people not to feel the same I bet! However that aside even if you had Gd it is manageable. Enjoy the DVD and be proud of how much strength it takes to get here. I quite oftenbelieve that writing a plan can focus me and even if I don't stick to it it has helped get my thoughts a bit more organised, start off with questions such as induction date and see where you go from there. Most of all keep strong.

SnoozleDoozle Sun 11-Sep-11 16:19:31

Caz I want to echo the others, and beg you to stop being so hard on yourself. I can't begin to imagine how hard it is for you, so its obviously easy for me to say, but you are so anxious at this point, that it sounds like nothing at all will put your mind at rest, and you can't go on like that. You've already proved you have a lot of strength, and theres only a few more weeks to go.

Folic our sex life has continued as normal throughout the pregnancy thankfully. Since I have to live without so many other pleasures in life (red wine, I'm talking to you!) its only fair that I have something continue as normal! wink And anyway, once the baby arrives, I'd be surprised if we get the chance again for a while, so best make the most of it, I suppose!

Caliphora Sun 11-Sep-11 16:23:35

Has anyone heard from Poppet lately?

SnoozleDoozle Sun 11-Sep-11 16:23:49

Caz sorry, after I posted and re-read my post, I think it might not sound like I meant it to. I'm not scolding you, I'm not telling you to pull yourself together, that wasn't what I meant at all. What I meant is that you have done so well and I really admire your strength, and although you think you can't get through these next few weeks, I am sure with all your real life support that you can. Take care.

cep Sun 11-Sep-11 18:34:35

evening ladies.

lk so glad you're finally home, and that you and Livia are doing well.

caz so glad the scan went so well yesterday, i hope you manage to find the excitement you had and manage to hold onto it.

h007 so envy at the mat leave, kitten sounds so cute. (don't forget your dh will have to empty the litter tray.)

Staceroo Sun 11-Sep-11 19:01:07

Cali I too feel a little awkward when baby starts moving around when me and dh are getting down to business! blush We too intended to go swimming really regularly! But you're right it is so expensive! There's no free swimming here for pg ladies. Though tomorrow I'm staying away for work and made sure I got booked into a lovely spa hotel which has a nice pool, so will go for a swim before dinner, and maybe before work on Tues!

Caz i saw the pic on fb and he really does look cute! It won't be long now until he's here, and once Saturday passes the time will go so quickly i'm sure!

Had a nice easy day after being busy with diy yesterday. Just about to dish up dinner! Sweet and sour chicken! Not quite traditional sunday roast but who cares!

Night all x

juststarting Sun 11-Sep-11 20:33:34

Evening all. Folic - we're still At It, but we're running at a grand total of about half a dozen times this pregnancy. Though all of those have been post the first three months. And I have started to ACHE for a day afterwards, all through my nether regions. Its beginning to get increasingly uncomfortable as well. We only did it fully once during my first pregnancy after I had bleeding a few times though. And not for AGES afterwards.
Well, it seems to have taken us all weekend to get unpacked and tidy from our holiday - doesnt help that DS is in an awkward in between stage size wise so we have piles of clothes that dont quite fit in various ways. Had a bit of a sort out there, but we'd also dug out his old clothes to sift through for the new baby so we had those out all over the place. Didnt help the tidy up. Feeling a bit more in control now. Again very very tired tonight though. As for stuff I'm missing, I am missing not having maternal duties at the moment! I am sure I wouldnt be so tired if I didnt have a toddler who needed me! But actually we've had a really nice family day and he's been a charmer and a delight most of the day. Though he told us at dinner that his childminder has "special water"!
Caz, I think we all convince ourselves we are doing something which is going to cause a problem. But we are all doign our best, we wont know in another hundred years of science all the effects of all the different things we do while our babies are growing inside us, all we can do is the best with what we know and the best with what we feel. God only knows how they estimate the weights, and no one can say any of our babies is going to be born problem free, but we can look around this group here, and see so many examples of how resillient we have the capacity to be. Problems will come, and we will find ways to make the best we can of them. You've been through a nightmare, of course you're anxious this time around, and you're just going to have to wait it out to be honest. I realised in my first pregnancy, at every stage I thought "if I just get to week 12, I can stop worrying, if I just get to this point I can stop worrying" My son is two next month, and I realise I am NEVER going to stop worrying. You have a lot of cause to worry, I'm just trying to get more comfortable with worrying a lot, myself! Cause I cant make it go away! Sorry, i am kind of rambling. The point I am making is just to say that it makes sense that you would be worried, and I dont think there is much that is going to change that, at its core, but I hope you realise how much you can handle what life throws at you. Maybe the worry will bother you a bit less if you realise that you can handle it. You have enough to worry about without getting upset with yourself for doing the worrying too. its normal, its to be expected, dont feel bad about it.

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