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Shagged Out Viroids Volume 4. Over here!!

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nickelbabe Sat 27-Aug-11 12:08:18

ooops, got a bit carried away there.....

sign in everyone!
let's hope we get some new graduates on here too!

ConfessionsOfAnAchingMind Wed 31-Aug-11 10:17:21

Whoop Congratulations Vallinna. Only a little envy of your quick stitch free birth wink. Welcome to the world Teddy grin

That made sense Esk. You poor thing having to go for so long, but it sounds like you did a fantastic job coping (G&A is lovely isn't it?!). pleased to hear things are going well now.

Not sure what I'm doing on MN actually, DD is asleep and I need a shower. We've just reached the 'oh whats this and can I hit it stage?' So cute and means her toys are now for her pleasure, not just for show.

nickelbabe Wed 31-Aug-11 10:58:51

blimey vallinna - that was quick!!! shockshockgrin

well done!

Dear God, can I have one of those births please? ta.

nickelbabe Wed 31-Aug-11 11:46:38

oh, Esk
sad <<big hug>>

that sounds like a nightmare.
have to say, i think i agree with your idea of it beign the cascade of intervention.
it sounds all perfectly reasonable till the midwife insisted on breaking your waters to move thigns along a bit. My sister had this done to her too, and she says she wishes she'd been stronger about that, because it didn't help at all and led to her needing to be stitched. (she had about 2 stitches with her first, and 2nds are supposed to be easier!)
Thankfully, she didn't have as many problems as you did.

I suppose we have to be thankful that Imogen was born without section, and that she's here and healthy.

Eskarina Wed 31-Aug-11 11:59:53

I'm glad it makes sense, it got a bit frantic trying to finish before she squawked! As you say nickel, she's here and she's perfect! I actually meant the bit about intervention the other way round. She was physically stuck in the pelvis, unable to rotate or move down so I can't see how she would have come out any other way than with help, and if they'd started the interventions earlier then it might have been over sooner.

nickelbabe Wed 31-Aug-11 12:05:42

ah, see.
Maybe if they'd spotted what the problem was, and been able to get the ventouse or forceps up there before, then you wouldn't have had the problems?

I do wonder though, if she was wedged because the waters had been broken too early?
I know I don't know what i'm talking about though grin

Baby2b Wed 31-Aug-11 12:56:07

esk that all sounds so stressful. I think you can't really second guess these things. There are so many factors that all need to come and work together inside our bodies, never mind the intervention. Hindsight is a great thing and it is called the miracle of birth for a reason. As long as you felt you had choices and were making the final decisions.

Will post my story shortly. smile

Baby2b Wed 31-Aug-11 13:01:09

nickel the waters shouldn't really cause that. You can be given 48 hours after your waters have broken or can give birth without them breaking. It's a tough one when the baby is stuck. My friend had to have a section as the shoulders didn't fit....a real shame when she had spent hours in labour. Again hindsight as she could have accepted section sooner.

nickelbabe Wed 31-Aug-11 13:41:27

it's like after all that, there's nothing you can do. sad

Baby2b Wed 31-Aug-11 14:20:42

You do what is going to get the baby to you in the safest way. Also what gives you relief.

esk very impressed with how long you lasted on tens machine. I had similar experience on gas and air. Dh went to the loo and when he returned I just kept muttering, 'I feel the pain, but I'm wasted'. grin

nickelbabe Wed 31-Aug-11 14:57:55

perfect way of putting it B2B
i think i'm just scared of something going wrong

Baby2b Wed 31-Aug-11 16:39:13

Have I mentioned this book? Ina May

More than happy to send you my copy. It made me feel really positive during the birth. smile

Baby2b Wed 31-Aug-11 17:07:37

My labour story, hopefully not too much info! :-)

I managed to get to 2cm, just using the tens machine, with relative ease at home...mild contractions for 24 hours (breathing through them). Then when the pain was getting unbearable at home even though my contractions were all over the place...between 5mins and 8mins I had two at 5 mins and lied to hospital saying that they had been like that for an hour or two and regular! blush

Arrived at Hospital. When I got checked and found out I was 2cm I didn't realise she did another sweep. Was offered paracetamol but asked for gas and air and used with my tens machine for two hours. Gas made me feel really spaced out and I I I was sick. Felt like a failure as I was struggling to cope. After 2 hours I begged for 'anything' and was given diamorphine. Was nearly crying as I had wanted water birth but couldn't face it when I had hours of dilation ahead. Given injection 20 mins later. After the injection i was checked again. During that two hours at the hospital I had went from 2cm to 9.5cm! I had actually been 'not coping' as my body was wanting to push. The diamorphine made me feel back in control and I realised I had actually been doing really well. Just progressing faster than they expected a first timer.

The second stage was the part I was scared of most, but it was actually far more manageable and productive feeling than the previous 2 hours. Was told to just go with my contractions for an hour and not push until i had been checked to be 10cm. My body started to push by itself after 10 mins. Was told to go with this for an hour and then there would be active pushing. Despite different positions I couldn't get his head out. They were going to get a doctor for ventouse etc. My dh asked the midwife about the possibility of me tearing. I was determined to get him out and asked to her to make a cut as my contractions weren't lasting long enough to help final push. Pushed him out after the small incision had been made. Stitches aren't bad at all. Feel really positive about my birth experience. With hindsight I should have went in the pool as didn't need the medication, but may have still struggled with final push. Hope this all makes sense. Oh, I had a student midwife in with me and loved having two people looking after me throughout. Also had a male trainee doctor ask to come in, which I didn't want. Dh had been prepped on this in advance and said no. Plus it would have been getting a bit crowded. Actually dh being helpful and assertive was largely what made it such a good experience as I liked that even if I was drowsy he knew what I wanted and was good being reminded to drink water etc...
Longest post ever!

Baby2b Wed 31-Aug-11 17:51:23

Forgot to say, I had my waters broken for me when they realised how far along I was. Didn't want to go by themselves.

NervousNelly Wed 31-Aug-11 22:17:17

Wow val that was a surprise grin. Congratulations on the arrival of little pod. And yay too for baby2b and esk grin

<resolutely ignores birth stories even though it's all rather academic>.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

nickelbabe Thu 01-Sep-11 11:43:13

wow, that was a rush shock
because you got so quickly dilated, your body was struggling to cope <<furiously scribbles notes>>
I'm not impressed that your MW did a sweep without you knowing.

I had gas and air and diamorphine (the latter after my op) when I broke my arm. I liked gas and air. grin

I have to say, that my biggest fear is the amount of intervention everyone seems to have. I'm hoping that by having a home birth, they won't do things automatically, but i'm scared of having to tell them not to touch me.
I don't want any interference at all, not internal exams, not fingers up my fanjo, not sweeps, not injections or pain killers.
It also sounds like the water idea isn't that clever - you've got to have exactly the right temperature or it slows it all down. I don't think I can handle that pressure.
Plus, DH isn't very good at thinking on his feet - he needs clear instructions, and he believes that the medical people know best. Yes, they might have seen lots of scenarios, but they're not me and I don't necessarily conform to the standard. And I have noticed from other people's stories that they seem to just do stuff because that's how it's done, or how they always do it.

Not that I'm panicking about this or anything, oh no.

BamBam21 Thu 01-Sep-11 11:47:04

Congratulations Vallinna! Brilliant that it was a quick birth

Thanks for the reassurance on the fanjo-scan issue nickel! I don't like the sound of it, so I'm not surprised you felt a bit confused about it!

Really hoping that, as this will be birth number 2 for me, that it will all be very quick and problem-free (not too quick though!). The main thing is all these beautiful, perfect boys and girls being born

Just waiting for the stop-smoking midwife to visit now.blush

nickelbabe Thu 01-Sep-11 15:50:08

ooh, i forgot to tallk about movements!

last ngiht, Isbn was moving around like crazy, so I got DH to put his hand on the belly, and he felt the movement a few times!
He didn't like it much - thought it felt really weird, and every time he felt it, he pulled his hand away in shock hmm

KateeTheBump Thu 01-Sep-11 16:06:36

Ha ha wait until your 30+ weeks and your whole belly is moving and then see what he thinks nickel grin

I'm really looking forward to giving birth at the moment, hoping it stays that way. Have also noted that there is a full moon four days before my due date, so hoping that will do the trick wink four weeks and three days and counting until I finish work...

Baby2b Thu 01-Sep-11 16:24:58

Nickel, it was more a mental thing than that my body wasn't coping. Had more resolve when wasn't using gas and air. If I had known things were moving so fast I wouldn't have asked for the painkillers (well demanded reallyblush). The sweep should have been asked about but everything else was fully informed and consented too. I think my midwifes were amazing.

Bambam, well done on the trying to give up smoking front. At least by trying you will be having less. I don't smoke and would vomit if I smelt a cigarette at 50 paces during my pregnancy. Would be a rich women if I could bottle and sell that repulsion as a giving up aid grin

nickelbabe Thu 01-Sep-11 17:14:07

that's okay then. grin
Trying to worry me like that! shockwink

vallinnapod Fri 02-Sep-11 09:40:44

Morning ladies!!

Still on a hormone high here. Very, very good baby doing nothing but sleeping at the moment to lull in to a false sense of security but I can do nothing other than stare or cuddle rather than sleep to at the moment!

Thanks for sharing your birth stories Esk and B2B. Just typed mine for a friend so it is below!

Nickel I second what Katee says, the alien tummy from around 30 weeks is a sight to behold! I think it is natural for men to find it a little odd and also to be afraid that them pushing or feeling may hurt the baby!

Hope the smoking MW went well BamBam, don't blush. You are trying to do something about it!

So, here goes......

I have to say I completely lucked out on the birth front.

Went to bed on Tuesday night and was watching Have I Got News for You repeats and generally talking to DH about if we felt ready for a baby, the house (which we get the keys for today!) etc when at about 22:45 I feel something that I am pretty sure was my waters breaking. However i thought it may be the EPO tablet melting! Shot out of bed (no mattress protector ;)) and went next door to realise yep, waters gone and trickling away still. Thankfully they were pink so fingers crossed in my mind that whenever we got round to the birth part in theory I could still go to the birth centre at this point. I got a little bit irrational at the point as the next things i did were to wax my under arms and repaint my toe nails....think I was in a bit of denial as I am really not that vain! To paint my toe nails I had to put one leg up on the bed whilst the bump went in the middle so as you can imagine I had to do this standing on a towel as every time I changed position there was more leakage!

Called the birth centre who said I should come in so they could confirm that it was my waters and make an appointment for induction if I had gone into labour naturally in the next 16 hours. So it's now about midnight, still no contractions and we get a cab.

In the taxi I start having some mild contraction (just like period pain) about 6 mins apart. Get to the birth centre which was really quite, i think only one room out of the 8 was occupied. We were behind a couple clearly in very active labour so put in a room to wait. I start pacing around telling DH when I was having contractions, which I hadn't realised had gone to 3 mins apart. Still quite mild.

The MW comes in and takes a swab but no further exam and it still looks like we are off home with instructions to come back at 6pm if things haven't progressed. She then says she'll just go write my notes up and will be about 20 mins. In this time things start to intensify. All throughout my entire labour I only felt the contractions as period type pain (although on a scale never felt before!!) so sort of low and in my pelvis. I could only get comfy on my knees leaning over either the bean bag or couch bed. By this stage I have whipped the dress I am wearing off as I decided I really should put the TENS machine to some use! It was fabulous throughout! Although we should have probably read the instructions beforehand....also at this point I realised i wasn't going to be the nice quite labouring type but the making any sort of noise through my contractions (on the out breath) seemed to 'help'. I rationalised it in my head that if I was making noise then I was definitely breathing!

The nurse returns with my notes to this scene! I think at this stage she thought I was a drama queen, I certainly did! We insisted that before she sent us home she give me an internal which she did to find I was 1cm dilated. So going home on the cards still. She left us for another 20 mins or so (no concept of time!) During this time things ramped up again and I was saying to DH that i had no idea how i was going to get home, let alone back to the hospital again and that when we did come back i was going to have to go to the labour ward as I had completely under estimated the pain and intensity and that there was no way I could spend 12-14 hours and then some feeling like I did then.

I tell DH to ask the MW if there is anything else I can do for the pain. She gives my two painkillers but as I had taken two paracetamol I would have to wait to 04:00. I think it is about 01:00 at this point. She suggests I get in the shower. Which again was great. Really powerful. I was quite hesitant to take the TENS off but the pain relief was as good. For some reason the the pressure on my back was the best even though the pain was at the front. She got me out of the shower and examined me again to find I had gone from 1cm to 8cm in 1.5 hours...

I didn't really comprehend this. All that really registered was that she finally came back with my admission wrist bands which meant we weren't going home! I was saying I thought I was going to have to transfer to the labour ward as I really couldn't cope with the pain. Up to this point my pain relief had been TENS, 2 paracetamol and the shower....and I didn't register 8cms in my head for some reason I thought I could still be in active labour for another 12 ish hours or so (no idea why I kept fascinating on 12 hours!). MW suggests trying G&A at this point and asks if I would like her to run the birth pool. I hadn't realised at the time but they had been religiously sticking to my birth plan and discussing it with DH throughout which to my mind now was fantastic. I think the only 'problem' was none of us realised how quickly things were progressing and therefore I think my cries during the contractions may have originally been seen as a bit of an over reaction!

Didn't make much of the G&A at this point and again was more anxious about removing my friend the TENS as we moved to the birth pool than anything else! Although after the shower DH hadn't applied the pads as well I was getting some quite amusing twitches!! Even more amusing when he failed to turn the machine off before removing the pads and sticking them to his hands, shocking himself!

So we waddled next door to the pool. Again, I look back now and know they would never have let me in the pool unless birth was pretty imminent but everything still felt forever away.

Got in the pool and at this point I don't know if it was the water, starting to use the G&A more effectively or the fact I am pretty sure I went through the transition at this point but finally, between contractions, things felt much, much calmer and more serene and even the contractions themselves felt more structured, in that they had a start, peak and end. Before that it was just constant discomfort and pain. I've seen some photos from this point and I look pretty out of it! I also asked for an epidural (again!), c-section and a taxi home at this point so I think thy knew I was transitioning!!

I was never examined internally again, just told that if I felt like pushing then to go with it. They regularly dopplered the baby who was just chilled throughout!

DH tells me he thought I was pushing for about 40 mins although, to be honest, I remember only pushing about 3 times for his head. What was weird was trying to work out if I wanted to push as I would get a contraction and not feel the urge until just after it peaked. I felt I had to concentrate really hard. I definitely felt the 'ring of fire' I had heard about when he crowned but was still really shocked when his head popped out! Not as shocked as DH who went to the other side of the pool to see his son blinking up at him and opening and closing his mouth!!

Another contraction or two and out he came! They pushed him back through my legs so I could pick him out of the water. All of a sudden I had the gorgeous, blinking, gawping purple prune!! I was just in open mouth amazement that he was here and perfect. All this and it was only 05:54!

He had a very short cord so it was quite hard to hold him. I wanted a physiological 3rd stage but they (well, DH) cut the cord pretty quickly. Got out the pool and sat on the birth stool to deliver the placenta which seemed to take forever as Teddy wouldn't suckle so I was having to push with no real urge to push. Still, all out eventually.

Even luckier at this point as I am examined and told I have some grazes but no tears. I was very pleased at this as it justified the £90 I had spent on the EpiNo!

Sorry, all clearly very fresh so lots of detail!

Right now I am getting used to having a baby! As i said he has spent most of his time sleeping lulling me in to a false sense of having a perfect child. Am told this will change in the next few days! Struggling a bit with feeding as he is just really not interested. We eventually get there but so far he only likes the right side and this morning my left is rock hard so am going to have to attempt to hand express some of that out! He gets hungry, gives me all the feeding cues, latches but then just stops before he sucks. Definitely got the suck reflex as when I put some milk on my finger and put it to the roof of his mouth I am lucky to get my finger back!! So we are both on a learning curve!

I rcanno believe this tiny little, 2 day old, gorgeous , warm bundle of fabulousness is mine! Or that he has been with us of only hours rather than years already.

I better attempt to wake him for breakfast!


fraktious Fri 02-Sep-11 10:01:09

Aww congratulations vallinna!

I wish I'd had water as pain relief - your birth sounds marvellous smile

nickel don't be worried, you can refuse interventions! I also think that quick dilation is more of a mental challenge than a physical one. I was fine, I was fine, I was fine, I wanted an epidural, a C-Section, anything to get him out, I was fine. I honestly think there's a point where your body just whooshes ahead and your mind may or may not catch up!

Baby2b Fri 02-Sep-11 10:31:42

Congratulations Val! smile I think we both had the same initial problem of denial and then thinking it is meant to take ages! They drum it into you so much that it is an hour a cm, it takes you by surprise when it is quicker.

Frak, thank you for explaining better than me. grin

nickelbabe Fri 02-Sep-11 11:10:11

wow, that's a fantastic story smile

Am tempted now to get one of those epi-nos!

I also wish i'd never heard of epidurals or c-sections - mainly because if i don't know what they are, i wouldn't be tempted to ask for one in the pain part!
I can just imagine DH fighting between what I told him I want to happen and me being in pain and screaming out for all this intervention! (I must make sure I remind him that I made the decisions when I was lucid and in sound mind..... grin )
thanks for the reasssurance frak . smile

vallinnapod Fri 02-Sep-11 21:33:52

Wot Frak and B2B said re: dilation. It was not really knowing what was going on or how long that it would last that made me a bit confused shock As with Frak I too was very rational between contractions, apologising for making such a fuss and accepting everything as it was!

Just read my discharge papers properly...apparently I was in labour for 2 hrs 54 mins shock hmm Felt a touch longer than that...

We went for a walk today, felt like I was playing dollies! Might have pushed it a bit for me as it was very hot and I ended up feeling very faint in Sainsburys. A bottle of pineapple juice later and I felt better but made me realise I am perhaps not totally invincible. Getting better with the feeding on the right side but not the left. Used my electric pump to express that side as my boob was getting very hard. Have two little pots of colustrum in the fridge and a slightly less hard boob, although not as 'normal' feeling as the other. Also on the second express I managed to take some skin off my areola. So pissed off with myself, I would accepted a chapped nipple because of the baby but now I feel like a prat blush Not even like it hurt at the time.

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