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Shagged Out Viroids Volume 4. Over here!!

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nickelbabe Sat 27-Aug-11 12:08:18

ooops, got a bit carried away there.....

sign in everyone!
let's hope we get some new graduates on here too!

nickelbabe Tue 30-Aug-11 10:35:36

Hello BamBam ! Glad you felt you could join us on the new thread! grin

16 weeks, eh? Steaming ahead!

Eskarina - congratualtions on your graduation! grin
Hope you feel strong enough to tell us the story soon. smile
welcome to the world Imogen (bloody gorgeous name)

nickelbabe Tue 30-Aug-11 10:40:34

Bam - i did the 12 week nuchal tests, mainly because there didn't seem much point turning it down (actually, it's more to satisfy my sciency brain to see waht all the measurements were) - i would always have turned down the amnio or the cvs if it had been high-risk. For the simple reason that I wouldn't abort a downs baby (or one with the risk of the syndrome), so there's no point risking miscarriage for it. But the nuchal fold test and the measurement have no risk, so that's why I still did that one.

fraktious Tue 30-Aug-11 11:00:27

<wanders in peering through the fog of 4 month sleep regression>

Yay bam! I don't remember you from the TTC thread so I probably graduated before you joined but congratulations!

Congrats to baby and esk!

Glad your friend can help out, nickel.

dyna you have to attack the thrush. We have a little song to row, row row the boat which goes kill, kill, kill the thrush, oh the thrush must die... Your best friends are your iron (bras, breastpads and your knickers), milton (any breast pumps or bottles and toys which go in the mouth like pacifiers) and a 60C wash for all clothes, towels, reusable nappies and sheets. Do you have fluc tablets? The cream is crap, if you don't have it go back to your GP and demand that you are given it. Plus beware it showing up on his bum - if it does you can get a powder to sprinkle in the nappy.

Oh bugger, crying AGAIN!

BamBam21 Tue 30-Aug-11 11:22:11

Hi nickel! Yes, steaming ahead indeed! Actually, I feel like I got to this point really fast, but I've been stuck at 16 wks for MONTHS!grin Hope you are doing okay too You did exactly what I had planned to do with the nuchal test etc, but the midwife persuaded me that getting the nuchal test and then refusing amnio etc might just cause us extra worry.

Pleased to meet you frak! I think you graduated on the thread before I joined!smile

nickelbabe Tue 30-Aug-11 11:30:58

I don't suppose it really matters, if you're not going to have the amnio anyway.
It does give you that extra bit of info though.
I know what you mean about the worry - I refused to have the fanjo-scan on my 23 week scan, and the sonographer thought i was being a weirdo - I didn't need it cos I'd had it before at 13 weeks (but wouldn't have if I'd known i could have refused), but it didn't stop me worrying that my cervix might have shrunk considerably hmm

vallinnapod Tue 30-Aug-11 12:05:25

<hands hanky to Frak> apart from the emotional roller coaster and lack of sleep how is life as a threesome?

Still no baby here or any sign of any baby. TMI but my bowels are on the move so maybe that is a sign? Although they were a couple of weeks ago so it could just be the obscene amount of fruit and prunes I have consumed over the w/e (my delightful piles have returned - oh the glam!)

EPO seems to be doing nothing other than making my bits smell funky (not in a manky way I should point out but very much of EPO - which is not as fragrant as it sounds like it should be grin)

Bub is hiccupping away so I am going to get on the x-trainer for half an hour (with an episode of Teen Mom on my laptop!) to get gravity assisting!

BamBam21 Tue 30-Aug-11 12:42:31

I know it doesn't really matter nickel. It's just so out of character for me not to want every tiny bit of info I can possibly get! Was your fanjo-scan a routine thing? I don't think I am getting one of those, but I know all the different NHS areas do things their own way.

I am amazed at your energy vallinna! I couldn't do half an hour on a cross trainer at the best of times!blush Hope it gets things moving for

(What's EPO?)

KateeTheBump Tue 30-Aug-11 14:39:15

Evening Primrose Oil wink

supposed to ripen the cervix...

KateeTheBump Tue 30-Aug-11 14:54:41

Grrr MN has gone all pear shaped and deleted all the threads I'm on so I can't catch up, hmph angry

fraktious Tue 30-Aug-11 14:57:52

Ditto katee - was wondering whether that was just me!

JSing definitely helped here for eviction.

KateeTheBump Tue 30-Aug-11 15:21:33

Ahh, they're back, phew!

Hi Frak! grin and wave

nickelbabe Tue 30-Aug-11 15:32:21

finally back online!
I had to do some work shockshock

bambam ooh, you missed the fanjo-scan saga! shockgrin
we worked out it was because we're associated with King's (i think) in London, and I agreed for my results to be used in this research, so it meant that I got more, erm, prodding than was expected.... hmm
If I'd known at the beginning that it wasn't compulsor...
It's not routine in my sisters' PCT - so much so that my big sister had never heard of it!

vallinnapod Tue 30-Aug-11 15:46:03

30 mins exercise...not a twinge grin

Good job - my second blanket is taking an age to knit/sew....with hindsight, small squares were not the best idea...bored now!

KateeTheBump Tue 30-Aug-11 15:54:11

could it be a blanket for a bear vallinna? wink

vallinnapod Tue 30-Aug-11 16:02:22

It looks like a blanket for Lego people as I knit it as each square is only 2"x2"!

KateeTheBump Tue 30-Aug-11 16:10:51

Ooh that does sound a wee bit fiddly! I went for patchwork in the end, and got my mum to knit a blanket, less headaches all round grin

vallinnapod Tue 30-Aug-11 17:24:44

It was just stupid of me grin The first one I did was 8"x8". Much easier! I have spent most of the day doubled over stitching squares together. The baby is not happy and I am not happy as I realise how much more I have to knit and sew!

Number 2 is going to think they are extremely unloved as I cannot ever imagine having the time to do another one wink

vallinnapod Wed 31-Aug-11 00:17:43

Evening all. In can on way to hospital as waters gone! Probably be sent home as no real contractions but they need to confirm it was my waters. I have waxed my underarms and repainted my toes nails before heading in, just in case they don't send me home again grin

Baby2b Wed 31-Aug-11 02:10:03

Good luck Val smile xxx

vallinnapod Wed 31-Aug-11 08:16:42

Teddy Fox 'pod' made his way into the world at 5:54 this morning. Weighs 7lb 7oz. Gorgeous (obviously!) Stupidly quick birth, no stitches. Will post more later xx

Baby2b Wed 31-Aug-11 08:36:12

Congratulations Val! Hope you are enjoying being snuggled up to your little one. smile

Baby2b Wed 31-Aug-11 08:37:21

P.s. Very impressed with you having toes polished for delivery grin

Baby2b Wed 31-Aug-11 08:40:58

Oh, if you have it start using your lanolin straight away and break any sore latches. I have found breastfeeding tiring but not painful thanks to this.

KateeTheBump Wed 31-Aug-11 09:01:26

Yay! Congratulations on Teddy's arrival Val, that cross trainer must have done the trick grin either that or all the bending and sewing made him think, right, that's it, enough of being squished, I'm outta here! wink

Enjoy your cuddles smile

Eskarina Wed 31-Aug-11 09:28:36

Congratulations Val and Mr Pod. Hope you're all doing well. Very impressed at both speed of arrival and your pre-birth activities.

Waves to frak and hands out tissues. Lovely to hear from you and good to know how it's going.

We had a good night here, still awake lots if times but Imogen woke to feed rather than scream. Am sitting in bed now with DH asleep to my left, Imogen in her crib asleep to my right and the cat asleep by my feet. Of course having had the least sleep of anyone I'm wide awake and so what better thing to do than catch up on MN!

Actually this might be a good time to put birth story down. Katee, nickel and bambam look away now and think of val and her no-stitches quick delivery!

I started having regularish contractions on Thursday afternoon after lots and lots of walking. Seemed to be approaching the magical 3 min mark but then tailing off again. Hypnobirth breathing and tens machine worked well and by 2 am I rang hospital who said to give it another hour to see if things warmed up a bit more before coming in. They suggested taking a bath which I did but that slowed everything down again so I was somewhat unimpressed at that.
Eventually went in to birthing centre at 7am. When they examined me I was 6cms. Continued with tens and breathing until 11 or so when a new midwife came on and suggested I try the pool. Problem with this is it means taking off tens so I moved onto the gas and air. It really worked for me but I didnt get the hang of breathing it just for the contraction so was breathing it continuously and got completely spaced out. I think this is where things started to go wrong because I then got confused and frightened when the midwife wanted to check things. After 4 hours in the pool I was only 7cms and the midwife was getting worried.
When she and DH got through to me that I had to get out of the pool I got very upset. Midwife broke my waters and hoped things would move on faster, but no luck. Senior midwife said I had to be moved to labour ward as progress too slow and they needed to keep a closer eye on baby's heartbeat.
Labour ward was very different from birthing centre. Some things were just so silly like the hose on the gas and air was so short that there was no way of moving around or doing anything other than reclining on bed, unlike in birth centre where you could move around with it.

New midwife came on shift and got drs involved as still no real progress and I'd been in labour for 24 hours by this point. I was put on a syntocinon drip (what they use for induction) to strengthen contractions but it didn't work very well. I had an epidural put in at this stage because I was just so tired. By 7pm they decided I was far enough on to start pushing at which point my lovely gas and air was taken away from me.
Pushing for 1.5 hours and DD just didn't move at all. I didn't like that I was being told to hold my breath and push, all completely against the hypnobirth principle, but when you're being strongly encouraged to get on with it someone else's way it's hard to argue.
I could tell from the way the midwives talked at their handover that things weren't going well. They summoned the drs who decided more help was needed. I was taken into theatre and given a spinal block. Was a complete wreck by this point and tried to convince anaesthetist to give me a general anaesthetic so they could do a section and i could wake up and have a baby and it would all be over. He was lovely but wouldnt be persuaded ! They tried to pull her out with ventouse first but she was well and truly stuck. Scissors were involved so that surgeon could turn her. Then they said I had one more go to push or they'd have to operate. Thankfully I did manage to push and work with the ventouse enough that she came out on that last chance.

Part of me wonders if I'd been caught in the cascade of intervention that we hear so much about, but at the end of the day she was stuck completely and not able to descend so if anything intervention earlier might have been a good thing.

Oh and she's awake. Will check this makes sense later


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