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Shagged Out Viroids Volume 4. Over here!!

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nickelbabe Sat 27-Aug-11 12:08:18

ooops, got a bit carried away there.....

sign in everyone!
let's hope we get some new graduates on here too!

KateeTheBump Sat 27-Aug-11 12:27:53

Thanks Nickel smile signing in, as ordered wink

KateeTheBump Sat 27-Aug-11 12:27:55

Thanks Nickel smile signing in, as ordered wink

Baby2b Sat 27-Aug-11 12:49:59

Keeping my place grin

nickelbabe Sat 27-Aug-11 14:47:54

lovely. grin

i forgot to mention, with the thrill of starting a new thread....

My very good friend rang me up last night to tell me that she's moved all her commitments (she's a SAHM, so mainly having to sort out childcare with her husband and his parents), so that she can come and stay for a week when I give birth and take over the shop for me. She says she'll try to do more than a week, but can only promise a week.
she's coming up in October to learn the ropes (and hopes to take over for a day as a dry run), then i have to ring her when I'm in established labour, so she can get the train. She won't take any payment (i offered books instead but she said she's just had a huge clearout and doesn't want any more!!)
It's such an amazing present, and I'm so glad that I can leave the shop in her hands (you know when there are few people you can trust with your life - she's one of them!)
She has ordered me not to leave the house (or bed!) for the week and DH and I can bond and enjoy the first week of parenthood together.
she also said that any problems she has, she'll ask DH about them, so that I'm not disturbed.

i had to stop myself crying when she told me the plan!

ConfessionsOfAnAchingMind Sat 27-Aug-11 15:02:49

Aww Nickel that's so lovely of your friend. Have been a bit worried for you and the shop to be honest.

nickelbabe Sat 27-Aug-11 15:32:05

me too!
i know i've had offers of "ooh, i'll do it for a day" etc, but it's not the same, because i knew with those well-meant offers, i'd still have to physically be in the building, on hand , and have to open and close and cash up.
at least with my friend (who doesn't like MN, btw. shock) i know i can leave it all in her hands smile

Dynababy Sat 27-Aug-11 19:06:39

Hey all! Been abscent pretty much since Oscar was born.. been focusing on feeding without crying in pain - managing on one side so far, other side work in progress. Any grads with advice most welcome!! Just managed to catch up (..ish) whilst he napped!

Massive congrats B2B hope everything is going well for you. Sounds like the delivery was reasonably striaght forward for you? What's the little beauty's name?

Good luck Esk you've probably already popped but just in case.

Waves to everyone else!

Eskarina Sun 28-Aug-11 01:54:46

Just to let you know that Imogen Elizabeth finally made it into the world late at night on Friday 26th after v long labour weighing 8lb 3 oz. Not at all the birth I had planned but will post about it another time. Main thing is we're both ok now apart from sore bits (me) and a very sore head (her). But she is perfect even if she won't sleep tonight

Congrats baby2b. Will read everything else later

vallinnapod Sun 28-Aug-11 16:33:56

Thanks for the new thread Nickel and what a fab friend you have. I can imagine it is a huge weight from your mind!

Congrats Esk - got there without induction but sounds a little stressful. I hope you are able to relax and enjoy each other now.

We survived our w/e in Brum with no baby arriving grin 39 weeks today!

ConfessionsOfAnAchingMind Sun 28-Aug-11 21:21:58

Congratulations Esk and hello to wee Imogen grin

Baby2b Mon 29-Aug-11 09:01:04

<waves to everyone> need to catch up on thread.

Congrats esk. Hope you are all doing well.

I got out of hospital the same day I had my little one and since then it has been a cycle of feeding, changing nappies and trying to grap the odd 40 winks. Finding he likes to wee on his clothes whenever being changed. Struggling with night times as he is very windy for a breastfed baby and cries lots. I think he would just prefer to be in with us rather than his basket too, any tips?

Would highly recommend reading Ina May's books before labour. I found them really empowering.

Baby2b Mon 29-Aug-11 09:04:54

Dyna Are they painful because they have already cracked? I find it frustrating when I keep having to break the seal, but mot worth the pain in the long run. I am finding lanolin really useful, but realise it is early days. The breast feeding threads are really good. Do you have the breast feeding support pamphlet for Lothian?

Baby2b Mon 29-Aug-11 09:05:13

*not smile

BamBam21 Mon 29-Aug-11 10:03:45

Hi everyone! Lovely shiny new thread, and I thought it was high time I jumped across. I was feeling a bit nervous about moving in here, as things have felt so unreal for me, and also DP wasn't working so I wasn't on MN so much. BUT, he has started a new job today, and last night I definitely felt some movement. Yay! I'm 16+5.

Nickel that's a really lovely thing for your friend to do. That first week will be so precious for you and your

Congratulations to everyone who has had their baby now.winesmile

Can I just ask, did anybody else turn down the nuchal/Down's tests at 12 wks? DP and I were going to have them done, but I was determined that I didn't want an amnio or CVS if a high risk showed up. Anyway, the midwife convinced us that it was pointless to get the test, as we had said we would keep the baby regardless of any problem, and she said it would only worry us if there was a high risk but then we didn't get further tests. I know that makes sense, but I sort of wish I had got at least the nuchal test, just to know if there was a high risk or not. Sorry to ramble on, but did anyone else turn these tests down? Also, sorry if this has been covered earlier - I have done my best to keep up!

takethatlady Mon 29-Aug-11 10:16:56

Argh! I typed a long reply the other day and now I find it isn't here! CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS esk and baby2b! Wow - two new babies on the thread. I love love love the name Imogen and only can't use it for one of my own babies because I have two friends with Imogens. Sorry the birth wasn't exactly what you planned esk but so glad you're all safe and well now smile Can't wait to hear more from you both.

dyna all I can say about the BFing is that it does get better. I forget how old your LO is? The first week for me was, in hindsight, a struggle (though I thought it was par for the course at the time and didn't mind at all): I had cracked and bleeding nipples and Isobel would stick her hands over her face and have to be held back to latch! It was a two-person job! But I used copious amounts of Lansinoh Lanolin cream, which really really helped (before and after every single feed). It made the pain bearable and everything healed really quickly. I would also peel back her bottom lip once she'd latched - both lips are supposed to be 'everted' (i.e. poking out rather than poking in) - and would try to tease her jaw open a little more once she was latched on. Usually it hurt when she latched on but she somehow readjusted during the feed and it would be better as she fed - do you have that too?

I also bought a breastfeeding cushion which I only use occasionally now, but it was a godsend because it put her body in a straight position which helped her to latch - their necks and backs are supposed to be in alignment and they shouldn't have to turn or tilt their heads too much. After a week or two of all this Isobel just learned how to do it herself and now I don't need to help her at all, and it doesn't hurt at all either. I'd also recommend trying different positions - lying down is pretty good - just lie down facing him on your side, and put him on his side, and guide the nipple into his mouth. It's quite peaceful that way and is the only position I've never found painful at all. Hopefully something in there will help! Well done for persevering smile

nickelbabe what an amazing friend! Am so glad for you - what a lovely thing she has done. I'm so glad that somebody has taken some of the stress away for you - perfect smile

Nothing much to report here except the giggles and smiles and coos are increasing day by day, which is amazing smile We went to a barbecue on Saturday and I expressed for the first time, and Isobel took cold, refrigerated milk straight from the bottle without a single moment's hesitation, so I was able to have a couple of really big glasses of champagne smile We're going to give her one bottle every three days now so she doesn't forget and reject the bottle but also doesn't come to prefer the bottle to the breast. That's the idea, anyway smile

How are all the preggo ladies?

takethatlady Mon 29-Aug-11 10:20:33

Hi bambam! About time someone else joined us! Congratulations!

I had the nuchal test. I think, like you, we would have kept the baby regardless and probably not had the amnio, but I thought it would be good to know and to have time to be prepared if there was a high risk. But I'm sure you're very very low risk anyway and I wouldn't worry smile (ha ha ha, easier said than done!)

Congratulatinos again!

BamBam21 Mon 29-Aug-11 11:04:59

Thanks I'm sure I have nothing to worry about, it's just a wee niggle that I could have had the test but didn't. And, of course, it's vital at all times to have something to worry about!wink

Your little Isobel sounds lovely! Re. BFing, I can't really comment. I tried with DS for the first couple of days, but just hated it. I was sore and miserable, and DS didn't seem to be getting much food and was crying. I can't express the relief I felt when the midwife brought me a bottle for him. I could see the milk in the bottle going down, and then he fell off to sleep! I really admire all you BFers, but I don't know if I will even try this time around.

ConfessionsOfAnAchingMind Mon 29-Aug-11 13:10:29

Hi BamBam, it's good to see you over here. It's getting so that there are more of us with babies than still waiting in here grin
Re your nuchal question. I didn't have the downs testing (they don't yet do the nuchal scan here, just blood tests) as like you we would have kept the baby regardless. I did have the 20 wk, abnormality scan though, as that is the one that will pick up if there is something really bad going on. Thankfully all that came of it is that I now have a beautiful, perfect little girl who is by the sounds of it, being terrorised rocked in her car seat by her big brother. Time to get off the computer!

BamBam21 Mon 29-Aug-11 13:28:51

Thanks COAAM. I will definitely be having the 20wk scan too, so hopefully there's nothing at all to be worrying about.

How old is your DS? Mine is 7, and is so excited about the baby, and desperate for a wee sister!smile I am so glad that, so far, the idea of a new baby is exciting for him and not intimidating, although he has asked a couple of times if he will still be my special boy after the baby comes. It will be a big adjustment for all of us.

Dynababy Mon 29-Aug-11 16:05:47

Huge congrats Esk on the arrival of little Imogen! So many viroid babies now yay!!

Thanks for the advice re breastfeeding, the little one is 3.5 weeks now and does seem to have learned how to latch, but one of my nipples still not healed from all the trauma despiteth lansinoh. I went to a bf clinic and think I now know why .. the LO got orl thrush as I had a sh*t load of antibitotics to sort out post c section uterine infection and apparently can then transfer to the breast .. so now got treatment for boobs as well as baby .. and hope thatat some point soon it will resolve. Apparently its unlikely to heal until the thrush has gone... god life is glamourous now - who even knew you could get nipple thrush!!!? In the meantime i just grit teeth when he latches on and pain eases as feed goes on as you say TTL

Congratulations BamBam!! Great to see a new grad! grin

vallinnapod Mon 29-Aug-11 18:43:16

Hi BamBam! Welcome to the 'other side' grin In answer to your question we didn't turn down any test as DH and I were keen to know any potential risk to bub as neither of us were sure what our decision would have been if the baby had had either (a) a high risk of Downs therefore required an amnio/CVS or (b) worst case scenario had Downs. I am all about too much info. Hand on heart I couldn't have said what I/we would have decided to do had we received any bad news. TBH if you knew you were going to keep the baby whatever, then the test is pretty irrelevant - not sure there is a whole lot of different advanced planning you would do for a Downs baby that you wouldn't do for a baby without the condition IYSWIM. Too cute about your DS and his special boy comments!

TTL I can't pretend I am not envy at your bubbles! I attempted a whole glass on Saturday but I managed an inch before DH got the rest grin - still nearly there and then I can guzzle like a good 'un.....once we have established BF and expressing gringrin

39+2, now our cricket w/e is out of the way DH is becoming militant about the way I sit etc hmm Still, he isn't keen to try the JSing way of evicting the baby hmm TBH I think it would be so comic it would be a miracle if we can get to the, eh-hmm, productive part! Long walk today bought on some mild period pains but nada else. Started EPO orally and up the chuff so we shall see grin

Oh, in other exciting news I only needed 2 wees last night - I saw this as a seriously exciting piece of news to tell anyone today........!

ConfessionsOfAnAchingMind Mon 29-Aug-11 20:15:55

grin You're so funny Val

BamBam DS is 3 and half. He loves his little sister, but still sees her as more of a toy than a tiny person he has to be gentle with. He's slowly getting better, but I do occasionally not interfer so that she will cry and give him a fright (obviously when I can see he won't hurt her and she won't cry once he backs off).

Dyna you could try nipple shields while your nipple heals. I've not tried them myself, but with DS I was seriously considering it! I know a couple of people who had to give up BFing due to thrush. Mum and baby kept reinfecting each other. The other trick you could try is to express from the sore boob while it heals. You still get the milk out, but the nipple gets the chance to heal. This I have done and found it really helpful. You sound like you're doing a great job though.

I'm a bit envy of the bubbles too TTL. I would kind of like a glass of wine, but can't bring myself to do it. Partly because with DH not able to drink I'd be drinking alone and partly because I'm afraid of the hangover I know I'll end up with.

Someone I know had a baby on Saturday night. In the back seat of the car right near home!!! shock

KateeTheBump Mon 29-Aug-11 22:17:10

Ooh the thread has got busy again, yay grin

Welcome back BamBam, lovely to see you again, and big congrats to Esk on her new arrival - yes, more details please when you can.

Spent the weekend entertaining a delightfully placid 6.5month baby girl, so lots of fun, can't wait to meet my own! Finally got the nursery curtains made today, so once the pool has arrived and the cot mattresses come I feel I am pretty much ready for this baby to arrrive. And so begins the wait wink

Dyna, good to hear from you, hope the thrush gets sorted asap and you get can back to normal, that all sounds horrible! Bloody antibiotics...

BamBam21 Tue 30-Aug-11 10:12:06


Hope the thrush clears up soon for you and LO Dyna. That must be so unpleasant for you.

Vallinna the waiting seems to be endless when you're so near the end! I found that long walks were the only thing that helped things along at all, and it made me feel like I was being pro-active in getting things started too. With this being my second though, I'm more worried about things starting too quickly!smile A bit like COAAM's friend!shock

<waves to katee>

Right, off to find the plumber's phone number. For some reason, we have no cold water in the kitchen, except the occasional dribble. I can't wait to find a new place for us all, as this flat is slowly falling to bits!grin

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