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1st time mum2b due in December

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kekamay Thu 18-Aug-11 19:49:40

I know there is already a thread with mums due in dec, I didnt want to intrude on the conversation...

I am a first time mum to be, due December 24th!
Been feeling kicks and wriggles for a couple weeks now (I'm currently at 21+5) and last week we found out we're having a little girl!
I'd love people to talk to who are also due in dec :-)

figgygal Thu 18-Aug-11 21:17:38

There are a couple of threads this one is for fellow first timers and there is another which is a mixture but cant find it at the moment which is wierd.

Definitely join up with us all.

kri5ty Mon 22-Aug-11 08:06:52

hey hun smile yup come and join us on this thread

we are all new mums due in december smile and would love someone else to share "omg i have a jungle going on down there" stories grin

Congrats on a girl too
My little man has started wriggling loads this week hehe x

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