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Classes in Whiteley/Fareham/Portsmouth/Southampton?

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BabyAcorn Tue 09-Aug-11 17:53:42

I live in the Hampshire area, and from September will be taking a back seat from work. I am due Nov22nd, and quite fancied a swimming class, something that I would not usually be into, but it seems like a lovely way to relax and meet new Mummies. Any one out there at all, who knows or fancy meeting?

my1bump Sun 14-Aug-11 15:51:05

Hi, I went to aqua aerobics the other day which is on a Tuesday 6:30 at Havant Leisure center. The lady also said that she does an ante-natal pool class on a monday evening at waterlooville leisure centre. I'm only 17weeks so found the aerobics ok but might go along to the monday evening when I'm a bit bigger. hope that helps! Please can you let me know if you find anything else this way (I live in Emsworth) as I struggled to find anything for a while!

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