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Biscuitsandtea Sun 07-Aug-11 14:36:48


I thought I'd start a Grads thread for those of us previously on the TTC 6 mths+ thread. I've been lurking on the ttc thread recently to see how everyone is getting on (having only very recently qualified to move off it!) and a few people were saying what a nice idea it would be if there was a grads thread so we don't lose each other.

Anyway, would be lovely to hear from other lovely ladies that were on that thread - or even if you were never on the ttc thread but had a sticky time of it getting your bfp then come and settle down with a decaf cuppa for a chat.

<lays out some freshly baked goodies to tempt people in>

Eletheomel Wed 26-Dec-12 21:40:27

Oh Stacks that's brilliant news and a christmas baby too!

Have you named him yet or still weighing up your options?

What a wonderful xmas present, so so happy for you :-)

princesschick Thu 27-Dec-12 09:42:58

Congratulations Stacks!! What a perfect Xmas pressie. I'm so happy for you grin xxx

Hope everyone else had a lovely Xmas. Santa bought the gift of morning sickness on Xmas morning alongside lots of properly lovely pressies. However, I've felt the best I've felt in ages since yesterday. The Bloom at last perhaps?

Frannie hope you are having a lovely holiday and that your results were ok. Thinking about you xx

Ele hope you've been feeling better and got to enjoy your Xmas dinner.

Waves and festive loves to all. I'm gearing up for my birthday on Saturday now and travelling back home from mum and dads today. Should really get up and make breakfast. Loving all these lie ins a bit too much at the mo!

Eletheomel Thu 27-Dec-12 12:47:25

Hi Princess

Glad you think you might be over the morning sickness now - I'm still waiting for clearance for that, but the nausea is definitely getting better, so I'm hopeful.

I almost had xmas by myself (we go to my folks by its a 1 hour 15 drive, and I felt awful in the morning) but my OH bullied me into it, and I'm glad he did, I was actually okay most of the day and it was nice to spend it with family rather than alone! I did enjoy my xmas dinner, but couldn't eat it all (not used to eating that much these days) and of course missed not being able to east mince pies and banoffee and all the other goodies we get on xmas day (sweet stuff still doesn't agree with me that much).

our little boy (who rarely sleeps past 7am) decided to be the only child in the world to sleep in on xmas morning - we had to wake him at 8:40 am - and OH's mum and dad were round at 9am - so xmas morning was a bit rushed!

I am also loving the lie-ins, not sure how I'll cope with 6am starts when I go back to work, so going to make the most of the rest of the holidays!

Hope everyone is having a fab festive season!

mrsmellow Thu 27-Dec-12 16:23:02

Congratulations stacks and hope you're nearly on your way home soon?!

Happy Christmas to everyone else.

princess and ele really glad that you're both feeling a little better - I'm jealous of your sleep ins envy - between visitors, getting up for dawn, early morning runs i could really do with a sleep in - we've had visitors for 2 weeks (they leave tomorrow night grin ) and I'm knackered!

I had some bleeding on Christmas Eve which settled by Christmas Day, but I'm very anxious about what it means. TMI alert I think it might be high up thrush causing irritation - it was just a little, but red. No cramps and otherwise feel much the same. But two weeks waiting for the next scan seems like a very long time! I thought my symptoms were less yesterday, but back with a vengeance today.... but I was reading a thread about someone with a MMC who had symptoms for 2 weeks after so am not completely reassured by that (must step away from dr google! confused ) Anyway, nothing I can do, so will just keep thinking positively for now.

Eletheomel Thu 27-Dec-12 20:10:52

Ah Mellow the dangers of dr google (far too easy to consult!)

I think when it comes to bleeding in pregnancy there are jsut so many stories out there of women who had little bleeds, lots of bleeding etc and had perfectly healthy babies, and of women who had the same symptoms but had the converse. There just doesn't seem to be any 'norms' regarding bleeding that you can take as either positive or negative.

My friend bled on and off during first and second trimester with her son (had no bleeding at all with her daughter) and everything was fine.

I had a missed m/c last year and when I started getting some trace when wiping, I was actually quite relaxed about it thinking it'd be fine, when obviously it wasn't.

What I would say, is that I wouldn't wait 2 weeks for your next scan, I think if you get any more traces of red or brown stuff to go to your GP straight away to get a referral to the early pregnancy unit (or self-refer - not sure how things work where you are).

I had trace amounts when wiping for 4 days, eventually went to GP in the morning, by the afternoon I had a scan - I don't think they mess around in early pregnancy and will take you as soon as they can.

Glad you'll get some rest when your visitors go, you'll be in need of some tlc!

Stacks Sun 30-Dec-12 19:01:28

Hey. Just a few more details if people are interested. Thomas and I are home now and both doing well. He's a little angel and has been very well behaved since he was born. He's a very good feeder and sleeper, and when he is awake is very alert and totally adorable. Well worth all the heartache, pain and effort to get him.
Princess I hope it was the 'bloom' starting for you. Long may it continue smile
Ele sorry you couldn't really enjoy your favourite Christmas treats. We had our Christmas dinner last night, complete with present opening and crackers. Was lovely, I even started the meal with Thomas on my knee breastfeeding, which got done reason was just so special grin.
Mellow I would phone your midwife or local hospital and tell them about the bleeding. It probably is nothing, but it's best to know for sure. Besides, you'll likely get a scan and will be able to see your LO that much sooner. smile

Christmas goodies all round biscuit

Stacks Sun 30-Dec-12 19:02:31

"got done reason"???? That should say "for some reason".

Eletheomel Sun 30-Dec-12 19:18:08

Stacks I think you're allowed a type-o when you have a newborn :-)

So glad to know things are going well, and I love your idea of a delayed christmas - must be lovely sharing it with your little boy too.

I got chocolates for xmas (like most people!) but I find that having a couple makes me feel queasy, however, I just can't resist (my mind craves the chocolate) so have spent the last few days saying no no, no chocolate (then having some, feeling ill, vowing against any more, then eating them anyway!)

My own worst enemy!

princesschick Tue 01-Jan-13 09:52:01

Happy New Year ladies! Hope everyone had a lovely, albeit sober one. Very excited about this year and everything it has to bring. So much more positive than the last few years. Plus it's surreal to be awake at this time with no hangover! I've had a great break including Xmas, birthday, new year and lots of nice stuff in between. Baby decided to give me a good kicking on my birthday, during my facial, which was a really amazing feeling. I've been feeling a lot of movement since, we've got one busy little person in there! I'm only 17 weeks but DH has felt it too!

Right. On with 2013. Hope you're all well xxx

ladygee Wed 02-Jan-13 11:53:23

Happy New Year ladies! Hope you all had a lovely time over the festive period. I quite enjoyed being sober and having full days to look forward to - it meant we were able to rejig a couple of rooms to start creating a nursery!

Hope you're all well and that morning sickness is starting to pass for most?

Congratulations stacks! What lovely, lovely news. It sounds like you're settling at home nicely. And a gorgeous name too.

Nothing much to report here. Pregnancy is being kind to me, I'm measuring well for my dates (28 weeks today!), I feel well and am still fascinated by each and every kick, twist and turn that I can feel. So all is good - just need to get through the next six weeks at work now and then we'll really be on the home straight...

Hope 2013 has got off to a good start for you all smile

FatimaLovesBread Wed 02-Jan-13 16:18:00

Sorry I keep missing this thread!

Just to update DD1 was born on 23rd November (her due date) at 9:03pm after a long labour. She weighed 7lb 13oz ad we called her Meredith. She's amazing, lots of lovely brown hair and so beautiful, I know I'm biased. Had her weighed on Monday and she's now 10lb 5oz so the feeding is obviously doing its job smile

Waves to everyone who remembers me and those that don't

Going to read back through the thread

princesschick Wed 02-Jan-13 16:58:08

Hey all,

Well I am glad to be shot of the morning sickness and feeling much more like my old self, except being fatter and having something moving around on the inside. I've got a very wriggly one indeed and it's so early. It's rubbish being back at work, even if I do work from home. Still I have the consolation of Hotel Chocolat salted caramel truffles next to me this afternoon as a little cheer up treat. Xmas always goes to quickly. Boo.

Anyway, in between working (it's quite quiet today) I've started a spreadsheet <nerd emoticon> of baby stuff that we'll need. I've been researching loads over the holidays and thought best if I started to get things together. It's slightly alarming how much all this stuff costs, alongside paying off the credit card, finishing and furnishing the house, buying a new car and saving for maternity leave! All of those glam TTC holidays and treats seem a long way a way maybe I should have been more careful!! Ah well, it will be fine. We are definitely in full on deficit reduction mode at the moment and I will be ebaying and gumtreeing a few more of our unused possessions to get some pennies in the savings pot.

Ladygee so, so glad that pregnancy is being kind to you. Third trimester already - wow! Is it me or does pregnancy go like lightening when TTC seemed to drag like nothing else ever dragged before? And only 6 weeks til maternity leave. That will fly by! I filled in my calender today and I've only got 4 months til I plan to go on maternity leave. I don't think we'll be able to afford for me to be off for too long as I only get statutory and DH is part-time self employed at the moment. Unless he gets more hours / work next year I'll need to go back for at least a couple of days a week, which might not be such a bad thing. I reckon 2 days at work and 5 days with baby will work for us. I like the idea of DH sharing the childcare too. It fits with my feminist ideals wink

Fatima huge congratulations! Meredith is such a beautiful name. You must be sooo busy now and it must be so lovely to have her hear and safe and well. I'm so excited now at the prospect of giving birth (yup I'm weird) and meeting the wriggler.

Stacks how are you and little Thomas (also a lovely name) getting on. Are you still in baby blissed out loved up cloud 9 heaven? I hope so.

Well 5 minutes of the first day left. Time to wrap this up and get back to my baby stuff research. I can't believe how many people are buying stuff up in the sales already on the antenatal thread I lurk on! I'm way too nervous to actually buy. I think a well thought out list is fine as I can just do a mega internet order in summer. Or am I missing something here?

Waves to Ele, Frannie, Heart and anyone else I've missed. I reckon we'll have a few more 10 plussers over here very soon. Artemis are you lurking on our thread yet? Come join! We have very nice truffles and lashings of organic lemonade waiting for you...... smile

Heart7 Thu 03-Jan-13 11:11:38

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ArtemisTheHunter Fri 04-Jan-13 18:22:32

Hello all, and happy new year

Thank you for the mentions - yes i have been tentatively lurking, so perhaps it's time to take the plunge and post in ante-natal for the first time... after so long TTC it is taking me a long time to get my head around this being real and I have had a number of panicky wobbles that it's all going to go horribly wrong, particularly as I have had very few symptoms - no sickness or nausea, no weird metallic taste, not even overflowing my bras damn, I was looking forward to having a cleavage for the first time in my life. However at my 9 week scan on Wednesday we saw a tiny bean with a little flickering heartbeat so I am starting to let myself believe it might actually happen. Midwife booking in appointment is next week, and I am trying not to worry about further scans and anomaly testing etc until it happens - I know I'm high risk but worrying won't change anything she says confidently. DP is convinced he can see a little bump emerging but I have had to explain that my new gut is actually down to massive overeating and constipation blush and nothing to do with the bean yet at all... Heart I agree with you the first trimester seems to be taking forever, I am looking forward to being another month on when I might start to feel a bit safer.

Glad to see everyone is well. Massive congratulations to Stacks and Fatima on your new arrivals, beautiful names both (Thomas is on my list of boy names smile) and i hope you're enjoying life as new mums!

Ladygee wow, 28 weeks! Great that you are feeling so well. It must be so exciting to be creating a nursery. It will be a while before we start that but we've earmarked a room.

Princess I'm glad your morning sickness has subsided, it sounded rough. I feel like a fraud for having avoided it completely! I too am fond of spreadsheets and just had a warm glow moment when all my cashflows added up perfectly so i may be mimicking your purchase planning in a few months' time. I was horrified at people on the August 2013 thread buying baby stuff and maternity clothes in the sales... how can you be that confident at 7 or 8 weeks?! I think you and I will be in similar situations regarding work. I'm self employed and the main earner and only entitled to the statutory basic allowance. While I have been saving for maternity leave, other things keep happening to eat into the pot (leaky roof being the latest thing). My mum's nearby and is desperate keen to be involved, and thankfully my OH is keen to be hands-on so I think we'll end up both being some version of part-time. It suits my feminist principles too smile, though I do want some proper time off to start with if we can manage it financially. On the other hand I'm also fretting about the massive work commitments I have this year. I can see me working right up until the due date hmm

Mellow I hope you're feeling OK and that the bleeding resolved itself. I had some spotting earlier this week and seriously panicked but the scan showed things were fine - however I still can't completely relax. Did you get a scan to check all was OK?

Eleth hope the sickness is subsiding so you can cope with chocolate! I have had NO problem eating this christmas, hence about half a stone weight gain already blush

Frannie how are you? Hope you had a good holiday and have had some positive answers regarding the risk levels.

Heart i really can't watch OBEM. I can't even watch the trailers. I blame the biology teacher who made us watch a 90-minute film of a woman giving birth when i was about 13 in lieu of sex education. I have been in massive denial about the prospect of childbirth all the way through TTC and see no reason to change that now grin

Right, time for me to stop pretending I'm working and go investigate what Mr A is cooking for tea smile

Stacks Sun 06-Jan-13 17:43:10

Hey. Just a quick post from me, it's quite hard to keep up with MN with a newborn. Thomas is adorable though, and well worth all the sleepless nights. He's sleeping on my chest just how, so I can do two handed phone typing for once smile

Art I also had very few symptoms in early PG. it felt strange to be missing out on it all, but I was glad not to be vomiting all day! Really good to hear your 9w scan went well. Not too long now till the 12w one. I found it amazing to see a real baby in there! He did a stretch and turned away from the sonographer after she woke him up smile

For those that knew minipie - she just popped up in post natal. She had a little girl premature at 33w, but both doing well now. I had been worrying, so it's real nice to see her again smile (if you come read this mini I hope you don't mind me saying..)

Heart I suffered with tiredness for ages. I hope you get your mojo back soon though.

Thomas is waking up... I'll keep lurking and posting when I can. Lots of love and luck sent your way.

mrsmellow Tue 08-Jan-13 12:34:23

Hello ladies
Welcome artemis
princess I can't believe you can feel movements already! heart sorry to hear you're still feeling so sick
I didn't get around to having a scan - I've had no further bleeding and feel so sick, have sore breasts and am knackered so decided to wait - scan is tomorrow and I can't wait! It will be nice to tell people finally.
I had one not very close friend guess last week which really annoyed me (she annoys me most of the time anyway blush ) but I don't think she'll say anything to anyone else.
Thinks are really busy with us at the moment - we're moving back to the UK in February so have a lot to sort out - closing bank accounts, selling cars/furniture etc etc... and I have lots of work to do too..and remain ridiculously undisciplined and poorly motivated. Nausea and exhaustion doesn't help!
I keep telling myself it'll be better after the scan... not quite sure how that works hmm But at least I'll be able to give an excuse to people, fingers crossed smile
Will let you know how it goes tomorrow -eek!

Eletheomel Tue 08-Jan-13 19:29:06

Hi Mellow

Glad the bleeding was just a blip and you're now feeling lousy with the pregnancy symptoms (I mean that in the best possible way!)

I am also having a scan tommorow (20 wks for me) a wee bit apprehensive and just hoping it all goes okay.

I managed to get back to work this week, still feeling crap but nowhere near as debilitated as I was, so fingers crossed this nausea is on the way out - can't wait until I get my appetite back and can drink pints of water again!

And hello Artemis (so nice seeing someone else 'graduate' on to this board :-) I'm not yet able to eat chocolate yet (am saving my last packet of thorntons viennese truffles for when my tastebuds have totally recovered and I can eat them and enjoy them without feeling queasy). I'm very jealous of your 'nausea' free pregnancy so far, I wouldnt' feel like a fraud at all, I'd just feel very very lucky :-)

I so understand what you mean about the first trimester dragging, I felt as though time had literally stopped in those first 12 weeks, every day felt like a week - I just couldnt' wait to get to that 12 wk scan.

Princess so pleased your nausea has passed now, I can't wait to get that point finally myself (soon - fingers crossed)

heart i have much sympathy with the tiredenss, I seem to be plagued with insomnia at night and exhaustion during the day - if only I could sleep I'm sure I'd feel tonnes better, but my brain is all 'whirr whirr' at bedtime (stupid brain!)

stacks sounds like you and thomas have totally settled into each other, how lovely having a nice snuffly baby sleeping on you :-)

Waves to everyone I've not 'named' and I hope you are all doing well.

Stacks Tue 08-Jan-13 20:50:35

Good luck with scans tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you. Come let us know how they go after. Ele will you be finding out the sex?

Eletheomel Tue 08-Jan-13 21:24:02

Hi Stacks, No I know its a personal choice, but I always feel like it's a bit like opening your xmas presents on christmas eve, rather than just waiting until christmas morning :-)

Also, first time round my OH told me the sex (it was something we wanted to do) and it was a really nice moment, so hoping to do that again.

princesschick Tue 08-Jan-13 22:52:26

Hello, hello!

How are we all?

Welcome aboard Artemis! So lovely to have you over here. Brilliant brilliant news that the bean is all good and doing what it should be. Not long til your 12 week scan now smile I was on tenterhooks until 12 weeks and have just started to relax into it in the last couple of weeks when the baby started giving me a good kicking through the day. I've had a quick read of the 10 plussers posts and noted your comments re constipation and inept midwives. I've experienced both so far. I'm not sure which is my least favourite... I take everything my midwife says with a pinch of salt - after she directly contradicted the NHS website on 2 occasions hmm and just let her do her checks, fill in the forms and check them with my finest nit comb to make sure that the details are correct when I get home. She has been spot on so far, but I'm sorry her 'general' advice isn't welcome round these parts. RE: constipation. I've got it under control now although my remedies have made me windy and I've just done a bit of a dog fart much to DHs disgust I'm snacking on fruit, prunes, dried apricots, having plenty of water, veg and wholemeal bread. In the sicky days I couldn't stomach any of the above and wedged myself up good and proper. I hear prune juice is good too. The day I farted blood was the worst, constipation is miserable. I'd also reccomended aloe gel for soothing a sore bum, stopping itching and for lubing the way... Ah tis grand being a women!

Ele So, so glad you're feeling better. How are you getting on at work? I'm finding it exhausting even though it's quiet but I think it's being in the dark and warm that's making me super sleepy. I don't have any nausea but I've been sick a few more times in the last week. I'm going back to see my nutritionist to try and iron it out as I think it's what I'm eating rather than hormonal. I think that I've suddenly developed an aversion to fruit acids, sugar and not enough protein. I didn't think it would hurt to have a sesh to get back on the super healthy wagon. Good luck for your 20 week scan, they're really rolling around now aren't they!?!

Mellow wowsers you do sound busy. Are you excited to be coming back to the UK? Brilliant news that you've stopped bleeding. Good luck with your scan tomorrow. I can't wait for my next scan, tho I don't know if he'll stay still long enough for them to get any measurements, I can feel him (or her) kicking loads and he can be felt from the outside too. DH is being a bit of a pest and prods me to wake him up but I'm glad he's taking such a keen interest.

Stacks Thomas sounds adorable. Glad you guys are getting on so well. Ahhhh lovely smile

Heart lovely to "see" you. Hope you are able to get loads of rest. I can't watch OBEM. It makes me feel a bit funny and overly emotional. And no we're going to keep the sex a surprise. We're calling baby "he" in the text book sense and because the scan showed a little thing with large hands and feet. Mum has given him a temporary name, which has stuck but will not be the official name.

As for everything else, it's been fairly stressful with the in laws and there was a big melt down last week where I seem to have been maligned quite badly. I'm still smarting a little but the rubbish that the in laws had concocted in their heads was so bizarre. Basically that I was going to divorce DH and they would never see the baby plus concerns that I would "take" the house that DH has been working so hard to renovate for the best part of a year. Basically lots of their worries projected on to me and also a lot of fears weaved into a nonsense story. Classic 2 + 2 = 5. After DH had finally got out of them what was going on (after being pretty horrid and causing me to have an axiety attack because I couldn't understand the hostility) we went out and had a massive laugh about it over a nice dinner. That sounds very melodramatic and probably more so than it was but well Im glad we got it sorted. Things have been easier this week but there is still some tension and I'm totally looking forward to moving and having my own space again. I've been told mid Feb and have put a date in the diary. Sooooooooo close....can't wait.... Lots of other nice things planned too and I treated myself to some new philosophy books last weekend, which are really interesting and whilst I'm engrossed in them on the sofa the in laws leave me alone. Bonus!

Ah, bed time. Lots of luffs to you all. grin

mrsmellow Wed 09-Jan-13 09:15:54

Morning all,
just back from our scan which was amazing! 45 minutes of looking at every aspect of nunu (what the scanner called baby, very sweet!). All perfect, risk for Downs more than 1:6000 and everything else (including fingers, toes and lips!) all looking normal. I can't believe the detail she looked at, heart chambers and vessels, kidneys and their blood vessels, swallowing, bladder, bits of the brain - she said that in private here you just get everything whereas normally it is just the main things in public care (and a much shorter scan). I'm so relieved, I sobbed all over her, poor lady!
We're just about to call family and tell them - i suspect I'll cry all over them as well!

princess sorry to hear about family melt-down, time to moving will fly by and good that it is all in the open I guess? Get thee some Chocolate!

ele hope your scan was ok?!

Waves to everyone else!
artemis it more than makes up for the anxiety of the last 6 weeks of waiting - which took FOREVER!

ladygee Wed 09-Jan-13 11:22:55

Wow - it's lovely to see this thread so busy!

artemis - welcome, welcome lovely lady. So pleased that your scan showed the little bean to be doing well - hopefully the next few weeks won't drag too much. Midwife appts are funny things - I still get myself all worked up for them and they are always a let down. It all feels so routine and I never ask any of the questions I've been thinking of inbetween appts! The hospital I'm going to is another matter though - they've been fab so far, all the staff seem to take a genuine interest and it feels much more personal. Let's hope that continues.

fatima - congratulations on the arrival of Meredith. Such a beautiful name. Hope you're settling into motherhood and keep in touch.

stacks - sounds like all is going well with you and Thomas. Lovely to hear about minipie too. Can't believe there are so many babies from this thread now!!

heart - good to hear from you. I'm sorry you're still suffering with tiredness, I think it was around 18 weeks when mine started to lift and I felt vaguely normal again. Now it's returned and I'm back to needing cheeky daytime naps either at lunch or before DH comes home from work.

mrsm - your scan sounds wonderful, a real milestone passed. And nunu - how cute! I'm sure they must be used to sobbing - I still fill up every time I hear the heartbeat.

ele - hope all goes well with your scan too. I'm with you on not finding out the sex - a nice surprise after all that hard work and something to look forward to. Most of my friends who have had babies have found out and that's been lovely too though.

princess - sorry about your family troubles, sounds like a bizarre situation. I bet you can't wait to get into your own place. Not long to go now... Pregnancy does seem to be flying by but I'm getting ready to meet our little one now - not least because some things are starting to get quite tricky. My job is mainly desk based so I didn't think working would be a problem but I currently have feet tucked under my ribs and when baby decides to kick it's a battle of wills as to who will move first! Quite amusing but sometimes painful too! Maternity leave is a can of worms too, I'm hoping to be off for almost a year but work hadn't anticipated this (they thought I'd be back after a couple of months) so managing colleague and client expectations has been tricky. But I might only get to do this once so I want to make the most of it and we've been able to save a bit towards this so it should be ok.

Hope everyone is well x

princesschick Wed 09-Jan-13 11:32:26

Ahhhh that's such lovely news MrsM I'm so glad it went well and everything is tickety-boo. I was amazed at the detail and sobbed too. I think it's a weird feeling: being amazed that there is such a human creature living in there, being shocked that you've done it after all the worries and problems that long term TTC brings, seeing your own baby for the first time, relief... totally amazing. It makes me wonder how I'll be when I've given birth! Enjoy telling your family grin. My Nan is very stiff upper lip and even she cried (in a good way) when I told her that she is going to be a Great Grandmother next year. She knows about our troubles and was super pleased. Especially as she's beaten her best friend to it hmm!! I'm sure your family and friends will be thrilled smile

I'm really glad that everything is now out there re: family shizzle. I hate tensions and undercurrents and am a bit of an open book, get it all out there kinda person. I know that this is not everyones preferred way of dealing with things but I can't stand the weirdness not being open and speculation causes. I guess I'm just adjusting to living with a new family in an alien situation. Now I can modify my behaviour to make sure I don't push any secret buttons and I know that they were actually being hostile towards me and I wasn't going crazy I feel loads better. I can't be too angry, they are having a tough time with sick relatives and friends and money troubles and they were just worried about their son. But I am still smarting given the level of support and unconditional love I've given (and my family have given) to DH over the past 6.5 years, all of which they know about and which seems to have gone out of the window over a few 'private' arguments between me and DH. My mum thinks they've been at the 'shrooms grin my bestie thinks they're "crazies" - I wouldn't go that far and am trying to be more understanding and tolerant of my babies grandparents.... I'm assured that they are very embarrassed about what's happened and the aspersions they've cast. I'll get over it in time. And yes I'm really glad for our huge bag of Xmas goodies, not to mention my large box (was boxes) of salted caramel truffles that are going down a bit too well...

Waves to everyone else.

Is Frannie around after the exciting exotic holiday? Hope everything is ok with baby xxx

princesschick Wed 09-Jan-13 12:09:37

X post ladygee grin re wriggling baby! Your baby must be nearly full size now, so I guess there isn't a lot of room left for him/her to manoeuvre! My friend is only 4 weeks away from her due date now and the baby's head is down, so she has immense pressure on her pelvis and is uncomfortable most of the time. It would seem her baby loves stretching and she can feel a strong scraping like sensation from it's shoulders and arms! She's a teacher so looking forward to her mat leave from next week. I'm still amazed at how quickly it's going.

I did my finances spreadsheet yesterday to figure out how much we'll have, how much we need to try and put aside for emergencies before my proper pay ends and ultimately to work out when I'll need to go back to work. It made me feel much better and back in control as I had started to worry especially with so many big costs linked to the house and needing a new car going out at the moment. I'm lucky as I work for my Dad's company so he's super flexible and I can go back part time if I want. I think he had expected me to take a year off and was a bit hmm when I said I'd probably need to go back when baby is 6/7 months. Mum and Dad are very traditional and Mum was largely a SAHM, but I've never wanted that for myself, I've always wanted some sort of balance. We only get statutory mat leave as well, so there will be a few hard months going into Autumn / Xmas unless we have savings set aside or DH gets more hours / another client / starts up some private music lessons again (Dad thinks DH should pull his finger out and work full time so that I can SAH and be a 'proper' mum, just to add to our complex little tangle at the moment). But I'm planning on going back to work next Jan 2 days a week. I'll have had 8 months off by then, baby should be weened and not so boob reliant and we'll be able to juggle the childcare between us. As I'll be at home I'll be able to express or do the odd feed anyway. Gargh - so much to think about! But I do love planning and logistics and I never thought I'd be in this position so I feel very privileged to be laying down plans smile

I'm loving that it's getting busier over here. Hopefully we'll have more of the 10 plus gang over the next few months too.

Eletheomel Wed 09-Jan-13 19:29:42

mellow so glad you're scan went so well and so detailed for 12 weeks too - that sounds fantastic - it's always so emotional seeing them wiggling about (was almost teary at my 12 week scan, but was a bit more composed today :-)

My scan went well, the baby is growing fine and all the organs etc seemed to check out okay. There was a wee hiccup in that the blood supply from me to the placenta is 'notched'. All women have 'notched' blood supply until about 16/17 weeks, then everything relaxes and blood supply increases. Mine hasn't increased yet, but with some women that doesn't happen until week 22/23.

So, I've to have another scan at 28 weeks to see if the 'notching' has disappeared or not. If it hasn't, it means that I'm more likely to have issues with high blood pressure, and as I always have a couple of risk factors for high blood pressure (my age, and past pre-eclampsia) just means the me and the baby will be monitored more closely.

Anyway, it's something that's going to be monitored and I get an extra scan and the baby is okay, so trying not to worry about it, I was always half expecting to have high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia in this pregnancy given my past experience.

princess sorry about your in-law madness, but as you say it's all for concern for 'their wee boy' although given that you're married, doing up a house and having a baby, I'd have thought your commitment as a couple would be self-evident, but they've obviously got themselves into a bit of a state over it. Glad you and your DH were able to go out and laugh about it, and as you say great to know there was hostility there, and you're not going mad. Maybe once you both settle into your new house it'll all settle down (maybe the cohabiting was getting to them and the 'cabin fever' set in :-)

Ladygee how long have you got to work before you take maternity leave? I'm also taking a year off (I did it with my little boy too, for the same reason as I thought that might be my only chance, and their only small once, and we could afford it (if we used our savings) so thought, why not?) and got my Mat B1 form today, so have already started thinking about finishing up on 26th April this year and going back 16 June next year (using up annual leave to pad out the weeks before and after my 12 month leave) - I know this will have a huge detrimental effect on my motivation at work - I'm really going to have to dig in and get the work done, and I have a huge backlog after being off for 6 weeks with morning sickness - ah well, you can only do what you can do eh?

Hope everyone is keeping well today - it's so great to have so many folk giving updates :-)

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