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Biscuitsandtea Sun 07-Aug-11 14:36:48


I thought I'd start a Grads thread for those of us previously on the TTC 6 mths+ thread. I've been lurking on the ttc thread recently to see how everyone is getting on (having only very recently qualified to move off it!) and a few people were saying what a nice idea it would be if there was a grads thread so we don't lose each other.

Anyway, would be lovely to hear from other lovely ladies that were on that thread - or even if you were never on the ttc thread but had a sticky time of it getting your bfp then come and settle down with a decaf cuppa for a chat.

<lays out some freshly baked goodies to tempt people in>

Stacks Thu 06-Dec-12 18:19:38

Afternoon everyone. Still no baby here, but due date isn't until Sunday. He's showed no signs of wanting to come out, so I'm expecting to go overdue. Quite calm about it all really grin

I had very mild symptoms in first tri - just nausea most days, was never sick or even felt close to it. Tiredness was my main problem, I'd be falling asleep on the sofa by 7pm! I found it a little worrying, but I think it helped that there were no sudden changes in symptoms.

Been out doing Christmas shopping this afternoon. Spent 5 hours walking around, and only managed to buy myself some pjs. Oops. Internet shopping this weekend I think!

Might see about putting the tree up too, still a bit early, but with a baby coming maybe best to be done soon.

Glad to hear you're all doing well. I really should make more of an effort to keep up to date, just really struggling with tiredness now. [hugs] for all.

mrsmellow Fri 07-Dec-12 09:28:46

Hello ladies, I've been lurking for a couple of weeks, trying to build up courage to join, don't know why I'm so afraid, ridiculous!
I'm 8+2 and just this morning trying to book my 12 week scan (overseas and private, so have to organise yourself). We then move back to the UK at around 16 weeks and will be in a scramble to get a GP/referral to midwife/book 20 week scan etc, which I've just thought of while writing this post and am now slightly worried about confused Amazing how you can create things to worry about grin

All good here - low level nausea and hunger- definitely avoidable if eat regularly (I will be enormous and dread it!), exhausted (napped for 2 hours yesterday afternoon and then slept for 9 hours last night) and the sore breasts - I am not well endowed, but turning over in bed is really quite tender - fine when wearing a bra during the day, sore when running even with very supportive bra - very new for me, have new found respect for larger breasted ladies who run grin !!!

Trying to keep up some exercise, but struggling to find the time with all the napping blush
It feels like the next 7 months will take forever! We have guests staying at the moment and had to tell them because it was quite obvious - really would have preferred to keep it our little secret. Am in a quandry about telling family. Would like to tell immediate family even though early, but MIL (who I love very much) has the biggest mouth on the planet and would fail miserably at not telling other people we wouldn't share with until 12 weeks - the 12 week deadline is bizarre isn't it!? I'm hoping this kind of thing remains our only concern for the next 7 months grin

Look forward to hearing about imminent arrivals - will make Christmas very special stacks And princess hope you feel better soon!

princesschick Fri 07-Dec-12 10:53:16

Hello Mellow really lovely to see you over here. Welcome aboard! grin Really pleased that everything is progressing well and how exciting that you are moving back to the UK! Do you know where you're moving to yet? Will it be near either sets of parents / relatives? Maybe you could contact the GP and explain your situation or just use a parents address to get an appointment in place? Although saying that I wouldn't panic too much as I've been booking appointments about 4 weeks ahead with no problems, so fingers crossed it will be the same for you. My 20 week scan was done automatically after my 12 week scan, but I'm sure they must have room for others / emergencies etc. We also had to change GP before I could see the midwife in our new area (we're between houses at the mo) and it was all done very quickly. I have done noooo exercise and am struggling to even get out of the house with the sickness, so far this week I have been seen throwing up into a bag on the way back from the shops in PiLs village, clutching a trolley in Waitrose and then puking in a bag outside and vomming into various bags in the car. I also have bucket time in the morning after my first wee. It's so cold out there too - it's hardly inspiring me to get out and about!! Brrrr!! Luckily I'm not putting on a tonne of weight, just have a bigger tummy but I would like to be doing more. I'm signing up for pregnancy yoga in Jan - can't wait. And hopefully everything will have settled by then.

Stacks only 2 days until your due date! How exciting! And if he's late you'll have a proper Xmas baby (like me!) Don't listen to any nonsense spouted about babies being born too close to Xmas having rubbish birthdays - it's all lies. I get uber excited about Xmas and birthday week (my birthday is 29th Dec) because a) i've never had to go to school / work on my birthday b) I get Xmas eve, Xmas day, Boxing day, sales day, birthday eve, birthday, birthday boxing day and then New year c) if you are disappointed that a present didn't turn up from Santa you usually get it for your birthday instead and I'm sure the same applies vice versa to those with birthdays shortly before Xmas. d) everyone is always up for a party at this time of year. Hoorah! Can you tell I'm excited? Can't wait to hear the happy news in a few days time! smile

Ele sympathy back. Glad you are enjoying time off work. Hope you have a nice restful weekend and it goes ok on Monday. Not long til your 20 week scan, mine's on the 23/01 - can't wait.

Well we're currently in an uber stressy situation with our house renovation. Our bastard plumber walked off the job on Monday morning, because we didn't return one phone call that he made last Thursday. Apparently in his mind that's giving someone the run-around hmm Nothing to do with the fact he's got too much on and has recommend us as the awful clients that we are to his good friend It would appear that the work he has done is poor but he wants to charge us for his time at his day rate, even though he quoted us a fixed fee for the whole job. Sigh. Plus he has a key to our house, sent in a sub-contracter (friend mentioned above) to do some of the work and gave him the key to our house without our permission. As I fear it could get nasty we've changed the locks as a precaution. Double sigh. Not what we needed just before Xmas. I was hoping to have a night there on New Years Eve too in the toasty warm with the new heating system in place. Luckily we have a new plumber in to do a quote and to size up the job today. I've also been in touch with citizens advice bureau and we don't have to pay cowboy builder if the new plumber is going to cost more to put the work right. It's tres awkward though as the cowboy plumber is my best friend's husband's close friend (they often go on hols together) and makes future social gatherings really difficult - I never want to see this man again. I would say that we should just pay him to keep the peace but we can't afford it at the moment. It's been keeping me awake a bit but OH says not to worry and that he'll sort it out. I have to rest and not be stressed. Meh. Anyway, it will all be ok and OH is right there are more important things right now.

Waves to everyone else and lots of festive cheer too, I'm starting to feel really Christmassy at the moment grin

mrsmellow Fri 07-Dec-12 12:33:46

Thanks princess - very stressful having work done/plumber complications. Hope it gets sorted out soon, I'm sure that in no time this will all be a distant memory. And it will be so nice to be in your new home - when do you anticipate moving?

We're moving back to London and nowhere near family- I think I'm probably still registered with the GP we were with 2 yrs ago so might try to contact them for a referral for scan etc.

I know I'm lucky to feel ok - exercise does seem to actually help a bit - other movement not so good - from never having car sickness in my life, any journey, however short, in a moving vehicle has me heaving...
And I have learned that I can't get out of bed without eating something or else I'm hanging over the sink - same about getting up to pee in the middle of the night. I haven't actually vomited, fingers crossed it stays that way. When did you start vomiting?

Not feeling Christmassy yet - in the southern hemisphere, so just doesn't feel right sad - but hope to get in the mood a bit closer to the time!

princesschick Fri 07-Dec-12 17:04:51

Hey Mellow the rollicking puking started from week 8ish and peaked at week 10 and has eased to puking just in the morning, although it was a few times this morning and I've felt queasy for the rest of the day. It comes and goes and I don't always feel awful, it's just the not knowing when it's going to hit!! As I head to the 14 week, developed placenta stage next week I'm hoping things ease up but it has become just a way of life at the moment. And I don't mind trading periods for puking smile

Happy weekends to everyone. A nice preggo friendly brew for everyone (mine's a dairy laden hot choc mmmm-hmmmm [hsmile]

Eletheomel Sun 09-Dec-12 12:11:42

Princess much much sympathy with the building woes - we also had the misfortune to hire cowboy builders when we were ttc No1 - I hold them partially responsible for the fact that it took me 3 years to conceive - the amount of stress was unbelievable.

Still, you do get there in the end and as you say, you've got something that is way more important than some dodgy plumber in your life, in time any social awkwardness will melt away, and you've got to remember it's his place to feel awkward not you! (it was our close friend's brother in law who screwed up our building work, so can appreciate the social concerns).

I'm feeling a bit down today, the morning sickness is getting better I think, but me, my OH and DS were meant to be going on the 'santa express' today, and I've had to duck out as its an hour drive there, 40 minute train journey then an hours drive back, and I know I can't do that much travelling and I refuse to be sick on the santa express! My DS will still have a great time, but I feel gutted this was booked months ago and is meant to a lovely family trip out, but yet again i'm having to be the 'crap mummy' staying at home doing nothing all the time as I feel crap :-(

I know it will pass and as I start to feel better I'll get involved in things again, but feeling really rubbish sitting in by myself.

On the bright side, OH put up the xmas tree and decorations yesterday so for all the livingroom is a complete mess it does look festive which is nice :-)

mellow as a large breasted lady I can verify that running is not good and regardless of the 'impact level' of the sports bra I wore, I would still end up with chaffing (and sometimes bruising/bleeding) round the shoulder straps - I would always swear I would just walk briskly on the treadmill, but it was so boring!

mrsmellow Mon 10-Dec-12 14:36:53

ele sorry to hear you missed the santa express, but you're not a crap mummy - I can identify with moving being associated with nausea and would have been the same as you!

I can't get over how bloated I am - and how quickly I'm growing out of my clothes - and I'm only 8+5 - eek! shock Did you all have this as well or am I alone in my chubbiness? I am normally quite slim and wear slim-fitting clothes which I think is part of the problem.
I was just reading the july 2013 thread and agree with whoever said up thread that I don't think I can join them - it is all a bit too much and it still feels too unreal so far. We've booked our scan for the 9th January - which is 13 weeks - they refused to do it any sooner because apparently that is the most accurate (v annoying!) Seems a lifetime away, but we're so busy over Christmas that I'm sure it will fly past.
any word stacks ?

Stacks Tue 11-Dec-12 10:09:55

Still no sign of LO here. I'm a few days overdue now, but quite relaxed about it really. I'd like baby to come tomorrow so he gets a good birthdate smile

I must say, the whole baby thing still seems somewhat unreal and too good to be true. I keep telling myself it is going to happen, I will have a baby soon... But I just can't make it feel real. I think I'm going to have to see him, hold him, and take him home before I really truly believe I'm as lucky as I am.

Hope you are all doing well. I can't give much more than sympathy to you for morning sickness. I was incredibly lucky not to suffer with it. Have you tried drinking citrus? Lemon and lime juice mixed with water/soda was a god send for me with the nausea.

We put our Christmas tree up yesterday. It's a bit early really, but I wanted it up before baby came. Wrapping presents today, then I think I'm going to try some gentle wii fit and see if I can't get this baby to come.

Eletheomel Tue 11-Dec-12 11:53:42

Hi Stacks that's so exciting, just think any day now, you're going to have an amazing little baby in your life :-)

I have to say when I was pregnant with my son, I couldn't really believe that a baby was going to come out of the bump. I remember meeting up with antenatal folk who delivered a week before me, and it just seemed totally surreal that one minute you have a large bump and the next minute you have a totally new and unique individual to look after, I remember not even holding their babies when offered as I totally doubted my ability to hold such a vulnerable being!

Mellow my 20 week scan is on 9th January, so will be thinking of you seeing your little wriggling baby for the first time - exciting times ahead for us all! Clothes-wise I'm only now finding my jeans etc a wee bit tight, can still fit me, but I find the stretchy maternity trousers more comfortable on fledgling bump, although some of them are still a bit too big for me yet. I think it will show up on you more when you're slim to start with (not a problem for me!)

mrsmellow Wed 12-Dec-12 13:14:01

blush that you're 7 weeks ahead of me and only now finding your jeans a bit tight! The bloating is intermittent (she said defensively) - and my skinny jeans are completely fine because they're elasticated !
I have felt nauseated all day today and am starting to worry a bit about my work - I'm self-employed and have been extremely unproductive in the last 2 weeks and need to get it together!
I have a lot to do before we return to the UK in February and the more I don't do now, the worse it'll be in the New Year.

princesschick Wed 12-Dec-12 16:30:14

Hello ladies

MrsMellow I'm 14 weeks and have been in maternity jeans since week 10. I could squeeze into my skinny (non forgiving) size 12 jeans at that point but they were starting to hurt. I don't seem to have put weight on anywhere else (besides boobs) and my tummy is hard and defined into a small bump. My face is a little fuller but that's ok. To the untrained eye, my belly just looks podgey and I'm looking forward to having a proper bump. My maternity jeans (also size 12 from ASOS) are massive and keep falling down. Plenty of room and really comfy. Love them smile I think we'll all expand at different rates anyway, so don't worry! Good luck with moving preparations.

Ele Thank you for your words re cowboy plumber. The situation is resolved. We're only down £200 and although it stings to have to pay him at all it could have been so much worse and we've put it down to experience. We'll never use friends or friends of friends again. Ever. The new plumber can come in next week and get us back up to speed so it feels like a weight has been lifted. We have electricity again too. Wooo hooo!

Stacks any news on the bubba? I was amazed at how composed your post was the other day. A breezy, "oh I'm just off to do some wii fit to get this show on the road" wowsers, I'm in awe! I hope he makes an appearance soon. How exciting! I think I'm only just getting used to being pregnant, which seems very different to having a new human being. Exciting times.

So we think we've chosen our pram or should I say, travel system We're off to have a look 'round John Lewis on Saturday after the works Xmas do on Friday. We're lucky, being the bosses daughter we get to stay up in town with the boss and his wife (a.k.a. ridiculously excited grandma to be) at a naice hotel. So we're going to have a little look 'round some shops on Saturday morning. We're also on the look out for a new car as mine is tiny and has been very faithful for the last 9 years (I've had him since new, will be sad to see him go) but he is not practical for car seats, travel systems and all of the other required baby crap. I think we'll have to get a loan as we're nearly through our savings finishing the house. It is dawning that this is all happening and we're going to become 2 responsible parents (not just adults) and we'll lose my wage next year when I'm on maternity. Anyone else freaking out about this stuff? I'm calm but wondering how we'll juggle everything!

Waves and loves to Frannie, Heart and Ladygee and anyone else I've missed. Wow, quite a few of us on here now!

Oh oh oh or should that be ho ho ho is anyone else totally excited about Xmas yet? grin

Stacks Thu 13-Dec-12 18:57:55

Still no baby here. I feel bad as my posts don't name check people, but I find it so hard on the phone app, as you can't look back to check what's been said.

I'm glad plumbers are sorted. I need to get in touch with the electrician who put in our kitchen in August. They never gave us the certificate for the new fuse box. I just keep putting it off, but it has to be done. When I do call him he just gives me an excuse, and I alwys just accept it. Sigh.

I was in maternity clothes quite early, but only really because I had them (second hand from sister). I could get into certain of my pre-pg clothes for ages, however trousers were a problem when sitting down, as the waistband would dig in. Fine when standing though. At 40w I'm still wearing some if my pre-pg clothes - tshirts, jumpers and my coat. I think I buy clothes too baggy!

Eletheomel Fri 14-Dec-12 13:34:58

Hi princess it's amazing how much crap you have to put in your car when you're transporting a baby. We've found that you almost take the same amount of stuff for a single overnight stay as you do for a fornight (the only difference is we have one bag of our clothes for a fortnight, the rest of the car is filled with all his stuff!).

My son is due to go up a carseat size soon, so we sort of feel we need to get a new car in the spring, which is a shame as our current car was an emergency buy (our car went in for MOT and got condemned) and we only paid £600 for it, and apart from higher petrol consumption it runs like a dream! Sadly, the car seat I want to buy doesn't fit our current model, so thats why we need to buy a new car, ideally before this baby arrives (we're going for a MPV - sad, but true!).

I always feel slightly sad when we wave goodbye to a car, you always have so many memories associated with them.

Stacks how far overdue are you? Do you have another week or so before they start harassing you for an induction?

I was at docs again today and have been signed off until the end of next week, when I then have 2 weeks holidays. So I'm hoping (and praying!) that by the time I start back on 7th january this horrid morning sickness will be a thing of the past (please please please!!!)

mrsmellow Sun 16-Dec-12 15:45:16

Hi ele fingers crossed for morning sickness to pass by Jan, I'm sure it will.
It is stinking hot with us (I know, very unreasonable of me to tell you all wink )
I had a couple of days with minimal symptoms and some pink discharge this morning so had a small freakout, but am so sick and exhausted this afternoon I feel very reassured... hmm
It is going to be a long 7 months!

Eletheomel Mon 17-Dec-12 19:41:10

Hi mellow how are you feeling today? Still sick and exhausted?

I keep trying to tell myself that it's a good sign, that I should be grateful that I'm ill, that it means I'm less likely to miscarry (ya da ya da) but then I think, I've known so many women who had completely symptom free pregnancies and went on to have perfectly healthy babies - I think, why not me?

I think I'm getting better, not well enough to leave the house or anything, but I think the nausea is getting less severe, I just hope its bearable for xmas (be gutted if I miss out on all the lovely xmas food - I love food and keep dreaming of stuff I want to eat - whilst knowing that right now, it probably wouldn't be a good idea :-)

Of course being off during the day, and watching all those cookery and 'come dine with me' programmes isn't really keeping my mind off food :-D

Stacks Tue 18-Dec-12 12:16:18

How are you today Ele and Mellow? I hope the sickness is easing a bit for you both. I think the advice is to eat whatever you can manage, even if its just junk food. You can get anti sickness drugs from the doctors which are safe in pregnancy too - maybe go have a chat with your doctor? Even if it only helps you get one good meal a day (or helps you enjoy just Christmas Day sickness free) it would be good for you.

Well there's still no sign of baby here. Went to midwife for a sweep yesterday, but cervix still too high to reach so she didn't do it. Booked for another sweep on Thursday, then a scan to check his position before induction on Sat morning. I'm lucky in that I'm still quite comfortable for the most part, so trying to be patient and keep active to try and convince baby to come out into the cold. I'm now 40+9...

How are you princess, lady, heart and frannie? Doing well I hope? Has everyone started their Christmas holidays now?

princesschick Tue 18-Dec-12 13:49:20

Afternoon all smile

Stacks are you getting all the "eat a hot curry" / "have a shag" comments? I always think babies come when they are ready. But exciting that you know the end date now... I'm nervous about sweeps. But I think that's more to do with the size of my midwifes hands shock!!! Oh good luck this week. Are you doing any nice Xmassy things to pass the time? I think I would be on the sofa with a tin of sweets and some Xmas movies. I finish work on Friday and then fly to my parents with DH on Saturday. So can't wait to finish and have a rest. I'm exhausted as it seems to have been a bit non stop the last few weeks. I have no stamina left anymore. I tire far too easily!

Ele glad you are feeling better, though you sound like you've been really suffering - you poor, poor thing sad I hope it passes in time for a massive Xmas dinner. I had my first turkey roast on Friday at our work do and it was delish and not to mega either. Have you been prescribed any anti-nausea tablets? I really feel for you though. My sickness is easing but I felt rough all of yesterday, especially in the supermarket again. FGS give us our 2nd trimester blooms!

MrsM are you ok? Has the spotting passed? I hope so. Stinking hot you say envy And as I type they are playing Stop the Cavalry on steel drums on the radio with the sound of the sea in the background. Appropriate, non?! It's sunny here but of the cold variety so I'm wearing my huge, comfy alpaca / lambs wool blend poncho. So cosy! But not the good hot. I expect that we'll get an early heat wave when I'm like a whale next year.

We test drove the 'travel system' at John Lewis over the weekend. I must admit seeing all the little baby clothes and the nursery furniture made me feel quite giddy and overly excited and I was a bit sad that I wasn't sporting a big bump and looked like a chubby loon dragging her poor other half around cooing and picking up random things and going "soooo cute" "oooh we could get one of THESE". I haven't been into any baby department stores since the first MC in 2009 and so it was really exciting to go and look at all the stuff. DH looked very happy too. I think more because I wasn't wiping away bitter tears with tiny baby baby grows going on about how I'll never be a mum. Anyway, we've decided on the UPPAbaby travel system and in the cream colour too. I'm not buying anything until baby is here / we are a few weeks before D Day - I'm a bit superstitious after all the crap we've been through, so I'm researching and making lists of the things we will buy when the time comes. Gives us some time to save too. But I like being organised and so crossing the pram off feels good to me.

On the preggo front, my sickness is still here! Boo hiss! Not bad though, the occasional puke first thing in the morning and nausea here and there. I felt rough yesterday. Saying that we had a very busy weekend and I think I pushed it a bit too hard with staying up late, walking around London all day on Sat, spending Sunday afternoon finishing Xmas shopping and geting up early yesterday. Must rest more! Everything else is going fine. I've got my 16 week check up on Friday, looking forward to hearing the baby's heartbeat. Hoping that everything is ok. And that the midwife behaves herself!

Luffs to all, especially Stacks - he's nearly here! thanks

Frannieannie Tue 18-Dec-12 19:02:41

Hi all,

Glad the pregnancies are going well, albeit with sickness. stacks I'm very excited for you. I wonder if any of the others have had theirs yet?

Sorry not to name check more. I'm in a bit of a state. Had 12 week scan today and all looked fine but nuchal is 3.4 mm which isn't great at all. In a total state of anxiety as this with my age is probably going to result in high risk and all that follows. Waiting on blood test results but am working myself up into a google frenzy. When will this baby- making lark get easier?

princesschick Tue 18-Dec-12 19:46:43

Oh so sorry Frannie. I don't know much about the combined test as we opted not to have it. If you check out the June antenatal thread there's a load of info on there as a couple of ladies have come back slightly high risk. It might be a useful / calming read. It is all so worrying though isn't it and the last thing you need is stress at this stage. It's unfair - we should all have super easy pregnancies... Fingers crossed it's all fine and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy in confidence. I think from what the other ladies were saying is that you only get a call if you're high risk and if you don't hear then everything is ok and considered low risk. When are you off on holiday? Can you phone the hospital before you go? Lots of love and hugs xxx

mrsmellow Tue 18-Dec-12 21:03:45

Hi all
frannie sorry to hear about nuchal thickness, fingers crossed for blood results. It seems a shame they don't do the bloods beforehand so you get the results with the scan. I had my bloods today and have the scan booked for the 9th Jan, they then put all the data into a computer on the day so you get your risk etc at that time which seems very sensible.
I agree with princess that after what we've been through we should have straightforward pregnancies hmm
Lovely to be on holiday at the end of the week princess - I don't really have any time off plans sad but have nice dinner plans - although can only eat small amounts at a time which is annoying at this time of the year. The nausea is under control so long as I keep eating at regular intervals....thanks for asking! No more spotting or anything, so that's a relief.
princess so exciting about buying baby stuff - I'm definitely on the superstitious end of the spectrum, so won't be doing anything for a few months yet!
stacks sounds like you're nicely relaxed - it will all come together in the end - it is funny how much emphasis is placed on the delivery, when it takes up such a small part of the pregnancy, and indeed life beyond the pregnancy grin I certainly don't remember mine wink

ele hope you continue to improve...

Frannieannie Tue 18-Dec-12 22:20:40

I'm away Fri princess, I called earlier and they promised they'd call as soon as they knew either way, so that I can go away knowing. I asked for the blood test earlier mellow but they said they always did them same day at my hospital. I read the thread and it was useful- thanks p x

Eletheomel Thu 20-Dec-12 12:29:26

Hi Frannie sorry you got a poor NT result. I was expecting a high risk for this pregnancy because of my age (I'm 40, will be 41 when baby is born) and had discussed with OH about getting an amnio, and it was a huge relief when I didn't have to.

I was told the age-related risk for having a downs baby is 98-1 - which is still 97 healthy births out of 98.

And while a high risk result will probably mean you have extra stress until an amnio (if you decide to have one) it doesn't necessarily mean there is anything wrong with your baby at this stage, it's just an assessment of risk, it's not 100%.

A friend of mine had 3 babies at age 38, 39 and 41 (needless to say, she never had any problems ttc!) and for each child she was given a 40-1 risk of downs. Given how high her risk was, she had an amnio for each pregnancy and the results of each amnio indicated the child didn't have downs and she went on to have 3 healthy boys.

And remember while a NT result of 3.2 is considered a marker for downs, they do tell you that many other babies without downs can also have a NT result that high.

I hope you get your overall risk through soon - the waiting must be awful.

Stacks hope your sweep went well and you're currently in the midsts of labour - looking forward to hearing your good news :-)

princesss I never asked for anti-nausea tables, primarily because I foolishly thought it might be over by now! Also I'm never sure if they definitely get rid of the nausea or not, or if they just really help prevent excessive vomitting, and I've not been that sick on a daily basis.

I was starting to feel better but had a bad day yesterday :-( Just trying to tell myself its 'three steps forward, one step back' (was that a paula abdul track?) and that overall progress is good - really hoping I can make the drive down to my folks for xmas.

Glad you enjoyed the baby window shopping - I was the same with my son, didn't really want to buy anything (funny I'm on birth group lists on another site, and everyone who gets a gender result at 20 weeks seem to be immediately going out to buy pink or blue stuff - weird to me, I was very reluctant to buy anything in advance for my first, and feel exactly the same this time (although to be fair, we can just re-use all the other stuff now!)

Hope you're all getting ready to finish up work for xmas!

Stacks Sun 23-Dec-12 19:43:10

Started induction process yesterday, which involved a trace of baby heartbeat and then a pessary before being sent home for 24h. I hoped things would kick off overnight, but nothing happened so back to the hospital this afternoon. Another exam showed I'm still not dilated so stuck in hospital now and DH gone home till tomorrow. This hospital gives you a 24h rest between each induction thing, so next pessary will be tomorrow afternoon. However as I'm now 42w they won't let me go home again.
I am having tightenings every few minutes, so the hope is that these do something and I'm further forward tomorrow. Doc mentioned breaking waters if I was dilated tomorrow, so we'll have to wait and see.
I'm already tired and kind of fed up. With such a bad night sleep last night I'm hoping I'll be able to sleep here. Even with the 2 newborn babies in the room with me...

Eletheomel Sun 23-Dec-12 22:40:24

Stacks so good to get your update (although shame baby stacks hasn't appeared yet!)

I was induced with my little boy (I had pre-eclampsia - so no choice) and went through the same process, 2 pessaries (my cervix barely softened) then they broke my waters and gave me an hour to go into natural labour after that, then when nothing happened they started me on syntocin.

Once I was on syntocin, it actually all happened really quickly, they advised it might take 12 hours, but I went from 1cm to 10cm dilated in just an hour, then I was a further 90 minutes pushing out my wee boy and that was it.

Hopefully, the second pessary will work so you won't need syntocin though.

I totally sympathise with the lack of sleep, I ended up taking diamorphine during the birth and by the time I came to pushing my baby out, I was literally falling asleep between contractions :-)

I'm surprised you're in with 2 newborn babies though, should you not be in the antenatal ward? Our hospital was very strict on not even letting any children in the antenatal ward during visiting, they certainly didn't allow babies.

Good luck, and hopefully you get some sleep tonight and your cervix opens tommorow - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Stacks Wed 26-Dec-12 18:37:41

Just a quick message to say babyStacks was born on Christmas morning by CS.

He's a lovely, healthy and content baby, feeding and sleeping well.

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