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Biscuitsandtea Sun 07-Aug-11 14:36:48


I thought I'd start a Grads thread for those of us previously on the TTC 6 mths+ thread. I've been lurking on the ttc thread recently to see how everyone is getting on (having only very recently qualified to move off it!) and a few people were saying what a nice idea it would be if there was a grads thread so we don't lose each other.

Anyway, would be lovely to hear from other lovely ladies that were on that thread - or even if you were never on the ttc thread but had a sticky time of it getting your bfp then come and settle down with a decaf cuppa for a chat.

<lays out some freshly baked goodies to tempt people in>

FatimaLovesBread Thu 14-Jun-12 19:46:30

Hi everyone!!

A bit of a bump izzy mine's huge! It's grown two inches in two weeks shock

I'm 17 weeks tomorrow. Seems to be dragging at the moment. I heard the heard the heartbeat last week but I don't think I've felt any movement yet. I have an anterior placenta though so that could be why.

20 week scan is 3rd July. Can't wait grin

I've been suffering a bit from SPD/PGP, seeing how it goes to see if I need referral.

How's everyone else?

izzybizzybuzzybees Fri 15-Jun-12 14:37:39

Fatima I am also huge but in denial! It doesnt help that there are another 3 pregnant ladies at my work to compare to! One of my good friends is also pregnant and due 5 weeks ahead of me so I compare to her as well!

I've only just started to feel movement in the past week and this is my second. I'm heavier than I was when I conceived before so that probably doesn't help I suppose. We can't be due far from each other cos I am 18+2 today.

I had a physio appt yest as I have back problem and also hypermobilty which doesn't help. I have SPD so been fitted for a brace and also a rather sexy huge tubigrip which covers bump! I'm hoping it helps.

We have a wedding this weekend and I have no clue what to wear, I think its a relaxed affair which doesn't help, nor does the weather on Scotland!

Hope everyone else is ok

Stacks Fri 15-Jun-12 16:15:02

Hi everyone.

I had my 12 week scan on 30th May, everything was good though baby slept through it all. Also got back the Downs test results which was 1 in 100,000 which is good to know. Though I wasn't that worried, it's nice to have reassurance.

I got my date through for my 20 week scan, 25th of July. It seems closer having a date for it, though it's still too far away. I was hoping to get DH to let me have a private gender scan at 16w, but he says it's a waste of money.

I have a little bump, but it's mostly invisible to other people. I know my tummy is a different shape, as does DH, but to the casual observer it's still hidden under my clothes. Also, it's much harder to see in profile (looking sideways in the mirror) than when I look down my front. No movement yet either, though I'm waiting impatiently.

I think I maybe have the start of some SPD type things, but I'm hoping it'll turn out to be nothing. Just lots of hip pain, but it is all in my hips, rather than front of pelvis. Right now I feel like when I walk my leg goes too far back and pulls the tendon at the front. I'm only 13w+2, so it would all be very early for problems.

Really glad everyone is doing well.

FatimaLovesBread Fri 15-Jun-12 22:39:34

Hi stacks
Just quickly posting to say my SPD isn't at the front either, google PGP which SPD is a type of it may sound more like your hip pain.
Mine's more at the back of my pelvis, especially my sacrum and sacroiliac joints, it also radiates in to my left hip sad IBroke my coccyx 9 years ago so I don't know if that's contributing to the pain in my sacrum.
I'm hoping it doesn't get worse but I'd like to get referred incase it does, some days I can't even sit down it hurts too much.
Mine started at 7-8weeks so really early!

Stacks Sat 16-Jun-12 10:49:14

Thanks Fatima. I've had about 3 weeks of back/hip pain to. It's pain by my tail bone, but also seems to be in my left hip... Maybe I'll go see a physio and get myself checked out. Even if it's just standard aches and pains they may be able to give me some advice.

minipie Mon 25-Jun-12 13:31:13

Hi everyone, just checking in. I'm 16+3 today.

Had a bit of a mare at the 12 week scan, I was given high risk for Downs, Edwards and Patau syndromes. I had a CVS and thankfully the results have come back all clear. And I am having a girl! (a nice reward for the stress of the CVS is getting to find out the sex).

Now impatiently waiting till my 20 week scan (which isn't till I'm 21+3 in fact confused) but in the meantime I am keeping myself amused with a heartbeat doppler off amazon!

Hope everyone is well, sorry to hear about the painful backs, hips and pelvises (pelves?) I've been getting what I think are round ligament pains (stabbing pains in the groin area, yay hmm) but nothing else so far.

Stacks Tue 03-Jul-12 19:01:36

16w appointment tomorrow, though will be 17w. Wish me luck. smile

minipie Tue 03-Jul-12 19:51:28

Good luck Stacks!

I had my 16w appt today, at 17+3. All fine, heartbeat and size all correct. However I've had a tiny amount more spotting, so had to have anti D injection and blood tests as I'm rhesus negative (cue a very boring day spent waiting in hospital)

izzy and fatima hope the 20 week scans went well!

kittysaysmiaow Fri 06-Jul-12 22:47:58

Hi everyone,
Sorry not checked in for a while. Since becoming pregnant I'm very easily distracted and forgetful!
izzy sorry, I didn't answer your question about my due date. It's 14th december.
fatima how did your 20 week scan go?
minipie sorry you had to go through the hell of high risk results for screening, but I'm so glad all was well. And you are having a little girl! Aw smile That is really lovely.
stacks was your appointment ok? I had my 16 week check this week and it was a total waste of time. No listening to the heartbeat or measuring, I was a bit disappointed. I must have looked it because she told me that basically the only reason they do 16 week appointments is to break up the time between scans and it was just an opportunity for me to ask questions?! Naturally I couldn't think of a single question.
I haven't felt any movement yet but my bump is getting bigger (along with my bum sadly!) and I have about 3 things in my wardrobe I can still get into so spend a lot of time wondering what on earth to wear.
Sorry to hear of all the pain and discomfort people have been having. I hope it eases up. I haven't had any of that yet really, just occasional stretching feelings in my tummy and weird numbness/tingling in my right butt cheek. Still plenty of time though.
Is everyone planning on going back to work after mat leave? I'm going back but not sure about PT or FT. I could go back PT but we would like to move house in the next couple of years and financially it would be a lot better to go back's impossible to know how you'll feel though isn't it.

Stacks Thu 26-Jul-12 18:46:36

Quick phone post from me to remind me to post later.

Had my 20w scan yesterday and found out it's a boy.

minipie Tue 31-Jul-12 13:02:10

Hi, just checking in! Got my 20 week scan tomorrow (at 21+5).

Congratulations Stacks! Exciting stuff. Everything else look ok on the scan?

izzybizzybuzzybees Wed 01-Aug-12 19:53:42

Exciting stuff both stacks and minipie. Will you be finding out the sex mini?

I'm 25 weeks and struggling with SPD, I have had physio again today and am now on crutches!

minipie Wed 01-Aug-12 19:58:21

Yes - it's a girl! (actually we found that out at 13 weeks as I had a CVS and they can tell you the sex from that if you want).

Scan all ok, baby absolutely fine - just one slight oddity which is the umbilical cord only has 2 vessels not three as is usual - can be linked to growth issues so I've got to have scans at 28 and 36 weeks. But, no other abnormalities which means everything is likely to be fine. Just can't relax quite yet...

minipie Wed 01-Aug-12 19:59:25

Forgot to say (sorry!) SPD sounds awful, so sorry you are having that. Did you have it when you were pregnant before?

izzybizzybuzzybees Wed 01-Aug-12 23:19:28

Congratulations on team pink! I had some back pain and had to wear a belt but nothing like this. I feel like I've been kicked by a horse! And in my groin and hio, right side is worse. I have a tubigrip that goes from boobs to hips and a belt with three Velcro straps to hold pelvis together and now the crutches. I've to have accupuncture next week as that can help with pain. All in all not so much fun! Will be worth it in the end!

minipie Wed 01-Aug-12 23:37:03

Jesus that sounds medieval! this pregnancy lark isn't all that well designed is it? hope your acu helps.

Stacks Fri 03-Aug-12 07:24:01

So sorry to hear of problems Izzy and Mini. I really hope things improve. I've had a little bit of back and hip pain, but nothing like you Izzy.

Mini, sounds like you've not had a smooth ride so far. Things just keep popping up to keep you worried! I'm sure everything will be fine though, and those extra scans will be reassuring. You deserve a break!

All is ok here. Had a headache for the last few days, and not sleeping well, but nothing serious. Very much looking forward to the weekend.

minipie Fri 03-Aug-12 10:35:38

Thanks Stacks! I do seem to have had quite a few complications. Luckily they are all fairly minor, just lots of them!

<self indulgent whiney list coming up>

thyroid - extra appointments and lots of blood tests
PCOS - glucose test
rhesus negative - anti-D jabs
bleeding in early pg - lots of early scans, plus anti-D once
high risk results at 12 week scan - CVS and anti-D again!
umbilical oddity - 2 more growth scans

I've been in and out of the hospital so many times, it's starting to feel like home grin. I suppose that is a silver lining, I will be very familiar with it when the time comes!

On the plus side, I've felt generally well - I had very little sickness in the first trimester (just tiredness), and I'm feeling great in the second. No pain like poor izzy. So, in some ways I've lucked out. And TBH I still just feel super lucky to have got and stayed pregnant - I really feel for those on the 10+ months threads who are still trying, the wave of BFPs seems to have stopped sad.

Hope your sleeping and headaches improve.

minipie Thu 23-Aug-12 10:39:29

Oh dear, my whinge list appears to have killed the thread!

Just bumping to say many congratulations to two more graduates ladygee and LemonDrizzle - so pleased for you both, if you see this, do join us!

Hope everyone is doing well - izzy I hope your pelvis is behaving itself a bit better.

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Fri 24-Aug-12 08:32:35

<pops in>

Quite quiet here! I think I might chat and then lurk on the conception thread for longer, it is scary and unbelievable still!

ladygee Fri 24-Aug-12 08:36:59

<dips toe into the MN realm beyond conception>


lemons - I'm still lurking on conception and starting to look at pregnancy and antenatal clubs but it all still seems a bit surreal for posting in just yet.

Not sure when it might start to feel less like a dream and more like reality?!?

Waves to everyone else here, hope everyone is well x

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Fri 24-Aug-12 08:57:51

I put a toe in yesterday (in my other home, the ESH) and then got petrified it would bring on a MC (surely wink ). But I notice I do need to go OMG OMG OMG a lot and that seems inappropriate in the 10+ fred at the moment. So I just chat to my friends there and save the I am actually pregnant, OMG OMG OMG for the ESH for now.

ladygee Fri 24-Aug-12 09:20:15

Definitely agree with that. I'm keeping up with the 10+ers but think the time's not right for jumping back in. A couple of people have mentioned a more general chat thread, which would be nice.

I also had a look at the due in March/April freds but daren't join there, mainly for the same reasons you said - silly but there you go. They are also rather fast moving and a bit giddy for me at the moment!

How far along are you? Do you have an early scan booked in?

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Fri 24-Aug-12 09:39:36

Writing on a forum is not going to bring on a MC, it is NOT. (Brown sludge, which is nothing to worry about according to the nurse, but panics me a lot, is back).

Yes, we got an early scan offered after the pg-blood-test. It is in another 2,5 weeks. Scary stuff! And you? How does it work, when you are clearly in IF-land but get a natural diffage? You are about a month ahead of me, aren't you? I am 4+4, I think.

ladygee Fri 24-Aug-12 09:48:36

I've had a bit of brown sludge on and off, seems to have settled down now but it's scary all the same.

I didn't have a blood test but was under the ACU until my scan at 7 weeks, when that was ok they gave me a formal letter to discharge me. I had to hand it in to the midwife at my booking in appt and am now in the land of 'normal' pregnancy. Weird.

Waiting for that scan felt like a lifetime, harder than any two week wait I think. And I promised myself I'd stop worrying if everything was ok but that hasn't happened! I'm now 9 weeks and am trying to hold out for my NHS scan at 12 weeks but keep googling private scans, which really aren't badly priced after everything we've already spent!

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