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Biscuitsandtea Sun 07-Aug-11 14:36:48


I thought I'd start a Grads thread for those of us previously on the TTC 6 mths+ thread. I've been lurking on the ttc thread recently to see how everyone is getting on (having only very recently qualified to move off it!) and a few people were saying what a nice idea it would be if there was a grads thread so we don't lose each other.

Anyway, would be lovely to hear from other lovely ladies that were on that thread - or even if you were never on the ttc thread but had a sticky time of it getting your bfp then come and settle down with a decaf cuppa for a chat.

<lays out some freshly baked goodies to tempt people in>

seamermaid Wed 22-Jan-14 20:15:25

[slips in through the door quietly......]

Hello ladies, I know some of you some the 10 plussers thread. I'm a bit scared to be on here tbh in case I am tempting fate but feel perhaps it's the right thing to do...

For those of you who don't know me I just had my first BFP after my first ivf having TTCed for 4 years 4 months. I know how lucky I am to get a BFP on my first go. I feel a bit guilty as I feel I don't deserve it?! (eg. I have seen so many been through so much to get there it seems unfair that I have) It also hasn't really sunk in except for the daily sickness. It's still early days. I am only 18 days past EC. My hcg is more than 1300 today. I have no idea what that means but I have been told it's quite high. Any insight into this or how many weeks pregnant I actually am would be gratefully received as all the books talk about natural conception and counting from day of last missed period, v little if anything about ivf pregnancies.

Congratulations Sweet! That's a big little boy you have there. I hope everything is okay now and you are feeling much better.

Eleth - I remember our cat chats from the disappearing thread. Unfortunately now MrS is using pregnancy to derail adoption of cat. He showed me all kinds of books that said you shouldn't have a cat during pregnancy and I am too scared to argue.

Special waves to buzz, lemons, gin, sweet and all the other lovely 10 plussers.

eurochick Wed 22-Jan-14 20:44:15

sweet so many congratulations. He sounds like a little chunk. How are you feeling now?

ele being hit in the face with a baseball bat about covers it. My skin hurts. My teeth hurt. I am feeing veh sorry for myself. I'm the same as you - I don't think I had a cold at all last winter and can't remember the last time I had a stinker like this.

sea to calculate weeks pg in the traditional way count back 14 days from egg collection day that it "last menstrual period date" as all the books work on the basis of a 28 day cycle with ov on day 14. My GP was completely flummoxed when I went to see him for my initial appointment as my LMP, conception dates and the EDD I have been given by my clinic don't match up. He couldn't seem to get his head around the fact that knowing the precise date of conception because it happened in a lab is better information than assuming it happened 14 days after the start of my LMP. (I had EC early because I reacted very quickly to the stimming drugs.) The EPU got it straight away and hopefully my midwife will too. I gave up with the GP in the end.

PrincessChick Wed 22-Jan-14 21:33:22

Trying to wrangle baby to bed, so this will be brief...
Sweet huge congratulations on your little boy smile thanks. I'm delighted for you. I too had a long labour and a whopper (9lb10 shock). I was starting to feel like the only one who had a supersize baby! Glad to hear feeding is going well. Sorry to hear about the plumbing. Ah, lovely news. Enjoy the new born snuggles.
Sea and Euro welcome! Have some brew and cake
Teu glad you had a wonderful trip.
Sorry about colds and sickness. I guess it's just paracetamol, fluids and rest. When will they scan you Sea?
Right, very grumpy baby to deal with. Luffs and hugs for all xxx

Buzzybee123 Wed 22-Jan-14 21:39:52

sweet congrats on your little boy, must have been scary, sorry about the plumbing issues

sea good to see you here, I think you have a scan tomorrow

euro and ele commiserations on the cold, I have to say that with my immune system I don't think I have had a cold for years, maybe some lemon and honey drinks

critter thinking of you

mellow I'm hoping the sweep will help but not holding my breath, also I thought it would be nice to have our last weekend together as a couple, plus Sunday is Australia Day so she couldn't come then hmm grin but Monday would suit my social calendar

freedom2011 Thu 23-Jan-14 09:44:26

sweet congratulations. a son or you and mrG. how wonderful. sorry it was scary and very glad to hear all was ok in the end.

euro hope you can at least have some hot lemon honey and ginger for that cold. poor you.

sea great great that it is so far so good.

if it is all right ladies, I may lurk around this thread as I just had another scan and the heart beat is still there, arms and legs are visible and it's moving a little. I calculate 10w4d- the doctor says I am measuring 11w1d so for the moment, definitely pregnant after quite a while trying - 4 years 8 months and 1 miscarriage and 1 CP/v early miscarriage.

mrsmellow Thu 23-Jan-14 14:22:29

Congratulations sweet on an eyewateringly big baby! sorry it was a frantic beginning, hope you're having time to catch your breath and enjoy cuddles now.
Welcome sea and freedom great news.
euro cold when pregnant is crap a) you're already knackered and b) all the good drugs are banned…
We seem to have recovered from our cold (snot from nose to knee after one sneeze shock ) and are smiles again today - and ravenous, hoovering up food- babyM also seems a bit hungry wink
buzzy Monday's child is fair of face, so I think that sounds about right! Are you having lamingtons on Monday [yum] ?

seamermaid Thu 23-Jan-14 14:51:50

Congrats Free! that's excellent news. So happy for you. grin

Thanks for the welcome ladies.

Buzz - no scan yet. Since I got the BFP the clinic has had me back in for daily bloods again. I found out today this will be for 2 weeks until my 6 week scan. Had intralipids today as one of the NK cell levels was slightly high. All okay apart from that and OHSS seems to be calming down with snacks only and no meals.

Buzzybee123 Thu 23-Jan-14 15:40:50

So Im back from MW appointment, the sweep didn't happen as she couldn't reach my cervix and could push the babies head out hmm she also said I could into labour tonight or it could take 2 days to get labour started hmm I feel a fit meh, baby is happy though smile so now I need to find some other things to keep me entertained while i'm in hospital, I told minibee she has till Friday next week then I'm sending in the troops

sea why are you having blood tests is this for the OHSS ??

free glad the scan went well, I wouldn't worry about the dates being slightly different

seamermaid Thu 23-Jan-14 16:40:44

Wow Buzz! It's happening! Here's hoping minibee comes herself without any induction. Are you feeling v uncomfortable now? How do you feel about the birth? More excited or nervous? The former I hope.

Daily bloods is hcg beta tests and progesterone level tests. Argy are a bit anal about testing in the first 2 weeks apparently. I didn't realise it was daily testing so it came as a bit of a surprise.

Euro - I hope your cold feels better soon. No good drugs sucks...

Buzzybee123 Thu 23-Jan-14 18:08:06

sea I feel ok and was quite excited but the thought of labour taking 2 days to kick off fills me with dread. Need to find some more activities to keep me occupied while I'm in hospital waiting

Eletheomel Thu 23-Jan-14 20:46:00

Quickie from me, will catch up properly later (quick hello and welcome to freedom :-)

Just wanted to say buzzy that my 2 days in hospital pre-labour were spent with books, crappy magazines and crossword puzzles. However, most of it was spent listening in to everyone else's conversations in the antenatal ward (I'm very nosy!)

And there is always the food to look forward to.....

I also tried to have lots of catnaps during the day as the insomnia (and general noise in the hospital at night) prevented night-time sleeping (so had my curtains shut a lot, which made for better and more sneaky earwigging...).

CritterPants Thu 23-Jan-14 21:35:26

Just popping back in to wish buzz lots and lots of luck and love as we get ready to welcome mini bee to the world. Big hug.

Also to congratulate sweet on a gorgeous chunky little chap. Lovely news - hurrah for another 10 plusser baby!

sea I felt guilty for getting pregnant via IVF on the first round too but you shouldn't - you've more than earned this pregnancy. You have been so patient! And you can use an online IVF due date calculator like this one to work out your due date.

seamermaid Thu 23-Jan-14 23:01:35

Buzz - can you download some movies and watch them on a laptop or iPad? Funny movies and shows tend to take my mind off things.

Critters - Thanks for your lovely words. I managed to work it out with Euro's help. I know I have said it before - I really am in complete awe of your strength and amazing kindness at such a sad time for you. I know you will be an amazing mother. A big big hug to you.

PrincessChick Thu 23-Jan-14 23:54:11

Ooo Buzz! Exciting! I'll be watching eagerly! Xxx

Ginestas Fri 24-Jan-14 04:49:14

Lovely to see more grads on here !

Wohoo free on seeing mini arms and legs! Daily bloods sea?! I'm surprised you have any veins left, but it must be comforting to see the numbers rising.

sweet massive congrats on your little boy! I'm so pleased he's arrived.

buzz lots of good luck for Monday. Like ele I too mostly listened to other people to occupy myself, but once hooked up to the drip had my own lovely room. I read mags and trashy novels. It passes surprisingly quickly. VERY exciting!

Lovely critter, I'm still thinking of you. I was so pleased to read that you had a consultant who treated you with the compassion you deserve and who you will feel comfortable with next time. I hope your recovery is going ok.

Right, I need to try to slide sleeping baby off the boob and into her basket. Wish me luck!

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Fri 24-Jan-14 08:15:14

Morning lovelies!

Massive good luck to Buzz!

Squeeze for critter, if you're still here. I've said all I thought on the conception fred. Thinking of you three.

Welcome free, euro and sea! Finally I am no longer the least diffed here smile

Congrats on you plumb baby boy, sweet!

Waves to all. Tired but happy here!

Ginestas Fri 24-Jan-14 10:18:38

lemons I meant to say hurrah for a good 20 week scan and a little boy on the way. Very exciting. What's your due date?

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Fri 24-Jan-14 17:01:02

June 7th. Nearly 21 weeks now...

mrsmellow Fri 24-Jan-14 22:09:31

Good luck buzz

seamermaid Sat 25-Jan-14 11:21:26

Hi buzz
How's it going? Any sign of little Bee?
Hope you are not too uncomfortable.

Buzzybee123 Sat 25-Jan-14 11:42:46

nothing but trapped wind sea, I have loads more snacks for my hospital visit now, this is our last weekend just the two of us smile well 3 if you count the cat

seamermaid Sun 26-Jan-14 00:29:17

Buzz. Enjoy the last weekend just the 3 of you. I hope mini Bee comes out to play soon. Good luck. smile

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Mon 27-Jan-14 21:15:44

Good luck tomorrow, buzz!

seamermaid Mon 27-Jan-14 21:35:19

Buzz - I saw on the other fred that tomorrow is a big day. Good luck. Hope it's as painless as possible. You deserve a sneeze birth. Can't wait until you have your babe in your arms. Love xx

sarlat Tue 28-Jan-14 19:21:38

Hello and sorry for the crapness in keeping up. This thread is busy which is great news.

sea - congrats and delighted you have moved to this thread. Could twins be on the cards?? Wishing you a smooth pregnancy.

Free - brilliant about that scan. Now you can start to believe this is real and hang out on the baby name threads.

sweet - congratulations honey. Sorry it precious newborn.

Critter - hope you and mr c are doing ok. So generous of you to keep offering advice and support to others. Are your family still with you?

Princess, art, gin and anyone else, hope all is well with you and the littlies.

We are doing ok here at sar house. Baby sar appears happy and has just started smiling. The nappies are something else and she has some uncomfortable, gassy days and the cluster feeding can be crazy. A couple of weeks a go I developed very sudden and excruciating chest pain in the night. Had to go to the emergency gp who diagnosed pleurisy. Turns out, I had it all along in labour. We don't do things by halves in this house. Anyway, antibiotics got rid and all is well.

one thing I am finding since I gave birth is constant guilt about giving people time to see the baby, especially close family. I know this is a wasteful emotion and probably not even a reflection of what is real but I ferl the pressure not to disappoint family who love her so much. I suspect things will settle on their own.

Big waves x

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