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Biscuitsandtea Sun 07-Aug-11 14:36:48


I thought I'd start a Grads thread for those of us previously on the TTC 6 mths+ thread. I've been lurking on the ttc thread recently to see how everyone is getting on (having only very recently qualified to move off it!) and a few people were saying what a nice idea it would be if there was a grads thread so we don't lose each other.

Anyway, would be lovely to hear from other lovely ladies that were on that thread - or even if you were never on the ttc thread but had a sticky time of it getting your bfp then come and settle down with a decaf cuppa for a chat.

<lays out some freshly baked goodies to tempt people in>

roomyenoughforacritter Sat 13-Jul-13 14:43:50

buzzy thanks so much - I tried them and they didn't have an appointment when I could make it, but I've found another similar place that will do it around there and booked an appointment. Hopefully my mum and MrC can come too (as both of them will be in London with me) so that will be really nice. Your 12 week scan must be next week or thereabouts too?

sarlat Sat 13-Jul-13 16:53:48

Hello to all on this hot hot day.

I have finally made it accross. I have been stupidly busy with house stuff, job stuff and nausea and have been a bit worried about keeping up with this thread. But decided now is the time to dip my big toe.

Heart- I am delighted to hear your wonderful news. Congratulations on your baby girl and what a stunning name.

Mellow - and to you too sweetheart. Congratulations on your bouncing baby boy, I do hope you are recovering well.

Gin- how are you my bump twin. Hoping that you arehaving an amazing holiday and showing off your gorgous bump in a bikini.

Buzz - sorry the steroids make you feel bloaty, not long now, yy to the pasta.

Critter - I am sorry you didn't get a scan, a private scan in london sounds like a good plan.

Art, i hope you have got your work done and dusted and are coping ok in this heat?

Welcome and congratulations to the new lady. You must be over the moon after 3 years. Wishing you an easy and healthy pregnancy.

Well, im now better although mild nausea and indigestion rumbles on. I have no bump but have lost my waist. People regularly tell me I am tiny for 17 weeks. But on the plus side I think (really not sure) I got two little kicks this morning.

The world of prams is baffeling me as is all the maternity forms that are required.

Princess- did you do hypnobirthing through a class or did you get a cd? Your girl sounds like an absolute super star and growing just brilliantly. Iwill take all your advice about silly shape comments.

Take care

sarlat Sat 13-Jul-13 16:56:54

Ooops I got my births mixed up. Frannie congratulations on your baby boy. Mellow, hoping the next week stays relaxed and your little one makes an easy going appearance.

Buzzybee123 Sat 13-Jul-13 20:40:58

critter glad you are booked in somewhere, it is amazing to see your baby on the scan, plus they will give you a picture too smile

sar I cannot believe you are 17 weeks already shock where has the time gone hmm I've had terrible indigestion but the sickness has improved. Will you find out what you are having smile

Barry asked me about Christenings today confused umm last thing from my mind, then he showed me a list of baby names that can hold back your child grin I actually thought we had kind of decided on names already but clearly not, this is the most we have ever talked about the baby who I still think of as a 'condition' rather than a living thing inside me, its the only thing that has stopped me from cracking under the pressure

Ginestas Sun 14-Jul-13 14:50:57

Hello ladies! It's gin here, with a slight name change. Just back from holidays, boooo, but at least the weather is rather lush here.

I'm so so happy to read of all the 10+ babies smile

frannie congrats on your little boy! So lovely to think that both you and princess from the first 10+ meet up now have your babies. I hope you are enjoying these first few weeks and getting some sleep

heart a big congrats to you too! Am so pleased for you. Gorgeous name too.

ele hope your little one is still doing well and not suffering too much in the heat.

buzz I too forget there's a little living bean in me and have to keep looking at the scan pic to remind myself. It's amazing that there's something baby shaped in there. I have actually thought about a christening as I want a big fuck off party to celebrate (and have banned baby showers).

Hello bump twin sar! Lovely to see you over here. When is your 20 week scan? Mine's at 21.5 weeks on 7 aug. Am already getting nervous and worrying there's nothing in there... Can't wait to find out the gender.

critter I'm pleased to hear you have a scan booked. So in the States there's no 12 week scan but they do a foof exam?! I know what I'd prefer! Btw, if you have a mo when in the Big Smoke and fancy a quick post-work coffee, do let me know.

princess your posts are making me feel like I can't wait to have baby gin here smile You sound v happy and mini P sounds gorgeous. Ha ha at her being bigger than the 8 week weedy baby boy.

mellow any news yet?! And any from teu?

art not long to go now! How does finishing work feel? I'm feeling a bit freaked out that I only have 4 months left. I love my job and am worried about it not being the same when I return after mat leave or feeling that I have to wrestle tasks off my deputy who will be doing my role whilst I'm off. Hmm, I'm sure it'll work out and maybe work will feel less important.

I had a consultant appointment just before holidays and they have discharged me to normal midwife care, yay! I still don't feel like a normal, but hopefully as things progress I will. Or maybe not - long term ttc and infertility have definitely left their mark! I was a tad totally mental on holiday about what I could/couldn't eat. Basically I decided crisps and ice cream mars were ok - no wonder I am so large now! buzz I think you were talking about weight gain? I have put loads on, about 9lbs I think. Eek. I do have a bump but think there's a lot on my thighs. However I am enjoying having some boobage for once... I am feeling a lot less sick, so need to get the eating junk food under control now. I too am suffering with indigestion. Any tips on how to deal with it other than guzzling gaviscon?!

Anyway hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather and having fab weekends.

Buzzybee123 Sun 14-Jul-13 17:30:04

gine omeprazole has helped me with the indigestion

sarlat Sun 14-Jul-13 20:54:55

Gin - our scans are on the exact same day!

Ginestas Sun 14-Jul-13 21:15:17

No way sar! Is yours am or pm? Mine's at 10.30 I think.

buzz is omeprazole prescription only?!

Don't wanna go back to work tomorrow...

Buzzybee123 Sun 14-Jul-13 21:36:14

gin yes it is but your GP should give it to you,

TeuchterWahine Mon 15-Jul-13 10:39:41

Hello ladies, sorry meant to check in last weekend. So fabulous to have so many 10+ grads over here. I was thinking the other day that a year ago I never thought I would be on count down to my mini Teu. Such a desperate time. We have all come such a long way.
Congrats on all the new bundles - frannie, heart, mellow.
Baby shower was lovely. No silly games, lots of lovely cakes and company. We have such a great bunch of people around us, very lucky. Mum is barely contained excitement now. MrTeu says his perceived excitement is actually blind terror! We are still no closer to having any names, but now have 3 books from the library. I got told off for making light of a serious decision by suggesting Orville for a boy. Had to be done grin
35wks and collecting side-effects. Reflux last night not helped by critter pushing a limb under my ribs and pushing my insides into my stomach.
Gin depends when your indigestion strikes. I need to eat dinner earlier. Yoghurt or cheese can be soothing inbetween the Gaviscon. Fatty foods can make it worse, as can eating too much in one sitting. All a bit non-specific, but there might be something there that helps. Oh and sit up tall.
Bit of a onesided splurge, sorry. Just smile smile that we are all here.

mrsmellow Mon 15-Jul-13 14:02:13

Gosh how lovely to see so many 10+ ers here! Hello! smile
I still have a bump - due date tomorrow so not going to get too grumpy for another 10 days. I've always been counting down to a post dates baby in order to keep my sanity so think that helps! I'm also still relatively comfortable so I'm quite lucky I think - not to say I wouldn't just love to meet him, but damn, we've waited so long, whats a few more days! The only thing is I am an emotional nutjob - can't believe what makes me cry these days - i actually woke myself up from sleep sobbing with tears running down my face about a dream on Saturday - I couldn't tell you what was sad about the dream, but I was inconsolable for about 5 mins!

The main pressure right now is to deliver on the same day as Kate to get our specially minted penny - definitely getting pressurised by DH for that, he's a bit of a nerdy coin collector wink !

Will keep you updated on any news. We also unbelievably don't have a final name yet - so indecisive! We have a short list and DH keeps trying to add to it - I think he stands in front of the bookshelf and picks names out so last night we had Wilfred and Jasper...
He told me this morning that he has an important breakfast meeting on Wednesday if we could work around that... men!

ArtemisTheHunter Mon 15-Jul-13 15:02:00

Hi all

It's brilliant to see the thread so lively! I too have been reflecting on how far we've all come. I still want all the 10+ers in the same place but hope it gives the others faith that it can work out despite the perceived odds. Rabbit and any other 10+ers who come and read, do pop in to say hello, it is by no means an exclusive club and it would be lovely to see you over here smile

Huge congratulations to Frannie and Heart on your new arrivals and Frannie how brilliant that your nephew's treatment seems to have worked. He sounds like a trouper.

MrsM glad you're comfortable and not worrying about going overdue. grin at MrM's important meeting. Mr A is trying to juggle leave and keeps asking me when he should tell his boss he'll be on paternity leave. His guess is as good as mine on that one!

Teu and MrsM no final names here yet either. We're kind of settled on a girl's name but not a boy. Sod's law dictates a boy is what we'll get. I keep threatening MrA that we'll have to call him Elvis if we can't decide, though I'm now quite liking Orville as an alternative grin.

Princess it's brilliant to hear how well everything is going with MiniPrincess. You sound so loved up and contented, so pleased. I bet Mr P is over the moon especially as he was able to get the house finished in time for your new family smile

Critter glad the course was good and that you got a scan sorted!

Gin hurrah for being a normal grin. I'm sure your priorities will shift after the baby is here and you won't care nearly so much about work. I'm beginning to despair of ever finishing. Partly because I'm knackered and struggling to do more than 5/6 hours a day, but also because some clients are dragging their heels over information I need to get my work done. I negotiated a mid-July end date with everyone months ago but I don't think they have listened to me at all. I'm determined not to go any further than 38 weeks which will be next Friday, I think that's enough for anyone. The most annoying thing is when the more demanding people sign off email requests with cheerful crap like 'don't work too hard' hmm

Sar, wow, nearly 20 weeks already? Funny how other people's pregnancies seem to fly by while your own seems to take forever smile Hope you're past the worst of the grotty feelings by now.

Buzz and Gin hope the indigestion eases soon. I didn't get it much but have have bad 2nd/3rd trimester heartburn. I found cutting out bread made a difference, thanks to advice from ladies on here, but I don't know why that would be. It might be worth trying to figure if any particular foods trigger it. I ended up just eating what I felt like, and if that was junk food and ice cream which it was, so be it. I'm sure I'll regret that in 6 weeks' time but actually, despite feeling like I've stuffed my face for 8 months, I'm on track for the average 2 stone weight gain. The baby will drain you of energy so you need fuel!

FWIW, for those wondering when the bump will show, I didn't have an obvious bump until about 22 weeks. I was in maternity clothes long before that because my waist had disappeared, but if I dressed carefully only people who knew me well would have guessed. I've had the arsehole comments too, but of the opposite kind to Princess - my bump's quite petite by comparison with other women at my stage, probably because I'm tall so there is plenty of space, and when i tell people I'm due in just over 3 weeks I've had the raised eyebrow and 'are you sure'? Oh hang on no, you're right, I don't actually know when my own baby's due hmm. Even in the last few weeks I have had people who have known me for ages say they didn't notice I was pregnant. FFS, the bump is not that small and I used to be a size 10. I mean, I like cake but not that much!

Better get back to the grindstone. Hope everyone is well and enjoying rather than suffering through the sunshine smile

Buzzybee123 Mon 15-Jul-13 17:22:23

art don't go past the date you have set for work, it shows a lack of respect that people are dragging their heals and expect you to work longer, if the work isn't finished then that is their problem, your priority is your baby.

teu do you know what you are having?? How long is your mum out there for

mellow You better go into labour on Wednesday wink I think naming the baby is going to be an issue for us, we also have a 4 syllable foreign last name to consider

its nice to see this board active as there are not many places I feel comfortable chatting

roomyenoughforacritter Thu 18-Jul-13 05:58:47

Hi guys

Quick early morning hello from me - mellow I can imagine there'd be a lot of pressure to deliver on the same day as Kate but how cool that you're having yours right around the same time! That's so lovely. The name will come to you, I'm sure - and it'll be perfect. smile

buzz how are you feeling? I'm 13 and 1 now and have just in the past day or so stopped dry retching all the time.

art how annoying about the cheery 'don't work too hard' emails - that would have me throwing something at the computer! I hope you're managing in the heat. It's cooler here than it is in the US but the difference is the lack of air con or even electric fans - I was so hot yesterday!

gin and sar hooray for having scans on the same day! So cool. smile I had my nuchal scan yesterday privately here in London and I'm so glad I did. My parents and MrC were there too and my mum was sniffling away - it was so nice given how far away we live from each other. It was lovely and really amazing how much you could see, given the little creature is only 7 centimetres long.

teu hurrah for a lovely shower and excited parents. I hope your critter gives you less trouble in the rib kicking department!

Loves to all.

Buzzybee123 Thu 18-Jul-13 18:01:40

critter yay to scans and seeing wiggly baby, is this your parents first grandchild smile

Yesterday I though I was going to die, yes I know a complete drama lama but with the heat and sickness and indigestion, I just couldn't cope, I had been alright for a few days just mild nausea, I also have a bit of a UTI, cue lots of fretting about my immunes etc roll on tomorrow so I can have my scan

roomyenoughforacritter Fri 19-Jul-13 08:58:34

buzz really good luck with your scan today! It is the first grandchild on both sides so lovely for my mum and dad to see it. Sorry you're feeling so terrible. You should mention your UTI to the doctor or nurse. My midwife told me that apparently they are common in pregnancy but should be treated with antibiotics so they don't escalate into a kidney infection which wouldn't be good for you or the little pippin.

Cosmos1 Fri 19-Jul-13 13:56:57

Hi there, am working from home today so inevitably on MN loads, plus am preparing for upcoming FET round and looking for inspiration so thought I'd check out how you're all getting on. So nice to read how people get on the other side and that its all worth it. Lovely to read about the little ones finally arriving! Best wishes. X

Eletheomel Fri 19-Jul-13 16:44:28


Hope you're all doing well!

buzzy thinking of you today and really hoping your scan went well (that 12 week scan is such a milestone, and for me was the point at which I told my family we were expecting, really exciting!) I hope your feeling better today, I totally sympathise with teh nausea, my morning sickness got worse from week 11 onwards for me, really hope that won't happen for you and it's just a combination of UTI, heat, worry and stuff.

UTI's are crap, I've got a bottle of pee to drop off at doctors next week to see if there is any residual infection there (not got the burning pee, but keep getting the odd 'clawing sensation' in my bladder so wanted to get it ruled out).

And congratulations to gin, sar and critter for your scans too - it seems so long ago now when I was having a 12wk scan myself, (I found time really dragged until week 30 when suddenly it sped up ridiculously quickly and you find yourself thinking 'sh*t, I'm actually going to be having a baby' well, I did anyway :-)

Thank you for popping by cosmos will be keeping everything crossed for your forthcoming FET and sending you all the luck I can muster!

mellow - looking forward to hearing your birth announcement (but dont' envy you going into labour in this heat - hospitals are hot enough at the best of times - let's see how keen baby mellow is to meet the world!

Things here are going fine, had a nice day out in the garden yesterday under the gazebo with Hamish on his play mat - he was really chilled which was nice, and it was so warm I even let him go naked! - he's 7 weeks today and starting to have a lot more happy awake time, with gorgeous smiles and stuff - makes up for the lack of sleep and all the pooey nappies!

Ah well, better go and get the tea started (veggie enchilladas tonight!) Hope you all have great weekends!


Buzzybee123 Fri 19-Jul-13 23:18:38

hey ladies

I have so busy today but did manage a little afternoon nap wink all was well at the scan, it was very emotional, I had my booking in appointment first and just talking about my miscarriages made me cry, made me realise how lucky I am to be at this stage but also what I have lost along the way, minibee was not very cooperative but they got the measurements in the end, low risk for everything due to donor eggs.

The UTI is a little better thanks to the anitbiotics, I have to say today I feel alot better, I'm weaning off the steroids as well, but today I actually feel like a human, hardly any sickness or indigestion, it did worry me this morning but as everything was fine I'm not going to stress too much, I will book in for another scan in the next few weeks just to make sure that everything is fine

ele Its been so hot, if I thought I could get away with being naked I would have too, lucky Hamish, he does sound gorgeous smile

cosmos when does FET actually start from you, I can't rememberif I asked about your immune treatment on the other thread

Eletheomel Sat 20-Jul-13 19:38:35

Great news buzzy so glad it all went well and I totally understand about it being emotional. I remember the relief this time when I actually saw a baby on the screen, as opposed to that horrible blackness you see when you've had a miscarriage - the sound of your baby's heart beat is (to me) one of the most amazing sounds you can hear - so glad it all went well.

Great news that the antibiotics are kicking in and you're feeling better, and most women do feel better approaching the 12th week so you're in the majority (only the unlucky minority who suffer for longer!)

I was actually in the minority in having my clothes on in the garden, my older son was also naked - sadly we're overlooked a bit or else I might have joined them (although my huge boobs really need some support these days - just back from nursing bra shopping, I'm a huge 38H (didn't even know they went that big!!!)

My cat, Slinky, joined us in the garden, but as she's black she was suffering a bit and was sitting panting under the chair (found myself wondering how dogs look cute and friendly when they pant, but cats just look sinister :-)

TeuchterWahine Sun 21-Jul-13 03:17:42

Ooh buzzy grin grin at the scan. Actually can't think of words for how excited I am for you! Glad the UTI is getting better too.
critter glad your scan was ok too.
I feel for those of you with MS in the heat. Not pleasant, it was in the 30s here for the early part of my pregnancy.
eleth We prop a physio gel pack from the freezer on Poppy's tummy when it's really hot. When she flops on the floor with a pathetic squeak, we just lean it against her and she relaxes. She rolls away when she's had enough but seems to really appreciate it. Just outed myself as being totally dotty!
Art Have you managed to extract yourself from work yet? I'm supposed to go to 2 August but really can't face it. My midwife won't have an issue signing me off I know that. Cue some discussion with the boss this week I think. My replacement/fort holder starts Monday so we'll see what we can do.
Finished antenatal yesterday. The guys couldn't believe they were being told to go to the pub for an hour (so we could talk about things we really wished we didn't have to). Nurses at work fixed me up with a set of fetching hosiery for my swollen ankles and I see the physio Monday about my sore hands (one more reason to get out of work sooner). All good, 3 weeks 2 days + overcooking.
Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine.

Buzzybee123 Mon 22-Jul-13 18:10:33

mellow I hope you are busy pushing to get your minted coin grin

mrsmellow Mon 22-Jul-13 18:34:48

Hello, lovely to read the chat!
Our wee man was born last Tuesday evening after a very speedy labour. I was induced at term as my sugars have been high (but controlled on diet) for the last few weeks. I had prostin gel and after an hours monitoring went for a walk - they send you off for 6 hours and then reassess. We wandered around for an hour with me pausing to breathe through regular pains which were tolerable but DH noted that they were occurring v frequently so we headed back to the hospital and my waters broke on the way. On the ward things ramped up rapidly but as it was handover DH struggled to attract attention. Eventually my screams about a desire to push attracted a midwife who examined me and confirmed that I was 10cm and they threw a sheet over me and wheeled me around to labour ward where baby was born after 7 minutes... I was so relieved that I was fully dilated becAuse the pain was so much and if it had been early labour (3cm for eg) I thought I would have died! He is v small, only 5lb 12oz, but perfectly formed. He has been feeding like a trooper and when weighed has only lost 3%! My nipples are taking the brunt, so painful, but hoping it will settle down soon. We are completely in love and entranced by his every fart and gurgle. I am quite tired though and dread DH going back to work- am going to make the most of this week.

Have to go to feed, will pop,back soon and catch up properly.
It is all worth it!

Buzzybee123 Mon 22-Jul-13 19:58:16

mellow congrats on your lovely little boy, enjoy your snuggles smile

ArtemisTheHunter Mon 22-Jul-13 22:52:25

Mellow congratulations! Fantastic news. So glad everything went well though it does sound a little hectic!

Hope everyone else is well. Great news on scans Critter and Buzz, it's great to have that reassurance that there really is a baby in there! Hope you're feeling better Buzz and that the UTI has well and truly gone.

sar how are you doing lovely? Seen the back of the sickness yet?

Teu not long to go now grin. I don't feel like anything is going to happen soon but still have 2.5 weeks to go. Getting on with work, the new finish date is Friday and this one isn't moving. It's the peril of self employment - if I don't finish these reports I don't get paid, simple as. But I'm ok, managing to concentrate better now the heat has subsided a bit and the end is definitely in sight. And I can set my own hours and don't have to commute any further than the spare room. Not so bad really.

I need to sort my hospital bag... Have got everything but it's all just sitting in a pile in a corner of the bedroom. I've only got the essentials but it still looks like a lot of stuff!

ele fab to see you, Hamish sounds adorable and you sound very relaxed and chilled smile

Love to all xx

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