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Biscuitsandtea Sun 07-Aug-11 14:36:48


I thought I'd start a Grads thread for those of us previously on the TTC 6 mths+ thread. I've been lurking on the ttc thread recently to see how everyone is getting on (having only very recently qualified to move off it!) and a few people were saying what a nice idea it would be if there was a grads thread so we don't lose each other.

Anyway, would be lovely to hear from other lovely ladies that were on that thread - or even if you were never on the ttc thread but had a sticky time of it getting your bfp then come and settle down with a decaf cuppa for a chat.

<lays out some freshly baked goodies to tempt people in>

Frannieannie Mon 15-Apr-13 20:34:45

Hi all,

Hope you are all keeping well at the various stages. Congratulations to the ladies with newborns- hope they are doing well and you are getting some sleep!

Sorry I've been AWOL for a while. I needed time to step away from google and MN after we had the high risk scan. That combined with family illness was going to drive me crazy and I'd had enough of that from the 2 and a half years of TTC paranoia!! I can't remember what I've said but we decided not to have amnio. Since then our scans have shown nothing abnormal and they're not even sure if the first measurement was correct. Obviously we're still considered high risk and it is at the back of mind constantly but otherwise I have been keeping healthy and all seems to be following the normal patterns. Just keeping everything crossed that the baby is healthy....and staying away from googling various potential problems!!

I'm sorry that I'm not able to name check but I can't post and read back and it's been so long that I have kind of lost track of who and where people are. Could we perhaps do a stats list? I'll start it off...

frannie 28 weeks- due 4th July

Anyway, hope you are all well lovelies. Looks like we might have some new grads soon smile x

mrsmellow Mon 15-Apr-13 22:47:22

Hi there again
sorry so sporadic - work is really busy at the moment - i feel cheated! I just want to do yoga, swimming, eat well and be pregnant!

Buggy arrived - we went with a baby jogger city mini - and it is great - hope it works with baby in situ! Very exciting.

artemis I too either look very pregnant or not at all.. very strange! Had a bad fashion day yesterday in hugely comfortable but not flattering maternity trousers and a horizonatal striped top - not going to wear that one again - whereas today in black skinny jeans and a black t-shirt - hardly look pregnant at all!
frannie sorry to hear about high risk scan - is it your nephew who's been unwell or am I remembering wrongly?

I had supper with friends this evening in a local thai and I'm going to have to stay upright for the next hour if I hope to sleep at all! Heartburn is fun...

Are you all having braxton hicks? I've been having them for about 6 weeks and today they were epic. Apparently normal

So, I'm 26+6 weeks and due 16th July

FormerlyKnownAsPrincessChick Wed 17-Apr-13 10:06:56

Morning all!

MrsM snap on the buggy - we're going for a baby jogger too. I loved the way the fold and they are so light too. We tried all of the prams in the shop and thought that the jogger was far better than even the really expensive ones. No BH here yet. And heart burn seems to have eased off too, which is a relief because it was bloody awful a few weeks ago.

Frannie lovely to see you back smile Glad things are going well despite the initial scare. We didn't have that particular test. I'm a bit sick of tests, they seem to unnecessarily freak me out. And as you say they are not perfect and make mistakes all over the place, which just adds to the stress.

Artemis you're welcome for the list thing. Sorry to hear about the colds. What I thought was turning into some hideous throat infection seems to have disappeared - poof!

So I'm getting huge huge huge. We had a huge bout of giggles when I went to lean over to the card machine at the end of the check out in Waitrose and could only just reach because of the bump. I personally think I'm starting to look ridiculous as the rest of me is normal size, I just have this gargantuan belly that sticks out a mile.

I won't woe on about the plaster. We seem to have come to a resolution and replastering starts tomorrow. There's had to be compromise on all parts and it looks like it's not going to be a case of ripping the whole house to pieces. However, we had a very frank conversation last night and there is a possibility that we just won't be able to be in in time for the baby. I didn't cry or make a fuss as I've been preparing for this but I'm very scared and feel like everything is now out of my control. I've done another post about this in pregnancy because I'm not sure what I do. Hopefully we'll be in and this is just about preparing mentally but at what point do you actually change over midwives / hospitals etc. There's also the small thing of, you know, going into labour at mum and dad's new house, getting Mr P to the hospital in time, being able to do my hypnobirthing with relatives around and not being in my own home with a new born. I actually feel a bit heart broken and numb that things have panned out like this. It's bad enough I will have spent my whole pregnancy with my in laws not having a brilliant time of it and now there's another massive drama to deal with. I don't feel I can really bash Mr P over head with this much more as he already feels like he's failed me over the house and not providing me with a safe nest for the baby and I don't want to lump any more stress on his plate. Especially given the heart ache of the last few years.

I guess this is what you call a "first world problem" or a "middle class dilemma". I've been reading stoic philosophy to try and come to a more rational way of thinking on this. It could be so much worse but it just feels so difficult and out of control and well, wrong.

In better news, my hospital bag is nearly packed and I'm back to yoga tonight after the Easter break. And it's not long til maternity now either.

Hope you are all well smile


TeuchterWahine Thu 18-Apr-13 10:21:42

Artemis I hear you on the rioja. Not that it's easy to come by out here. Waipara Pinot for me. MrTeu is definitely buying better wine. I do however refuse to switch from the common cup (I'm awaiting the disapproving stares) and am taking a leaf out of a friend's book. Hope you are feeling better. Heading into flu season so I've been jabbed.
frannie nice to see you around.
MrsM and princess we've been looking at the Baby Jogger too - City Elite. That and the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle. Need something robust for the EQ damaged pavements around here. I plan to walk lots. But friends are parting with a perfectly good Chicco with carry cot, about 5 years old excellent condition so I'm torn. Sense says the additional money is better in the bank.
princess I feel for you with the house woes. It's only natural that you want to nest, getting to this point has been huge. Poor MrP, I'm sure he feels it terribly too. Given the choice I think I'd rather go into labour at my parents, new house or not. I hope it all gets sorted out soon, you will have your safe nest and you can feather it as a family.

I've enrolled us in hypnobirthing classes. We had a giggle over the woo terminology in the book she sent. Trying to get my head around real nappies and whether to go for convenience and order them here or ship them from the UK because I object to being overcharged. Sounds awful doesn't it?

Eletheomel Fri 19-Apr-13 21:49:37

Hello everyone!

Sorry I've been awol for a while - nothing going on really other than just getting bigger and slower and more tired! However, the good news is I have only 3 working days left until my mattie leave starts :-)

I'm working next Tue/Wed/Thu then that is me until mid-July 2014 (I still can't believe it!).

I had a 34 week scan and consultant appointment on wednesday and everything is fine, but there was marginally more fluid round the baby than desirable, so I've to go to hospital on monday for a glucose tolerance test to check whether I have gestational diabetes. They checked my bloods at 28 weeks and they were fine, so consultant doesn't think I do have it, but they just want to rule it out (and I'm always one for rather being safe than sorry - so don't mind, although I hate energy drinks (esp lucozade) so not looking forward to that at all (that and the fasting - I need food regularly right now!).

Consultant appointment was fine, go back to see him at week 38 and I reckon I'll probably opt for induction in week 39 (as I'm over 40, there is an increased risk of full-term still birth - although the risk is still small - so recommendations are induction at week 39). Although if I do test positive for gestational diabetes that would be induction at 38 weeks, and if I end up with Pre-eclampsia, that would be an earlier induction - either way, looks like induction is the way forward unless I have a miraculous spontaneous early labour :-D

Starting to feel a lot more real now though (took me long enough to get there) keep thinking I could have a baby in 4.5 weeks? How mad is that?

So exciting seeing all your 'new pram' posts. We don't need to buy any big things this time (as we optimistically kept all of DS' stuff) which is great as it saves us many pennies, but there is something really exciting about checking out prams etc, and I do sometimes feel that I just want to spend money on something! However, I ended up buying 4 prams last time (maybe went a bit mad? although I did use them all and will be using them all again this time) so really, the last thing I need is another one (think Mr E would pass out!)

princess so sorry about all your building woes, can totally understand your desire to have your own space for the baby arriving - you done amazingly well living with the in-laws for so long and you totally deserve a bit of building-related luck! But you know, the baby will arrive anyway, it will light up your life and everything else will fade into the background, and that day you move into your new house together as a family will be amazing!

artemis so sorry for all your colds - it's totally crap when you're pregnant - I've only had 2 colds in this pregnancy and found them appalling, can't imagine having had six! Can't wait until my immune system is back to full strength!

Stacks great to hear from you and sorry Thomas is keeping you up!

Frannie nice to hear from you and you're right, might be nice to have a reminder of where we're all at!

Eletheomel - age 41, had DS when I was 37 (he was 3 years in the making) my current bean is due 28 May (but will probably be induced a week earlier) and it was 21 months in the making (odd that it was quicker given my age!).

Waves to everyone I've missed - sorry for not managing to name check everyone!

ArtemisTheHunter Sun 21-Apr-13 15:17:41

Hello all

Frannie it's lovely to see you and I'm glad all is looking normal after the high-risk scan scare. AFAIK the nuchal test has a fairly high margin of error and the 20 week scan is a far more reliable indicator of problems so it sounds like all will be well smile

MrsM great news on the buggy! No Braxton Hicks here yet but I'm a month or so behind you. I hear you on the busy work front. I'm working next Sunday and then two weekends in June and am a bit angry but needs must. Beginning to sympathise on the heartburn front too...

Princess I'm sorry to hear about the ongoing house nightmare. I do think you're right that mental preparation is the key once you have decided on the practicalities and there seemed to be some useful suggestions on your other thread. Have you come to any decisions? Glad you are feeling well otherwise though. grin at being too huge to reach the supermarket card machine!

Teu I really hadn't planned total abstention from lovely wine but am finding it easier to have none at all than just small amounts. Not wishing to sound like a total lush but if I have one glass I want another and we end up with either lots of wasted wine or Mr A sinking most of a bottle by himself with me all envy and him then falling asleep on the couch and snoring. So he drinks posh beer instead these days which I'm not so bothered about, though i do always have a swig on principle grin. We are in the same position on buggies, been offered one by friends, though I have yet to see it. I do find the huge variety of choice absolutely mindboggling so if it seems half decent I think we'll stick with it for an easy life, at least until the baby arrives and we figure out what we actually need.

Eleth wow nearly on maternity leave, not long now! Glad everything was fine with the consultant and hope you get good news with the GTT tomorrow. You've really focused my mind with your induction situation. Given my age and the fact I've had IVF I had expected to be recommended induction at 40 weeks but it hadn't occurred to me they might want to do it earlier. Seems my jokes about working right up until my waters break might end up not being jokes after all! How do you feel about being induced - I think you had an OK experience last time didn't you? I have just heard horror stories, but then I've heard horror stories about pretty much every aspect of pregnancy and birth so far and they are definitely best ignored. So exciting knowing you will meet your little one in just a few short weeks!

AFM the bump is expanding and getting more obviously wriggly, which is reassuring. I am currently frightened of my navel. It's looking a bit weird and I am scared it's going to suddenly pop out and fire 39 years' worth of impacted belly-button fluff violently across whatever room I happen to be in. I guess that could add an extra frisson of danger to my next client meeting hmm.

I do think something is wrong with me today though. I got up early and spent 4 solid hours cleaning then cried over the London Marathon coverage on TV. None of these things is remotely normal. It's a good job Mr A is away this weekend, he'd think I'd gone mad. For once it probably is just my hormones... confused

I also discovered yesterday that this website is offering 40% off Cake and Hotmilk underwear and nightwear - thought I'd pass that on in case it's of use to anyone. They still seem to have a decent range of sizes available in some of the styles.

Hope everyone is well and having a lovely weekend smile

Heart7 Tue 23-Apr-13 13:20:15

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FormerlyKnownAsPrincessChick Thu 25-Apr-13 17:06:22

Afternoon all smile

Isn't it nice to see the sun shine! I hope it's like this for the rest of you guys this afternoon, although looking at the forecast it ain't going to last over the weekend. Poo.

Heart So glad you are having a peaceful pregnancy and I totally get what you mean about if this had happened straight off the bat you would have taken the whole process for granted. I'm amazed at how things just seem to be happening with no need for any charting or interference. I've definitely found the 3rd trimester the most relaxing in terms of not being too worried - GD scare aside - as baby moves and bump gets bigger and the midwife keeps telling me what an easy customer I am. It's great to have lots of positive medical feedback for a change. As for nursing bras, the lady in Mothercare who measured me last (I can't believe I'm in a 40C and that there is no bigger round the ribs bras now!) said to go in 2 weeks before my due date to be measured for a nursing bra. That's my plan and I'll just buy really simple ones to get me going. However, I hadn't considered those stretchy vests, I might add a couple to my hospital bag as well.

Art Oh do I get the cleaning thing. I've been having improper thoughts about sponging down the new bathroom tiles. There is one more wall to tile and then it's being grouted. So, it won't be long until I can get in there to clean them all - thoroughly. It's got to the point where I've meticulously planned this little cleaning event in my head:

Weapon of choice - large yellow sponge
Cleaning product - ecover lemon all purpose, although something more chemically would probably suit my nose at this point in time
Method - lots and lots and lots of hot soapy water, some radio 6 in the back ground (or maybe 80s cheese?) and some time with just me and the sponge in the new bathroom.
Oh yeah grin

I've cleaned the in laws house twice now and have been doing loads of washing up because I can't get enough of the smell of the washing up liquid (I think it's from the pound shop and has a very 'washing up liquid' smell about it - usually I hate anything like that and we only usually get the eco stuff - but the smell of Cussons morning fresh with sparklex is driving me WILD). Our toilet is getting cleaned thrice daily and I'm starting to get very concerned about all of this OCD type behaviour. I feel like I'm turning into my mother! But it's the draw of the cleaning products that is most alarming and is really getting me at the moment. I even waddled down the cleaning product aisle of Waitrose just to take in the aromas blush. Mr P was hmm and confused especially as I'm a bit of a slattern usually!

Ele You're on the home run! You must be soooooo excited and your little boy must be very excited about the prospect of a sibling too smile Hope you're feeling ok. I must say your very calm manner about your birth is very soothing to someone who is scared of all the medical intervention. Thanks for being so honest and down to earth about it all. You've really soothed my mind smile

Thanks also for the kind words about the house stuff fading into the background when the baby arrives everyone. I hadn't really considered it like that. That makes a lot of sense and now I'm resigned to it, I think I'm just about ok with it.

Having been to Mum & Dad's new house and having picked a room (with lush en suite) and choosing new furniture (organic king size mattress and bed) for the new room has made me feel a lot better. I'm off to go and stay with them for a while in a couple of weeks when I've finished work. I'm looking forward to having some of my own space - and the en suite bathroom is a particular god send as it means I'll have complete privacy rather than having to share a bedroom. Plus it means I won't have to bumble around in the night for my usual 3am pee.

Only 10 days of work left! I can't actually believe it! I'm so looking forward to time off now as I'm starting to find it all a bit of a strain - tiring to get up at even 8.30 as I'm waking for a wee and then struggling to get back to sleep. Also, even short walks are making me really breathless and exhausted although I'm trying to keep going as I know walking and moving around is good for baby. Head is still down and they are in position, just not engaged.

Hope you are all feeling well. I'll do a round up of stats after this one. Lots of luffs to you all xxxx

FormerlyKnownAsPrincessChick Thu 25-Apr-13 17:08:55

Eletheomel - age 41, had DS when I was 37 (he was 3 years in the making) my current bean is due 28 May (but will probably be induced a week earlier) and it was 21 months in the making (odd that it was quicker given my age!).

PrincessChick 33 weeks - due 10th June

Frannie 28 weeks- due 4th July

MrsM 26+6 weeks and due 16th July

Eletheomel Sun 28-Apr-13 19:45:32

Hello everyone!

Well big news for me today is that I am officially not going back to work until July 2014 now :-) Technically I'm on annual leave until 27th may, but to all intents and purposes its mattie leave! To celebrate I have myself a pregnancy massage booked for Tuesday and a mum2be beauty treatment organised for the following Thursday (might also try and fit in a haircut too!)

My GTT was negative (as I suspected) and the gloopy sugary stuff wasn't that bad at all - thought it'd be much worse. My BP was up that day (not high, but higher than normal) so was a wee bit worried (given my history of pre-eclampsia) but had m/w appt on friday and my BP was back to normal (for me) and my urine was clear so m/w thought it might have just been a blip due to the fasting required for the GTT test.

Had my last day at work on Tuesday and got a beautifuly bouquet of flowers and my workmates treated me to lunch, so was a nice day (just seems really odd that I'm not going back - will take a while to kick in, I think).

Princess I've been struggling with tiredness for weeks - really knocks me out, so i'm also glad I've finished up now - had to have a lie down for an hour today (didn't sleep, just rested deeply!) but felt much better for it.

Your en-suite room at your folks sounds great - and it will be nice having very much your own space for when your baby arrives - not your preferred choice I know, but I reckon it might all work out for the best (and it'll be nice having your folks so close for a bit)

I'm so in awe of your cleaning/nesting. I'm afraid nesting totally passed me by first time and this time too (my natural laziness appears to overcome the maternal instinct in this respect!). Although we did clean behind the sofa yesterday (it was hideous)

Heart great to hear from you, and good to know the natal hypnotherapy CD is working out - I bought it a couple of months ago but havent' played it yet (I'm rubbish!) but I plan on giving it a few spins this week. Generally though I do feel so much more positive about labour than I did last time or even a few months back, almost looking forward to it, to see what it will bring (hoping to 'cope' better than last time, so it's like a mini-challenge to myself!)

Art In hindsight, my induction last time was fine. I didn't cope well (but I'd been in hospital for 3 days with no sleep and the sudden pre-eclampsia totally caught me off guard so I didnt' handle the loss of my birth options too well - this time I'm much more prepared and realistic!.

Last time I didnt respond to the pessaries, so had to go on drip, but from them switching it on, it took 60 minutes to be fully dilated then 90 minutes for pushing. For all that first hour was really painful - I'd totally take that again (2.5 hours for a first birth, with no complications - who wouldn't :-) So, for all there are horror stories out there, there are just as many good stories - and I have several friends who responded to the pessaries so basically went on to have a natural labour - so induction doesn't always mean horrendous (hopefully you won't need one, but just in case you do!)

Okay, this is becoming way too long - so will sign off and will thank everyone for their well wishes, while sending good luck vibes to everyone (esp. all those I've not namechecked yet!)

Eletheomel Fri 03-May-13 13:35:21


Had a midwife appointment this morning and discovered that at 36+3 weeks, my bump has decided to be naughty and has turned breech (has been head down since my 12 week scan, including my m/w appointment last Friday!)

Given that I'm term on Tuesday (37 weeks - can't believe I'm nearly there) this is the worst time for it to change position.

So, have another midwife appointment next Friday and if they still think baby is breech will need to get a scan to see how the baby is lying.

I was so geared up for an induction I hadn't even considered the fact that I might have to have a section (really really hate the idea of a section).

Anyway, will be doing some random 'inversion' moves from the spinning babies website this week to try and 'encourage' the baby back into its usual position (maybe it just got bored?). I know there's no evidence that it'll work, but feels better being able to do something.

What a monkey though - changing position at this time!

On the plus side, BP and urine were good, so no worries about that just now.

Hope all your bumps are behaving better than mine!

FormerlyKnownAsPrincessChick Tue 07-May-13 11:20:24

Morning all,

Hope everyone enjoyed the glorious sunny bank holiday weekend! I was over at the house doing some light DIY stuff / keeping Mr P company / reading in the garden. It was lovely to be in my own space - albeit in chaos and a bit dusty! I did make a flat pack table and chairs yesterday, which I was quite proud about. Although there was a bit of a fail when the wind blew and flipped over the instructions with tiny, tiny washers on and threw them down between the gaps of the decking. It didn't matter too much though and I managed to get it to hold together nicely.

So, 35 + 1 weeks today! I can't believe I'm nearly there now! And to think it was all doom and gloom, TTC ban and brown diets this time last year. How times change. And it's my last week at work. Just 4 days left! I'm really looking forward to being able to lie in for at least a couple of weeks. It was hard work getting going this morning and I work from home FGS! I feel like pregnancy has turned me into a massive fat wimp! I threw up this morning unexpectedly and have a really sore wrist, which is really swollen. I'm sort of waddling and swaying around the place and the baby feels just massive. I can see distinct bits poking out at times - yesterday was all knees and feet. I've got to make an appointment with the GP to have my wrist looked at because it's been bad for over a week now. The midwife has said it's an injury rather than usual swelling because my left wrist is fine and my ankles haven't swollen either. Plus my BP was at an all time low on Fri - just 80/50! Although they are not concerned because I'm not passing out. It always amazes Mr P (and my family) that my BP is so low because I'm such a highly strung / stressy person and they would imagine that my BP should be super high and through the roof! grin

On the house front, we nearly have a bathroom, just a couple of square meters of tiles to grout (18m2 done and 2m2 to go!) and suite to put in. It's looking absolutely amazing at the moment though. Seeing the results is making it all feel worthwhile. I'll put some pics up when we have a finished room. Plus all of the plaster in the house has now been fixed and is drying properly because of the lovely weather. We are now back in the running with a slim chance of being in the house for baby's arrival - but it's a very slim chance and we'll have to pack in a lot of extra hours too. I'm not sure how much of a rest mat leave is going to be. And it all hangs on when baby decides to come - stay in there! Hopefully it will be like it's father (always late) and not like me (always punctual)!! I'm going to order up the moses basket and bedding this week and clear out some stuff from our overcrowded room at the in laws in case the baby is early. I now can't go to my mum and dad's as they don't have any furniture (except my bed that turns up today) and they don't know where they'll be, so don't want me in the house on my own. I was very gutted about this last week because it felt like my escape was being taken away. But we've decided to stay put and work our butts off to get into the house. I'm also happier to be with DH at this point and just deal with the in law stuff. I also read a scarey article in the local paper that the hospital I'm due to go to is now under threat of overcrowding because they've closed another maternity unit at another hospital, and lots of people are opting for the hospital I've chosen. So, I may be going to a completely different hospital (near PILs) altogether - it's a great second option, so it makes sense to stay put. All this change is testing my coping skills to the max though - I'm a girl who likes a plan and all this chopping and changing is disconcerting! I guess it's making me a more flexible person and maybe I need that to be a better mum. I'm having the odd glum moment about it all but mostly upbeat and trying to maintain a "what will be will be" attitude and just accept that everything is out of my hands. As Mr P would say in a loud comedy fashion (both devout atheists) "it's in the hands of Allah!" (we had this a lot through TTC and it did get rather waring!!).

Ele ooh, naughty baby! We've been told in yoga that crawling, down-facing dog, cleaning the floor on hands and knees, leaning forward over a birthing ball are all ways to 'encourage' a breech baby to turn. I'm sure you know all of this from the spinning babies website anyway. My MW was saying on Friday that our baby is head down and that it shouldn't turn at this stage but some little monkey's do decide to spin around. I hope that you manage to reposition your little one smile

Right, well back to work. Just a few things to sign off on before Friday rolls around.

Luffs to all (and any newbie lurkers who maybe hanging around at this point wink) xx

ArtemisTheHunter Tue 07-May-13 16:10:18

Princess great news that the house is coming together and you have a plan for the short term. Your bank holiday weekend sounds lovely! It sounds like you are coping really well compared with the stress of a few weeks back. Could your wrist problem be carpal tunnel syndrome? I have heard it's common in pregnancy. Hopefully it will be better when you've stopped work. I have had RSI in the past and hope my wrists hold out as i have a couple of huge reports to get through before mat leave! I can't believe you're 35 weeks and almost there. Mind you I can't believe I'm 26.

Heart glad all is going smoothly for you. I'm clueless about the whole nursing bra/maternity bra thing. Like you I was thinking of getting fitted after the baby has arrived, I don't understand how they can fit you properly beforehand as your shape will change again. The Hotmilk website has a Q&A and advice section that says you should wear a nursing bra from 3 months but they're in the business of selling the things so of course they would say that, though NHS Choices also says you should buy beforehand. I haven't changed much at all so far, gone up a few cup sizes but still wearing the same size back and wearing normal bras which I'll carry on doing until they are no longer comfortable.

Ele wow that's very naughty of the baby. I didn't know they could turn back again once they'd got into position <clueless again>. How have you got on with the inversion moves? Is a section always recommended when babies are breech? A friend of mine had a natural home birth with her breech baby a few years back, but she basically had to opt out of the NHS system and find an independent midwife who was willing to take her on as the hospital refused to deliver her naturally. It all went well and they were both fine but it must have been a tough decision to make. Thank you for the induction info.

All fine here. Baby seems to be OK as far as I can tell, moving more and measured OK in my 25-week midwife appt despite unhelpful relatives queueing up to tell me what a weirdly small bump I have. It has recently discovered that my bladder is a fun thing to kick, particularly when i'm trying to sleep or running late on a long drive to a meeting with no opportunity for a pee break, which makes me think it's going to have Mr A's sense of humour hmm. The main down side is I am now a paid-up part of the Gaviscon Gang. How can a bowl of cereal bring on 5 hours of heartburn? It doesn't seem logical! On the plus side I found a pregnancy yoga class near me and had the first session last week, really enjoyed it and think the breathing will be helpful. And it's only 4 weeks until the start of our NCT course. Starting to feel a bit more real now, though we still haven't bought any baby paraphernalia have had a ton of crap dumped on us instead. We got the buggy from Mr A's friend but I'm a bit dubious about the car seat aspect of it, particularly as the friends were given it secondhand in the first place and have had it several years so I don't know its history. It's not something I feel we can compromise on so am going to do my research and get a new one. Other than that the main purchase will be a moses basket/cot/crib. I haven't a clue what will be the best option. I didn't realise there would be so much research involved!

I'm curious to know what experiences other people have of midwife appts. Mine seem to involve sitting there for 20 minutes while she fills in forms. So far I've had my wee and BP checked at each appt but that's about it. She hasn't weighed me, I haven't had my iron levels checked at all and she just asks the same routine questions from a tick list (do i know about healthy eating and exercise, am I a victim of domestic violence etc). Is this standard? I guess there's not much I can do if it isn't but just wondered! Perhaps I just got used to the huge amount of intervention having gone through infertility investigations and IVF. It's still weird to be treated as a 'normal'.

Right I'd better progress with some work... trying to keep deadlines fairly tight, end of July is my absolute final deadline but I'd like to finish work earlier if I possibly can.

Love to all (and any recently diffed and terrified 10+ lurkers, do pop in and say hello!) xx

Heart7 Tue 07-May-13 22:12:47

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FormerlyKnownAsPrincessChick Wed 08-May-13 10:49:25

Hello smile

Heart shiny new iPad is a defo new mummy must have! Think of all the apps you'll be able to download to distract a toddler with in a couple of years wink Plus you can watch films, read magazines, newspapers, browse MN etc when on feeding duties. I couldn't be without my iPad, although it's a 1st version so it feels like it's getting a bit long in the tooth. We use it to watch telly and films in our room at the in laws as there isn't space for an actual telly or an aerial in the room, so it's been really, really handy. Plus I have the Times & Sunday Times app, and can download the paper at the touch of a button. I haven't tried out any of the other magazines but reckon they'll come in handy if I can't be bothered to go out to the shop in the first couple of weeks of baby being here. I'm also a bit of a tetris fiend grin I've been looking at new breast feeding dresses as I thought it might be nice to have a pretty going home dress in my hospital bag. I'm going to be all over the internet shopping next week on mat leave smile

Art My previous MW with the scary big hands has disappeared and has been "replaced" by a really lovely MW. So, going to appointments is so much better now and we actually feel that we can get sensible answers to questions. We're being fully supported about our decision to do hypnobirthing, she's disappointed for us that we can't have the homebirth we'd planned and she is very reassuring about everything else that's been up in the air for us. As far as tests etc are concerned - so far, they've just been doing BP, testing wee, listening in to HB (from about 15 weeks), then measuring bump (from 24ish weeks?), prodding at bump to check position of baby (from 32 weeks?). At 28 weeks I had the lucozade test and they also took another bottle to check things like iron levels (phlebotomy rather than MW; results discussed at next appointment with MW). If you remember I was recalled for a GTT after the sugar levels in my blood were slightly elevated and again this was done at phlebotomy in the hospital. From 32 weeks appointments are every 2 weeks - but nothing more than just checking wee, how I'm feeling, what's been going on, is baby active, BP, position of baby (mine is 2/5 down in the pelvis, which is basically the top 2/5 of it's head in the cavity), bump measurement and if I've had any problems / want any advice. Next week I've a longer appointment scheduled to talk through my birth plan (well, in HB we call it our birthing preferences) and then I think from week 38 you go every week. Everything they are going to do at each appointment is detailed in the big notes book that you have to carry around but I get the impression these are different from trust to trust? I think they stopped weighing people regularly some years ago because some ladies stopped going to appointments / started dieting as they didn't like what they saw on the scales. I got on our scales and had the fright of my life last week, so I'm personally really pleased that they don't weigh you!!! I'm now heavier than Mr P who has lost a lot of weight doing the house. Luckily, with me, it's all bump so I'm hoping it comes off pretty quickly again. I've put on just under 2 stones, which Dr Google assures me is normal. It's still frightening though as I've never tipped the scales that far before. No likey! Oh and yoga is my god send activity, I'm really looking forward to it tonight. Do remember that you can get free gaviscon with your maternity card, great tip from Ele a couple of months' back. You need to sign up at a chemist for the minor ailments scheme and can get all sorts of things for free. Really weird things trigger my heart burn, sun dried tomatoes being one and too much bread being the other.

Right, 2.5 days of working left. Back to it. I had a funny old day yesterday, a load of old clients seemed to crawl out of the woodwork and I had a joke with Mr P that they must "know" that I'm leaving the end of this week, so it's like a top 10 run down of my least favourite clients before I go!

Waves to all xx

ArtemisTheHunter Wed 08-May-13 18:57:44

Hi all

Thanks Heart and Princess for the lowdown on your midwife appts. Mine don't sound too different thankfully, given that I'm quite a bit behind you. She hasn't listened to the heart beat at all but given that junior is kicking me as I type i guess that's not necessary but would like to hear it anyway. We don't own any weighing scales so I have absolutely no idea how much weight I've put on. As you say Princess, it might be better not to know. Thanks for the reminder about the minor ailments scheme. Can I just rock up to the pharmacist and ask for one? I don't want to have to see the GP, it seems pointless, plus there is usually at least a two-week wait for a non-emergency appointment at my GP shock and another 45 minutes minimum in the waiting room surrounded by miserable coughing people and god knows what germs. Gaviscon is foul stuff though. I can't figure if anything in particular is triggering my heartburn. It seems that everything from fruit to chocolate brownies, small snacks to meals will do it. Thought I had escaped today but it kicked in 3 hours after I had eaten lunch confused. Mind you, after all we went through with the investigations, AC crap and the many years of ttc, I can cope with a bit of heartburn and don't need to remind myself to be grateful for getting to this point.

Heart I decided an iPad was an essential purchase too grin and it was the financial year end so I like to make the most of my capital allowances in a tiny 'up you' to the taxman. I have already downloaded a ton of nerd vision on iPlayer and need to explore the world of online publications. I balked at the cost of a newspaper subscription while I'm working and don't have time to read every day, but it might be essential when I'm up at 3am. I honestly can't imagine months without any actual paid work to do. Sorry to hear you have a naughty breech baby too! I hope the acu and exercises help. And thank you for the cot/crib info. I am having similar thoughts re a moses basket. We are both tall so I suspect the baby might be long and a basket might have a short shelf life. Hadn't even considered a location for daytime naps confused. I'm looking again at the travel system we've been given and thinking it might not be appropriate especially if I need to buy a car seat anyway. I might have a hunt on ebay and see what alternatives are available. A spare pushchair will still be useful as my mum's decided she wants basic baby kit at her own place rather than hauling back and forth I have a strong suspicion she may turn up and kidnap her grandchild as soon as it's born. Might be a good idea to hide her passport now

Waves to all, hope everyone is well smile

Eletheomel Fri 10-May-13 11:45:04

hello all!

Well, it's friday morning, sunny and I got good news at m/w appt today - my little monkey has indeed decided to sort itself out (must have been listening to me) and has went back head down! (I'm 37wks+4 heart so that gives you some hope that they can still flip around if they want to - hopefully your bean will start following the 'rules' soon too!)

I can't tell you how relieved I am, I really don't want a section and the idea of an ECV isn't appealing at all (although I would have had one in order to help avoid a section). art you don't have to have a section if you're breech - it can depend on what kind of breech you are (some positions are more suitable to a vaginal labour - others are just too tricky) but as heart says, since they started doing sections for breech babies a lot of midwives out there have no experience of delivering breech so now a lot of hospitals won't offer to let you deliver naturally as they are lacking the expertise.

In my case, because I'm looking at getting induced before 40 weeks, it would rule out a natural birth, as from what I can gather, they don't induce breech babies, but sort of leave them to themselves - so if they think they need to induce you, I'd imagine they'd only offer an ECV - to try and turn the baby - and then schedule you for a section.

My next appointment is on wednesday with the consultant to decide about induction and when we schedule. I'm really torn - I'd love to just wait and deliver naturally, and I know the odds of a full term still birth (for someone over 40) is still 500-1 so the odds are in my favour - but I can't bear the thought of being that one person in 500, and with my history of pre-eclampsia (which is basically placental failure) I feel more paranoid that it might be me. Will talk it over with consultant though and see how I feel - I'm sort of hoping that if I do get induced this time I might respond to the pessary and go on to have a natural delivery without needing the drip.

I've not got fitted for a nursing bra yet, although I'm already wearing some (got them instead of maternity bra's just in case I'm able to use them again after the birth) but need to go and get measured - from memory (which is poor!) I think they make allowances for your ribcage to shrink again and your cupsize to increase (I'd imagine they must do!)

princess well done for staying positive with the house building - you do sound so much more positive and things are coming along (makes you feel better when you can actually see rooms change!) I wouldn't worry about being heavier than Mr P - because it's not you that is heavier, it's you holding a baby and all the life support systems for that baby that is heavier :-) I'm 37 weeks and have been nipping on the scales (primarily because I was attending a diet class before I fell pregnant - so a bit of a habit) and so far I've put on 2 stone and 2lbs - and I'm happy with that. It does mean I may also be heavier than Mr E.

And you're right, I think the only time they weigh you now in pregnancy is at booking just to get a baseline (unless you have a seriouos weight problem in which case you might get tailored treatments/appointments). I think I put on 3 stone with DS - but in all honesty with the combination of breastfeeding, him having colic and taking long pram walks, by the time he was 4 months old, I was 1.5 stone lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight - and that was following a diet of chocolate! What's the old maxim again? 9 months to put it on and 9 months to take it off.

art as noted by heart, they do blood tests at 28 weeks when they check your iron levels etc. After that I think they start measuring your bump (but its totally an inexact science and has such a margin of error that one of my midwives more or less said it's not much use!) and listening to the heart beat, and they do urine and BP checks. I'm usually in and out in 5 minutes!

Regarding gaviscon (or other minor ailment stuff like ointment for piles :-) all you need to do is pick a pharmacist (you can only register at one pharmacist so pick one that is most convenient to you) and tell them you want gaviscon under the minor ailments scheme. You might need to produce your 'free prescription' card (mines is a local pharmacist and I had a bump when I first started needing it, so they've never asked, but some places might be sticklers for procedure!). They then get you to fill in a little card and they'll give you the gaviscon.

I get a 500ml bottle and I try and make it last 2 weeks (not always easy!) before going to get another one, just in case they think I'm secretly selling it on!

I agree with the hassle of getting a GP appointment, this is a much easier way to get routine meds (once your little ones are born, you can also use it to get him/her free liquid paracetamol and ibuprofen for years - so no need to stock up on calpol!)

Re moses basket, my DS was born average weight and length, but as me and DH are tall, he grew fast and had outgrown his moses basket by 6 weeks. Fortunately, we never bought one, just borrowed one from Mr E's cousin (we'll be borrowing it again this time) as given the time spent in it, just not worth it - think heart has made a good choice regarding a pram system that can be used as sleeping basket too.

You can put babies straight into cots (they don't need moses baskets - in fact my niece refused to sleep in her moses basket) or you can get a travel cot with a basinette for use downstairs (we don't have one, as my parents bought us a basic travel cot, but my mate had one and they are so handy, so if you think you'll need a travel cot, that could be an option?

Okay, I best be off, need to get some lunch (feel so hungry just now). Really hoping this sunshine lasts, I had myself a mum2be beauty treatment yesterday, which included a pedicure/facial and mini manicure, so want to show off my lovely toes! (it was a birthday gift from family that I just got round to booking). I thoroughly recommend pampering yourselfs with treatments if you can - you just don't get much time after (and its great to feel indulged!) I had a pregnancy massage on tuesday which was fab, so been really pampered this week - in theory I should probably do something about my bikini line (so glad I can't see it!) and maybe a haircut, but not sure I'll fit all that in.

Hope all your bumps are behaving themselves (heart keeping my fingers crossed yours somersaults soon!) and you have a good weekend,

Waves to all (even those just reading and not posting :-)

FormerlyKnownAsPrincessChick Fri 10-May-13 12:47:28

Wow Ele it's all going on! Glad to hear you got your LO to spin. That's fab news. I'm sure your consultant will have some sensible words about what to do re induction / per-eclampsia etc.

I've had some really great advice over in the breast feeding section about what to wear and some bra recommendations. I'll put the link here in case anyone is interested -- breast feeding clothes link. I'm going to go to H&M tomorrow to see if I can pick up a couple of the breast feeding tops mentioned, vests, a button down dress I've seen on their website and some treggings. My underbump jeans are getting a bit uncomfy now so I could just do with a couple of cheap things to see me through to the end. Plus I figured soft and stretchy trousers and a baggy dress will be handy after the baby arrives. I'd also like something to be able to put in my hospital bag to wear on the way home - I may just buy another pair of Matalan yoga pants to bung in with a breast feeding top and cardigan. I would say that my yoga pants are the comfiest things I own, are super cheap (just a tenner) and don't look to horrific with a vest and some converse trainers. I'm really surprised at how well they've washed as well. I kind of live in them in the evenings as I feel a bit exposed in my nightie after baths and stuff with the in laws around.

So the down-low from me is that I'm now into the last half of my day before maternity leave officially starts. Wooooohooooo! I can't believe I'm this far already. It's flown! One good thing about the house has been that it's a focus and something to keep us busy so I'm not sat here waiting for baby impatiently. I'm really looking forward to it now. Especially being able to sleep and nap when I want to and not having to get up. I've had a few sleepless nights recently and seem to be back in a deep sleep by 6.30 with the alarm going at 7.45 and then dozing until 8.30 when I have to rush around to get washed, fed and set up at my desk. I'm frazzled by lunch! So, hopefully with alarm off I'll be able to snooze a bit later and feel a bit more refreshed.

I think I'm pretty much ready (house aside) like Ele I could do with a haircut, bikini wax and pedicure. I ordered our moses basket yesterday and we will have a carry cot too. I only have a couple of things left on my list to get now, mostly for the hospital bag and then stuff that I'm not thinking about until baby is here.

With all this talk of moses baskets v cribs I'm hoping baby doesn't grow out of the basket I've bought too quickly!!! A crib would be too big to have at the in laws and in our bedroom at the house, so it has to be a moses basket really if the baby is going to be in with us and then straight into big cot. I have a sneaky feeling we might end up co-sleeping anyway but I'd like to encourage baby to be in their own bed (right next to me) from the off. If the baby grows super fast, we'll have to get the nursery sorted out even more quickly than we had planned. Hey ho! With our newly found DIY skills getting a cot together and a room in the house cleared in a few months' time is the least of my worries!

My cleaning urges are still very strong and everything is sparkling! I am a little worried that I'm getting a bit compulsive. I just think it's the urge to get into our house though. Mr P has had to go and buy some more grout (shop is an hour away from us) today and we should, fingers crossed have something that resembles a plumbed bathroom if not by the end of today then certainly by the end of Sunday.

We've got the day off on Sat as it's our hypnobirthing refresher and then we're visiting my family early evening. My Nan is busting to "see" me and I think the whole affair has been organised so that they can prod and comment on the bump. Still it's nice that everyone is excited and I don't mind the attention at all smile

Hope you all have lovely weekends. Lots of love xxx

mrsmellow Fri 10-May-13 12:49:10

Hi there,
sorry haven't been posting - life has just been hectic with work. Think its all gotten a bit too much to be honest! I was vomiting from 6pm til 4am last night so having a sofa day today and just feel so utterly awful - muscle ache, nauseated, tired - but have just had a slice of toast and holding down water so far, so hope its nearly over. Just had a big cry over a rescue dog ad on the TV thought which is just not me....
Interested to hear of breech and turning - I'm only 30 weeks but this baby is still transverse - am sure he'll work it out, but reassuring to hear ele that your bean turned.
Hearing all the talk of cots/prams etc makes me feel very unprepared - and I don't see much time between now and when I go on mat leave at 38 weeks to do stuff... we are being given 3 moses baskets, so will have somewhere for baby.... and i have a pouch sling - it'll be ok. But just realised hadn't thought about nursing bra which in retrospect seems quite important!
princess sounds like the house is coming together - hope you get in before baby arrives, fingers crossed for you!
art I have a small bump - and measure small - was 26cm at 29 weeks, but can't talk about midwife appointments really - I had one at 16 weeks, then scan and a brief chat with a consultant at 22 weeks (which didn't involve any BP/exam or anything, but to answer a specific Q I had about flying!), then one at 28 weeks for GTT and bloods (routine where I am - they check Hb and the glucose after lucozade). I am seeing GP at 31 weeks for whooping cough vaccine and I guess wee/BP check. then midwife again at 34 and apparently to discuss birth plan. Well, I hope to give birth. That is as far as the plan goes really for now!

I'd quite like to get an ipad as well - must make a list of all these things and find some time hmm
feeling very sick again, might go and lie down again..

FormerlyKnownAsPrincessChick Fri 10-May-13 17:00:46

Hey MrsM sorry to hear you are so hectic and rushed off your feet and now you are feeling poorly. I hope you are feeling much better this afternoon. I hope you are resting up this afternoon and that your DH pampers you over the weekend. I've had a few days like you describe and bed and bits of toast plus a good night sleep seem to work wonders. But maybe your body is telling you to slow down?

Don't panic about not having bought anything yet! I only started buying stuff very, very recently and I'm 36 weeks on Monday. I've only bought the essentials to get us going. We don't have a lot of space and storage is a problem and I figure if we do need any other things, DH can always pop out to get them (24 hour Tesco or 2 big cities nearby) and my mum is so excited I expect that a massive parcel will arrive as soon as the baby's crowning! If it makes you feel better this is what I've done over the last 3 or 4 weeks: I've packed my hospital bag (toiletries, knickers, nighties, light dressing gown, slippers, snacks, maternity pads, breast pads, flip flops, plastic bag for dirty washing, ear plugs and eye mask) and baby bag (basically a handful of nappies, nappy cream, vests and baby grows and some other little bits of clothes). We have a tummy tub, muslins, nappies and baby wash under the bed and the car seat and pram in the boot of the car. The moses basket, blanket and bedding turns up on Monday. I'm off to get some breast feeding tops and yoga pants tomorrow (to put in the hospital bag) and plan to do my birth plan next week when I don't have any work distractions. And that's it. No fancy-schmancy nursery, furniture, wardrobe of amazing clothes or array of toys here! It's taken me no more than a couple of afternoons on the internet and a couple of very short shopping trips to get this sorted. I've been putting together a spreadsheet of stuff as I go along / have been reading stuff and I'm more than happy to send you the list, if that would be helpful (I've just used MN, John Lewis nursery list and then some hospital bag lists from sites like Boots and Mothercare).

We've been given an example birth plan as part of our hypnobirthing pack and it's loosely along these lines. Obviously you may want drugs and I'm certainly going to put into mine that I won't be turning down gas and air, I'd also like to use the birthing pool so will put that on there and there are a few other things I'll be adding / changing. But I liked how my teacher had done this in a concise way (because as you all now I struggle with being concise!!!):

Birth Preferences:

Names: XXXX

We are planning a Hynobirthing Birth which is based on having a birth as natural and relaxing as possible using breathing and relaxation techniques. We therefore kindly request your help with the following:

- we would really appreciate if the medical team could support us in having the most natural birth possible
- we would appreciate it if the medical team and midwives could support us in our techniques
- we would like to use natural stimulation in the even of a stalled or slow labour and would appreciate the uninterupted privacy to do so
- birthing partner to announce the sex of the baby to me
- immediate skin to skin contact, with baby placed on my stomach

1. Birthing companion name: XXX
2. Comfort measures: natural birth / as drug free as possible / pain relief only if medically required or requested.
3. Induction of labour: please do not induce me unless this is necessary for medical reasons.
4. Positions during labour: active labour / would like to be free to move around / monitoring only if required
5. Positions during delivery: whatever feels comfortable as long as it's ok with the midwife
6. Delivery of baby: straight on to tummy
7. Cutting of cord: only once cord has stopped pulsating / to be done by my partner
8. Placental delivery: naturally, unless there is a medical problem. Immediate breast feeding to assist placental delivery.
9. Vitamin K: to be administered to baby by injection.
10. C Section: if required, I would like to remain awake with birthing companion attending. Husband will hold the baby after C-section delivery and initiate bonding between the three of us.

Sorry if I've hit you with too much when you are feeling poorly! I just thought if I sent some of this stuff over it may be of use.

Well, that's 17.01 - I'm officially on maternity leave grin. Just got to set my voicemail and then I'm off to do some relaxation. Wooooooooooooop grin

mrsmellow Sat 11-May-13 12:00:04

Thank you! Very useful. Hope mat leave going well so far !!
Where did you get yoga pants? I'm a leggings fan, got the most comfortable pair from seraphine but think yoga pants might be more respectable!!

Heart7 Mon 13-May-13 20:06:25

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

mrsmellow Tue 14-May-13 14:06:49

Hello again
I'm feeling much better now, but was SO wiped out over the weekend!
I popped into Gap after my antenatal appointment this morning and bought a babygro - so cute and such fun to finally buy something for baby - very exciting! grin
I lost a kg in the last week shock so also bought a very delicious pastry to eat on the train to work - all in all, a very successful morning!
Chatting to one of my colleagues who gave me some good advice about mat leave before the baby came - to make a list of 10 things you won't be able to do (easily) in the next year - i.e. have your nails done, go to the theatre, have a sleep in (!) etc so I'm looking forward to having a think about that. I do think that for some of us, having waited so long to get here, we might forget to rejoice in the last wee while of not having a baby - it feels a little like tempting fate or something?! certainly does for me! But I think I need to enjoy these last 10 (or less!) weeks...

ArtemisTheHunter Wed 15-May-13 13:59:50

Ele that's brilliant that the baby has turned itself. Have you got a date for your induction - was the consultant appointment today? Hope it's all sorted and you are happy with the situation. The pampering sounds lovely. Thanks for the cot thoughts. We've pretty much decided just to buy a cot bed - it will fit in our room first with a bit of juggling of furniture, then we can move it to the nursery (when we actually have a nursery) when the baby is old enough. A travel cot will be useful anyway so that might be the best option to have downstairs.

MrsM I'm glad you're feeling better. I like your colleague's advice on the list of 10 things. We've been trying to go out and do something fun every weekend while we can and while I'm not too big and cumbersome. I suspect I have a very naive idea of life post-childbirth. I have a big long list of things I want to do on mat leave but it might be a tad unrealistic! One of my friends has told me I should just savour basics like going to the toilet on my own and being able to drink a cup of tea while it's still hot hmm

Heart glad your LO has turned too! We are really struggling with names. The girls' names I liked were all in the top 20 or so and Mr A wasn't keen, partly because of that, though it didn't really bother me. He has since come up with something we both like and which isn't anywhere near the top 100 so I think we're veering towards that for a girl. However for boys' names we are completely stuck. We have each vetoed the other's favourite grin (at least it's a fair contest) but we've only got one or two so far that we're both just OK about. Sod's law it will be a boy now. In terms of popularity though, my real name was the number 1 most common popular girl's name in the year of my birth and I can't say it's ever done me any harm smile. We have refused to discuss names with anyone except each other as I don't want people trying to put me off the ones we are considering, it's already difficult enough!

Princess hurrah for maternity leave! How has your week been as a lady of leisure? Thank you for sharing your birth preferences list, it's really useful. I have no idea what goes in a birth plan and I'm not convinced they won't just set fire to it the second I get to the delivery suite. We won't have a nursery for the baby's arrival either, I need to at least clear space but refuse to stress about decorating when i've got loads of work to do. How is Mr P getting on with the house?

I am home alone until Monday so my main weekend task (apart from doing my accounts hmm) is to shortlist a pushchair/car seat combo. Wild. I have been relaxed about buying things so far but have realised I don't actually have many free weekends between now and D-Day so it might be an idea to get on with it, as a last-minute scramble won't be fun. My birthing ball has also arrived so this evening's task is to inflate it, not fall off it, not allow the cat to puncture it out of curiosity and practice bouncing gently smile. I'm looking forward to having a few days to myself and it will be good for Mr A to go and visit a friend and re-visit bachelor life get childishly drunk for a few days. He usually comes back grateful for home comforts after a few days of excess and kipping on sofas/floors grin.

Hope everyone is well and healthy xx

Eletheomel Wed 15-May-13 21:52:29

Hello everyone!

Well, I had my appointment today and plans were made and it all seems a lot more real (and closer!) now!

I'm going in for a sweep next wednesday (if my cervix is ready for it, if not, at least I'll get an idea of how my cervix is doing!) when I'll be 39+1, then the following wednesday at 40+1, i'm booked in for an induction - 29 May - eek!.

In between times the community midwife will be visiting me at home this sunday and next sunday to check my BP (because I had pre-eclampsia late on, last time).

Consultant did say that if everything is well then I can postpone my induction for a bit longer (although didn't ask how to go about doing that, so will ask about it at hosp appt next wednesday) although to be honest, I think I might be happy enough to be induced then (will see how I feel). Obviously if the pre-eclampsia suddenly reappears all bets are off, but fingers crossed I won't be that unlucky twice!

heart so pleased your little bean has also decided to turn - they actually scanned me at hospital today just to make double sure that it was head down - so that was nice getting a list minute look at the baby (although it's so big now - compared to screen size, you don't really see much!). We've also packed our hospital bag (although I'm sure there is stuff missing, that I won't realise until it's too late!) and took it with us today - just in case!

art our DS wasn't in his own room until he was about 2 years old! His room was a mess for ages, so we slept in it on sofa bed and he slept in our room in his cot. Then when he was 1 year old, we got his room ready and was about to move him in when we had a sewage disaster (pipe under kitchen had been leaking for about a year as cowboy builders we used hadn't sealed it properly) so had to move out of house for 4 months while it was cleared up -and of course, we used his bedroom as a dumping ground for ages when we moved back in (we only have a 2 bed house) - so again we slept there (as it was a tip) and he actually slept in our brand new superkingsize bed by himself for about 6 months before we ever got to sleep in it!

Needless to say the lack of a nursery/his own room made no difference to him at all. Now he's 3.5 he loves having his own room with toys in it, but babies and young toddlers don't care about that at all!

mellow great idea getting a list of things to do on mattie leave. I had a list of things first time round but ended up being quite lazy and spent most of it reading or meeting friends for cake/lunch (rather than swimming and goign to the cinema, getting my hair done, etc etc). I mean you don't wan to make mattie leave like work, but it is good to have a few ideas of things you want to do. I really enjoyed the pampering I had last week (and must try and fit in a haircut before delivery day!)

princess sounds like you've been doing some proper nesting :-) I kept waiting for nesting / the desire to clean, tidy and prepare to kick in, but it seems to have totally passed me by (my natural laziness must have overcome mother nature :-D I was totally plannign to get someone in to clean the carpets before the baby arrived, but now I can't even be bothered making the phonecall (and our cream carpet - bad choice, I konw - looks grey in parts!). You definitely sound like you're getting all prepared for the big day which is great (amazing how quickly the last trimester goes isn't it?)

Hope you're all doing well and not getting too overwhelmed (scared?!) of it all :-D

Waves and good thoughts to everyone!

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