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Biscuitsandtea Sun 07-Aug-11 14:36:48


I thought I'd start a Grads thread for those of us previously on the TTC 6 mths+ thread. I've been lurking on the ttc thread recently to see how everyone is getting on (having only very recently qualified to move off it!) and a few people were saying what a nice idea it would be if there was a grads thread so we don't lose each other.

Anyway, would be lovely to hear from other lovely ladies that were on that thread - or even if you were never on the ttc thread but had a sticky time of it getting your bfp then come and settle down with a decaf cuppa for a chat.

<lays out some freshly baked goodies to tempt people in>

RunnerHasbeen Mon 08-Aug-11 12:16:51

I was the third graduate I think, and I'm at 20 weeks already. I still lurk occasionally on the other thread when it comes up in active threads, especially when I recognise the latest poster - I get excited that the rush of threads must mean another graduate. Things are going really well so far, had first kicks at weekend and scan is on Wednesday, almost disconcertingly easy - no sickness, still able to exercise, much healthier than when I was TTC as even arthritis has gone into remission. Loads of people have made jokes about how we should have 15 kids, it suits me so well, but it goes down like a lead balloon (DH blanches at the thought of the kids, I do at the thought of all that TTC)!

I am telling people it took a while, in the hope that I won't add to the pain of anyone else TTC. However DH seems retrospectively to think it only took "a few months" even when I get him to add up the start and finish dates, he dismisses it as some months not counting. I suppose we didn't have the same disappointment on the months where I didn't ovulate, but I still think it counts (hopes not to be kicked out of group for fraud)!

<helps self to baked goods, eating for two you know - ignoring that one is only the size of an orange>

Biscuitsandtea Mon 08-Aug-11 14:02:49

Yay - hello Runner. So glad I'm not in here like a loner all on my own now.....

Wow - 20 weeks is like some far off mystical land to me. I'll be 7 weeks on Wednesday and am still bricking it for being such early days. I have DS (who'll be 3 in September) but before him I had a mc so am so nervous of something going wrong this time. Weirdly, because it took us so long to conceive this time (19 months) I am even more frightened of miscarrying - I couldn't deal with having to start ttc all over again as we were literally at the end of our tether with it all. I was supposed to be starting clomid for 3 cycles and then looking at IUI or IVF if that didn't work but never had to start the clomid as got bfp instead smile

May I ask how long it took you? It's funny how DH's memories change isn't it! I bet my DH would struggle to remember how long it took. I reckon by the end of March (when this bean is due) DH will have forgotten we struggled at all.... Whereas I could practically tell you in days how long we were ttc and certainly in months and cycles.

Good news that you are feeling so healthy through the pg - that's really good going. grin though at the 15 kids idea! I know what you mean - I had always wanted 2 kids but vaguely considered a third but I really don't think I could put myself through the whole ttc thing again sad

Agree about the eating for 2 thing. If you can ignore the fact that one of your two is only the size of an orange, can I ignore the fact that my bean is probably the size of a raisin or something?

So there must be 2 'more' pregnant grads floating around somewhere? I wonder how much further they are along? I think there was one not too far ahead of me and of course I am keeping my fingers crossed for lots more graduates to arrive soon. Weirdly I was only on the thread a few weeks as only joined MN after my last period so feel like a newbie even though 19 months seems to be towards the longer end of the ttc timeframe (although certainly not the longest!)

RunnerHasbeen Tue 09-Aug-11 12:10:09

I took ten months, but I had a years limit off my drugs, so it was all a bit fast forward. I knew in advance I might have problems so every month felt like a confirmation. I was already lined up for starting IVF on the NHS at that year mark, which seems really unfair when I read about the long waits other people have to endure. Instead we were sent for an early scan the same week, though I have my suspicions that was to check I wasn't making it up more than anything else as the scan people weren't really sure why I was there!

I feel less like we struggled already, but there is definitely still a nerve that can be hit and I am (childishly) not telling a friend who said that trying for a baby must be so much fun and the longer it took the better. I thought I'd been quite stoic and played it down to my friends but they must have seen through me as quite a few cried when I told them I was pregnant.

How are you feeling, any morning sickness? I had heartburn kick in about an hour after I posted how great I feel! There was one grad who was pretty much my cycle buddy but tested a week or two later due to irregular cycles (and my ridiculously early testing), so she must be about the same as me. Think there are only 6 of us in total, but hopefully that will change soon!

Biscuitsandtea Tue 09-Aug-11 12:54:11

That was lucky then getting your BFP just near the end of the year. What a lot of extra pressure knowing you had a deadline! Hope you have some Gaviscon stocked up for the heartburn. I think m/ws can prescribe it - I had terrible heartburn although my pg with DS. Got through loads of Gaviscon but at my ante natal class I felt better when there was a girl drinking it straight from the bottle - at least I'd mainly managed to stick with a spoon smile

I've not had much m/s yet, which is worrying me a bit. I never had it when I had my m/c (at 10 weeks) but did have general nausea with DS,although never actually sick. Have felt nauseous a few times but doesn't seem as bad as last time. I think I will probably give it another week and then arrange an early scan (privately if the mw won't refer me for one) as I should be 8 weeks by then. If something has gone wrong I'd rather know I think sad.

RunnerHasbeen Wed 17-Aug-11 11:55:39

Good luck with your scan today. I had an 8 week scan and it just looked like a little peanut, but there was a heartbeat, which there isn't always, so don't worry if not one yet. My 12 week scan skipped me forwards to 13 weeks, so I might have been at 9 at the 8 week scan, if that makes sense. The first thing they said was "just the one baby in there" which was something I hadn't even thought about - I think going from worrying about none to suddenly being two would have been a shock.

I didn't have any morning sickness, I only had good symptoms until the heartburn (which isn't too bad as I quite like the peppermint Rennies). I also have friends that had no symptoms at all except an expanding waistline, still did everything as normal - eating, going to gym etc. I think they set me a bad benchmark as I am sleepy quite a lot of the time. This is a roundabout way of me trying to reassure you that no m/s isn't something to worry about - good luck!

Biscuitsandtea Wed 17-Aug-11 12:10:36

Thank you - I'll be glad when this afternoon is over! Thank you for the warning about the heartbeat though, as I thought there would be one today if there was going to be one (iyswim)

Biscuitsandtea Wed 17-Aug-11 15:27:20

Had scan, bean spotted, with heartbeat!! Measuring 8+3 which is a bit further than I thought but no bad thing. smilesmilesmile

RunnerHasbeen Wed 17-Aug-11 18:15:34

So glad it went well, I hope you are able to relax and enjoy it now (I wasn't quite at that point, still didn't seem real, felt like a character in a play or something). Are you waiting until 12 weeks to tell people? I was told that the all clear at 8 weeks reduces the chance of a miscarriage between 8-12, so pretty safe to make announcements. I only told people who knew I was TTC and were being lovely and sympathetic as I couldn't have them feeling bad for me - our families had to wait!

It is nice to get bonus days isn't it. I went to the 12wk scan not sure if that meant I was out of the first trimester and into the safe bit, or if there was a week to go. When they told me I was already 13 weeks it felt like a bonus!

So happy for you, hope you have a lovely celebration tonight.

Biscuitsandtea Wed 17-Aug-11 18:28:01

Aw thank you!

Still undecided about telling people. I have one friend who knows who has just been doing an IVF cycle (which has worked for her so I am doubly jumping for joy over that as she has been through the mill A LOT for this). Other than that we were wondering whether to tell our parents. My mum already knows (stupid photo of pee stick) but we figured that if anything bad happened now we would probably tell them anyway (at the very least I think we'd someone to help look after DS).

Then we get on to DH's brother and my sis. My sis is coming to visit next week and i'd feel a bit like i was lying to her if i don't say. But then again it is perfectly acceptable to lye about being early days pg. And we are seeing DH's bro on Saturday and don't see him all that often, but not sure.....

Have a few friends who knew about the ttc thing but don't know if i can tell them yet. They all think i've started Clomid because that's what we were about to do when i got the bfp so i think they're not asking at the moment as they think there is nothing to know. Might try to hold out for that 12 week scan to tell them. Of course it depends when my 12 week scan comes in - when i was pg with DS they were really busy and my 12 week scan was going to be at 15 weeks!!! I'd have gone mad I think (and I don't think I knew about private scans) so we had one at the EPU at 12 weeks instead.

Anyway, I am rambling. Need to have a chat with DH when he gets home. Think it is likely that we'll tell the parents and I'm completely undecided about anything else. I'm of to look at my little pictures again grin

Biscuitsandtea Wed 17-Aug-11 18:28:15

off to look at pictures!

izzybizzybuzzybees Fri 13-Apr-12 10:35:21

Hello, Just wondered if any of the TTC 6months plus or 10months plus from our threads wanted to stay in touch?

Biscuitsandtea Fri 13-Apr-12 14:43:45

I've been stalking you all on the ttc thread anyway but thought I'd poke my head in to say congrats again Izzy smile

kittysaysmiaow Fri 13-Apr-12 15:38:55

Hello ttc6/19 month+ grads,

Just trying to get my head around the transition from the conception to the pregnancy boards, feeling very cautious at the moment! I hope everyone is well, pregnancies are progressing nicely, and little babies are healthy and snuggly!

Still can't believe I'm upduffed, it seems too good to be true at the moment. Any other grads feel like dropping in to say hi? X smile

izzybizzybuzzybees Fri 13-Apr-12 15:49:20

Hello biscuits nice to hear from you. How are you and your son doing now? How old is he?

kitty its good to see another grad! I'm sure fatima is on my November thread. How far along are you kitty?

kittysaysmiaow Fri 13-Apr-12 17:14:24

Hey izzy, I am only 4 weeks +3 along! So very very early daysblush I feel a bit silly saying I'm pregnant! I definitely am though-had loads of symptoms and my boobs are agony, so all good signs. Also had a LOT of cramping but trying to ignore that. How's things with you? Have you recovered from your horrible stressful episode with the ultrasound a couple of weeks ago?

waves to biscuits and all other ttc 6+ ers! X

izzybizzybuzzybees Fri 13-Apr-12 17:27:15

You are definately pregnant smile
I'm doing ok for now. Still vert high risk of losing baby but for now its hanging on. I had a scan last week and have another booked next week and then my official one on 1st May. Don't think I will relax til then. A lot of people know because we thought we had lost baby and circumstances would have made it awkward not telling them that eg New baby and preg announcements! Most have been told things are ok again but not all just in case! X

kittysaysmiaow Fri 13-Apr-12 18:09:17

Gosh it sounds like you're going through so much worry, sorry it has been so stressful-you sound remarkably calm though! I guess that all you can do is take it one step at a time, and I guess that every day you get through must increase the chance of all being absolutely fine smile

Biscuitsandtea Fri 13-Apr-12 18:21:32

Hello ladies,

We're doing well thanks Izzy. DS2 is 5 weeks now. I can still remember though oh so clearly that idea that you can't get your head round finally being pg! In fact one morning I recall having a sort of period pain and thinking 'oh there's another month that hasn't worked sad', and then remembering that I was in fact 7 mths pregnant and sporting a rather large bump! confused

I always felt more stressed about something going wrong because of the amount of time it had taken to get pg - not sure why but I think it just raises the overall worry factor if you're paranoid like me.

I am so pleased by the recent run of bfps on the 10+ thread - of course I won't be happy until they're all on this grad thread, but things have been going well!

Izzy how many weeks are you know?

izzybizzybuzzybees Fri 13-Apr-12 18:59:20

Wow biscuits weeks already! Goodness time flies!

I am 9 weeks and 4 days now smile getting there slowly. Next scan on 19th April, I'll be over ten weeks by then so maybe the risk will be lower?

kitty I am calm...ish for the moment. I had grieved for the baby for a week before finding out things were ok so I guess after that I can't really get any lower. I'm still praying that this bean will stick.

kittysaysmiaow Sun 15-Apr-12 08:44:50

izzy I hope your scan goes well this week. 10 weeks sounds great to me smile how are you feeling symptoms wise at the moment? I've been generally ok but started feeling properly offish last night. In a way it's reassuring! I'm trying to stay balanced at the moment though, as it's still so so early.

biscuits so wonderful that you have a beautiful baby DS, hope he is settling into the world well smile

<puts out ginger cake and Belvoir pink lemonade in the hope of tempting other 10+er grads along>

Stacks Sun 15-Apr-12 09:30:43

Hi everyone. I'm glad the grads thread has started up again, it'll be nice to keep in closer touch than just lurking together.

I also am finding it hard to believe I'm pg. I had loads of nausea, hunger, insomnia and tiredness around week 3-4, but it all went away. I'm 5w+4 now, and just waiting for symptoms to kick back in.

We've told parents and siblings, as they knew we were trying, and if anything goes wrong I'll want their support. I also had to tell my boss, as last week got a bit hectic with appointments and a scan to rule out ectopic. It was all last minute 'emergency' appointments, which I found a bit strange and stressful, as it was me who asked the doc about my risk.

Scan went well though, and I saw my little egg sac, so all is good. Have to wait until 12 weeks now, which seems like forever!

izzybizzybuzzybees Sun 15-Apr-12 20:46:21

kitty i've been feeling fine. A few 'bokey' moments as we would say up here but nothing worth mentioning really. Bras feel a bit tight and ive found a lump in my breast which i will need to get checked but nothing much really. Oh and i keep having lots of ewcm! TMI but i go to loo, wipe and its so wet i expect blood again but nope just cm! yeuch!

Welcome to the thread stacks. We told family as well, i thought it nicer for them to have the happy news in case anything did happen as we have told them in event of MC so was better that they knew. I was told we had lost baby and their support was much needed. I did tell a few friends about the MC as one announced her preg, and another was just about to give birth. Ive now updated them that little tadpole has clung far so good.

Scan on thurs now as well as screening appt so kinda nervously looking forward to that. Hubby cant get off work so my sis is gonna come smile

Hope some more people come join us soon!

kittysaysmiaow Mon 16-Apr-12 12:23:18

stacks that is great that you have seen the little egg sac and it's right where it should be. That must have been very reassuring. Sorry you got hustled into a load of emergency appointments by the doctor! Im sure your symptoms will kick back in soon.

izzy glad you've been feeling ok, I've had a few funny moments that have sent me running to the loo too but nothing!

My DH doesn't want us to tell anyone at all until after 12 week scan, but very naughtily I have already secretly told 3 friends. I feel quite bad about it as he will go ballistic if he finds out. But the trouble is they all knew we were about to start IVF and I would have had to lie to them, which made me uncomfortable. Oops. Really going to try and keep a lid on it now! Although I am going to tell my manager on case I need to take sick leave.
Hope you are feeling good today ladies smile my tummy is bleurgh. Feels like my digestive system has forgotten how to work properly, anyone else? Breathlessness seems to have gone. Still having intermittent cramps.

FatimaLovesBread Mon 16-Apr-12 20:06:17

Oooh just spotted this thread <waves>

Hopefully this will be less busy than the november babies!

Will have a read, hope everyone is ok

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