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September 2011 - a month or so to go, come here to share the joys and woes of the final stretch.

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100years Mon 01-Aug-11 14:23:12

Now I know the threads we were in weren't finished, but there were 3 threads for the September due dates, and I thought it would be nice to get everyone together and share their experiences.

Stats thread is here If you aren't on there, then get adding yourself.

Hopefully we can all get through the last stint together smile

I'm due 1st Sept, so one month to go, if the LO is punctual.

MrsSawyer Mon 01-Aug-11 14:55:55

Im signing in! Due on 8th sept with a DS2, been nesting like mad lately, but very tired (and very emotional yesterday, cried nearly all day for no reason!)

Ive got all DS1's uniform ready for school, though he doesnt go back until 6th sept, and the house is nearly ready though we have yet to buy some nursery furniture, its driving me mad as i have all these baby things and nowhere to put it, where did you all get yours from? I dont personally think i'll make it to 8th sept, but because of GD, they will induce me on 8th if I havent "produced" myself.

We're also busy coming up with a plan for someone to look after DS1 while im in hospital, it all seems very real now, which obv it is!

Hope everyone is well.

candr Mon 01-Aug-11 15:00:30

Hi, am due Sep 25th and getting excited, my friend had hers 2 days ago and I got a bit gooey but with a cold sweat (sunds like a yucky mess) at the thought of that being me in a few weeks.

100years Mon 01-Aug-11 15:02:21

Hello MrsS smile Seen that you have added yourself to the stats smile

Yeah I get quite emotional, the crying is interesting when it happens! We got a lot of stuff from John Lewis, some stuff from Kiddicare and have had loads of clothes given to us by some friends, so not had to buy many clothes at all. smile

There are days when I think I'll be early, then days when I think I will be late. The days when I think I'll be early are usually the days when the BH come and go! Like yesterday!

100years Mon 01-Aug-11 15:03:34

Hi candr smile excited and nervous is normal as far as I am concerned smile

tiddleypompom Mon 01-Aug-11 16:20:11

I'm a new poster - although I have been lurking for a few months, it is only recently sinking in that I will be having our first baby in Sept (EDD 23rd)! Feeling absurdly lucky, though share the anxiety too - on the whole I am managing to distract myself from the temptation to google and read about Bad Things. Just spent a pleasant hour or so in the garden with a book and slab of fruit and nut - my first day of maternity leave (with 3 weeks of holiday tagged onto the start)!
Am horribly organised but aware that I am in for the ride of my life - something even a methodical researcher & arranger (read retentive) like myself can't prepare for...
Good luck everyone and it's lovely to join you all in the next few exciting weeks smile

chinateacup Mon 01-Aug-11 16:25:11

Hello! Can't wait to start my mat leave on Friday ... Totally unprepared at the mo - we are moving house tomorrow, but on the whole not too nervous yet. Just had a very relaxing holiday although think we must have made one too many jokes about LO coming when we were abroad as we did have a trip to hospital where the doc said he was "heading for the door" and that we better get to the main hospital pronto as they have SCBU there ... The scan there showed he is actually breech (!) and everything in tact - so to speak - and it must just have been "one of those things". Must confess have never been so pleased to return to Gatwick! And as I am usually stupidly stubborn fiercely independent, it has got me out of most of the house-move duties as I can now only sit with my legs crossed and wait ... wink

CBear6 Mon 01-Aug-11 16:57:46

Oooh, new thread! Hello to everyone I haven't chatted with before.

Due 11th September here with a DD and already have a DS who will be 2yo later this month - three weeks until his birthday and then I'm due two and a half weeks later if she's on time. I'm slowly remembering what's in store for me at the end of all of this. Had a long labour last time round but the MW has told me not to hang around when it starts this time as it will more than likely be a lot faster. Here's hoping!

lxr1 Mon 01-Aug-11 17:08:09

Hi All,

I'm due 12th September. This is our first baby and we're planning for a home birth (all being well).

I've realised I can now say "I'm due next month" - where has the time gone?

I still have 4 weeks left of work, but thankfully work from home 4 days a week. Though not sure I'll be able to get to the office in the last couple of weeks, as I've only got about an inch of space left between my belly and the steering wheel now (being a short-ar*e means I can't move the seat back!).

Misty9 Mon 01-Aug-11 18:50:59

Hi all

Good idea to merge the threads - it was starting to hurt my head to remember which I'd posted on smile

I'm due our first baby - a boy - on 5th Sept. But SO many people (including random strangers) think I'll go earlier, and don't hesitate to tell me I'm massive... I'm just all bump so it sticks out quite far... smile

We're moving counties as soon as the dust settles after he's born, so haven't prepared a nursery as such - but got cheap chest drawers and change table from Ikea which we built this weekend and put all the little clothes and nappies (cloth) in - getting real now! Planning a home birth and ordered the pool yesterday smile He's currently head down and engaged, so fingers crossed he stays that way.

I also start mat leave on Friday (well, 4 weeks of annual leave first) and can't wait. Also in very fortunate position that I'm about to finish my training so although there's no job to return to, I'm getting full mat package smile I know I'm very lucky... blush

Strapping myself in for the next few weeks with you all.... grin

feralgirl Mon 01-Aug-11 20:01:04

Hi all, I didn't even realise there were other threads; it'll be good to come together.

Misty, our due dates are the same day but I am highly doubtful as to whether I'm going to manage another 5 weeks. DS was born at 36 weeks so I am mentally prepping myself for it all to kick off in the next few days shock

100years, I've also been sick three times this week (although I've continued to puke a couple of times a week since about 25 weeks when it was every day). It's definitely not because I'm not eating enough though; I'm not sure how much of my monstrous bump is baby and how much is cake blush

sebs71 Mon 01-Aug-11 21:02:45

Hope you don't mind me joining in so late... due on 5th Sept. Can't believe how close it's getting. Getting excited... and nervous too! Measuring big so going for a scan on Thursday smile Looking forward to the scan. Had the GTT and thankfully am not diabetic, so will see if the scan confirms if I am that big.

Thankfully on maternity leave... been looking after step kids (aged 9 and 12) but DP is on hols this week... so had my first afternoon nap today... was BLISS. Not sleeping at all well - keep getting trapped nerves in my hips which is so painful. But if I can get the odd nap in the day that'll help!

Good luck to everyone here, and will read and add to this thread with interest!

OrangeGloss Mon 01-Aug-11 23:03:42

Another late joiner here! Edd 4th Sept with my first

I've also had lots of comments about not making it to term from complete strangers to my midwife. Wait and see is all I can do I suppose! I'm an organizational addict so have everything ready and a bag packed, it's helping calm the nerves grin

Lovely to meet you all, such a good idea all the threads coming together smile

ssmile Tue 02-Aug-11 06:47:04

Hi found u all again &some new faces. My edd is 3sept but booked for C-sec 26aug so hopefully only 3.5wks to go. It's incredible I went 15d over with my DD who is 4.5now I must have been enormous as I feel big enough this time around. I getting fed up of feeling unfit this wk. Yep same thing happened last time and it took me 3yrs back to a toned size 16. So I been googling cycle trainers I think slightly deluding myself I could use it on the patio or garage with baby watching! Am I in serious denial on what's about to hit again grin

MrsSawyer Tue 02-Aug-11 10:42:10

SSMILE me too, keep thinking nothing will really change and "baby will fit in with us" - yeah right, we said that about DS1 and our world now revolves around him!

I packed my bags (pre and post labour) and babys bag yesterday, just put a list in of all the things i cant put in until the last minute, so i feel much more organised, in my labour bag ive only got : an old nightie, an energy drink, some lucozade tablets, some magicool, a flannel and a bobble. what else do i need?

100years Tue 02-Aug-11 12:10:11

Yay, Hi all the people I've not spoken to before, glad some of you have come across smile smile

tiddleypompom, I've used annual leave pre my maternity leave so only have 3 weeks of maternity leave out of 5 weeks off pre due date smile

Hi chinateacup. I really really don't envy you moving house, but if you are going to do it, pregnant is a great way of getting out of having to do loads of the stuff, we moved last year, and I was knackered at the end of the unpacking process etc.

Cbear - hello again smile Second labours are usually quicker

lxr1, It's great you can work from home if you are still working for another 4 weeks! Wow.

Misty smile Thanks. I think people like to comment on your size, I've had comments about how big I am, and then how small and neat I am, I'm not sure who to believe!

feral, I don't think the sickness is because of me not eating enough, the light headed feeling and near faints were due to not enough food. Weirdly the sickness feeling has started after I've started eating more! Feel sick again today. Little and often. Sorry you are still being sick, it's horrid.

Sebs, hi, welcome, yeah I had a GTT, mine was clear too, and have regular growth scans because I started at a high BMI, which is the same as it was at 12 weeks!

Welcome orangegloss. My OH made lists and was quite keen on me getting my bag ready after a scare 2 weeks ago, it's all ready, along with a little list of the mini things that need to go in at the last minute. smile

Hiya ssmile smile I think a lot of people either feel or are bigger with the second one. I have a turbo trainer, you fit your bike onto it and pedal away, it's blinking hard work but good stuff. If you need more info I will link to a few. smile

MrsS I have loads more in my labour/hosp bag, but then I'm a first timer so I reckon I'll need EVERYTHING in the world!

Nipped out this morning, I'm going to try and dye my hair as we are going to a wedding this weekend, got bad roots and I'm fed up of the colour of my hair now. This might end up being a disaster! But I'm going to try. smile

ScarlettPhoenix Tue 02-Aug-11 12:39:21

Hi everyone, can I join in? My EDD is 14th Sept, had my 34 week midwife check this morning, now our little one has been woken up with all that prodding I am not getting a minute of peace! smile

100years Tue 02-Aug-11 12:42:44

Hello and welcome Scarlett smile I'm loving the squirming around I get, some times it does feel like no peace though you are right.

Milliebow Tue 02-Aug-11 14:03:27

Hello all. Been awol from the threads for a few months but lurked now and again when I've had the time. Started mat leave this week. It's so lovely to be sat with my feet up after a hectic run up to finishing. I'm due first baby, a girl, 17th Sept. I feel huge and the hot muggy weather is not helping!

hazelnutlatte Tue 02-Aug-11 17:12:14

Hello, just signing in to the new thread!
I was on one of the Sept threads, last posted so long ago that I can't remember which one - have been reading them all from time to time anyway.
I'm due Sept 23rd with my first, got 3 weeks left at work and can't wait to finish, anything other than lounging around on the sofa feels like an effort at the moment - Am very jealous of those already on maternity leave!
Got my first NCT class tonight, am a bit apprehensive - got a feeling that me and DP will be the ones giggling at the back when we are supposed to be practicing breathing techniques (or whatever it is we actually do at NCT, I really have no idea.)

Sumi76 Tue 02-Aug-11 18:16:24

Hello all, just signing in to the new thread !

Im due on Sept 17th with my first. Getting stuff done and packed my hospital bag too. Hope all goes well !

ssmile Tue 02-Aug-11 18:49:22

100yrs I've been looking at a magnetic trainer for my bike. I've really missed cycling last few months weather has been so gd &we live nr a lovely cycle path I used to cycle DD to preschool on back then cycle onto work. Now DD is too big for the seat but not confident /fast enough on her bike. We been looking at tailgater bikes as she has just reached 102cm the min height for one, but We won't be able to go as a family as baby will be too small for next 9mths! so think I will be doing most of my cycling on a trainer this winter if not too sleep deprived grin

ssmile Tue 02-Aug-11 19:28:05

feralgirl i hope u feeling better being sick is horrid I've had couple of funny turns this wk think the heat not helped. I really find eating little &often really helps me but small portions. If I eat 'normal' portion I feel sick too its a hard balance to get. Gd luck.
I have half packed hospital bag now put in some snack bars &little cartons of juice I got really hungry last time. Plus bought some strapy tops to wear with PJ bottoms so I can whip out boobis for feeding. Also bought new dressing gown. I hardly use one but the last one I bought 4.5yrs ago when had DD &now its had 1too many hair dying sessions so nice to get new light weight one smile

feralgirl Tue 02-Aug-11 19:55:54

Hi again all. I'm feeling very pleased with myself as I've not been sick today - hurrah!

Had my 34 week appt with MW (a week late) today and the spawn is where it should be, just need it to stay still now! She's so nice and jolly and the MW team here are totally into HBs which is just brill. She makes me feel as though I'm doing the most normal and matter of fact thing in the world (which is, I suppose, how your MW should make you feel about your birth plan).

If only the post-natal care here in Cornwall was half as good as the pre-natal care; the HVs are crap and the local hospital's post-natal ward is pure hell.

I am also having terrible trouble sleeping; I was awake until 3am last night. Too hot, uncomfortable, hip pain, baby wriggling, DH taking up half the bed (how selfish of him when there are two of us on my half!) Oh well, I guess it's good practise for next month when I'll be lucky to get any sleep at all...

Lollyheart Tue 02-Aug-11 20:12:54

Hello everyone

I'm due dc4 on the 18th sept, we don't know the sex of this one.

I have a dd 6, ds1 is 4 and ds2 will be 3.

Ds2 and I share a birthday on the 4th of sept plus its my wedding anniversary on the 1st of sept so a busy month for us grin

Ds1 and 2 were born 2 weeks early which will be the 4th our birthday shock but I'm hoping it stays put at least until the 10th lol, we are going on holiday the 1st week in sept plus ds1 starts school and ds2 starts preschool, I would like them to be settled before this baby comes smile

It's so bloody hot at the mo, my bedroom is boiling, I'm having real trouble sleeping.

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