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Due in March - should the doctor tell a midwife or arrnage something? Don't want to nag but...

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VikingLady Tue 19-Jul-11 20:51:40

Not created a new thread before - mainly been lurking on the conception boards. Clearly successfully grin ! Went to see the doctor to tell them, as per the NHS website, and she just asked why. Is it me?

I pushed and she said to call again at around 3 months and she'd let a midwife know to do a scan, but there was no point in putting anything on my records now. This is my first, so I don't know what I am doing. Is she right? I'd follow what she said, but I think I may be a high risk.

Help! Please! Am I paranoid and overly demanding? blush

mumatron Tue 19-Jul-11 20:55:38

Doesn't sound right to me. I should think it would take a while to sarrange a scan and the nuchal scan needs to be done at a certain time.

Can you try and get hold of the midwife yourself? Mine runs her clinic in the.dr surgery so I would just call her when I knew the clinic was running.

I know it varies from area to area but booking in at 12 weeks seems late to me.

mumatron Tue 19-Jul-11 20:57:14

Oh, and congratulations grin

roseum Tue 19-Jul-11 22:47:13

I haven't seen my doctor at all, just the GP-based midwife, and she booked me in for scans etc. According to the ante-natal schedule I have for my area (and I know it varies between regions) in the first 6-10 weeks they recommended seeing the midwife twice - the first was just a quick intro and guidance on the vitamins I should be taking, the second one took ages and involved filling in lots of forms, and was also when the paperwork for booking the 10-14 week scan at the hospital was done (dating scan - allows estimate of due date, and Down's first stage screening - if you want it). I also had blood/ urine tests at 8-12 weeks.
I would second talking to your community care GP-based midwife if possible. If there isn't one, try and find out the ante-natal care schedule your NHS area runs to, so you know what the GP should be booking you for and when, and have it to hand when you talk to her again. I also wouldn't wait to 12 weeks to go back to the GP, as she might then struggle to book you in for the scan in time, maybe go back at 9 weeks?

Hope that helps a bit. Sorry to rabbit on! And congratulations by the way!

Oakmaiden Tue 19-Jul-11 22:50:05

I think it depends where you live. In the area I used to be in nobody was interested until you were 12 weeks.

VikingLady Wed 20-Jul-11 11:07:47

Thank you for the congrats! It's nice to hear (or should that be "read"?) since we're not telling people til the first scan, just in case.

Roseum How would I find a community based midwife? I looked online but couldn't find anything, possibly because I wasn't sure what I was looking for! There isn't a midwife in my doctor's surgery. Thank you for the help, everyone.

Faggotsnpeas Wed 20-Jul-11 11:13:54

Congratulations. I informed my doctor, then he gave me details to self refere to my midwife for booking in appt, but they wouldn't see you for a booking in appt untill you were 8 weeks or over, but had to phone up a.s.a.p in order to make the appt.

Suprisedbuthappy Wed 20-Jul-11 19:40:27

I called my gp survey when I found out (I'm due end of march) and they don't want me to see a doctor, just the midwife at 6 weeks, so they booked me that appointment over the phone. Midwives are usually attached to a gp surgery but only there for a day or two a week for clinic. Could you phone the surgery and ask for the community midwives number (they should know) or failing that your local hospital may have a community office, or local sure start Childrens centre may have a midwife based there/running clinic from there!

Congratulations as well!!! smile

louby86 Fri 22-Jul-11 10:11:05


I went to see my GP the day after I found out (4 weeks, I'd taken an early test). He filled in all the relevant forms, including the one to get free prescriptions and told me the midwife would then be in touch after 8 weeks. At the first midwife visit she then sent my forms off to the hospital to get me booked in for my scan.

When I handed the forms to the receptionist at my first GP visit she was surprised she didn't have to do anything herself so maybe if you didn't get any joy from your GP give them a call and ask the receptionist what to do.

Good luck!

BrownB Mon 01-Aug-11 12:15:01


I went to see my doctor at about 5 weeks and she made the booking for me with the antenatal clinic. I didn't get booked in until about 11 weeks, and my 12 week scan was dated at 13+4. If you don't know where your nearest EPU is (I didn't), check out this website. Doctors can be so bloody dismissive. Honestly - I reckon that personality tests would be more useful than a lot of the academic stuff when it comes to getting entry to med school.

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