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PESH Summer Deli - Homemade Ice Cream and Sorbet a speciality.

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Ginfox Thu 14-Jul-11 08:47:39

Complimentary ice-filled foot spa for all customers. 50% off all purchases for all BESH (proof of membership required)


dontrythisathome, girl born March 25.
Cheggers, twinz girlz, born April.
FannyPriceless, boy, born June 8.
CurlyCasper, girl, born June 24.
CUNextTuesday, boy, born June 29.
AlpinePony, boy, born 1 July.
Carrots, boy, born July.
IggyPiggy, girl, born July.
Cosmosis, boy, born Sept 5.
Backinthebox, boy, born Sept 7.
Skatergrrrl, girl, born Sept 10.
VAG, boy, born Oct 2.
Silversky, boy, born Nov 1.
SomethingSuitablyWitty, girl born Nov 2.
okiecokie, girl, born Nov 12.
Honeymoo, boy, born Nov 11.
ReginaMonologue, boy, born Nov 13.
Maswera, boy, born Dec 24.
PollyPoo, girl, born Jan 5.
MrsFC, boy, born Jan 7.
ChoChoSan, girl, born 6 Feb.
Ginhag, boy born 11 Feb.
Muser, girl, born 15 Feb.
CluckyKate, boy, born 18 Feb.
Perfect Dromedary, boy, born 23rd February.
Casserole, girl born 19th March
Medee, girl, born 26th March.
StiffyByng, girl, born 17th May
Scorpette, boy, born 21st May.
Rocketleaf, girl, born 23rd May.
TwinkleToes, girl, born 7th June.
Laurielou, boy, born 9th June.
Orchid, girl, born 24th June.


Ginfox, loving the new mega-boobs, due 12th July.
LadyGoneGaga, No, it's not fucking twins, due 24 July.
Mrbitey, so hot right now, due 27th July.
Macaroonmum, thinking of calling baybee Vanilla Ice, due Aug 6th.
Owlbooty, sticking to a schedule, due 7th August.
Ocarina, there's a what in there?! due late August.
Mountie, too shy to shine, due Autumn.
Truffkin, growing a padawan, due 18th November
BarbiesBeaver, can't quite believe it, due Christmas Day
BrownB, INSERT WITTY COMMENT, due 25th January 2012
AlpinePony, INSERT AMUSING COMMENT, due 19th Feb 2012

AlpinePony Thu 14-Jul-11 09:04:43

ladyG Massive congratulations in getting to talk to someone able to apply common sense! I hope you took their name and threatened to USE IT should you encounter muppets again! grin

truffs I am really sorry you're suffering. sad I seem to remember you saying you were also suffering with your skin. I had minging acne & constant cold-sores last time. I looked like a fucking smackhead. sad

macaroon Aye Carumba! How exciting! It's real you know, you're having a baybee! Why don't they want to try and turn?

LadyGoneGaga Thu 14-Jul-11 09:08:53

Fuck, I guess this is the one where a lot of us will lay. Makes me alternately excited and shitting self. After last weeks epic burst of energy I feel knackered. Had bath and early night last night (whereupon the overflow started leaking into hall FFS). And craved carb real bad yesterday. Gave in and had a biscuit. But only one. And lay in til gone 8 this morning. Is this my bodies way of prepping for labour?

How about you, Gin? Any more twinges? When is that full moon again?

Think might take the boy to the paddling pool today. And wallow in it.

laurielou Thu 14-Jul-11 09:47:18

Laurielou checking in for cluster-lay-watching duties. I am reading everyone's posts to stalk keep up to date, but just don't seem to have time to reply to everyone. Argh! Tis frustrating.

The wine was vay nice - what do you mean I was meant to share it?

I have oodles of champagne on ice ready for the layers..........

owlbooty Thu 14-Jul-11 10:10:16

Morning hags! Yay for the shiny new fred, well done Ginners smile Now excuse me whilst I just train my binoculars on you grin although having said that we could well be in line for a queue jump <trains binoculars on GG >

Macca OMG (or MOG) a date for laying?? This is v.exciting news and at least it means you're not going to be sitting there waiting for the first twinge to rush to the bloody hossie.

Truffle Fucking bastards. And can I just say that you should not be doing 90 hour weeks and they should not be expecting you to! You will end up either face down on your desk or driving up a tree. I've finished covering Brownie 's defective hospital in cowshit; shall I drive the muck-spreader over to your work then? Btw my skin was bloody dreadful for the first 20 weeks - acne and eczema on top of each other. I looked horrific.

I can't actually believe we're all about to have baybees. I seriously never thought this day would come and now it's actually coming I find I still have my head firmly in the sand on the banks of De Nile. Shit. SHIT! SHIT!!!!!

As displacement activity I have baked a cake this morning; pliz to accept with heap of home-made vanilla pod laden ice-cream (negative GI, obviously).

Now where is that ice-filled foot spa as promised in the title? I could dive right into the bugger, I'm boiling already.

owlbooty Thu 14-Jul-11 10:11:21

Ps. Lozza lovely, you don't have time to reply to everything cos you have a baybee to look after grin but tis very nice to see you. Even if you drank all the wine.

MrBitey Thu 14-Jul-11 10:14:28

Can I have a triple scoop sundae please foxy ?

gaga sounds promising! Leaky over flow less so though.

Hello ski and lozenge smile

I have twingey and crampy lower back. It went away last night when the FDH rubbed it but is now back. Probably just another enorma-poo!

Muser Thu 14-Jul-11 10:44:57

<brings delivery of birthday cake and birthday champagne to the new Fred>

MadameBoo Thu 14-Jul-11 10:56:45

<Pops in to collect discount vouchers>

Medee Thu 14-Jul-11 11:03:19

Hurrah for the new thread, this is going to be another busy one1

macaroonmum Thu 14-Jul-11 13:02:22

<sits in the lemon sorbet, licks a bit of owlie's cake>

Nice work Gin.

Loz is always lovely to see you but next time bring wine pliz.

Bitey twingey back, eh? Gin Full moon is tomorrow, just saying.
Actually Bites my cs date is vey vey close to your d-day so do try to be on time dear or I'll be stealing your limelight ;)

Need to clean. Can't be arsed.

MrBitey Thu 14-Jul-11 13:47:40

Back cramps were poo related sad Sorry if this too much info!

I am bouncing on my ball and drinking raspberry leaf tea, think I might go for a walk in a bit. The FDH is not at all keen on teh sechs, especially as bitey bach wriggles dramtically at him whenever I suggest it! What else? Curry? Ooh I know, pineapple sorbet! <stares hard at boots>

Is it your birthday medee? Happy birthday if so!

Queue jump away maccers, was going to give you my best Paddington stare but frankly we are all too hot and uncomforable but you must be several degrees hotter than me so feel free!

<nipple tweaks all around>

This is still so exciting! grin

MrBitey Thu 14-Jul-11 14:03:16

PS While threads I'm on is out of action you can still "watch" freds if anyone else is getting pissed off by having to interact with rest of MN!

Orchid12 Thu 14-Jul-11 15:05:07

Just popping in to say hi to all the imminent layers. Sorry not been around, life has been v. hectic and llittle miss is keeping me up all hours. Good luck to you all, can't wait to hear lots of good news soon. Am also willing the BESH over here, the thread will soon have lots of vacancies to fill...

rocketleaf Thu 14-Jul-11 15:26:54

Just marking my spot in the veiwing stand for the upcoming cluster lay. Vey vey exciting!! Also I know the focus is on the imminent laying which is as it should be!! But pls can you spare some ESHmagic for Sprouts check up at the hossie tomorrow. We are very hopeful she is going to get the all clear but is still a bit nail bitey.

<leaves out gin and lime sorbet for PESHes consumption>

ps if you should ever be tempted to buy a Beko washing machine, plea DO NOT. They are rubbish.

Ginfox Thu 14-Jul-11 15:27:46

Flippin hot. <dishes out rasp leaf sorbet to those waiting to lay>

Just had "helpful" advice on Facecrack from my aunt, who's own birth was apparently brought on by my Gran energetically decorating the spare bedroom. Why don't I try it? Because I have obviously been sitting next to my packed hospital bag waiting for something to happen. FFS. Would un-friend her but might cause diplomatic incident within family.

Twinges seem to have gone away, so am off to do my hippobirfing CD, followed by a hot bath (which will be hot for about 30secs cos I won't be able to stand it). Am having a fed-up, can't-be-arsed day today, but probably best I rest up for big push tomorrow.

Glad to be kept up to date on the poo situation Bitey. Tis good practice for when we're all obsessed with nappy contents. grin

<evicts all children fron GG's paddling pool, and lies down in it>

Ginfox Thu 14-Jul-11 15:32:12

Rocket aren't they the washers that have been starting fires?

All the best for Sprout tomorrow, sure it will all be fine. <gives quick hug and runs waddles away in case other ESH have seen>

rocketleaf Thu 14-Jul-11 15:47:51

It was fridge freezers, but yes same make. Fills you with confidence doesn't it? <surreptitiously returns hug then wanders off to drools over Meile washers on JL webo>

MrBitey Thu 14-Jul-11 16:02:08

Certainly can rocket, lots of postive vibes coming Sprout's way. Scary time though lovely, hopefully this time tomorrow you will be feeling relieved and relaxed <hair strokes as running inconceiveable>

My friend came round earlier with a huge pile of nappies, all freshly laundered and super fluffy and white. They have made us both cry!

I am lying on my bed under two fans and was just starting to cool down when the flaming cat decided he wanted some of the breezy action and has sprawled across me. He is rather clammy.

Just had a moment of total paranoia and thought maybe new boss hasn't realised I finish work officially as of tomorrow! the many emails she has had to the effect may have slipped her notice. Should I remind her?

<offers ginger and lime and vodka sorbets to the pukey differs amongst us>

LadyGoneGaga Thu 14-Jul-11 18:07:03

Good luck for tomorrow, Sprocket.

Well, as if feet weren't swollen enough I have just stepped on a Fucking bee and been stung. Arse. And ouch.

Hurrah for fluffy nappies, Bitey. Not done mine yet.

MrBitey Thu 14-Jul-11 20:01:37

Ouch! Your poor feet! Have you got the stinger out?

I have just scoffed a very spicy curry, was delicious. Suspect bitey Bach enjoyed it too and is sticking around in case there is more!

macaroonmum Thu 14-Jul-11 21:30:30


gaga ouch! Maybe it'll start labour <desperately looks for bright side>

Roquet will be thinking of you and little leaf tomorrow x

Medee Thu 14-Jul-11 22:11:58

good luck for the sprout tomorrow.

AlpinePony Fri 15-Jul-11 08:29:36

mrbitey You poor deluded fool. wink Nappies should make you cry, and they will, but for other reasons. Take this morning for example, I picked up my beautiful little boy for a cuddle, heaved at the smell, tried to lie him down so I could race to the toilet and he did this silly arched back thing. Then he screamed and cried as I puked. Cried at fluffy white nappies indeed! grin Congrats on your last day at work lady!

rrrrrrrrrrrocket I had a Beko tumble-dryer, we gave it away when the neighbours started complaining about the noise and it started being as hot as the sun's core. confused

I hope all the layers are doing well.

MrBitey Fri 15-Jul-11 08:50:48

La la la la la la ski I can't hear you! Nappies are always white and fluffy and never make people heave. Poor you on the archy back/ vom scenario, the archy back is never a good sign is it?

<Buries head in sand, worries that inversion may make the baybee turn, gets stuck, gives up>

So did anyone lay a baybee in the night?

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