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Due in june - 42 down and just the 2 to go

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moomin156 Thu 07-Jul-11 10:36:32

Thought we'd better start a new thread until the last two are here and then we can move to post natal.........

moomin156 Thu 07-Jul-11 10:39:04

moomin156 -Florence - 21st March
clarkiee- Naomi and Ciara - born 14th April
cameli-Seren - born 12 May
moufloncake -Summer - born 18th May
79monica-Ethan -23rd May
nomoreheels-Evie Rose - born 24th May
Boy Stargirl30 - born 24th May
bananarama05-Isobella - 25th May
merlion-Rosina - 26th May
goodvibrations-Eleanor - born 26th may
Hallelouja - Zoe 26th May
lourytb3-Oscar - born 2nd June
BP Princess -Clarice - born 2nd June
gillzz - Sophie born 3rd June
sasamaxx - Celeste born 5th June
MOSP - Percy born 7th june
thorneykate - Tegan born 7th June
petitech - Max born 8th June
knackered Dexter born 10th June
Prisoner Cormac born 12th June
Barbie Kate born 13th June
Kara Cara born 13th June
AlmightyCirtus – Travis ?14th June
TheQuibbler – Elian 15th June
Crumble – Althea 16th June
Citizenoscar – Rafael 18th June
Sarahmomtobe – Ewan 18th June
Daisyfields – Edith 18th June
Crazychic – Maisie – 21st June
8rubberduckies – Ruby 22nd June
Jasmine51 – William 24th June
Oompa Lumpa – Amelie 25th June
Nursesunshine – Jasmine 25th June
PerpetualProvocateur – William 28th June
Neenewps – Arthur 30th June
Mummyofprawn- Theo 30th June
COAF – Alba 1st July
Milliemuffin – Kiera 2nd July
Takethatlady – Isobel 3rd July
Curiouselle- Emma 5th July
Tinyk – Christopher 6th July

Cant find dates for
Misshoohaa – Xavier

Still waiting for

LisasCat, EDD 23/6 (DD 4), waiting (im)patiently, hoping for MLU
Supersunnyday EDD 24/6 (DC1) hoping for water birth on MLU, sweep booked for 5/7

KaraStarbuckThrace Thu 07-Jul-11 11:19:08

Marking my spot.
Sending happy labour vibes to Supersunnyday and Lisascat!

herecomesthsun Thu 07-Jul-11 11:24:10

Saw the title, would like to wish best of luck to LisasCat and Supersunnyday!

DaisyFields Thu 07-Jul-11 12:07:18

<Gets out the pompoms again and starts a 'go sunny, go lisa' chant>... Wonderful, snuggly poopy things come to those who wait x

NurseSunshine Thu 07-Jul-11 12:10:07

Come on Sunny, Come on Lisa! grin

Merlion Thu 07-Jul-11 12:40:58

Marking my place - here's to Lisa and Supersunny.

Belated congratulations to Tynk and Curiouselle.

Just doing my count and the girls still well outweigh the boys!

ConfessionsOfAnAchingFanjo Thu 07-Jul-11 14:03:43

Yay for one last thread before we all move on with our LOs! It's hard to believe we've finally come to the end of baby bumps and all (almost) got our babies.

Congrats to *Tinyk and Curiouselle.

Looking forward to news from Supersunny and Lisa.

Alba and DS are the shining lights in my life right now, as everything else tried to fall down around my ears yesterday. However DH and I are getting the help we need (he's in hospital for his OCD) and taking it one day at a time.

curiouselle Thu 07-Jul-11 14:47:15

just marking my place - wow we have all come so far!

Clarkiee Thu 07-Jul-11 14:57:33

Hello Ladies, not written for a while but been occasionally doing some reading- having a quick pop on to see if we had any new babies smile. Only two babies left now!!! How exciting.

I've been so busy with these two but enjoying every minute (well nearly every minute). Still breast feeding but replaced the evening feed with fomula- which has taken a little bit of pressure off. Think I should be able to manage carrying on bfing for a good few months now. Well done to all those who have been working through the bfeeding challenges- sure most would agree it's hard work (but found that it does get much easier).

Saw last week that there was a dummy debate. I've had to use them occasionally because one can set the other off crying and its unbearable when they both cry. Just trying to make sure that I don't rely on them and I don't bother at night (mainly because I know they will keep bloody falling out and making baby cry). My DH has tried to get me to use them at night but when I told him that it was 'fine as long as you sleep on this side of the bed so you can keep putting it back in when it falls out' he shut up hmm

Just been to Asda- lots of lovely comments (and some annoying ones- 'you've got your hands full love'- yeah thanks angry). Glad that I'm pretty laid back because one of the girls who works there took Ciara out of the trolley for a cuddle- without asking. Don't mind really but a bit suprised.

Clarkiee Thu 07-Jul-11 14:59:39

Hope you are okay achingfanjito missed what has been happening to you but glad you and DH are getting the help you need. Take care x

crazychic141187 Thu 07-Jul-11 16:39:34

marking my place... maisie is waking up for boobie time...

Supersunnyday Thu 07-Jul-11 16:40:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

milliemuffin Thu 07-Jul-11 17:17:38

For those that have just had their second or third baby (don't remember any fourths but apologies if I'm wrong), have you noticed that people are much less bothered by your new arrival than your previous one? When we had Jasmine we were inundated with visitors, we received about 50+ cards and people really made an effort all within 3 or 4 days of her being born. Keira is 5 days old and we've received one card that isn't from immediate family, it's a friend of my mum's! Some people haven't even acknowledged my birth announcement text! Also, DP announced Jas's arrival on fb whilst we were still in the delivery room. He's not a big fb user but you still think he'd have put something on by now. We said to the grandparents and my sister-in-law when they asked what we wanted that there's nothing we need for her (they bought Jas clothes/teddies/muslins) but DP's side have bought absolutely nothing and my mum gave us a dress that is so badly/cheaply stitched it looks like its for a dolly. Why does it feel like I'm the only one that's pleased with our new addition sad

milliemuffin Thu 07-Jul-11 17:19:53

Best of luck for 2mrw Supersunny xx

NurseSunshine Thu 07-Jul-11 17:39:54

Thinking about you confessions, hope dh is out soon. Have you got some help with ds and Alba?

Clarkiee It would annoy me if a stranger just picked up DD without asking! Glad you've got a good feeding routine going. I think you're great, doubt I'd have stuck with bfing if I'd had twins!

I've had a bit of a blagh day, woke up very tired but feeling a bit better after having a nap with Jasmine who then slept on for long enough for me to make and eat tea and hang the washing up! Still feeling lonely though, think I'm going to have to get used to it sad

Clarkiee Thu 07-Jul-11 18:33:27

Nursesunshine I'm sure that in another week or two you'll be able to get out and about and meet other mums. Is there a children's centre near you or an NCT group? When you get to know few of them better you could invite them round for a coffee and chat. Sure you'll meet some other mums who are in the same boat. My mums friends daughter had a boy at a similar time and shes set up a mini group (me and 2 other mums shes just met) and we've been having coffee and cake smile most weeks and even though everybody doesn't really know each other we all have the newborn baby thing in common and its great to have a moan/ask advice/gossip to keep you sane.

NurseSunshine Thu 07-Jul-11 18:59:19

Yeah I will probably check out the children's centre soon. I'm not very good at making friends though.

Supersunnyday Thu 07-Jul-11 20:48:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

8rubberduckies Thu 07-Jul-11 22:00:29

Marking my place... I have been reading, but the only time I get to sit down at the moment is when I'm feeding and my one-handed typing just isn't up to scratch! I am sorry not to comment individually but I am working against the clock before R wakes up again...

Go Supersunny! Sounds very promising, I am rooting for you!

Can't believe we're almost there, congratulations to everyone who has had their babies in the last week. Things are going pretty well here, Ruby feeds every 1.5 - 2 hours at night, then almost constantly during the day apart from 2 mammoth sleeps in the morning and afternoon. I am pretty tired as not getting a chance to sleep during the day, but co-sleeping is making things easier as I can doze whilst I'm feeding. DP is banned from bed as he won't give up the fags grin.

DS is so good with her - very gentle and a fab big brother, but is having the most major meltdowns, and has managed to narrow his already bloody narrow food repertoire to just cucumber sticks, smoothies, bread, cheese and eggs (oh, and chocolate, cakes and icecream if given the chance of course).

misshoohaa Fri 08-Jul-11 05:06:46

Hi all ,
On phone doing the one handed bf typing so here goes!!!
coaf hope things are manageable whilst your DP gets some help, and that things get better for you soon.
clarkiee so impressed by you! So many times whilst I've been feeding/changing/soothing Xav have I had a hats off thought for mums of twins! Do you feed them both at the same time and are they roughly in sync with the same routine etc?
nurse sorry to hear your feeling lonely. Meeting other people with babies makes things so much easier though and although you say you don't make friends easy, meeting other mums would be so worthwhile & mummyhood is the best Colin interest there is so you'll bf off to a great start! I'm the same, didn't really have many friends in my town but an nct group has been my saving grace and whilst the whole class was lovely, 2 ladies in particular have become friends for life. Virtually you seem like a great person and I'm sure RL is no different so best of luck getting out and about with jasmine soon. smile

Go supersunny ! hoping we hear your baby announcement very soon!

Xav is doing great, his birthdate was the 14th next time someone updates the list. We've ditched the dummy today as his latch has got very lazy and sucky ANC the dummy seemed to be the only thing that could be affecting it. Going off for naps and back to sleep tonight has been quite tough, with the dummy he goes straight off on his own but we've had serious sobbing tonight. sad feel bad, but he has actually slept really well so think it's for the best.

He definitely feeds better off one breast than the other. I offer both and start the feed with alternate breasts but his latch and sucking motion is more effective on the left. Is this normal and is there any downside to this?

misshoohaa Fri 08-Jul-11 05:08:05

Err colin??? That would be common - predictive typing! grin

tinyk Fri 08-Jul-11 06:58:23

Hi gals,

Going to have a (brief) try at birth story from the phone while waiting for C to wake up and feed. He's a very good boy and only cries when he is hungry, but he struggled a bit with properly sucking for the first day and that coupled with being a good sleeper ( 4 hours at a time!!) means that he gets anxious when it comes time to eat as he's ravenous!! I just stay calm and we get there in the and!

Anyhow- birth story

As you know on Tuesday I got niggling back pain which woke me up about 4am. At 7 I woke DH up and he was so excited it was great. He went in to work to tell his boss and put an out of office on at 9am after 3ish hours of easily bearable contractions, and I put the tens on and got on with life (washing up/laundry etc.). By 11am, with DH back I'd had a very bloody show and by 1pm was contracting 3x a minute for a full minute. We watched a film and at 4 I decided I was ready to go in. In we went... Good strong contractions but only 1cm sad. Home again! Another film and contractions seem to get fewer but stronger. 8pm - gush... Waters! But they're green angry. Back to hospital where they confirm thick mec. Also, still only 1 cm. Double angry. That's 12 hours of hard work for nothing!

We all agree we want C out please, so I go on a drip, and have a little gas and air, however at 230am with 5 contractions a minute I'm so tired I ask for an epidural. I'm so glad I did as next bit of news is... Just over 1cm still!!! At this point C's heart beat starts dropping slightly in line with contractions or if I lie any way except on my right side. We decide to stop the drip for a bit and try kneeling, which C doesn't mind but stalls contractions. After another hour with no progress we try the drip again hoping the time on my knees has got C in a better place to weather the labour but no joy, he's just not happy. It's now 9am, and I'm a little over 2cm. We decide to do 1 more hour of drip AND knees, but at the end it's made no difference so it's off to the theatre, and after all that time it's a bit of a relief.

I was adamant i didn't want a caesarean, but in the end I was 100% ready for it!

Best of luck to the last 2!,

crumbletastic Fri 08-Jul-11 08:26:00

Woot woo, go supersunny! Again just a quick one from me as I have permaglued baby. She pretty much sleeps the whole night with 1 or 2 short bf but is very needy throughout the day, only sleeping in sling or attached to breast. It has been hard for ds as I can hardly play with him, and far too muched cbeebies have been watched over the past 3 weeks. Things should get much easier from tomorrow though as dh finishes work for the 8 week summer holidays today. It it crazy than I'm actually looking forward to getting on with a bit of housework whilst dh comforts baby? The thought of having both hands free for a bit of time everyday excites me!

takethatlady Fri 08-Jul-11 08:31:27

Thanks for the reassurance supersunny!!!

nurse i totally agree with what everyone else says - you'll meet other people with young babies and there'll be loads to say. You'll make friends no problem, and from what I know of you on here you're fab anyway smile

Wow tinyk that sounds stressful! But it all ended up well in the end. You have reminded me that I never posted my birth story, so here goes:

I had a few contractions on Wednesday evening but didn't recognise them as contractions, being a first-timer. There were probably about ten over a three-four hour period and they were mild. On the Thursday I had a normal day but the same pains started again at around 8 o'clock, and I started to wonder if they were contractions. I was able to talk on the phone and not let on that I was having the pain. By midnight, the pain was really bad and I knew these must be contractions. They were also becoming more regular, at around 6-8 minutes apart and a minute in length. I got DH out of bed and we stayed up all night with him timing the contractions and writing them down. At 1am we rang the hospital who said we needed to wait until the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, lasting a full minute, and taking my breath away. The pain was intense but the TENS machine helped. Between 4 and 5am the contractions were 4-5 minutes apart and very strong, but at around 7am they slowed right down to 10 minutes and milder, and eventually stopped. DH called work and said we thought the baby might be coming and that he'd been awake all night with me and they let him have the day off. I had contractions on and off all day, but sometimes separated by an hour.

On the Friday evening the contractions kicked off again. From 10pm to 6am they were 4-5 minutes apart and quite intense. Again at 1am I rang the hospital and the midwife said this kind of labour was common among first-time mums and that, though it meant the baby was on her way, I could have these types of contractions like this every night for a week before she came shock. By 6am I was falling asleep between contractions because I was so tired, and then I suddenly woke up at 6.30, and then again at 10am, so I knew the contractions had more or less stopped.

On the Saturday I had few contractions at all in the morning. At lunchtime DH and I drove to Tesco's and decided to pick up a few bits and then go for a walk around the nearby park. I had a contraction in the bread aisle, another at the till, and two in the park. All were enough to make me have to grip onto DH but I was able to keep silent through them, thank goodness. We got home and had lunch and I had a few more contractions, but very intermittently, and then at 4 o'clockish my mucous plug came out!! I was very excited and somehow I knew that this had been caused by the contractions and meant that we were going to have the baby soon. By six the contractions had become regular. By 8pm they were extremely painful, and by 10pm they were almost unbearable. I rang the hospital again, but they listened to my contractions which slowed to 5 mins apart (they were actually 4 mins apart and i lied and said they were 2-3 minutes). The midwife again said I shouldn't come in. At 11.30 the TENS machine was doing bugger all, the contractions were still four minutes apart, but the pain was so excruciating I couldn't take it any more, so I told DH just to take me to the hospital. I had a massive contraction outside our house as I tried to get into the car, two in the car, a huge one in the hospital car park, and one as we walked into the MLU, which was lucky as DH had been given a wheelchair to take me in and he crashed it so many times I was laughing and thinking I wouldn't get taken seriously.

The midwife immediately said I could stay and stayed with us in the room from that point on, never leaving except to get us drinks or to get the pethidine I later asked for. I had an hour and a half on gas and air, which helped (but not enough) and then asked if I could have pethidine. The midwife examined me and said I was 5cm and it was perfect timing for it. Had the pethidine, turned into a bit of a loony - sleeping between contractions and waking to say things to DH or the midwife from my dream as if the dreams were real. The pethidine, the calm reassurance of the midwife, DH's amazing help in getting me drinks, helping me change positions regularly, letting me hang on him for contractions and so on, all helped me get into a zone where I knew I could keep going to the birth. Started pushing at 4am and went on the birthing stool with DH supporting me from behind. Asked for more pethidine, repeatedly, and the midwife obviously said no. At 5.30 she said the baby would be born by six, and at ten past six she was put into my arms.

Natural delivery of placenta, delayed cord cutting (DH cut the cord), and in the end a quick 'real' labour for a first-time attempt. Had a small perineal tear and two cuts to the labia but didn't require stitches.

After reading all the other stories on here I feel pretty blessed smile

Quick question for more experienced mums who have made it this far through this giant post! (have posted this on the BF boards too). Isobel fed constantly last night - every hour for 12 hours - and while her stools had gone the grainy mustardy yellow they were meant to be the last one was quite dark brown. Bit worried I might have a slow flow as she kept coming off the breast very agitated and trying frantically to latch back on. Anyone think it sounds like this? Or is the occasional brown stool nothing to worry about?

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