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Anyone else suffering from sever insomnia????????

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becks130 Mon 04-Jul-11 15:42:26


I'm 24+3 weeks and am suffering sever insomnia, i've been up since 3am sad it wouldn't be so bad but I have a 17 month old dd and a 5 year ds and have to take ds to school by bus which means that I spend over 2 hrs a day on the bus.

I am really starting to struggle and even went to the Dr today to get something to help me sleep but was told that I wasn't able to take anything in pregnancy.

Does anyone know of anything over the counter that is effective and can be taken in pregnancy? or have any good realistic advice on how to combat it.

Any advice welcome


RuthChan Mon 04-Jul-11 18:25:47

Have you tried lavender oil?
It is a natural way to help sleep. You can put a few drops on a hankie and put it by your pillow. The perfume should help to relax you and send you off.

Another thing to try is reading in bed when you wake up.
That helps your mind to focus on something other than actually being awake. You will find that you drift off sooner than if just lying awake in bed thinking about how much you want to go back to sleep.

kri5ty Thu 07-Jul-11 08:31:56

hey hun i am no help but thought i would say hello... i have had insomnia for around 10 years, and have been on medication for the last 7... obviously had to stop when i got pregnant, so now its back again!

For me non of the followig stuff worked as it is a medical condition (rather than pregnancy related) but have you tired, lavender oils in bath before bed, bannanas before bed, warm milky drink before bed etc etc

Like i said they didnt work for me, but worth a go... the worst thing i find is lying awake it bed getting anoyed i cant sleep, so instead i get up and make use of the time, doing things like, making lists of things baby needs, writing in a journal etc

Also sudoku or difficult puzzles are good, as they tire your brain out x

kri5ty Thu 07-Jul-11 08:35:32

And i find i can't watch tv, or listen to music for around an hour before i go to bed (as this is all i can hear in my head when i try to sleep)

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