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Preggo Hughes Syndrome Sufferers

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pommedechocolat Sat 02-Jul-11 09:43:41

Hello any fellow preggo Hughes's out there!
Am newly pregnant with number 2 and have 6 week scan in 10 days time.
Had forgotten how scary some of the things they talk to you about are and how rubbish heparin injections are (starting tomorrow).
Anyone else fancy the odd moan about stupid clotting thick blood?

Keziahhopes Mon 04-Jul-11 21:57:33

Hello - am also waiting 6 week scan and just started clexane injections today. How long will you have to take yours for? I don't have Hughes' that I know of but Factor V Leiden (heterozygous) ie sticky blood.

pommedechocolat Tue 05-Jul-11 08:48:51

Have to do injections until 1 week after birth and then switch back to warfarin. Will be doing 2 injections daily from 20 weeks.
Last time I had an 8 week scan. I am worried about not seeing a heartbeat on a 6 week scan and being left in limbo and being horribly worried - is this your first baby or have you got other children?

Keziahhopes Tue 05-Jul-11 10:54:44

This is our first and much waited for first - had one failed ivf cycle earlier this year after many years of ttc~1. I am on clexane 40mg a day - but not yet seen consultant to discuss how long for etc, as such early days.

Actually hospital now said they will do a 7/8 week scan instead of 6 weeks - which is making me more nervous. Still awaiting the date - they should be calling with it soon!

If can't see a heartbeat on 6 weeks, which is earliest they can see it you may still see a sac and a fetal pole (which is the first things you can see apparently) - they may give you a 6 week and an 8 week scan.

Are you injecting into your stomach? It feels strange to me to inject where the baby is growing, even though it is a subcutaneous injection.

How many children do you have?

pommedechocolat Tue 05-Jul-11 11:59:58

We have one dd already.
Yes - stomach thing is odd I agree. The consultant always laughed at me (in a nice way) when I expressed worry re that last time). She says we are going nowhere near the baby. I injected in the tops of my legs as well last time as the bump got bigger and harder.
Last time I saw GP first and had an 8 week scan. This time saw consultant first and have a scan booked in for 5 +6 which I think will surely mean they'll have to do another one.
Last time was clexane this time round Fragmin as hospital have switched heparin brands. No idea of any differences - I suspect maybe price?! I actually like Fragmin better as the needles are a bit longer and seem sharper. I always thought Clexane ones seemed blunt and needed some real ramming in!

Keziahhopes Tue 05-Jul-11 18:23:58

Yes - Clexane needles are quite blunt, probably why they bruise! Nurse showed me how to inject it today (well I knew but had to go), and this time a large purple/red dot came up an hour or so later plus a bruise! As long as it is heparin I am sure it doesn't matter.

Great you will get 2 early scans grin

stitchinline Fri 22-Jul-11 14:07:03


also pregnant with hughes, currently 8+3

have been injecting twice a day with fragmin, not fun but if it means I'll get a little one at the end I'll do just about anything smile

lots of lovely bruises here - do you also find you get lumps under the surface with the bruises (or is it just my really bad technique)?

I think I'm going to be on til 6 weeks post birth then switching back to warfarin

are you also on aspirin?

pommedechocolat Fri 22-Jul-11 22:50:31

I have had a lot less 'lumps' under the skin so far this time round and had thought maybe it was because I was taking drag in this time and Clexane with dd. I always thought the lumps happened when I pushed all the liquid in too fast rather than steadily.
I'm just on once a day until 20 weeks when I go to two. Last time the obstetrician put me on aspirin around 20 weeks. Not sure what will happen this time.
I also go back up warfarin post birth - hate it!!

ImTheMap Tue 26-Jul-11 22:47:28

Hello. Just had positive test yesterday. Started on aspirin and high dose folic and have appointment with hospital on Friday to pick up my fragmin and progesterone tablets. Oh the joys! Glad to have somewhere to chat about it. This is pg 5. First 3 failed, thankfully pg 4 (with above treatment) worked and dd is now 3. Fingers crossed ladies smile

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