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We're now halfway and it's PMA all the way - Nov 2011

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cep Tue 28-Jun-11 21:03:43

Halfway there now ladies. on the countdown.

alicat10 Tue 28-Jun-11 21:11:27

ooh shiny new thread smile

In 12 hours I'll know whether pink or blue (if kitten is cooperative)....getting nervous now

cep Tue 28-Jun-11 21:16:17

Are you going to have a guess first? what do you think it's going to be? do you have a preference?

alicat10 Tue 28-Jun-11 21:19:00

No pref as have one of each but gut feel is girl

I always thought it would be boy girl boy though

In some ways girl would be better as I found it hard to bond with DS so would be nice to keep him as my only special boy but boy would work well as DD would be only girl which might negate some of the middle child stuff

Going to properly tell DS & DD about their new sibline tom eve if all goes well

BuffyFan Tue 28-Jun-11 21:20:07

Thanks cep!

Hils I keep saying to the cat I can't wait until she gets kicked in the face for the first time! I think bump likes it though - he/she was kicking away earlier, with the cat purring on the other side.

Can't believe I've got over a week to go still until the 20 week scan!

alicat10 Tue 28-Jun-11 21:28:23

Mine is 21+3 so feels a v long time since 12 week one. Next one should be 24 weeks though or at the most in 4 weeks.

Poppet45 Tue 28-Jun-11 21:33:36

Oooooh lovely shiney new thread. So much more room! <<twirls>>
Sorry to hear about another low lying placenta. I'm going to ask about mine during the scan on Thursday. It sounds weird but while with DS I had an anterior one, I'm sure mine's stuck on my side this time, my left side, because that was where I got the pulling sensations from the most, my MW found it loudest there too and when I try to sleep on my left side like a good girl I get this worrying pulsing sensation... so am favouring my right. Anyone know when it's a bad idea to sleep on your back <<sob>> ? I can't remember from last time.
Knittingwise I'm working on a big multicoloured pram blanket. Would love to have time to make a silly hat to match, and the spare wool too, but we'll see. DS only got a quilt made so don't want to make him jealous grin and the less said about some of the still unfinished threads and lack of nametag on that the better.
Hopefully going to find out what team we're on at the scan too. I'm more and more convinced it's a girl. We're both agreed on two DCs so I will be sad never to have our wee 'Duncan' (we already had a spare favourite boy's name left over from DS and oh yes MIL said she didn't like it too) and always pictured two boys, but realising there are more and more benefits to having one of each too. I just need to find the right name.
As for dreams, nothing too weird, but a very memorable one last night were DC was born and only weighed 4lbs. I only weighed 4lbs but I was a twin, and after 9lb 6oz DS it would be a shock!
I know there was other stuff I was going to respond too, but like other posters I've gotten a bit bogged down with internet stuff and can't remember!

Bluetinkerbell Tue 28-Jun-11 21:37:43

Marking my spot wink still tagging along... cheering you ladies on till the end!

cep Tue 28-Jun-11 21:42:45

i am insane. watching baby hospital, so sad.

juststarting Tue 28-Jun-11 21:57:34

Cep, what are you DOING to yourself! Why would you DO that!!!
I definitely want to find out boy or girl too - though also still have over a week to wait. I loved knowing my son was a boy, just began to give us a sense of a person in there. Which is odd, cause we're not a very stereotypically gender orientated family in a lot of ways. I guess there isnt a lot you can know before they come out, it was nice to have the sex. We decided not to have a 3D scan so we could have the suprise of what he looked like when we could see him properly though, but this time we might do it. Not sure yet. Its so expensive. But yes, I kind of want a girl so one of each , and kind of want a boy cause I GET boys! But yes, now I have kind of settled on sticking at two, I think my desire for one of each is slightly in the lead at the moment. For me. For my son, I would rather another boy.
I had a lot of problems breast feeding my son, including quite flat nipples. I was dead set on breastfeeding (foolishly, self destructively so to be honest) an I did a whole lot of things like using the breast pump and using nipple shields to help get him sucking and then wipping it away and trying to get him back onto the nipple. Ultimately it all worked and I fed him for 14 months, but those early months were a nightmare. Literally. Ended up having surgery on a massive breast abscess. didnt help that my son had a tongue tie though.
I went through an erotic dream patch also counterbalanced by a waking complete lack of eroticism a while back too. In my 12 week scan my placenta was squarely accross my cervix so I used to wake up in those first few residual minutes of half consciousnes before erotic desire completely fading would thing "but my placenta!" Darn neurotic mind.

alicat10 Tue 28-Jun-11 22:04:26

Juststarting I was going to stick at 2 also grin but couldn't resist 1 more baby.

My DS adores his DD and they play beautifully together (though she is a tomboy)

Poppet45 Tue 28-Jun-11 22:08:01

juststarting much, much respect to you and your BFing persistence. TBH I thought I'd do great at birth and struggle with Bfing, but got that completely and utterly wrong <<admires spiffy hip to hip scar>>. If I'd have had a mare BFing as well I'd have had to have been carted off I think. It must have been V stressful.
<<waves at Tink>>

Caliphora Tue 28-Jun-11 23:16:58

That's pretty standard mat leave procedure, I'm afraid (takes HR hat off)

Meh, I've been so lacklustre today.
I need strawberries.

chipmonkey Wed 29-Jun-11 00:11:11

Nice thread titlegrin
Folic I have not had any bleeding so to have low lying placenta again is a bit of a surprise. With ds3 I had a little bleed at 24 weeks, then lots of small bleeds till 32 weeks when I had a very big bleed. MIL blamed dh for the big bleed because it happened St Stephen's day ( Boxing day to most of you!) and I had lifted the Turkey in and out of the oven myself!

cep would you see a bf counsellor before the birth to see if anything can be done about your nipples. I think sadly a lot of MW's don't know enough about bf to be able to help in cases where it's not straightforward.

chipmonkey Wed 29-Jun-11 00:11:48

Oh, and I'm sticking at five!wink

PoppysMom Wed 29-Jun-11 05:23:18

Oh, shiny new thread smile

My mother kept nagging about names and suggested roughly 2 a day and then would expect me to explain if I liked them/didn't and why hmm?

Anytime I turned a name down (which was the majority of them) she would rant on about my DH not wanting the names and just being a pain, etc.
They get on really well wink

Anyway, DH and I had decided that we were going to keep the name secret and not tell until the birth (also gives us time to choose one at our pace and not at 4 months, because my Mum wants to angry).
So, I sat down for about 2 hours to phrase a non-confrontational and nice sounding email, explaining our decision.
I have not heard from her since!!

Anyway, scan tomorrow, so will send pictures if we have them and details of the 20 week scan in general to initiate contact.

At the end of the day, I need my DH to be supportive, as he is my present and future.
My Mum is (without trying to sound too harsh) kind of my past really, as I am starting my own family. Things like Christmas will now center around my DH, myself and DD (as she handily comes before Christmas smile)

I am very sad, that it is not just me that struggles with family being not very supportive. Fingers crossed all will be well for all of us.

I have been thinking of baby monitors too and will probably get a voice only one.

I am so excited that DD's crib will be delivered on Friday and then I am off for 2 weeks holiday with 2 hospital tours and another scan.

Can't wait till tomorrow to see Poppy again smile

PoppysMom Wed 29-Jun-11 05:24:01

Oops...sorry, that was a bit long blush

TwoJackRussellsandabean Wed 29-Jun-11 06:40:03


just marking my place on the new thread, nowt to report here smile

juststarting Wed 29-Jun-11 07:44:22

Gthe breastfeeding WAS stressful and ultimately i think i'm glad i stuck with it but i'm not sure. I got so physically ill and run down, my mental health became a real problem, i do wonder whether ooverall bottle feedoing would have been better for me and my son. We can never know is the truth, but i suspecyt the difference it made to breast feed was not worth the heartache. But i was totally, totally set on it. I knew my mum hadnt been able to feed either of us and had been really disappointed about it and i just really was set on it happening. My experience made me think there must actually be very few people who really cant breastfeed without the right perseverence, but that the right perseverence may well be too high a price! And yes, midwife support was rubbish. Would have made so much difference if his tongue tie had been spotted straight away rather than some weeks later by a visiting midwife from another area who happened to be shadowing my midwife. Came in, picked him up, took one look at him and said 'you've got a nice big tongue tie havent you. Are you having problems feeding?' and changed our world. Bit to late for the ensuing boob issues though.
Anyway, what a beautiful clear fresh morning here!

PamSco Wed 29-Jun-11 08:47:42

Woohoo new thread, They are much easier to open on the phone as they open as one big page. Feeling very good and positive at the mo - no reason.

MRI scan today, I can take music in was thinking of Papa was a rolling (gall)stone? Whaddya reckon?

I feel very excited about finding out whether pink or blue - shame they can't tell me red (Liverpool) or blue (Everton) - best be blue. Everyone thinks it is a boy, so do I. I'll have the scan guess on Friday but amnio will tell for sure next week.

ziggi, Folic I'd love to meet up if you guys were up for it. I know "of" someone in RL due the same day as me in Edi - I wonder if you are her? Lol. I know her husband, in fact there are 2 people due that week. Small world!

just I watched my sister go through similar re bfeeding, heart really goes out to you. So upsetting.

Poppy we have made up a name that we tell everyone we are using - we won't be (the F & T are surnames) David Alexander Fxxxxx Txxxxx I love watching people's face as they work out the initials.

WuzzAndBuddy Wed 29-Jun-11 08:57:59

Morning all!

Scan day!!
DH left for work this morning just after saying to DS 'We're going to have a big treat this afternoon, we're going to get to see the baby!'
Ds ran into the living room shouting 'Mummy, Mummy! Daddy said the baby's coming today!' hmm
Thanks DH....

So we've just spent the last hour on youtube looking at scans and he's hugely disappointed we're going to look at a fuzzy wiggle on a screen and not see 'the real' baby...

I'm just crocheting a blanket like this one at the moment but I'm just using dark and light brown, going to go and buy some more wool and make a couple more in nicer colours, this one is just my practice, and its a bit rough! I haven't crocheted for ages!
DS has decided he wants a blanket too and my sister is pregnant aswell so I think I'll make her one, its amazing how quickly this one is coming together!

Lk, thats really, really lucky!
DH is equivalent of Lance Sergeant, his regiment has a different rank structure, bet your DH will know what reg I mean!
Hopefully we're going to move in August to a 3bed on the same estate, but typical army style, they won't actually tell us til 6wks before move date, if indeed we're actually getting one! There's a waiting list apparently but they 'can't' say how long the list is hmm

Anyone else feeling hiccups yet?
I think they've started already, very rhythmic fidgets low down, for a good minute, either that or this one is trying to kick its way out in one spot!

Anyone got any tips for keeping an almost 4yr old entertained during scan?
He's such a performer and chatterbox, I'm worried he's going to talk all the way through and demand attention!

PamSco Wed 29-Jun-11 09:07:23

Guess the body part? It works for my DP lol.

H007 Wed 29-Jun-11 09:16:36

Wuzz my nephew is the same he has been told that I am pregnant and when he comes over he goes on a hunt and when you ask him what he is looking for he asks where the baby is... When you tell him it isn't time yet he gets all disappointed and asks when it is gonna hatch. Think he thinks I am having a baby dinosaur or something hahaha

Yesterday when getting in the car I had tiny electric shock type feelings in my lower tummy, anyone had this? Or know what it may be?

WuzzAndBuddy Wed 29-Jun-11 09:22:48

Lol, that made me laugh, can imagine DH getting more excited than DS each time he got it right! grin

bumpandisaacsmum Wed 29-Jun-11 10:38:53

pam love the made up name!!

wuzz hope scan goes well, no tips here re:entertaining...our hosp won't let DCs into scan room sad

juststarting my sister had huge troubles BFing but was set on doing it, the amount of tearful phonecalls I had was really hard. She managed a couple of months then went with bottles which made her feel worse- the MW really pushed BFing but gave little support. Hope this time round is easier for you.

Wish I could remember my dreams, woke up in floods of tears twice last night but no idea why!!

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