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Started TTC in August 2010, 1 has popped, 3 nearly there and 2 over halfway!

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KLou111 Fri 17-Jun-11 18:13:30

Thought I'd put one has popped since we've not heard and we need a new forum!!
Feel free anyone to join us for a chat smile

GruffaloMama Fri 17-Jun-11 19:04:03

Ooh nice new thread. I wonder if Melly's in hospital...

Fish and chips for me for tea. Really looking forward to it!

lizandlulu Fri 17-Jun-11 20:16:00

ohh nice new empty threadgrin

klou had an alright day yesterday, was knackered though at the end of it, then dad rang at 11.30 to say this muscle thing he has thats affecting his eyes has started to affect his breathing and he had called an ambulance, so he went to hospital andi had to fetch dad and mum back at half 4 this morninghmm i am ready for bed now believe me!

lizandlulu Sat 18-Jun-11 09:29:24

right melly SOMETHING must have happened, either it has or you are doing this to us on purposegrin

KLou111 Sat 18-Jun-11 10:16:48

Think she's taking the micky not coming on here!!! OI MELLY is Poppy here yet?????????

Sorry about your dad Liz hope all is OK.

Hope you enjoyed your fish and chips Gruff smile

Iwish Sat 18-Jun-11 11:29:30

Hi girlies!

Hope your dad is ok Liz

Mmm fish n chips gruffalo could just eat that now.

klou that's for the new fread.

My bets are that poppy has arrived. Eek I'm excited lol.

Going for my 4d scan at 4pm so I'm v v v excited!! Going for my hair cut in 30 mins too. Can't wait because I look like a right scruff now!

lizandlulu Sat 18-Jun-11 12:51:44

ohh put some pic on iwish what you can. you will love it!!!

i am off now till tomorrow night, so have good weekends the rest of you, and melly get a bloody move ongrin

KLou111 Sat 18-Jun-11 19:13:07

oooooooo Iwish put some piccies on!!! Bet you didn't stop blubbing!!

Seems to be a hair day today smile Just dyed my hair back to it's 'normal' horrible mousy colour, as thought I'd be a real mum rather than a false blonde one lol!! Although last time I did it, it bloody didn't take and washed out, so we'll see this time!

Iwish Sun 19-Jun-11 00:15:50

Awww it was lovely girls!! He is absolutely gorgeous and I enjoyed every second! I have put a few pics on my profile. We got 8 colour printed, 2 black and White printed, a DVD with 108 pics on and we are going back next week for another scan to get a DVD because the DVD machine broke on them lol. Free to go next time and they knocked £20 off today!!

Hope you have all had a lovely day xx

KLou111 Sun 19-Jun-11 12:41:25

He is beuuuuuuuuutiful Iwish, piccies are so clear!! Lovely that you could see all of him, that's what I would have liked but because we don't know the sex, we couldn't sad
Good deal you got there too!!

Iwish Sun 19-Jun-11 13:32:42

Thanks klou we are so happy. We asked for proof he was a boy and there is definitly no denying he's a boy! Saw all his bits even in 2d!! Your pics are fab too, I think they are just as clear.
We have showed our parents and are going showing my Nans today. I just want to show him off to the world.
Have you had s nice weekend? X

lizandlulu Sun 19-Jun-11 18:57:39

aww iwish he is so cute!!smile

still no word from melly? something has got to have happened dont you think.

i hve had a totally crap weekend, we have been racing again in the horsebox over night. it was so noisy (late night disco) that i couldnt sleep, had about 3 hours in total, the bed was so hard that its given me terrible backache and couldnt get comfy at all and have had constant indegestion for the whole 2 days which has made me feel sick and awfulsad

we are supposed to be staying over night again in 3 weeks, but its dawned on me today that i will be 37 weeks and no way am i staying in the horsebox again till this baby is out, so i have a chioce of driving 20 mins to a hotel or b & b where i still might not sleep well, or 1 hour and 20 mins home where i will sleep like a log, then have to drive back the next day.

today has made me feel proper fed up and sorry for myslefsad

hope you have all had better weekends than me.

KLou111 Sun 19-Jun-11 18:59:54

Ha ha, good job he was a boy lol!!
Can't remember but was it you who's parents weren't very excited about it all or am I getting confused. If it was, are they now they've seen your piccies? smile

Weekend been busy here. Went to the local game fair yesterday instead of today, thank go we took our wellies as it was thick of mud no matter where you walked. Some peeps were walking around bare footed as it was easier!!
Got a few things for the dogs, DH got a shooting bag, and got some loooooooovely flavoured cheeses (and I had a lovely chocolate sample smile).
Then just went and got a bit of shopping and B&Q.
Today we've been clearing rooms, removing curtains etc etc for the plasterer who starts tomorrow, we now can't bloody move! Can't wait for it all to be done, hoping it dries quickly so we can paint and get to rooms back to normal.
The nursery-to-be is FULL to the brim of crap (mostly stuff that needs to go back to the Midlands and stuff that needs to go in the loft), so can't do anything in there until the rooms are dry and can move the bed out into the other room etc.
Also got to phone a carpet fitter tomorrow as the carpet in our lounge we'll reuse for the landing and room being plastered rather than just chuck it, then DH can wood the lounge. Hoping someone can come out at the end of the week.

What you been up to?

Am guessing Melly is on her way to meeting her little one if she's not already here smile

KLou111 Sun 19-Jun-11 19:02:14

X post Liz, sorry your weekend been a bit hmm You should be taking it easy and not bloody 'camping' lol!!
Scary that in 3 weeks you'll be 37 weeks!!

lizandlulu Sun 19-Jun-11 19:50:07

ohh i love game fairs klou where was that?

we have booked to go to chatsworth show on the first weekend in september, we have bought a caravan specially for itgrin well we had a caravan anyway but have traded it in and added some money to, and got a better one with a fixed bed and a built in microwaveshock i cant wait, i love looking at all the arty crafty crap and i will actually be able to eat the cheeses that i look at at all the other shows we have been to this year but cant havegrin

just had a shower and glass of milk and feel LOOOAADSSS better.

Iwish Sun 19-Jun-11 21:17:12

Thanks ladies, I keep looking at the pics and thinking how sweet he is grin

Sorry you have had a crappy weekend Liz and I'm with you on the indigestion, I have had it for a few days and gaviscon is doing sod all! I think if you are going to go at 37 weeks your best bet is trying a hotel because 1hour 20mins is a long drive!

klou it was my mum that was a bit off when I said we were having a boy. She has started getting a little more excited now and she seemed to like the piccies. Kept telling me how much he looks like DP lol.
Wow you have done loads this weekend! What's a game fair? Hope a carpet fitter can come out to you soon then.

Going getting little ones bedroom furniture next weekend, can't wait!

GruffaloMama Sun 19-Jun-11 22:31:06

Hiya - Iwish those photos are lovely. He is a total sweetie. Good luck with the furniture hunting - have you already picked what you want?

liz sorry you had a rubbish night. We're going away this coming weekend and DH suggested camping for one night and I've just said no - I'll be 36 weeks and I just want to be comfy... TBH I'd be inclined if I were you to go home after the first night and not go back for the second - but think that's cos I'm feeling generally pretty lazy and tired!!!

Klou that sounds like a lovely day. Bet the dogs loved it even with all the mud. Sorry that your house is all upside down but I'm sure it'll be worth it when it's all done.

Really hope Melly's okay - she was going to be induced today if she'd not already gone into labour I think? Am wishing really hard that she's having a good birth and Poppy is a happy little lady.

We had some friends staying overnight with their 15 month old little boy. He's a love but pretty fractious and I think it's one of the first times they've stayed away from home. Poor thing hardly slept and then was teething today. Felt so sorry for them. His mum has had pretty bad PND and takes days like that really hard. Just wanted to cuddle her.

For me, the labour prep going a bit better. Last week at work this week. HURRAY!!! Bags nearly packed - just need to wash baby clothes - as we're going up north next weekend I want to take the bags with me just in case I go into labour up there [worried emoticon]. And we've got the flooring sorted for the downstairs bathroom and utility - guy is coming this week. Carpet fitter sorted for upstairs and DS's bedroom furniture being delivered in a fortnight... Nearly there!!!

Sorry for monster post. Have a good week folks!

KLou111 Mon 20-Jun-11 10:48:15

Just worked out my dates and good God it's getting close isn't it?!?!?!?
It's between 5.4, 7.4 and 9.4 weeks here depending if s/he is 2 weeks early, on time, or 2 weeks over lol!! Sounds so scary when you put it like that!!!

Plasterer in today yippee!! He's starting in the lounge rather than the bedroom, which we were not prepared for as DH has a few things to patch up in there that he wanted to talk to the plasterer about what he needed to do to get it done for tomorrow, so he's got to do it today arrrrrgh! Not a happy bunny as he's already 'planned his day' but he said it doesn't matter as long as he can get on tomorrow.
Can't wait, going to look so different!! smile

lizandlulu Mon 20-Jun-11 14:28:44

yes klou its scary how its crept up on us isnt it!

EONrep thank you for the offer of help, i will ask if i need anything! i have rang the ombudsman and have done as they advised, i wrote a letter of complaint asking for a reason as to why i have got this massive bill so i now have to wait and see what they come back with.

Melly20MummyToPoppy Mon 20-Jun-11 15:46:20

Hello all! Sorry I haven't been here I've been rather busy grin After my sweep on thursday I kept getting loads of cramps and the midwife told me I was already 2-3cm dilated! My waters broke at 5.43am (I happened to be looking at the clock) friday morning and my contractions started coming straight away every 2-3 minutes, we went straight upto the labour ward and after about an hour of being there, by this time it was about half 7 ish, I was 7cm dilated, I had gas and air but it did bugger all really, just helped me to concentrate on breathing, a bit later on I had a shot of diamorphine which also did nothing, just made me feel reeeeeeeeally tired. Eventually, after just 18 minutes of pushing Poppy Louise Beighton was born at 12:00pm on the dot, weighing 7lbs 12oz and with a full head of hair smile the whole thing from start to finish was just 6 and a quarter hours! I got a graze and a tiny little tear but didn't need stitches (phew!)

Anyway I probably won't be on much for a while so don't worry about us grin theres a couple of pictures up for you to have a nosy at! See you all later xxx

Melly20MummyToPoppy Mon 20-Jun-11 16:23:53

Forgot to mention, not 12 hours after my waters went, we were back home already! We got back home about half past 5.

Those pictures are gorgeous Iwish! You must be well chuffed smile I'm glad to hear your mums finally getting excited!

I hope everyone else is ok and not too jealous grin

Ciao for now! xx

lizandlulu Mon 20-Jun-11 16:33:58

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so so so glad it was ok for you. so will poppy's birthday be on 17th or 18th?

i cant bloody look at your photos, its not letting me click on your name angry but will check later.


GruffaloMama Mon 20-Jun-11 17:56:43

Oh Melly congratulations - so so so pleased for you. Can't see the piccies either but will check back later. Enjoy your babymoon! Make sure you get lots of rest!

Iwish Mon 20-Jun-11 18:38:15

Congrats melly!! that is fab news, I'm so happy for you! Enjoy the precious time with your new little princess and heres a big hug from me (((hug)))! Can't wait to see your pics. Will check later to see of your profile is set to public.
And yeh I'm well chuffed, can't wait till October now!!

gruffalo I have picked my furniture already, it's a mamas and papas set, I love it. Woohoo for your last week at work! Bet you can't wait to finish!!

klou wow that does sound scary! 15 weeks for me lol! And glad u got the plasterer in even tho it Isnt what u planned.

Liz I hope you get the bill sorted out soon, it has gone on for a v long time!!

I'm eating fish and chips but really want ice-cream!

KLou111 Mon 20-Jun-11 18:49:09

A BIG FAT GINORMOUS CONGRATULATIONS MUMMY MELLY!!!! You did it!!! Welcome to the world Poppy Louise!!!!
Well done, can't see piccies as think you haven't made your profile public.
Soooooooooo happy for you all, and VERY [envy} yes!!!! Can't wait now!!

Liz from the sounds of it she was born at midday Friday, 17th smile
Glad you saw that eon message on the other thread.

Well, lounge plastered bar the sloping wall at the side of the stairs (that's the bit DH needed to patch up but plasterer said no rush as prob wouldn't get that bit done anyway, so DH doing it tomorrow while plasterer does bedroom/bathroom ceiling) Looks so different, love it, and makes us wonder how we've put up with it for 2 years!!!!!

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