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Midwives online

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yULeYSEES Wed 16-Nov-05 12:19:48

They've just been talking about PND on This morning and mentioned midwivesonline. It's a site online with midwives!

I'll try to put a link on this thread for anyone who may be interested.

Shaynee Mon 21-Nov-11 12:13:56

sorry last period was 18 oct...got months mixed up x

tinkerbell9169 Sat 19-May-12 12:40:15

hi i work in a hotel where we cater for mostly old people , my job is very stressful sometimes at cause me to get very light-headed , collapse , get migraines which cause me to be ill and need bed rest . i was just wondering if i asked my employer to drop my hours to 25hrs a week would he fire he.. i cant handle long hours no more before i became pregnant i could do silly hours but now can just about manage 5hrs a day. i am nearly 22weeks pregnant and just looking for advise???

PrincessSandy Fri 18-Jan-13 02:37:22

whats a non pregnant women & pregnant womens uterus size?
mines: 8.6 cm x 3.7 cm x 5.6 cm
I believe im pregnant but doctors are NO help. Low hcg.
AN YES there are women pregnant with low hcg levels. havent had a blood or urine pregnancy test possitive YET.. id only be 8 weeks pregnant right now. Need REAL medical help to.

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