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Jue in June - But we're already well on our way!

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NurseSunshine Sun 29-May-11 18:13:04

Yet another thread! Going to need to start moving to post natal soon... Eeep!

sasamaxx Sun 29-May-11 18:30:13

Hope everyone sees my massive long post on the last thread before heading over here

milliemuffin Sun 29-May-11 18:34:07

Thanks for the thread. Bump is still uncomfortable, trapped wind I'm guessing sad

I asked DP to come down and watch kids for 5 before he goes to the pub so I could come up for a wee, he just stood and watched me very slowly walk up the stairs, when I asked why he was staring he tutted and walked off! Men have no flippin idea!! They think we're the stroppy ones!

MrsNoggin Sun 29-May-11 18:42:30

Thanks for new thread. Just need to catch up on the last weeks worth on the old one! grin

Will return with news later.

milliemuffin Sun 29-May-11 18:44:07

Sasa I just went back and read your post. Had to laugh at DP falling asleep in the bath. My DP went to a 40th do last night and he's off out again tonight. Not til after the kids are in bed so I shouldn't moan really but I know he'll spend another £30/40/50 and I can think of much better ways to spend the money! Especially as it's my birthday next week but he knows I dont want anything as I'd prefer to spend the money on the kids. Sorry, me moaning again.

Have a good evening ladies xx

moomin156 Sun 29-May-11 18:54:53

thanks for the new thread nurse and congrats to GV..........added her to the list. Come on boys, stop being lazy and show your faces smile

Florence - born 21st March ( EDD 6th June)
Seren - born 12 May (EDD 28th May)
Evie Rose - born 24th May (EDD 3rd June)
Isobella - 25th May (EDD 4th June)
Rosina - 26th May ( EDD 7th June)
Girl Good Vibrations born 26th may (EDD 23rd May)

KaraStarbuckThrace Sun 29-May-11 19:23:37

Hooray, now got internet and phone line back, apparently Talk Talk had a region wide service failure!
INternet is very slow, I think (or it may be just my computer).
Annoying as DH and DSs are due back any time now and I had some internet related stuff (like my tax return!) that I planned to do today, no chance now!

Sasa I did read your post! Sorry I made you sick blush

NMH - lovely names! Thank you for sharing your birth story!

Millie awww it sounds like you found a lovely new home for your dog.

8RD angry at inconsiderate man and child! DS has managed to stay out of our bed for 2 nights running, he does get in for a bit when he gets up in the morning which is fine, as I usually just jump in the shower then.

Prisonerzero sounds like a very successfull shopping trip!

Petitech yep I have been busy cleaning too!

Couriselle not noticed so much this time, I guess because I work from home now and I have DS, but I remember it was so strange when I started ML with DS, I had never not been working (apart from taking annual leave) since I graduated from University, and even then I worked during all the holidays. So it felt really strange to have all this time on my hands. Make the most of it, is what I say smile

AlmightyCitrus - yes shopping does my back in as well. DH has been dong some as well which has helped.

Back ache, distinct heaviness low down in my abdomen and pelvis, dodgy bowels today. But now don't want baby to arrive before Tuesday as I really need to get my tax return done and out of the way, only received the activation code from the HMRC website yesterday so was going to do that today but bloody Talk Talk put paid to that grrrrr.

C'mon babies... lets be having you!

CitizenOscar Sun 29-May-11 19:24:57

Another drunken DH over here (Friday night) - hoping he's got it out of his system for a while now. I also pointed out that it would have been quite awkward if I'd gone into labour while he was carousing/vomiting... He said it had never crossed his mind...

jasmine51 Sun 29-May-11 19:43:13

Is it me or are we a Due in June thread? Whats with all the May babies...dont worry about me, I'm just jealous...fat and fed up...

NurseSunshine Sun 29-May-11 20:08:05

I know Jasmine sad Cant believe how many babies we have already!

Joannezipan Sun 29-May-11 20:21:54

Afternoon all I'm envy at the roast chicken that seems to be cooking. also envy at the fruit cake...I have no cake angry. I have salad for my dinner. I do have a fluttering washing line full of cute baby things though, which is making me happy. My brother and his soon to be wife headed home at lunch time, it was good to see them, if a bit of a flying visit.
I have a [shame] to admit...after all this coughing my pelvic floor has finally given up the ghost...I had to resort to tena lady pads! But seeing as I've done no pelvic floor exercises at all I guess it hasn't done too badly. 18 days to due day...and then some I expect!

sasamaxx Sun 29-May-11 21:05:54

Wow - I have had 3 proper contractions grin
Bet you I'm still not in labour next week though wink

milliemuffin Sun 29-May-11 21:09:10

Oo exciting stuff Sasa! Here's to many more!! Keep us posted xx

BarbieLovesKen Sun 29-May-11 21:14:40

Havent caught up yet, just had a brief glance. Marking my place. moomin we forgot Summer I think? Jasmine I'm with you - I was due first!!!! (stamps feet...)

BarbieLovesKen Sun 29-May-11 21:19:53

Oh wow sasa fingers crossed you wont be in labour next week - fingers crossed you'll have your gorgeous baby in your arms wink

DaisyFields Sun 29-May-11 21:23:59

Good luck Sasa - I hope this is really it!

Lovely to see the list of real-life, squishy, sugar puff scented babies getting longer, feeling so surreal that we're at the point we've been looking forward to for all these months.

Cleaners arrived yesterday and were a total shitty waste of time - was hoping that I'd feel relaxed after they'd been but they've done such a half job that I now have a longer to-do list than before grrrr!

Have managed to get to 38+5 without any weird cravings, but just had a coronation egg sandwich - I think that counts as an odd combination smile

Enjoy your bank holiday mondays everyone. Neice's 3rd birthday so loooooads of cake for me smile

knackered76 Sun 29-May-11 21:27:03

Go Sasa go grin

My crampy annoying pains came back this afternoon for a bit but now seem to have completely gone . . . back to finding excuses not to do my assignment grin

Joanne Yep, my cough did no good for my pelvic floor either!

sasamaxx Sun 29-May-11 21:37:14

Had another couple but I know the way this goes for me, and it could still easily stop completely. Hopefully it does mean that labour is close tho smile

Ooohhh coronation egg is def a wierd choice Daisyfields

Thornykate Sun 29-May-11 21:43:53

sasa the whole thread is watching & waiting for your next post now grin v exciting!

Jasmine I feel fat & fed up too.

notoast I am amazed that we actually managed to get pg with our other halves lack of anatomy & physiology knowledge!

I managed to get to the new maternity unit guided tour today. Don't know if I posted about last attempt but basically I went along with youngest 2 DS & we only got as far as the delivery suite. The MW was demonstrating the multi functioning bed & it all became too much for DS2 (12) who announced that he felt sick & we had to leave blush . to be fair it was v hot & the room was packed & another male (someones DP) also came over all funny & had to leave shortly after. Taking into account that episode combined with DS2 having to leave PSE lesson during sex ed (Thought young boys would love that lesson?!), has since had to leave the biology lesson in dissection before the 1st incision & has confessed that he "doesn't like the sight of veins" I havd now accepted that he will not be entering the dental or medical profession.

Apologies for the digression but until today I wasn't 100% sure where the labour ward out of hours entrance exactly was etc so I feel better for going along. I was secretly hoping that going there might cause 'stirrings' & set me off in labour hmm. I know that is ridiculous but I do feel a bit desperate as if I don't go naturally beforehand I will be having a sweep on thurs & by weekend it will be massively inconvenient to start labour with DP at work & all the kids at home.

Think I will get on the ball again & try harder not to think about it all smile

Sorry for all that I have missed as I am posting on phone

NurseSunshine Sun 29-May-11 21:46:51

Good luck Sasa!

milliemuffin Sun 29-May-11 21:53:50

Is anyone else getting slightly obsessed with checking this thread? DP can't believe how often I'm on it at the moment. My phone follows me everywhere!

I just realised that I can now say I have my reflexology NEXT week! It's not until 9th June but that's when I'll be 37weeks, can't wait!

sasamaxx Sun 29-May-11 22:00:28

lol thornykate even if they don't stop, it will be hours and hours and hours before they settle into a pattern anyway so nothing to get excited about smile
I agree that your DS doesn't sound like he's going to be a doctor wink - don't blame him I am really really squeamish too.

sasamaxx Sun 29-May-11 22:01:14

x post yes milliemuffin I am on it constantly when I don't grudgingly drag myself off the chair to put laundry away or something.

motherofsnortpigs Sun 29-May-11 22:13:07

c'mon sasa I'm still grumbling along :-/

curiouselle Sun 29-May-11 22:51:46

Stupidly posted on other thread! Just marking my place here smile

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