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Charters Anonymous Graduates Volume 2! – No more temping!

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Iwish Tue 24-May-11 21:15:28

A nice cosy place to accommodate our growing bumps and little wrigglers.

Congrats Newyear hope you are having lovely snuggles with your newborn smile

Glad to hear things are going well for people. I'm glad to say same here (just been very busy).
Nuchal scan went very well. She said the gap they measure is so small she could barely measure it and she saw a nasal bone, which is all good. We then had the blood tests and it all came back as low risk (1 in 3000), so that's good. I'm glad I didn't wait till 16 weeks for the blood tests.
As it was private, the scan was fab. We got some lovely views of the baby and a great one in 4D, which is on my fb profile.

I'm now almost 15 weeks, can you imagine! Still tired but nausea almost gone. Am craving marmite badly!

But the biggest news is my blood pressure - I feel a bit sad about this as I suspect this was also the case when I was pg with DD but I didn't think to question the docs.
Anyway, to explain, my blood pressure shot up at my consultant's appt (like 160/100) but I explained that i suffer from white coat syndrome and that's why I want a homebirth. i fully expected a cat's bum face but to my amazement, she listened to me and took me seriously!
She has put on my notes that I am to have all further tests/appt with my community mw and I'm not to go back to hospital until September for a further appt to see how I'm going.
She couldn't support my decision to homebirth (which was not a surprise) but she said I had clearly done my research and as long as I was happy with the risks, then I should discuss it with my mw and it seems,erm, so far so good!

I can't believe it. She also didn;t want to put me on blood pressure tablets when I explained they stopped my milk coming in last time which affected my bond with DD (with DD, they had me on tablets from a very early stage).

So, I then went to see the community mw who then opened up to me and said she was impressed with the consultant and that they were very pro-homebirth in the team and so she would support my wishes as long as nothing goes wrong (and I'm not reckless - if there were problems, I would transfer in).
But the best news is that the mw is happy to use my home blood pressure reading as my 'true' reading. At home, I'm reading perfectly normal (125/72), so looks like it's really is white coat syndrome.

So all looking good.

Only downside is I've realised i probably didn't have high bp with DD and the tablets affected my bf and bonding, which makes me quite sad sad

But, I can't change time so i'm just happy that things are going so well so far.
We're off on our hols in 3 weeks - 2 weeks in Florida! Then when i get back I have my 20w scan.

Sorry for the epic post. I wonder how Terrys is getting on - not heard from her in ages!

MrsP81 Sat 28-May-11 09:12:54

Excellent news MrsA and getdown!

spilt and * iwish*, we have finally decided that we are going to find out the sex. smile DH has been convinced that it's a girl since the very beginning so we'll see if his instincts are right.

Woke up in the night with excrutiating cramp in my foot, hope that doesn't become a regular thing.

Hope you all have fab weekends. X

spilttheteaagain Sat 28-May-11 09:20:09

ooh MrsP I'm with you on the cramp, though mine's usually in my calf. I leap up, gasping and stand leaning against the furniture trying to stretch my leg and totally deprived of the power of speech. DH without fail wakes in a total panic thinking I am about to give birth blush We shall look forward to hearing whether you are team pink or blue then. Very exciting!

GetDown and MrsA fabulous news from both of you about your birth related/pregnancy care appointments. It's so much better when you feel listened to and respected and not treated like an idiot. Long may it last! I bet you both feel so relieved.

We'll have to go snooping for Terrys, she's in the Nov AN thread...

TerrysNo2 Sat 28-May-11 09:45:40

I'm here, I'm here!! Gotten so into blogging recently that I don't MN as much blush - I am keeping a pregnancy diary on my blog if you want to look at it here

Congrats newyear - I don't think we charted together but its nice to hear every success story!

I remember getting cramps with DS MrsP. spilt at least your DH seems to respond when you get them, I have to whack mine a few times before he even wakes up - started getting them a bit in the day so far but no excruciating wake ups from them yet. Worst symptom for me at the moment is restless legs, I used to get it at night but now in the day too.

MrsP when can you find out the sex? When are you due again?

Hello everyone else! smile

spilttheteaagain Sat 28-May-11 11:37:31

Glad you're ok terrys, lovely bump pic on your blog. You must be due your 20 weeker soon?

My little one has just woken up, thank goodness. I get quite stressed at the weekends as she's not one for mornings. Usually has a wiggle around 5.30-6.30 which I notice on weekdays as I'm usually waking up then. But at the weekends I sleep longer, miss her early wiggle and then there's nothing until about now. I find it most unnerving.

Iwish Sat 28-May-11 21:20:55

Hi lovely ladies!

mrsa I'm glad your scan went well, bet you are over the moon. I'm pleased that the consultant and midwife listened to you too.
envy about your hols tho. We havnt been abroad for about 3 years!

Yey mrsp finding out the sex. I'm excited for you! I couldn't wait to find out the sex of my little one. I had a feeling he was a boy tho.
And about the cramp, it's awful isn't it! Ive never had it before but I was woken up with it one morning at 6am and it was so painful. Poor DP panicked when I woke him up screaming blush

Hope you are ok split. Glad your little lady has given you a good kick grin. When did u start getting regular kicks? My Likkle man seems to wake up just after tea time and I get v light kicks for a while.

Welcome back terrys glad you are ok

Well I think I'm going to buy this pram. I have to have it.
I have booked our 4d scan too. 18th June. Can't wait to see him again!!

spilttheteaagain Sat 28-May-11 21:52:45

18th June isn't too long to wait iwish, how exciting. Did you say you'll be about 28 weeks then?

I'm trying to remember about the movements... first flutters were around 15 weeks, I finally felt sure it was baby by about 18-19 weeks. I was feeling her daily at that stage, but not regularly IYKWIM? It was usually around dinner time or in the bath. DH first felt her at about 21 weeks (I think?!). I've been having proper big kicks for a while now, probably since about 24 weeks. Now (apart from in the mornings!) she's not quiet for more than about 1.5 hours at a time. But movements have definitely become more frequent in the last fortnight or so. 28 weeks this weekend with an anterior placenta. Hope that helps!

TerrysNo2 Sat 28-May-11 22:00:11

Not felt anything really yet except I was fairly sure it turned over very near the surface IYSWIM the other night. May have imagined it though!

My 20 week scan isn't until 27th June when I will be 21+3 - the upside is we will be on holiday in Portugal thats why its so late!

Good to hear from you terrys. I'm 15 weeks tomorrow and definately feeling movement,which is amazing as I didn't feel DD properly till about 20weeks. Went swimming with DD today and felt my tiny bump press against my tummy, then press against my bladder. As I'm swimming weekly, bump seems to love the water!

Iwish Sat 28-May-11 22:26:34

Hey split I was going to book it for 27/28 weeks but when i rang they recommended I book for 25 weeks because aparently it's harder to see baby when your placenta is anterior as they tend to hide behind it and you,baby and placenta are getting bigger. Sooo I'll be 24+5.
I've had some jelly tots tonight and I'm guessing that the sugar woke him up because he was wriggling kicking loads. DP put his hand on my tummy and bubba gave a big kick and he thinks he may have felt it but not sure.

mrsa glad you are feeling movement too, so reassuring in isn't it.

terrys you will be sure of the movement soon enough. I thought i made it up when I first felt it lol. Now thinking about it it was definitly a movement.

MrsP81 Sun 29-May-11 09:42:32

Hey terrys, good to see you. I'm due on 25 October so not long before you if I remember correctly. Scan is a week on Tuesday!

I've had some more feelings which I think are the baby but still not 100% certain just yet, maybe 99.99%. No cramp last night which was good, by the sounds of it though there'll be more to come! Its always reassuring to find out that other people are having the same experiences.

GetDownYouWillFall Sun 29-May-11 20:21:44

MrsA really glad you might get to have your home birth. I can really see the appeal, you are likely to be much more calm and in control in your own environment. Go for it, as you say, you can always transfer to hospital if necessary and it's not the end of the world as long as you are safe.

MrsP nice to hear that you have decided to find out the sex! It is so exciting. Bet you can't wait. We found out with DD, and I don't regret it - it was lovely to bond with a "her" rather than an "it". Also meant I could indulge in buying lots of pink things before the birth! Bet you will start feeling definite movements soon.

Hi to Terrys glad to hear all is going well. You look really glowing in your pics. You will start feeling more movements soon I'm sure of it. Wow portugal, you lucky thing!

spilt I know what you mean about the spells with no movement. I started to get worried last night as despite sitting still on the sofa watching TV I didn't feel anything. Then I woke up in the night and all was quiet and still then too. Normally it is wriggling around in the evening and at night. Thankfully when I woke up in the morning I got a kick, so that helped me relax again. It's horrible isn't it, that feeling of not knowing if everything is ok.

Iwish glad you have decided on your pram! It looks very neat and smart! That's great you are having a 4D scan/ I must admit I was very tempted too, but since I am spending big bucks on the hypnobirthing course, and have also shelled out rather a lot of dosh on washable nappies, felt I couldn't really justify it! Would love to see the pics you get though. Bet it will be amazing.

nickstermum Tue 31-May-11 07:03:14

<waves from the beach> catch up later tonight xx

TerrysNo2 Tue 31-May-11 14:17:16

nickster that post was just mean wink

GetDown in what pics do I look glowing??! Wondering if you have me confused grin

I can't wait till I get regular movements, been feeling something now but can't quite pin it down yet.

Can we have an updated stats list, I have lost track of everyone. I will start it

Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version

LadyGoneGaga Tue 31-May-11 14:34:36

Good idea, Terrys!

Just back from the midwife. All is well.

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version

GetDownYouWillFall Tue 31-May-11 14:56:13

terrys you DO look glowing in your latest pics on FB!! grin

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise

Iwish Tue 31-May-11 18:21:48

Hi ladies!

getdown I will add the pics to my MN profile when I've been so you can have a nosey. Just can't to see my little man again.
And yeh I fell in love with the pram. I'm just so amazed that the car seat turns into a carrycot and that you can put it in the car both ways!! The hypnobirthing sounds fab though so definitly worth the money. Think if I was spending ltns money on the course I would think twice about the scan too.

Waves to nix ladyg terrys mrsa mrsp split and other lovelies I may have missed

Last night DP and I were lay in bed and bubba was kicking away. Every time I put DPs had on my belly bubba stopped kicking but last night DP just put his head on my belly not thinking anything of if and got about 4 big kicks in the head lol!! It was lovely that DP finally felt a kick and funny he kicked him in the head!! He Is getting strong now! Awww it was so lovely I nearly cried!! (emotional freak lol)

Oh and just a little rant - I'm pretty sure that my mum isn't bothered about my pregnancy and baby at all. She never asks how I am and when I told her about the 4d scan SHE COMPLETLY IGNORED ME!! And just talked about something else!! Aaarrrggghhh!!

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise
Iwish 03/10/11 1st pg Likkle boy.

spilttheteaagain Tue 31-May-11 19:34:13

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
spilttheteaagain 21/08/11 2nd pg (DD born 20 weeks), Baby girl
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise
Iwish 03/10/11 1st pg Likkle boy.

Can I have a grump please? I am fed up and ache to buggery all over. Cannot lie or sit without chest pain, back ache, sore hips. Standing is fine but I'm fricking knackered and I want to just lie down...
Despite me whinging about this and telling DH that I do not want ANY extra commitments or visitors until after I stop work (on 10th June!!) he said yes to SIL who phoned yesterday asking if she could have a bed on Thursday angry
House is pigsty as well.
I am overly emotional and cry all the bloody time (probably because I am so tiiiired)

And today is exactly one year since the start of my pregnant cycle with Bobbie sad. I remember crying on the 31st May last year when my period turned up after a 9 day LP. I thought my body was proving to be useless and I would have too short a luteal phase and never get pregnant... so I went to Tescos and bought up half the vitamin shelf in a self medicating attempt to get up the duff. Worked too grin
What a difference a year makes. I thought I'd have a three month old baby girl now. We took her a rose yesterday and we started talking about what sort of little headstone or memorial to choose for her now that the ground has had long enough to settle. I feel drained.

Oh crap, spilt you're making me cry...... damn hormones. Hope you feel better soon.
SSDD here! Really don't want to be in work atm. Can't be bothered and just want to obsess about babies, births and mat leave.

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
spilttheteaagain 21/08/11 2nd pg (DD born 20 weeks), Baby girl
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise
Iwish 03/10/11 1st pg Likkle boy.
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
MrsArchchancellorRidcully 20/11/11 2nd pg (DD aged 2.9) Will find out flavour on 6 July (hopefully!)

Iwish Wed 01-Jun-11 08:10:36

Oh split honey sounds like you had a hard day yesterday. Hope you are feeling ok today and hope you manages to get some rest.

mrsa know what you mean about not wanting to be in work, I can't wait for weekend/a week off/ mat leave! I wish I could talk about babies and spend my day shopping for thongs for him! Lottery win for us all I think grin

GetDownYouWillFall Wed 01-Jun-11 09:04:26

shopping for "thongs" Iwish - tee hee!

So sorry you had a crappy day spilt, can't write much at the mo, but will be back later.....

nickstermum Wed 01-Jun-11 13:31:51

LadyGoneGaga 24/07/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3, mc Sept 10) Surprise
Nickstermum 7/8/11 3rd pg (DS aged 3.5, MC Aug 10) Surprise flavour!
spilttheteaagain 21/08/11 2nd pg (DD born 20 weeks), Baby girl
GetDownYouWillFall - 14/09/11 3rd pg (1 DD aged 3, 1 MC Oct 10) Surprise
Iwish 03/10/11 1st pg Likkle boy.
Terrysno2 - 4/11/11 3rd PG (DS, MC 12/10) Surprise version
MrsArchchancellorRidcully 20/11/11 2nd pg (DD aged 2.9) Will find out flavour on 6 July (hopefully!)

Have added self... smile

Spilt, sorry you are feeling like this. Poorly girl ? I too should have a 3 month old baby, but i am trying to tell myself that if i hadnt suffered the loss of that pg, i wouldnt be expecting this one, does that make sense? [without wanting to sound harsh]. Through MN i have met lots of ladies who have suffered later losses but through subsequent pregnancies the pain, whilst never forgotten, starts to lessen. Just a quick q, have you seen a grief councellor? May help? One of the chatterers on another thread has just lost twins at 20 weeks.. very sad and very painful, cannot comprehend.

Hope everyone else is good.... smile

I wish i hope your likkle boy likes his thongs grin

spilttheteaagain Wed 01-Jun-11 17:10:00

Thanks ladies for all your kind words (sorry MrsA, come here and share my tissues!). Nix I saw about Dachs babies in the miscarriage board sad. It hurts just to try and imagine what they are going through. I'm struggling a lot at the moment, feeling very fragile and can't stop going over those awful days in October. That bloody scan will not go away. I used to remember it and go a bit clammy and feel sick and block the thoughts. I can't seem to block them anymore and keep ending up in floods of tears. I did see the bereavement MW a few times last year. I might see if she'll visit again in a couple of weeks when I'm off, it might be good to talk to her again.

Love the thongs iwish! Especially with a big nappy sticking out the side grin And so lovely that your DP finally got kicked in the head too... they are little charmers aren't they smile

How's everyone else doing? Hope pippa is getting along alright too.

Iwish Wed 01-Jun-11 17:43:18

Oh heck! I was typing on my phone and it changes words when it feels like it!! If I type the word 'nakered' it changes it to 'naked' so imagine my shock when I text my friend saying im naked!!
My poor little boy bring bought thongs grin sure it will look delightful on him lol!!

Lol thanks getdown and nix hope you are both good today smile

split may be good for you to speak to her again. No harm giving her a call. Yeh I'm so glad DP got to feel him kick, think it made everything more real for him.

Did you all go through the 'starving' stage? I'm always hungry and I'm a little scared I will end up like a whale. Ive already put on over a stone. More like a stone and a half! Sweet things r my downfall.

spilttheteaagain Wed 01-Jun-11 18:40:39

iwish yep I definitely have starving days. And also barely hungry days when I don't eat much. More of the starving ones though. My particular weakness is extra bowls of cereal, especially before bed. Milk tastes so gooood just now. I am also completely obsessed by food at the moment and spend ages looking up new recipes to try and cooking loads of new stuff. It makes a massive change from the first trimester when waves of nausea would pass over me at the mere mention of all but about 7 food items.

Did anyone else go through food colours phases? First of all I could only eat orangey foods so had, orange juice, nectarines, baked beans, hobnobs and toast. A bit later it was green foods and I ate stacks of kiwis, lettuce, spinach and cucumber. Nope? Just me then grin

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