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November 2011. Bumps, kicks and less feeling sick.

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Missyraines Tue 17-May-11 11:34:29

Thought I'd take the plunge and go for it.

Missyraines Tue 17-May-11 11:37:55

Thought I'd post to put this thread higher than our last one on the index page. Hope everyone is having a nice day and you don't mind that I took the plunge.

Bluetinkerbell Tue 17-May-11 11:48:27

thanks Missyraines

think everyone was waiting for someone to do it wink well done you! smile

busyboysmum Tue 17-May-11 12:33:12

Fab, another one already.

I am full of a cold today and have a really sore throat - went to Boots to see what we can take for it and the answer is basically nothing apart from some syrup stuff which does nothing. I was surprised we can't have any lozenges - did everyone else know this?

Hope everyone is feeling well.


cookie9 Tue 17-May-11 12:59:14

oh lovely new thread. Been in bed for most of morning trying to rest pulled muscle. Didnt sleep much last night and now feling quite dopey. Hoping work not too annoyed but did go in went ms was really bad so they should know I am not a slacker. Would love a painkiller but not allowed. Looking forward to getting second trimester glow and eergy!

MrsArchchancellorRidcully Tue 17-May-11 13:28:29

Told boss = OK
Had fatgirl appt at hospital today = better than I expected. Told em I was having a homebirth and refused anaesthetists appt and GTT (for diabetes). Did agree to growth scans cos I love seeing the bean!
I am an Amazonian and stood up for my rights and they agreed (think the cons realised 'this lady is not for turning!')
Yay me and thanks to the yahoo VBAC/HB groups for support!

cep Tue 17-May-11 14:34:34

late from yesterday congrats on a great scan missyn and twojack

i'm surprised actually that i haven't had a fat girl appt letter through yet, i know i will, i did last time as well.

mrsa do you mind if i ask you if you greatly overweight? i haven't decided yet if i want a hb or the mw led unit, last time they didn't really want me there but as it was quiet they said ok. But i am massively overweight.

MrsArchchancellorRidcully Tue 17-May-11 15:15:03

Hi Cep, yes I am very overweight. BMI >40 blush.
Like many others, I don't sit eating pies all day, we cook everything from scratch, eats loads of fruit and veg and at 2.8 DD has not yet gone to McD's or a fast food joint.
However, i admit portion control is my weakness and I also have some emotional issues with food due to my dad dying suddenly when I was 17. No excuse - I am responsible for what I eat - but is a reason for my weight.

Anyhoo, enough about me. in my first pg I was also overweight and went back to my pre pg weight quite quickly (but still overweight).
I found my first pg totally over-medicalised and they were very risk averse and I knew nothing so accepted their say-so.

Now I am much more informed and whilst they can refuse to accept you at a midwife-led unit as it's their territory IYSWIM, and tell you to go into hospital, they can't force you to go into hospital and that is why I am having a homebirth.
I have learnt that you can refuse consent for procedures and tests and if they try to force you, it is assault. No one can do anything without your say so.

My first pg resulted in a terrible experience, my milk never came in and I was unable to feed my daughter and I failed to bond with her. I refuse to put this one through the same experience.

In my informed opinion, the risks to me as an overweight woman are actually greater in hospital as they will probably write me off as a problematic birth fairly quickly and there is a high risk of me having another section. The risks to me of another section is much higher than the risks of a homebirth, plus I know I can cope on just G&A.

Sorry for the long post and many women feel much safer in hospital and most have great births, but for me, home is the best place.

MrsArchchancellorRidcully Tue 17-May-11 16:21:54

Ooh, just got nuchal blood test results. They are very low risk grin for my age.
As i knew, scan showed very thin nuchal measurement and my risk due to age is 1/142 but my actual risk is 1/1282.
So not quite as low as some of the ones on here (did I see a 1/37000?) but still classed as low and no further tests for downs are recommended.

So good stuff!

MrsArchchancellorRidcully Tue 17-May-11 16:30:29

Sorry mis-typed. The actual risk factor was 1/2832 so almost 1 in 3000. Still good.

voodoomunkee Tue 17-May-11 17:10:42

Ooooo shiny new thread! Cheers missy! I also am on borderline for needing fat girl appt but seeing as mw has wrong height and weighed me at 14 weeks am not worrying. Appt came through for 1st June but have a full day of home visits and the like have had to change it to the 8th, so have got 16 week appt next week, 2 weeks after appt at hosp which is to see if can go to ms unit and then 2 weeks after is 20 week scan! I quite want a water birth, had one forceps ( which is pretty much why I have to be seen at the hospital to ensure a mw led unit would be ok) but the next was straightforward with no stitches or tearing on anything. Have told the OH I really want his support when it comes to hospital stuff as I want to refuse constant poking about down there etc. Determined to be more assertive and get more of a choice this time round!
Crikey sorry for long post but I feel much better for getting all that stuff out there!

TwoJackRussellsandabean Tue 17-May-11 17:29:02

Just marking my spot, till I have something more exciting to say, congrats ridcully for the test results, get mine in less than a fortnight, fingers crossed things go to plan!

Poppet45 Tue 17-May-11 18:10:11

<twirls in new roomy thread, sits down feeling dizzy>
Well my feet are definitely bigger, they don't grow eactly but the ligaments stretch a bit. I've been told they may shrink back, but I'm not banking on it.
As for the blanket I'm going for a checkerboard of really bright squares. I'm not really a pastelly person and DS's quilt was a Kaffe Fassett style colour eplosion. Hmmm maybe that's why he never slept. confused
No Fat girl letter here, but my old size 12 maternity jeans have bitten the dust with this mahoosive bump. Think I might just have to accept I'm a 14 now rather than wander round in mild discomfort all day. Lets face it I'm not getting smaller any time soon grin

mashpot Tue 17-May-11 18:46:36

Hello, sorry to those who are poorly and can't take medication and hooray to those having good scans and appts - sounds like you did a great job today MrsA

Has anyone else still not told work yet? I would like to wait until after my 16 week MW appt next week (just procrastinating I think!) but then my boss is on holiday the week after and I worry I'm leaving it too long confused

At my MW appt will they listen for heartbeat? Can I ask them to?

No post is complete without a little moan so may I take the opportunity to complain about constant lower back pain. I know I have bad posture which surely doesn't help but by the end of a day sitting at my desk I could almost cry. Any tips/exercises I could do that anyone can recommend? I have continued with body pump classes at the gym so will also ask my instructor for any advice at the weekend.

Very impressed with the knitters, I hope my baby is more creative than me!

cep Tue 17-May-11 18:47:59

mrsa i'm bmi 40 as well. i'm a stone heavier than when pg with ds, i just didn't lose it all, but then i was stupid and did gain 3-4 st. unfortunately i'm portion size and bad food, we do go to mcdonalds and kfc etc, mostly at weekend, we have dss at weekend and he's such a fussy eater sometimes it's just easier to get lunch out. I've managed to not put any weight on at all yet. so i'm hoping i may not put too much on this time. <<whispers maybe even lose a bit>>

poppet i think at a size 14 you won't get a fat girl letter, at least i'll be amazed if you do. sit down put your feet up until the dizziness goes.

Poppet45 Tue 17-May-11 19:06:25

Bless you Cep, you're right I was being just a wee bit precious. Sorry.
Just heard some awful news from my friend epecting twins in August. She couldn't feel one of the babies moving while down in London at the weekend and when she came back up here and got checked it appears one of her babies has died. She's 28 weeks and was due to fly home to Canada (she's been working over here for a couple of years) in two weeks. Does anyone have any idea what the docs will do? She's such a lovely person it's awful. sad I've emailed her and told her to call if there's anything I can do and offered her a bed at ours in case medically she can't fly home for a while after they end the lease on the place they're renting (I have no idea what implications this has for the rest of her pregnancy, will they induce the other twin?). So sad.

cep Tue 17-May-11 19:14:33

poppet oh what sad news. i'm afraid i don't know what they tend to do in these circumstances. maybe do a thread in pregnancy and see if you get any responses in there or do a google search.

ImBrian Tue 17-May-11 19:56:01

Mrs- the i in 37000 was mine I think, not sure what the risk is for my age (I'm 30) but was suprised how low it was.

Thats really sad news poppet, I'm sure Ive read stories before where the twin doesnt miscarry and the pregnancy continues. I'm not sure though. A thread is prob a good idea, hope it goes well for her.

I'm rubbish at keeping up with these threads! Every one talks so much smile

CazandBelle Tue 17-May-11 20:02:29

poppet I would imagine the twins will be delivered. After a baby dies in the womb there is a risk of infection, which would put the other baby at risk too. When Belle died, it took 5 days of potent drugs before I finally went into labour (longest induction ever I imagine), and these were drugs that aren't used in normal inductions so Belle obviously wanted to stay with me. I had an infection that developed over those 5 days, probably due to the Belle's death but wasn't the cause.

All my love to your friend. Please tell her about the Sands forum, and there are lots of ladies on there who will understand and lots who will be in similar circumstances with the loss of one twin.

The best thing you can do for your friend at the moment is offer practical support. I'd be surprised if she would call with things you can do because she won't know - and will be so broken she'll be surviving. The people I remember are the ones that allowed me to cry on them. I'll PM you a "wish list" and maybe a few other things that may be helpful for you to help her.

I've had a really difficult day. Belle's headstone has gone up.

On the Bow front, awful heartburn starting. So much earlier that last time. Only got heartburn from 25 weeks onwards with Belle and then only mildly. Looks like this one is going to be different!

busyboysmum Tue 17-May-11 20:28:54

Such sad stories Caz and Poppet - I'm very emotional at the moment and have shed a tear for both babies, and of course what you Caz have gone through, and your friend, Poppet. I can't imagine how you go on in such circumstances, sending you all my very best.

On the water birth front I really wanted one but bumped into someone the other day who told me you have to take your own seive with you to the hospital and clean it out afterwards - does anyone know if this is true? DH said he would do it no problem if I wanted a water birth but it sounds a bit gross to me. Half the pleasure of having a birth in hospital for me is that you don't have to do any tidying up, you can leave it all for someone else!

For anyone with back problems I would 100% recommend yoga - but then I recommend it for anything. My husband had a bad back from being a landscape gardener and I got him a yoga for bad backs DVD and it sorted it out and it has never come back. I do a yoga for pregnancy DVD every night before bed and did with my other two pregnancies and I swear by it - for keeping me stretched and supple in pregnancy and for keeping me calm and focussed in birth leading to two very straightforward birth experiences.

Poppet45 Tue 17-May-11 20:33:17

Yup Caz from what I've been reading it sounds like they would proceed with a section at 28 weeks for the second twin in this situation, and she's 28 weeks. From what I've read they won't induce because the baby will be too small and fragile for a labour sad. I'm a twin and even at 35 weeks I only weighed 4lbs, so this wee one will be wee indeed. Please do PM me Caz, I thought of you when I posted this because I knew you would know the 'right' thing a friend can do, if anything. I'm at a loss but her family is in Canada so I want to help because if they do deliver the baby then she won't potentially be going anywhere for months.
Headstones are so difficult aren't they? With my mum's I wanted one to go over that raw broken earth for so long, but when it did it felt so cold, formal and final. I hope you've had to time to be gentle with yourselves today and to be with those who care for you.
And as for the heartburn? Sounds like a wee brunette to me! That'll be me passing on my one old wive's tale I religiously believe in, yet again. No heartburn here, I kind of want some, I must be twisted, but as DS is a blue eyed blond like his dad I'd like this DC to get a couple of my genes grin.

Poppet45 Tue 17-May-11 20:39:50

Busyboysmum I laboured in water with DS for about 10 hours or so and no I did not have to bring or handle a sieve at any point. grin It was lovely, I was sceptical but now I'd really recommend it. I think if I hadn't had the high of labouring in water I'd have been more negatively affected by the rest of the delivery when things went awry so from a PND POV it was a godsend.
Speaking of yoga for backache the 'cat stretch' one where you arch your back up and down would be ideal for lower back pain. I found yoga great for pregnancy... if sadly not a recipe for a straight forward labour.

CazandBelle Tue 17-May-11 20:48:49

PM'd you twice poppet - hope it is helpful for you xx

goldmaple Tue 17-May-11 20:51:26

Yay! Love the new thread name. Am actually feeling better (today) Anyone else still absolutely exhausted at 15wks? I have always needed my sleep so... could be just mesmile

Here's a question for the second-or-more-timers... I am not big on taking drugs/medication. Don't know why, just always been like that. Did any of you deliver with out any drugs/epideral or just minimal meds? I would like to know if its possible (ob said it was but I'd like to hear an actual mum's opinion).

poppet I'm so sad for your friend and her loss. I have no idea what would be done but I really hope the other little one gets delivered happy and healthy.

PamSco Tue 17-May-11 21:02:11

Oooh <peeps into new thread> shiny...

Hello all. MrsA snap fatgirl appt went ok today. First thing she said was I shouldn't have been referred as my BMI is less than 40 (just), that's the trigger for referral.

So I was very happy with myself I have naturally lost weight with all this healthy eating. Then she informed me my BMI is greater than 40 now??? Very confused look from me but for each visit to the mw or hospital I've shrunk by 2 cm! I started off at 174cm, then 172cm now I'm 170cm. Dreading the next 5 visits - I'll be short and my BMI will be HUGE!

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