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June Just around the corner now...

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petitech Wed 11-May-11 09:06:26

Will this be the final thread?!? I somehow think not, with more and more people starting on maternity leave, we have time for a good few more methinks!

petitech Wed 11-May-11 09:07:06

Damn I thought I created a new thread but not sure I have now, if so it's called "June just around the corner now..."

Milliemuffin Wed 11-May-11 09:16:18

Thanks for the thread petitech xx

I've just posted this on the old thread but I'm guessing not many will see it so here it is again...

Hi ladies, sorry for not replying sooner. Thanks for all your comments. I had another bad day yesterday and felt like I was pulling my hair out but I decided to take the kids to the park at 4pm rather than wash and tidy up before dinner and we all had a lovely time so I think I'll be doing that more often sounds simple I know but I always feel bad when DP has to come home to a messy kitchen but there wasn't alot of mess and at least we were all happy

TENS - Highly recommend it. I bought mine with my first DC so this'll be the third time I've used it so I'll definitely have had my money's worth (£69 I think 4 years ago). It's gotten me through 90% of both my labours so I've only needed entinox for the last half hour. The boost button is great, I think I had it on continuous boost whilst waiting for the ambulance with DD (she was nearly crowning and no midwives were available for home birth, was a popular night for babies!).

HOME BIRTH - I've probably said it quite a few times but it's much easier to book in for a home birth and then go in if you need/want to but if you're not booked in and you decide mid labour that you want to stay at home then that's not so easy so to anyone thinking about it - speak to your midwife, get booked in if you can and then forget about it and just see how the day goes.

MOSES BASKETS - My DS was in it for about 7 months and DD 6 months but only because she started turning over and trying to look over the edge.

Moomin - really pleased Florence is doing so well.

Hope you all have a nice day, DD spends wednesdays at her nan's so I can take DS swimming and spend some good one to one time with him, I like Wednesdays smile xxx

ConfessionsOfAnAchingFanjo Wed 11-May-11 09:16:32

Yep you managed to set us up nicely there Petitech grin

petitech Wed 11-May-11 09:20:50

Phew smile Sorry for the slightly unimaginative title, baby brain smile

Milliemuffin Wed 11-May-11 09:22:39

I don't think anyone will mind the title smile

Milliemuffin Wed 11-May-11 09:26:41

Has anyone else had a bit of an upset tummy for a couple of weeks? I've not been right for nearly a month and assume it is hormones and my bloods came back normal so I'm not worried but it is annoying!

petitech Wed 11-May-11 09:55:06

Milliemuffin I've been similar but then have also been suffering really badly with acid reflux to the point where I am taking Zantac and slugging away regularly through the night on Gaviscon. Not sure if all the extra acid upsets things too? Weird and wonderful world that is being pregnant, someone mentioned to me there would be something about blooming...... mmmmm

Joannezipan Wed 11-May-11 09:55:45

Millie I swing between the two extremes if you know what I mean. Nothing for a couple of days and then 3 times in 3 hours...and then nothing for a couple of days. V. Annoying! angry

So I'm off work today - Woo hoo grin I think I'm going to do some baby laundry and find something nice for dinner. Something nice to go with some salad I think...I don't really want to cook anything at the moment all I want is to eat salad...very strange!

ConfessionsOfAnAchingFanjo Wed 11-May-11 09:56:05

Better than what I was coming up with (hence sitting back waiting for someone else to start new thread blush <lazy thing emoticon>)

knackered76 Wed 11-May-11 10:01:13

Morning, thanks for the new thread Petitech smile

Moses baskets - the one we borrowed must have been really small as ds was out of it in 6 weeks shock. The one we have this time does look a bit bigger so maybe it will last longer! Have to say both the dc's were in their own cot by 7 weeks in their own room as I could not sleep at all with them there. I woke at every small snuffle, watched closely to check breathing, etc. I drove myself almost insane with tiredness and paranoia. Luckily they only fed once a night so it wasn't too bad having to get up and deal with them and I did spend a few nights on their floors grin!

Sasa Poor you sad Not had any myself not sure what you'd do about it. Get thee down to the chemist and get some lactulose, that stuff has saved my life this pregnancy smile

Millie Can't say I have but I did with dd a week before she arrived. Hope it sorts itself out soon, very annoying for you. Oh and a happy family is so much better then a clean house (have to say I am biased as I hate cleaning and avoid it at any opportunity smile)!

TENS machines - First time I didn't think it did anything until dh pointed out that it clearly did from where he was standing! I had one for ds and managed to get to 10cm without anything but the TENS so guess it must have done something grin. Have just hired one through the link neenewps put up so hopefully should arrive in the next few days.

Moomin Hope you managed the night okay the mild weather is helping keep Florence warm enough.

Happy wednesday everyone . . . . I'm going to try and get my bag packed today smile

crazychic141187 Wed 11-May-11 10:02:14

we will probably have some babies by the time this thread finishes grin

ConfessionsOfAnAchingFanjo Wed 11-May-11 10:03:19

Oh now I want salad Joanne. I have scotch broth on the menu tonight. It's been raining lots here and not very warm, so cheap filling meals like soup are perfect. <wails> It's blimmin MAY! Also envy of your baby laundry. I'm not doing any today as the Met service has said not to bother. Will try again tomorrow. I have at least done one load of baby nb/0-3 months and put them in the draw, but I want to get the 3-6 month things done as DS was in this size by just a few weeks old and I don't want to get caught out when Currant Bun is acually here (and thye're so cute and squidgey and .... melts).

Millie my guts don't know if they're coming or going. They've been like this from about 1 month gone. I just try to keep my fibre intake up and hope for the best.

takethatlady Wed 11-May-11 10:07:14

Thanks for the new thread petitech.

curiouselle shock and horror at the chair and scissors incident! DH is a secondary school teacher too and yesterday two Year 11 boys came in to his room at lunch time deliberately to cause trouble, asking if they could break the rules and then breaking them regardless of what he said, running away, coming back and saying nasty and provocative things to him, and then running away again. He doesn't even teach them and they were trying to get him to hit them shock! They're going to be leaving school in a couple of weeks' time! Good luck to their employers is all I can say. They're suspended from now until the end of school, apart from to take their exams. I hope suitable punishments have been dished out to the chair/scissor throwers too, especially as they must realise you are pregnant and that this is dangerous (not that they think like that, I know). Very glad I don't work in a school - the worst you get with uni students is a hangover. Hope you're feeling less vulnerable, too - and you did the right thing by giving your bump a little cuddle. Cuddles are more for mums than LOs anyway, I reckon smile

Thanks for the moses basket chat bprincess and others. We thought we were going to be given a crib but there have been weird cross-family arguments over it (it was made for me when I was a baby by my nan's XP, and then loaned by my family to the XP's daughter when she had her own LO ten years ago. They said they would give it back but then they said they'd lost it, then that we couldn't have it, and then gave it back but it's all broken into bits!). We're not worried about the crib and don't want to get involved in any controversy but it's left us with only the moses basket and people kept telling me she'd grow out of it in 6 weeks!!! So I am very glad to hear that it's possible to go up to 6 months with it. I was reading a book the other day which suggested mixing up the cot (in day times, in her own room) with the moses basket to get her used to her own room, but I'm not sure how practical that will be.

neenewps I've got the pushing rather than kicking too. It's weird and DH is freaked out by it grin - strange rolling sensations and the odd day of a foot just being stuck under my rib.

Thanks for the TENS advice millie. Still stuck on what to do about cloth nappies. Want to go for them but don't know where to start.

jasmine51 Wed 11-May-11 10:12:01

Moomin yay for Florence...what a strong little girly she is and well done on the bf. Wonder how Clarkiee is doing?

Millie I have had a runny tummy but have put that down to my reduction in iron tablets and new found love of unsweetened rhubarb!

A surreal but ultimately bad 24 hrs in Jasmine Towers involving an estimated 10,000 bees setting up home in our living room, a house full of acrid smoke and then fumigant...then many hours of sadly hoovering up sooty dead bees. We now have a problem that our lovely newly painted newly carpeted baby palace is ruined. Ive had about 2 hours sleep and am trying to recover the situation washing everything I can and hoping upon hope that we wont have to make an insurance claim and start all over again. Honestly it smells like a smokey bacon factory in here with overtones of Febreze and Shake n Vac, the baby stuff smells rancid and I feel really bad for my neighbour whose precious honey swarm this was. If anyone has any tips for removing smoke smells, please let me know. I have read about vinegar and baking soda but am open to any weird and wonderful housewives tricks.

Supersunnyday Wed 11-May-11 10:21:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jimper Wed 11-May-11 10:27:43

Hi ladies - this thread really moves quick. Haven't managed to be on in a while because am a quivering mess missing DH been so busy relaxing. Hope all is well - will try and read back - have their been any other births?

Interested in the moses basket chat - after the birth we will only be in the UK for a few weeks and obviously will have a cot when we get home, but am thinking of sticking her in a drawer for her time here (if it is good enough for the Prime Minister?) Or is that just too hmm?

Feeling good - touch wood all is well - although restless legs seem to have made a comeback sad

Hoping all is well smile

Milliemuffin Wed 11-May-11 10:29:25

Oh my god Jasmine that's awful. I remember when we had a nest in our loft that had to be gassed and some fell down into our bedroom, down the back's of wardrobes, onto and around our bed, was awful and I'm absolutely petrified of even one, I shreak if I hear the slightest buzz. Hope you get back to normal soon xx

ConfessionsOfAnAchingFanjo Wed 11-May-11 10:47:17

Oh Jasmine that's awful! I'd go with this vinegar and baking soda. Maybe try putting something nice smelling in the oven to warm so that the smell can waft through the house? (apparently estate agents have been known to put bread in the oven to increase the chance of a sale). I hope you get it all sorted out as painlessly as possible and that your LO doesn't become addicted to the smell of bacon.

CMH1stbaby Wed 11-May-11 10:49:05

shock jasmine! that sounds awful after all the hard work to get things ready!! I can't think of anything except to open all the windows which is too blooming obvious blush

crumble and others - re home birth.. we went to our first NCT class last night and realised that we have actually made no choices about the birth whatsoever so far and have just let ourselves be pushed along. I'm really keen to at least discuss a home birth with a midwife but DH is really anxious about it. The NCT instructor explained that you would be transferred to hospital at any 'deviation from the norm' and would actually be monitored more closely at home but DH is still nervous. and also I'm not sure if it's too late! I was 34 weeks yesterday and had my midwife appointment in the morning, so won't have another appointment for another two weeks. That's the other thing - with a different MW at every appointment so far, it has been hard to discuss things like this... Also had to have a blood test for liver function yesterday as have been having really itchy skin and apparently that can be a sign of obstetric choleostasis (sp?!), so am now awaiting those results too..

Phew sorry that was a bit of a neurotic pg outpouring! being around all those bumps last night made me realise we're not pretending confused

MrsNoggin Wed 11-May-11 10:58:14

shock Jasmine - does this type of thing happen often? You sound very calm about it, I'd be a lot more shouty! It's not exactly the best weather for leaving doors and windows open to air either, is it? Plus I can't see that being a comfortable position after the last bee-invasion. My mum always said air was the only way to get rid of smoke. But then she spends a lot of time talking rubbish...

jasmine51 Wed 11-May-11 11:17:51

MrsNoggin ha ha re being calm. Inside I'm furious and crying...but at who? the bees? my neighbour? its just one of those things and I'm sad above everything else that the bees had to be destroyed. I'm not nervous about bees funnily enough, despite being allergic to wasps. I've learned more about their behaviour in the last 24 hours that I ever thought I would and I am a bit of a nature fan since moving to the country.
On the bright side I have just spoken to a lovely man at the local cleaning shop who has recommended an ozone generator as the solution. I have also read about these and he's on his way over with his 'guaranteed answer' to our problems. Bad news is that we have to vacate the house for 6 hours whilst it works...oh no...lunch and dinner out then!

Moog72 Wed 11-May-11 11:35:50

Jasmine - what a nightmare with the bees - I'm sorry I have no usefuol suggestions but it sounds like you have something sorted. Enjoy your nice lunch and dinner!

Re TENS - I had one during my first labour and I didn't feel it really helped wiht the pain as such, but did give me something to focus on and acted as a kind of distraction which helped me. It annoyed me once labour progressed though and got swiftly rmoved and discarded in favour of entonox. i have ordered one this time though - have go the one from Boots with the contraction timer included - am a sucker for a gadget!

Moomin - so pleased that Florence is doing so well - very annoying timing re. boiler though.

KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 11-May-11 11:48:18

Jasmine - oh no what a disaster! Hope your ozone man can sort the smell out.

Moog - one of my friends said the same thing, it was more of a distraction. I am all up for distractions during labour!

Couriselle - the school have a duty of care to protect you from any such incidents. Hope you are okay, those kids sound like an absolute nightmare!

TTL - I am a cloth nappy addict. But I do recommend that you start off with disposables and then start buying a few different washables to find which ones suit you and lo best, you can then start replacing disposables with washables at an easy pace. I caution against buying large packs of the same nappy, there are a huge variety out there and it would be very expensive getting it wrong, if they do suit your baby, as they do tend to fit differently. Have a scour of the mumsnet sales board for second hand nappies to try out as well, and also contact your local council for details of your local Nappicino, they will have people who can chat to you and show you different types of nappies and may even have a nappy bank for you to borrow as well (I used to run one a couple of years ago through the NCT).

PerpetualProvocateur Wed 11-May-11 12:13:03

Just marking my place, will be back later <settles into new thread, eagerly awaiting the arrival of many more babies>

(This is mrswantstobeamum with a new name, by the way, in case anyone missed my 'introduction' on the last thread)

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