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January 2012: just POAS!!!

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Spagbolagain Sat 30-Apr-11 08:48:15

Anybody else out there?????
Very surprised, had only SWI once and I thought we had missed the window of opportunity. It seems not, BFP yesterday, royal wedding treat. EDD about 2nd Jan I think.

#2 for me, keeping fingers tightly crossed as had a bumpy ride before conceiving DS. Very excited and slightly terrified. smile

aurorasky Sat 30-Apr-11 13:12:32

Hello Spagbolagain, many congrats! Can I join you? POAS on Thursday and BFP. Spent yesterday crying my head off at the wedding on T.V. Hormones of course, not me going soppy.

Fingers crossed as this will be #1 for me but I have had 3 MC in the past year and a half. Keep fluctuating between 'yipee' and 'oh no, not again'.

EDD Jan 5th. Have been charting so know all my dates. First scan will be middle of the week after next.

Very sore boobs and am STARVING and really thirsty all the time? How about you??

tigana Sat 30-Apr-11 18:57:37

hullo? <<looks around anxiously>>
Congratulations spagbol and aurorasky!
Me too. EDD could be anywhere from 1 Jan to 7 Jan. I only had 1 cycle before bfp and that was 23 days long.
#2 for me.

Spagbolagain Sat 30-Apr-11 19:33:54

Hello hello, congrats to you both! Hoping this all goes well for us.

No major symptoms here, but then I didn't with DS either. Apart from also being totally blubby at yesterday's nuptials, but can't guarantee that was anything to do with hormones......
I did think my hallway smelt really feety though, and started moaning to DH about leaving shoes out. But then he reminded me that I had done the neurotic sense of smell thing before as well.

Aurora, sorry to hear it's been difficult for you. We'll keep it all crossed that this is your time. Good that you are in for an early scan.

Tigana, when you say you only had one cycle, do you mean since coming off pill or that DC1 is still very tiny? smile

This was our 3rd cycle of trying (although not actually trying that hard) so pleased it's happened quickly. I only stopped bf in Dec and hormones / cycles have been a bit all over the place so feel lucky so far. I had a MMC when trying to conceive DS, so I do tend to take things with caution now and try not to get excited too quickly, cos feel very aware of how fragile it all is.
Just cracked open a Becks blue......can't believe I only had 3 months back on proper drinks grin

tigana Sat 30-Apr-11 20:01:42

since stopping pill. 2 periods, but one was about 8 days after last pill so that was not a cycle!
DS is 5 1/2.

I had 2 bottles of cobra 0% a week or so ago ( I just felt so bloaty and 'off' that I thought I might be pg and so was being virtuous). It was too hoppy for my taste. What's the becks stuff like?

tigana Sat 30-Apr-11 20:08:45

As far as symptoms far similar to with ds, tea and coffee (and chocolate!!) are less appealing and, oh whoopeee, heartburn starting already!
Mildly tender norks, that feel 'heavy' at bedtime (they are not accustomed to feeling heavy bless' em) and are pretty veiny ( this was another pre-bfp sign for me).
Think I'm also a leeetle more likely to get a bit shouty than normal angry

GiraffeAHolic Sat 30-Apr-11 20:30:42

Hi I'd like to join too please. POAS yesterday and BFP after 24 months of trying grin

Still can't believe it at all!

EDD jan 2nd smile

tigana Sat 30-Apr-11 20:34:09

congratulations giraffeaholic!!!

Spagbolagain Sat 30-Apr-11 20:57:00

Hey giraffe, congrats! I wonder if there will be surge in popularity of William and Catherine as baby names!

Becks Blue is yummy. Think I have tried just about every non alcoholic lager going and IMO this is the best. Doesn't taste too different to regular becks. I thought Cobra was a bit soapy and had a weird aftertaste.

GwendolineMaryLacey Sat 30-Apr-11 22:01:40

Congrats to all! smile

Can I join? POAS on Easter Sunday and bfp! Am very very nervy, had a mmc in January and am fully convinced that it'll all end in tears again. However, my MIL sagely advised me to enjoy the next few weeks for what they are until I can have a scan at 7 weeks to check. Fingers crossed I get that far! EDD is about the 3 Jan.

I was about to post that I've had no real symptoms but just read that tigana has had heartburn. I've had raging heartburn and I've only ever had it when I was pg...

Spagbolagain Sat 30-Apr-11 23:04:10

Hi Gwen, congrats to you!
Your MIL is right! Have been in the same situation myself and of course it's impossible not to worry. I too was convinced when PG with DS that it was going to end badly again. But happily it was all ok that time. So this time I am determined to try not to worry too much. It makes the heartburn worse grin

fifitrixabelle78 Sat 30-Apr-11 23:11:58

Hi- can I join in?

I POAS on Easter Saturday and got first ever BFP after 18 months trying! Reckon I'm due 31st Dec or 1st Jan. Anxious as no symptoms other than low abdo cramps (which are thankfully settling now). Keep thinking there should be more. Also feels odd as apparently my local hospital doesn't even do booking visit till 12/40. V v long time to wait.

Mama5isalive Sun 01-May-11 09:15:43

Hi all - i climbing aboard this bus also - my pregnancy was confirmed by a few lines for i cant believe it, its like waiting for a bus then 2 come at once!shock
Had my ds in 2010 and now pregnant again - household will be out numbered by kids this will be 6! yes 6!!!!!!!!DH is accepting the news quite well while im a bit numb about it all! due 3rd Jan 2012shock

GiraffeAHolic Sun 01-May-11 10:37:54

Thanks and Congrats to everyone, I'm still in disbelief - I've done four unsuccessful Clomid cycles in the last 6 months before apparently falling naturally so it's a bit of a miracle smile

I have a Dd who is 3.2, she will be so excited when we eventually tell her (she asked father Christmas for a baby brother last Christmas!)

Fingers crossed for you Gwen

shonnomanom Sun 01-May-11 11:00:47

Hello and congratulations ladies! May I join in the fun?

POAS this morning. OH is at work and so doesnt know yet, but I suspect he already knows. First time round he knew before I did. Our DD will be 3yo at the end of this month.
We'r 3 years ttc this summer so you can understand why I laughed then cried at the sight of the little blue cross! grin

I think im due early January although the pregnancy calculator on MN says the last week of December. Going to get one of those Clear Blue digi sticks today. Has anyone else found them to be accurate?

Sho x

Spagbolagain Sun 01-May-11 12:38:01

Hello everybody, congratulations!

Fifi, The waiting between now and 12 weeks seems endless doesn't it? Lack of symptoms isn't something to worry about yet I think. For some people they don't get any till later. I never had any sickness or sore boobs or anything with my DS. I think constipation was the first thing that hit me!

mama5 wow wow wow. Do you ever sleep???

Sho, I did clear blue one. The conception indicator wasn't accurate in my case; since we only did the do once last month, I know exactly when it happened. But it says on the leaflet it's only 92% and I'm sure that's with ideal circumstances in a clinical trial with very regular cycle people! So it's nice to see it there but I'm not going to get worried by it.

tigana Sun 01-May-11 14:50:17

Congratulations to fifi, gwen, mama5 and shononononononanam grin. And positive vibes to all those feeling anxious as well as excited.

No symptoms is fine. It's still pretty super early to be feeling much if anything. I'm also willing to bet half of mine are psycho-somatic really!

Browncoats Mon 02-May-11 00:01:03

Hi there! Can I join in? I did a test last week that came back positive so I'm very very happy. I have DS1 who will be 3 in Sept and I think I'm due at the very start of Jan.

I'm getting an appointment for an EPU scan for hopefully the next couple of weeks as I lost a baby at 25 weeks in Nov and they're going to keep a closer eye on me this time, so obviously this pregnancy is going to be very stressful!

Congratulations to all you lovely ladies and I hope you're not feeling as tired and grouchy as I am smile

sleepywombat Mon 02-May-11 00:35:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BonzaBlue Mon 02-May-11 05:55:54

Ok guys I am coming on board very quietly .... had a mc in Feb which was horrible so am VERY nervous.

I am only just pregnant will be a week late on Weds - my LMP was the 29th of March so think that will put me at 4th for an edd.

I did not want to POAS until I popped in here and I said what the heck - and got a positive. Not sure when to tell DH as everyone was shattered - mc at 11 weeks so we had told everyone ...

Hand holding might be needed!

Congrats to everyone else!!!

fifitrixabelle78 Mon 02-May-11 07:48:43

Hi there browncoats, sleepywombat and bonzablue.

Fingers crossed for us all that we've got sticky ones this time!

hotcrossSES Mon 02-May-11 08:18:18

Hello! Can I tentatively put a toe in?!
BFP this morning and really pleased after months of ttc. Very nervous though as have been pg 3 times but first 2 resulted in mmc. The third gave me my wonderful DS who is 2 next week.

It seems quite a few of us have had a tough time of it so let's hope we can see eachother through a happy and healthy 8 months and beyond!

Spagbolagain Mon 02-May-11 08:23:02

Hi everyone, hope you are well this morning. I have been lounging in bed for an hour while DH sorted nappy change and a morning drink for DS (and tea for me), how lovely.

Hi Browncoats, sorry to hear about your little one in November, that's so very sad and I can't imagine how hard. Good that they will look after you closely, but it must be very hard not to worry.

Wombat, I can't seem to watch more than 10 mins of tv without falling asleep. I had put it down to v energetic toddler, but I guess it probably is PG related too. Looking forward to extra boobage, since stopping bf mine are even smaller than before, which is saying something.

<whispers> a quiet hello to BonzaBlue. There will be plenty of handholding available I'm sure! It's a weird thing but I know quite a few people (including me) who have conceived really quickly after a mc, much quicker than it took the first time. And who had better luck the second time, so sending positive vibes. We were the same, had mmc at 12 wk scan, baby had stopped growing at 11. Was totally totally convinced 2nd time around that it had all gone wrong again, as had no symptoms at all. But result of that is eating weetabix downstairs right now!

Spagbolagain Mon 02-May-11 08:29:15

Hey hotcrossSES, x-posted....congratulations, a nice BH result for you!
And another with a toddling DS! Is anybody else wondering how the whole toddler / PG / baby thing works? DS was fighting going into car seat yesterday, and I was thinking aaaaargh how would somebody do this if they had an 8 month bump in the way?????

shonnomanom Mon 02-May-11 08:40:38

Morning Ladies & secret bumps!

Im feeling a tad rough this morning. Never felt queasy with dd this early. In fact I was 7 weeks when I found out about dd and only had problems with my boobs. But this time I have a very sensitive belly and my boobs are gettin worse everyday.

Dp's face was a picture yesterday when I told him our news. The ClearBlue digi test says 2-3 weeks so the 4-5 weeks estimate is about accurate I guess.

Had to fake a cough and anti-bi's story last night on a unexpected night out with a friend who is home from Birmingham for the weekend. Not sure that she bought it, there was a few remarks/jokes about me being pregnant, but its no secret that we'v been trying for soo long. Maybe just being paranoid.

Hope everyone is well and thinking happy healthy bambalinos for everyone
Sho x

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