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Brighton/Hove area. Meeting new mums/pregnant/wishing to be pregnant

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RebeccaLouiseA Wed 20-Apr-11 17:34:39

Hello, I've just moved to Portslade. I have a lovely house and am loving being by the sea, but I'm recently alone and I'm 20 weeks pregnant. He has decided its all a bit much for him, as it was unplanned and he's younger than me. I would love to meet some new women, even if you dont have kids or arent pregnant (although maybe you wont be on here..) just to meet for coffee, chat, especially anyone with relationship problems/anyone on their own/anyone who understands what its like to be a hormonal mess basically! I like doing all sorts of things, films, running, whatever, but if you just want to meet at a nice cafe and chat that is fine too. Please get in touch. (or can anyone direct me to a similar forum/meeting information. this site confuses me). Bex xxx

watzon Wed 04-May-11 20:29:36

Hi Bex another good site to try is Netmums (got to the local Brighton noticeboard and post your message above) or Gumtree. And make sure you get on your free NHS antenatal class hopefully you can meet some more people there. Netmums also have listings of antenatal classes some are great ways to meet other mums to be. I also think mumsnet has some local forums if you search for brighton and pregnancy. And babycentre go to their community site ... good luck! Sarah xx

mango74nz Thu 15-Nov-12 21:50:17

Hi Im starting a new mum and baby class on the 7th January2013. Its called Sensory Baby Hub. The first class is free....i'm sure there will be lots of new mums there.

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