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October 2011 Baby Bus ... part 3

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elgoldenflower Mon 18-Apr-11 13:22:11

A place for all the mums due in October 2011

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rebelwithoutababy Mon 18-Apr-11 15:19:38

Aha, thanks for starting new bus, golden! Glad to hear more good scan news from the ladies. I was supposed to tell my boss today about pg, but she cancelled meeting and spoke to me in corridoor instead: could hardly tell her there! Got myself all worked up for it all weekend as well! Is so annoying as a couple of work colleagues have already guessed, and am fed up of wearing baggy clothes to disguise it as they just make me look fat: nice dresses look much better! Now it looks like it is going to be May before I can speak to her, with all the bank hols coming up, by which time I will be nearly 18 weeks!! Gaaaahh!!
PS My top tip for good value (and easily returnable) mat clothes is ASOS... xx

MamaMaiasaura Mon 18-Apr-11 16:25:04

Thanks for starting new thread

Re underwire bras, as long as they fit properly they shouldn't cause issues. I bought an underwired nursing bra when ds2 was baby, brilliant as massive boobs, were 34/36 J. No idea how big they are gong to get this time but once all done they'll be knee knockers... Def considering reduction and lift in future.

Started showing properly around 16 weeks with ds2 rather that just pudgy. This time I look further on but it's not baby at mo, just everything pushing up as uterus palpable now. My muscles there have relaxed and my body shape gone ping!

I need to find wedding dress as getting married in September, registry office then wedding picnic so pretty but not uber formal. At least I don't have to lose weight for wedding

PenguinArmy Mon 18-Apr-11 16:57:16

atm i look a bit fat. Little big, but no defined bump as it seems very low

feeding DD has started to hurt a little bit (and there I was being smug with no pain in the first trimester grin) Only at the start of the feed at least.

sorry about your lack of meeting rebel did you get a reschedule?

also thanks to golden for the new thread.

TallyBear Mon 18-Apr-11 17:55:18

Yeah for all the positive scans, but gutted for Knitter, how awful.

Glad others are also not showing; this is my latest thing to be paranoid about! I'm 13+1 now and nothing! I have noticed that a few of my trousers have been a bit tighter, but I've put that down to all the Dominos and donuts I've had recently (honestly I'm trying to eat healthily!)

Like others I am also so tired at the moment. Work is taking it out of me so can do nothing but crash when I get home (and mn of course). Had to leave work at lunchtime on Friday and went straight to bed.

Has anyone started thinking of names yet? I've had a few thoughts but dh doesn't want to discuss too early.

btw - does anyone know if we stop taking the folic acid yet? I thought it only made a difference in the first 3 months but am carrying on just in case as I've not been told to stop.

CheshireDing Mon 18-Apr-11 18:03:29

TallbyBear wish I had nothing at all!

I have ridiculous pregnancy tum already, we have a Midwife appointment on Wednesday and I am seriously going to ask her if this is normal at 15/16 weeks.

I have already had 2 people touching it which I really did not like. Since when do people think it's okay to touch a pregnancy belly when when previously they wouldn't have just come up and touched my boob or something? Personally I see no difference.

I have carried on with the folic acid for now, now harm I figure.

CheshireDing Mon 18-Apr-11 18:03:50

I mean "no" harm.

Fleecy Mon 18-Apr-11 18:16:49

cheshire I'm proper huge - am 15wks but look the same as I did at about 6mo first time round and 5mo second time. I quite like it actually as I feel 'proper pregnant' but am trying not to think how big I'll be towards the end confused

EdwardorEricCantDecide Mon 18-Apr-11 18:28:10

I'm also much bigger this time than with DS still getting MS so not too happy hopefully will pass soon.

BabCNesbitt Mon 18-Apr-11 21:22:59

Tallybear, I'm so bored of being tired! I consider it something of a small triumph that I'm still up at nearly half nine, but dammit, I have two sodding essays to finish and my sleepy brain is mush! (And I kept waking myself up during the night by trying to lie on my front and having a small tantrum trying to figure out how exactly to smoosh out my tits! angry )

mumtobee Tue 19-Apr-11 07:36:21

Just saving my seat on the new shiny bus!

Tally - Yes, we've talked about names quite a lot already - have a couple of shortlisted boys and girls, and getting some books from a friend soon to hopefully give us some more ideas....

Thinking it's time to start getting organised and move the rooms around upstairs, DD is moving to a new room but all the contents of that one need to be sorted and come out and then we need to decorate and get the new furniture for her. Our weekends are getting so full already, only 1 free between now and August!! Before we know it it'll be October!!

Got some cheap floaty summer tops from Tescos - they are long and big enough to take my expanding tummy. I'm hoping to make do as much as I can by getting non maternity (apart from jeans/trousers of course) but just in much bigger sizes, in places like H&M/Primark - far cheaper, and much more choice!

monkeybubbles Tue 19-Apr-11 08:56:59

aahhhh a nice new bus

some days i think that i have a proper bump, but mostly i think that i just look a bit pudgey.

i've had a few good finds in the sale at Gap (maternity tops for £3.99 and £6.99) unfortunately no jeans on sale though!

starting pregnancy yoga tonight, i'm excited about that. hopefully it will help with the pain in my hips.

Jill72 Tue 19-Apr-11 09:17:53

Hi All - I am Jill - 39 and unexpectedly expecting! Looks like I will be a single mum but very happy about the whole turn of events!! I am 14 +2. I had my NT scan privately (NHS wouldn't provide) results came back as 1:2464 - yea! happy with that and not having any more tests done.

I am a teacher - so off work on easter break which has left me too much time to sit and think about baby, baby, baby!!!

Can I bag a seat on the bus??

CrazyAlien06 Tue 19-Apr-11 09:24:02

Hey can I join? Due 2nd Oct- 16 wks . Got 16 wk appt this afternoon and am terrified as have no bump and feel normal! Did anyone get to hear heartbeat at their 16wk appt? I'd love to hear it to reassure me someone is still in there!
Am also a teacher on Easter break and have done no work at all! Sooooo much to do!

Jill72 Tue 19-Apr-11 09:31:50

I have not done a thing for school either - far too much baby research to do!!

SconesForTea Tue 19-Apr-11 09:55:05

Hi Jill and CrazyAlien <waves> Why wouldn't NHS provide NT scan Jill? <nosy> The MW had no problem finding the heartbeat at my 16w appt (last time). We'd already been listening to it at home with an angelsounds doppler blush

Thanks for the new thread golden

I think no pg lady is happy with her shape whatever it is! I would be delighted not to be showing as I'm still looking for work <sighs deeply> and who will hire a visibly pg lady. But I suppose if I were a first-timer I'd like to be showing.

Is anyone else suffering from insomnia? I vaguely remembered it from last time but it kicked in with a vengeance last night. Woke for a 3am wee and was still awake at 5am hmm I spent hours and hours on MN in the early hours of my last pg, but was able to nap in the day to catch up. Now I have a toddler, no chance. (not that she's toddling actually)

CrazyAlien06 Tue 19-Apr-11 10:03:04

Hey yeah I wanted to get a Doppler but DH knows I'll become obsessed with it and he is right! Really really hope mw can find it as will be a bit more relaxed until 20wk scan lol . Really want DH at appt today but he can't make it so will have to hope all goes ok and if heartbeat is found I'm going to yet and record it on my phone :-)
It's such a gorgeous day here in the East can't wait to sunbathe at the end of the week ! I HAVE to get my school planning done today!

sunface Tue 19-Apr-11 10:15:53

hi all on the new bus, can i jump on board too please?!

Awen and Fleecy this is my 3rd too and like both of you, am feeling huge already at 16weeks.... i'm also a large up top lady (32J!!!) but a size10/12 on my bottom half, so gawd knows how big i'm going to get up top!!!! Everthing i wear on top at the moment just makes me look and feel huge. What tops and dresses are flattering on top for the larger pregnant lady??? If any?!

drivencrazy Tue 19-Apr-11 10:29:03

scan and next appointment with midwife tomorrow. I cant wait

Liabella Tue 19-Apr-11 11:02:50

Hello everyone and congratulations to the new passengers aboard our bus.

Our wedding this weekend was beautiful - even better than I'd hoped. Dh (first time I've written that) had tears all through our vows, my dress fitted perfectly (although I changed into a short one which was a size bigger for the evening so I could be more comfortable), the sun shone, the sky was bright blue and at the end of his speech, dh announced my pregnancy! It was perfect - he handed out copies of the scan pics and said "I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member of our family!"

Like some of the others have said, I'm not showing yet - 13 weeks - I think first-timers show later generally.

mpops Tue 19-Apr-11 11:33:27

That sounds really lovely, Liabella! Glad it all went well.

Welcome to the new people on our bus!

Is anyone else ridiculously itchy at 15-16 weeks? God, my boobs especially are doing my head in as I'm in an open-plan office and it's really hard to stop scratching. blush

bilblio Tue 19-Apr-11 11:42:09

Welcome to the newcomers!

Liabella it sounds like a fantastic day, and what a great way to announce it!

I'm not really showing yet... I've just got fatter I'm pleased I didn't throw away all my pre-weightloss clothes. Thankfully some of them are still too big for me, so I've not got that big yet.

I've just phoned the Dr as my hayfever is starting. I couldn't get an appointment for a week (well I could but I couldn't get to that one.) Thankfully I told the receptionist what I needed and she's made a note and she'll ask the Dr to sort me out a prescription without needing a visit. Huge relief! My hayfever can get really bad, even with medication so I don't want to contemplate going without.

BabCNesbitt Tue 19-Apr-11 12:31:50

Congratulations, Liabella! It sounds wonderful! How did everyone react?

mpops, yes! re the itching. My back and belly are especially bad (probably stretched because of eating too much/slumping in front of the laptop on MN blush)

dannid Tue 19-Apr-11 13:32:57

Hi all! Had our scan this morning and all went really well, they have said our little bump is due 29th Oct so am still bringing up the rear of the bus, phew, was so worried that they would put us back! Xxx

strawberrymewmew Tue 19-Apr-11 14:43:01

Hi everyone!
Just noticed the thread. I'm due my first baby on the 9th of October.
Keep getting laughed at everytime I'm asked my due date.

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