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This way Wagoners! All aboard, it's time for a Spring clean!

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GruffaloSoldier Tue 15-Mar-11 09:02:03

Hi guys couldn't think of anything else, hope this is ok!

Rugbylovingmum Tue 15-Mar-11 09:08:50

Thanks Gruff!

I'm not promising to do any cleaning though wink.

Diege Tue 15-Mar-11 11:23:38

Thanks GRUFF!
MOOSY, thanks for the vit B6 advice - I've just ordered some. The cyclizine is helping, but the effects of each dose only seem to last about an hour and I'm up to the max 3 times a day already. Have read about supplementing it with B6 so will see how it goes!
Hi RUGBY, your teaching sessions sounded like they wetn really well; having children in the years that you taught, I can imagine how keen they were grin. Has it wetted your appetite for teaching?
A bit struggle to get into work this morning, but I made it an am clinging to that fact! Very busy, so hoping a bit of distraction may help.
BUMPS, I am also into salty things - I have a large bacg of pretzels at my desk and they are literally a life saver!

bumpsnowjustplump Tue 15-Mar-11 13:36:57

Can I take vit b as well as pregnacare (which has vit b in it)?

I cant get my big lardy bottom into gear, good job I have a few days off work..

tinksbabyis2 Tue 15-Mar-11 13:59:41

Great title

Hi gruff, diege, bumps and rubgy

Having a gd day here
Enjoyed sing and sign

Diege Tue 15-Mar-11 15:44:58

Hi BUMP - pregnancare only has about 8g of vit B6, so no problem taking it in addition to the 30mg (I think max dose per day in pregnancy is 100mg)

cantmummyhaveabreak Tue 15-Mar-11 16:09:27

Marking my place.

Have to say I tried b6 and it made no effect on me... I have loads left if you want them diege? Also have a load of pregnacare left that anyone's welcome to.

Went to mw app and baby is well engaged. Was woken with contractions about 30mins apart through last night... I honestly thought it was gonna be the big event!

Moosy Tue 15-Mar-11 16:38:01

My GP said 100mg is the max dose, so if 30mg doesn't work then you can increase it.

Very exciting Can't, bet you can't wait! Just think, you'll be bump-free and you won't have to do the night wakings either - perfect!

Rugbylovingmum Tue 15-Mar-11 16:58:37

Ooo Cant, not long until you can be comfortable again smile. The well-engaged baby thing sounds awful although I have no experience myself - DD hid high up out of the way right until they wheeled me into theatre wink. Your friends must be so excited. How are you feeling?

Right, I need some advice. This should probably go in the Style topic but I've had a couple of threads on there and I think they are getting sick of my stupid questions wink. I am trying to stop wearing my awful cheap jeans and fleeces and have invested in some new jeans, leggings to wear with tunics/dresses and a couple of skirts BUT I am clueless when it comes to shoe shopping. When the weather is better I'm planning to wear ballet pumps with the skirts or leggings/dresses and wedges with my jeans but what do I do until then? I thought about boots but what length will go with jeans and leggings and which colour confused. My leggings are black but the tops are all different colours (e.g. this and this) so do I need to buy black boots or can I wear brown confused. I want something that isn't frumpy but I don't have the guts to wear anything too trendy. Please help! Oh I hate hate hate shoe shopping.

cantmummyhaveabreak Tue 15-Mar-11 18:49:24

Rugby- I wear the type of clothed you say you've just got, with leggings I wear mid-calf boots, got a really nice pair from asda a couple of weeks ago for just £10! With jeans I tend to normally wear my trainers, but I have small feet and have some very 'fitted' style ones rather than the clumpy running type. If wearing skinny jeans, I wear either the boots I wear with leggings or ugg style boots. If wearing haircut jeans with a smarter top I wear pump style shoes and suffer cold feet. If you wanted to wear something warmer you could get some ankle length boots that would fit under bootlegs without being able to see them. sorry- think I've rambled!

As for baby being well engaged I'm super excited! Seriously can't wait to be bump free. I'm a tad worried about the impending birth, purely for my worry of it ending in end again. I'm not worried about coming home without a baby, not worried about my feelings towards the baby or my hormones. I just can't wait to be back to myself and be able to do normal everyday things with the kids without being too tired. Or having pelvis pain, or not being able to do something because of my bump etc... I've felt like they're the ones who've missed out on a lot of me recently... (and getting back to normal gof's too as it's been a real rarity the last 7m!!!) grin

Rugbylovingmum Tue 15-Mar-11 19:21:07

Thanks Cant - I think I need to look for some mid-calf boots. Would you go for black or brown? I thought brown might be better for cool spring days - look less wintry IYKWIM - but black will go with everything.

cantmummyhaveabreak Tue 15-Mar-11 19:47:06

I have some brown ugh boots. Some dark grey mid-calf boots, and normally black pumps. I wear a lot of brown clothing, or black so brown is good for them. But it depends what colours you wear normally. I'd say if you were only to get one pair go for black, if your budget can stretch to a few pairs in the sale then you could get a mid calf pair in one colour and a different pair in another colour. I tend to get cheaper pairs from asda or in a good sale and keep my eye out for a better quality pair for when the first ones are getting knackered!

tinksbabyis2 Tue 15-Mar-11 21:18:43


Exciting can't

Rugby I thing brown or black boots fine I
Hv a pair in each colour
I wear leggings all the time

tinksbabyis2 Wed 16-Mar-11 13:18:37

Received dd2s trainers today
They r clarks pink ones got on ebay r brand new
Really cute hv a mouse on
Has anyone else bought new shoes on ebay for kids?
Don't mind getting clarks trainers from ebay
Hvng gd day

bumpsnowjustplump Wed 16-Mar-11 15:48:53

morning ladies.. I am worrying myself into panic now.

I have gone from heaving all day yesterday to not feeling at all sick today. I have been ultra hungry and a little dizzy but no nausea or sickness at all... please reasure me this is not a bad sign... sad

Diege how are you feeling today

Cant it is getting so close now how exciting.

Moosy I have the cake to make this weekend shock are you sure cake cant go in the post lol

Rugbylovingmum Wed 16-Mar-11 16:33:44

Hi Bump,

Around 9 or 10 weeks I just went from feeling sick all day every day and having sore boobs to no symptoms at all. It happened really suddenly, overnight, so I was terrified something had gone wrong. I was so nervous at my first scan but DD was merrily rolling around. I know it is a bit earlier for you but I hope that makes you feel a bit better.

essenceofSES Wed 16-Mar-11 18:06:03

Bumps - I know it's very easy for me to say don't worry and every pregnancy is different, some having no symptoms at all, but it's true.
Try and just take each day at a time until your scan. Did you say you hope to get one later this week?
The worry is understandable but the risk is small and not accurate to use symptoms (or lack of) as a guessing game.

Hello everyone else! Sorry I've not had a minute to post as still busy, busy, busy! DH and I have our first evening in together tonight this week so I'm cooking him his favourite tea and hoping for some SWI later grin It's a little early but no harm in trying and he's away tomorrow night and Saturday night so I need to grab my chances!

Gruff - thank you for the new thread! Love the title, if someone could just come and spring clean our home that would be lovely!

Diege - There are lots of women who have successfully used B6 and what the others have said about the dosage is absolutely right. You used to be able to buy it in much higher strengths and the only reason they reduced that was because a v small minority of women had their circulatory problems exaccerbated by it. Hope it does the trick!

Cant - I'm going to be checking in daily now so don't keep us waiting too long wink

Rugby - I generally wear nearly flat black calf-length boots with my leggings but I am no style guru!

Hello Moosy, tink, Giraffe and anyone else lurking!

tinksbabyis2 Wed 16-Mar-11 21:55:22

Evening grin

Bumps ~ ses has summed it up

Hope u feel more reassured soon

Dd2 wore new trainers so cute hv a mouse on sides
On bottom hv duck,dog and bee
Only got on ebay as new and trainers

bumpsnowjustplump Wed 16-Mar-11 22:21:04

THanks all I do have scan friday so not long to wait.. just worried at the moment as was at a party with a boy who got cp the next day.. I have had cp so dont think there is a risk but you know how I like to worry grin and the failing symptoms are just playing right into my hands lol

tinksbabyis2 Thu 17-Mar-11 09:56:53

not long then bumps how far gone r u ?

maxxymoosmummy Thu 17-Mar-11 10:39:09

Hi everyone sorry haven't been on for a while, been asked to post on CANTS behalf. She is in hospital as her waters broke at 8pm last night. No signe of being in labour though no contractions or anything. Iff there's nothing by saturday am she is being induced. I'm off up to the hospital later to see her. So will keep you all updated. DIEGE she said sorry but she won't be able to make it to liverpool on sunday, but she will reschedule when she's recovered. Will be on later to keep all updated. Hope everyone is well, and again sorry I have been awol.

bumpsnowjustplump Thu 17-Mar-11 10:40:26

oh exciting go cant go x

cantmummyhaveabreak Thu 17-Mar-11 11:39:58

hello everyone. gonna keep it short as i hate this hospital keypad.

as mmm said, waters went last night, no contractions, having a scan today to check size etc. if im not in labour by sat am seems ill be induced. 35wks tomorrow so beany shouldnt need to go to scbu. will try and keep updating myself when i can and know more.x

essenceofSES Thu 17-Mar-11 11:48:10

Cant - thinking of you and hope all goes well

MMM - hello and thank you for the update

tinksbabyis2 Thu 17-Mar-11 13:09:33

Wow can't take care and gd luck xx

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