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The CBFM Graduates Vol 1

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StormBird Mon 21-Feb-11 19:55:53

We have got to know each other pretty well during our TTC journey's so have created this thread on Chocciechips advice (hope she doesn't mind!!) so we can all contintue to support one another through our pregnancies.

Welcome................ smile

boba82 Thu 10-Mar-11 13:34:15

Hope everything is ok choccie?

chocciechip Thu 10-Mar-11 16:05:37

Had my scan ladies. The NT measurement was 1.1mm, which is not bad, but actually, according to sonographer and everything I've read, even a good NT reading is meaningless without the bloods factored in. I was also told a two week wait for bloods, but I was not at all happy about it and a midwife was called in to speak to me. She was very nice. I've now been told that if they don't call me by Weds afternoon I need to call them, the idea being my bloods should be ready by then. She's going to let other midwifes know to chase up results as well if I call and they're not there.

The bad news though is that if we do have to do the unthinkable and terminate, we only get a surgical option up to 13 weeks - not the 16 I thought. So regardless of whether we go to the FMC in London or not, the only way through it will be to deliver. So I've cancelled the London appointment. For me, I am supposed to be 12 weeks today, but apparently measuring 13weeks (impossible, I think), so I stand no chance of a surgical option in worst case scenario.

The good news is we saw a heartbeat again, the rest is still a bit of an unknown, but hopefully by Wednesday we'll have some clarity. Off to try and get some sleep after a totally sleepless night last night. Wish I could wine!

boba82 Thu 10-Mar-11 16:49:36

choccie everything seems quite positive so please try and relax a wee bit. Have a nice Ovaltine or Horlicks instead of the wine!

AnytimeNOW Thu 10-Mar-11 17:55:21

Choccie my NT measurement was higher than that I'm sure, good news on getting your bloods sooner, fingers crossed for you! great news on the heartbeat. Hope you get some much needed sleep...I bet you could do with a wine or two! it's exhausting and emotional isn't it!.

Also as for baby showing consultant says they always allow 7 days either way no matter what the scan shows, so you are right saying 12 weeks. Hope that helps smile x

Loup23 Thu 10-Mar-11 19:15:27

choccie glad the news seems positive and I Fx everything is fine with the bloods. I have ordered wine from and it's not too bad! Not the same as the real thing but goes someway there. Maybe order some and have a few wine next week to toast your good news x

Keziahhopes Thu 10-Mar-11 20:43:05

Hi, no worries no bfp for me (first stimming scan tomorrow) but I have just read your lovely thread... what a great idea of having this! I hope to join you at some point, but congratulations to you all, glad things going well (sorry you not had the best of times Harry). And so many boys, wow! Can't wait to see pictures of them, names announcements etc grin... ok, will go back to where I should be!!!!! grin kezzie x

boba82 Sat 12-Mar-11 12:06:49

I hope you're here soon too Keziah! Hope scan went ok? x

Keziahhopes Sat 12-Mar-11 14:44:09

grin - me too! Think scan went well, nothing to compare it with! My womb lining has thickened well, they measured 5 follicles that were 10-15mm and I had small ones too that they don't measure. So carry on the same and 2nd stimming scan on Monday - where if things are still growing my accupuncturist said they will probably do collection wed/thu? Guess they avoid weekend transfers so that will be factored in plus how many small follicles have or haven't grown. I would really like more than 5 follicles so I have a chance of some eggs fertilising! Been told to rest, as tiredness hit yesterday, quite unexpectedly, so am obeying grin as it is the weekend!!

How exciting, 22 week scan and a lovely boy!!

Loup23 Mon 14-Mar-11 08:27:22

Morning ladies, I hope you all had good weekends and the bumps are coming along grin

Just wondered if any of you could help (or have had the same thing!!) By the CBFM I was 6 weeks yesterday and in the evening I had some dark brown/purple blodd when I wiped (sorry,tmi). No cramps or pain but there is a little bit each time I wipe, some this morning. I don't know whether this is something to be concerned about or not.....Any ideas? Thanks x

boba82 Mon 14-Mar-11 10:08:06

I don't know loup but I would contact your doctor or midwife to see what they think. Maybe they could arrange an early scan for you to check everything is ok. Or call NHS 24? Hope all is ok.

chocciechip Mon 14-Mar-11 13:00:44

loup Spotting is apparently common in early pregnancy, and you will most likely be told that brown blood is old blood - so could be your implantation bleed just coming through now. But it is always a bit worrying when you first see it. I agree with bobas advice. And if you have problems getting hold of your GP or midwife, see if you can find a number for an Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) in your area. NHS 24 could maybe help you out with a number. In some cases you can self-refer for a reassurance scan. In others, you might need your GP to push for it.

Loup23 Mon 14-Mar-11 18:22:50

thanks boba and Choccie after thinking it might all be ok the bleeding has got worse and I have spoken to the Dr who was very nice but thinks it is a threatened m/c. I am going tomorrow morning to check for ectopic but otherwise I think it's back to the CBFM for me. Very sad but taking comfort that I actually managed to get pg in the first place....

AnytimeNOW Tue 15-Mar-11 07:27:46

Loup23 So sorry to hear your news...hoping all goes ok today.
I have had bleeds in early pregnancy and miscarriage, I think it's the not knowing which it is can be the the hardest.

Thinking of you XX

boba82 Tue 15-Mar-11 10:13:39

Hope everything is ok loup, thinking of you. x

chocciechip Tue 15-Mar-11 11:10:01

Let us know how you get on loup. Thinking of you today.

Loup23 Tue 15-Mar-11 13:12:50

Thanks for your messages. The bleeding had stopped but it's back so my hcg levels have been done and will be redone on Thursday before I see the dr on friday for the results - there's been quite a bit of bleeding (sorry, tmi) so I'm not hopeful. Ihope you are all doing well, it really helps having this thread! X

chocciechip Tue 15-Mar-11 13:58:04

loup I'm really sorry you're going through this. I am wishing with all my heart you get good news despite the worrying signs. But if the worst happens, and it is a MC, please come back and talk to us. anytime and I have both experienced MCs - and possibly others here too - and we're here for you. I found my MC quite hard to get my head around, and I don't want you to feel alone or that you have no one, as I did when I went through my first. Did they offer you a scan or are they focussing only on your hcg levels for now? x

Loup23 Tue 15-Mar-11 16:44:01

Thanks choccie it really helps to have others who have experienced the same thing - on the positive side i'm resetting the CBFM for 1 today and will just try try again! The dr will just focus on HCG first as she says unless it doubles or significantly rises from today to Thursday she would suspect a m/c in any event. They will then scan to make sure it passes etc (sorry tmi). For those that did m/c (and sorry if it brings up bad memories) when did you start trying again? x

AnytimeNOW Tue 15-Mar-11 20:31:24

Loup23 I admire your strength, and admire you for focusing on the future...sometimes it's the only thing that gets you through! as Choccie mentioned earlier we have both experienced losses, as I'm sure others have to, and please remember we are all here for you.

After my losses, my period usually arrived around 5-6 weeks later...The pmt before was worse (this is common), and started trying again after one period.

Thinking of you XX

boba82 Wed 16-Mar-11 10:19:20

I'm really sorry Loup. Like the others have said I really admire your attitude. Keep positive. x

Loup23 Wed 16-Mar-11 12:59:31

Thanks for your messages girls but sadly wasn't to be - my hcg is only at 148 today and I am at least 6 weeks so the dr expected it to be in the 000's. Can't help thinking "I shouldn't have stopped the B6" or other such thoughts but am waiting for a scan to check all is ok and I shall then try and just get on with it again...... Thank you for all your support, I'll go back to the CBFM vol 5 forum and hope to be a graduate again soon. Good luck to all of you, I'll be popping to see how you're all doing and look forward to hearing about all the arrivals x

StormBird Wed 16-Mar-11 13:01:19

Hi Everyone.......

Boba sorry I missed your stats of the list hun - would you care to add yourself.

Loup I am so sorry to hear what you are going through, I hope you have good support in RL but like others have said we are here for you too!! Keep us posted on how you are getting on hun. Sending hugs and lots of positive vibes xxxx


chocciechip Wed 16-Mar-11 14:37:22

loup I'm so sorry. Try not to travel down the 'what did I do wrong?' road because it's one of those roads that can be endless and lead nowhere good. We all do that but I promise you - no matter what you think - you did nothing wrong. Loup I found my grief over my mc hitting me at odd times, and read much later that many women find the 6 week mark after a mc the hardest. I don't know why, maybe because they're so busy dealing with it and then face up when they've got to the other side. Please come back anytime you feel low. x

To answer your question about when we started again; in both my mcs I waited some time. I had horrible physical symptoms in my first which I needed to be checked out and also found out I wasn't immune to rubella - hence delays. In the second we waited two months, again because I was told to.

However, if I had mc'd this time around, I would do EXACTLY what you are doing and start straight away. Medical people will ask you to wait for one cycle, but I think that's just so they have a clearer idea of your dates. IMO, if you are using a CBFM, you will have a good idea of your dates so can give them a clear ovulation date to go by. Thinking of you, and wishing you all the luck in the world. x

boba82 Wed 16-Mar-11 15:11:41

Graduates having Boys
Harry2007 DC#2, age 29 BFP (sometime in August!) - Planned c-section 24/3/11
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11

Graduates having Girls
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11

Graduates having a* *Surprise ( for now )
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 11/01/11 - EDD
Boba82 DC#1, age 28, BFP 07/01/11 - EDD 13/09/11

storm I have added myself!

Loup Good luck hun x

Harry2007 Wed 16-Mar-11 22:08:38

So sorry to hear your news Loup.

It sounds as though you're in a positive mindset, although I realise how devastating it is. And please don't try to think of it as something your actions could have affected, because there was nothing that you did to cause it and nothing you could have done to stop it. I know it's so easy to say but take solace from the fact that it was out of your hands.

Take care of yourself - and you have to stay on the thread to keep us updated xxx

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