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The CBFM Graduates Vol 1

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StormBird Mon 21-Feb-11 19:55:53

We have got to know each other pretty well during our TTC journey's so have created this thread on Chocciechips advice (hope she doesn't mind!!) so we can all contintue to support one another through our pregnancies.

Welcome................ smile

StormBird Tue 18-Sep-12 13:15:46

Keziah How are you doing?? Sorry you are feeling so low I hope DS is managing to keep you buoyant somewhat.

KC How's things with the pregnancy?

To anyone else, hello <waves>

this thread has been quiet for a wee while, is anyone out there????????????

Hoophopes Wed 19-Sep-12 21:21:13

Hi Storm - it is Keziah, just name changed!! Thanks ... have some very good days and some not so good days right now, but ds helping lots. Just a real shock, not really expected and made life difficult with lots of necessary travelling to sort things out.

How is it going for you Storm?

Yes, KC - how are things going? Have you had scans etc?

Ilovekittyelise Fri 21-Sep-12 18:55:58

Hi ladies,

Sorry, I too have been quiet! How pregnant is KC now? are you past your 12 weeks scan yet? sorry if im behind on news!

Kez/freaky name change lady!: how are things now? sorry you are having such a difficult time. you seem to be one of those people that attract bad luck, im sorry x

Storm, hope you are ok; keep chugging on those high dose folic acid in case he changes his mind. in the meantime, keep focusing on yourself and doing nice things for yourself x

well in my world, diets absolutely gone to s** recently. i darent stand on scales! in other news, i start work, full time, in a new and challenging role, in 12 days EEEEEKKKK!!!! plan 'stay at home mum' really wasnt my thing, i was bored out of my mind, and as much as i moan about work, i actually really love working, and cant wait to get back in the driving seat. better still, my husband got promoted, and i got his job!!! in order to avoid the obvious squeals of nepotism i had about 4 different interviews (none with my husband LOL). ridiculous. i wont be working for him though, he will be in a different department. so thats me EEEEEEEEEEEEEk again!

i better go as my lovely hubby is due to arrive any minute xxxxx

Ilovekittyelise Sun 18-Nov-12 10:13:41

Hey girls,

Anyone out there?! Nobody seems to have been on in months.

Hope everyone is well. We are suffering a constant stream of nursery colds, I guess that much is to be expected. I'm loving being at work but barely see my boy in the week; hes loving nursery though and I think it works for us all.

Hope you are all happy and healthy xxx

Hoophopes Thu 29-Nov-12 17:50:39

hi Ilovekitty - I am here (was keziahhopes, now hoophopes!). Sorry not replied, been a bit low and not great (Mum dying in summer and a baby that has been quite poorly has not been best of times).

Great you are loving work so much and he loves nursery too - that sounds a good mix. Yes, nursery colds sound a nightmare. Already dreading my return to work as ds is 9mths old now!!

My little one is sitting up, playing with toys, babbling away and looks so not like a little baby anymore it is quite a transition! He still has red hair, eyes are brown and his favourite word is "dada". Not crawling yet, thankfully - as still need to childproof the house!! With open plan downstairs that is a challenge we haven't worked out yet. He has a few health conditions, so waiting test results and hopign they are nothing serious but it has been a worrying 2 months.

Hope everyone is ok and enjoy Christmas preparations iwth their little one!! xx

boba82 Mon 07-Jan-13 11:20:17

Happy New Year everyone! What's going on with everyone? All is fine here. Zach is a right little terror now - 15 months and into everything!!! I actually can't believe it's been over 2 years since we were all on the original board! Hope you are all well? x x x

Hoophopes Sat 19-Jan-13 16:49:36

Boba wow, 15mths, how exciting! Hope all well with you. My little son is 10mths old, just cut his third tooth (first top) and has surprised us all by still having red hair!! Glad he was a natural miracle and not an IVF baby, otherwise I would worry! Go back to work in February, so not looking forward to that but am fortunate I managed to get part-time.

KnackeredCow - you must be in last trimester now?? Do hope you remember this thread and tell us how it goes with your twins, or someone finds her post and lets us know here!!

how is everyone else??

KnackeredCow Sat 19-Jan-13 22:27:12

Hooray - I've found you all!

Will have a read through and catch up, but a very quick post from me. I am now 33+3 with boy / girl twins. Pregnancy went OK until 33+2 - only complaints were a bit of SPD, sickness and tiredness. Unfortunately I have developed pre-eclampsia, which was picked up yesterday following routine midwife home visit. Now in hospital watching and waiting. Have been started on steroids in case babies need to be born early, but hoping blood pressure will stay stable so I can make it another 11 days to 35 weeks!

At least they've moved me to my own room grin as it looks like I may be here a while!

Sorry for me, me , me post. Will post properly in next day or so.

Hoophopes Sun 20-Jan-13 16:43:22

Waves to KnackeredCow - so glad all was ok till 33 weeks. Great they put you straight in hospital for monitoring, sounds like they looking after you well - so hope you can keep your twins inside for a bit longer!!

One person who did ante-natal classes with me had twins and gave birth, rather unexpectedly, at 33 weeks as her waters went and she went into labour. All went well and only one twin was in SCUBU due to weight just below 4lb, but all 3 of them were home 5 days after her c-section. Wow!! Only advantage of all that was she got free cartons of formula until they were 7mths old! Saved a fortune.

Great you have your own room. I was in for 6 days when 31weeks (ish) and was so bored. Read lots!!!

Oh how wonderful - boy/girl twins. I guess you organised and got everything sorted at home. Which pram did you choose?

My little son is 10mths now, utterly gorgeous and I am about to return to work. Eek!!

Let us know how you get on - am hoping you either have weeks of boredom in hospital or weeks of boredom at home!! x

Ilovekittyelise Mon 21-Jan-13 11:48:03

hey girls,

OMG KC congrats on impending twins (not too impending I hope!); is this 1&2 or 2&3? so much time passes and i forget everyone's story.

I'm off sick from work today, had a really high temp and now just left with exhaustion and nausea.....we started trying for number 2 this month thinking it might take a while due to me being an OAP but who knows. the timing wouldnt be ideal, to be honest, but when are kids ever convenient.

my little boy is now 16 months old and a full on tanty toddler. I was googling autism symptoms last night due to him being so foul. Conclusion: children that age are foul and tanty and never let him win battle of wills ever!!!

Loup23 Tue 22-Jan-13 09:32:21

Hi all popping in to wave and await news of KCs twins, how exciting!

Good luck with DC2 kitty will you be dusting the CBFM off. Again? wink hope you feel better soon

My DD is just over 4 months, am completely in love with her and loving being a mummy although a nights sleep wouldn't go amiss grin

Hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying their not so baby babies grin

Hoophopes Sun 17-Feb-13 19:18:16

Hi - has anyone heard if KC had her twins? Think her due date must be about now??

Loup sl glad you are in love with your dd -hope sleep is improving.

I am just back at work now - and my little one is nearly one. Can't believe it is nearly a year since I went into hospital to have him!! Working part-time is going to be a challenge, so am desperate for a second one (am 38!!) but sadly had a miscarriage in January, probably due to not having the immune medication I relied on with ds to allow implantation and to maintain pregnancy. No idea how to get it as clinic will not treat unless you do IVF with them which is making me very sad right now.

IloveKitty - hope you are winning the battle of wills with your toddler!! Hope you conceive when you hope to!

KnackeredCow Tue 05-Mar-13 17:16:52

Hello Ladies!

Sorry it's been a long time since I last posted. My DTs were born on 29th January by emergency c-section at 34+6. Unfortunately I developed pre-eclampsia. Was admitted to hospital at 33+2 with moderate PE and discharged to day-care at 33+6. Had a course of steroids in case twins needed to be born early. PE progressed slowly for the next few days but then rapidly escalated. Was admitted from daycare to high dependency unit a week later at midday. Twins were delivered four hours later once they'd stabilised my blood pressure so I could have a spinal.

But twins did really well grin. DTS, James, weighed in at 5lbs 7oz and DTD, Elspeth, weighed in at 4lbs 13oz - good weights for their gestation. We spent a couple of weeks in hospital on a transitional care ward, which is staffed by neonatal nurses to monitor babies as well as midwives. Elspeth initially spent 48 hours on neonatal HDU as she needed help breathing, but James stayed with me from birth, initially in adult HDU until they were happy I was stable, and then on TC. We're back home now and slowly muddling throughsmile.

Hoop so sorry to hear about your m/c. Thinking of you hmm

How's everyone else doing?

Hoophopes Tue 05-Mar-13 19:32:25

Congratulations KC - sorry you had them early, but great to hear they did really well! Obviously keen to meet their Mummy and Daddy early grin

Great to hear you are home well, had good support in hospital so could recover from birth. Gosh, twins - I remember those sleepless nights so well, with two I don't even want to think about it!! Hope you are getting organised and they are able to nap at the same time.

Oooh one of each, that is so amazing too. Love their names, we went fairly traditional too grin Are they putting on weight now?

Thanks. My Gp has said he will give me some immune meds only IF the gynaecologist he has emailed from local hospital says so. This is despite the fact the specialist reproductive immunology gynaecology we saw saying I cannot implant or carry a child without this medication sad - know I cannot get intralipids without going to London to one of the few private consultants who prescripe for £ without IVF, or unless I do IVF, but I really need the pessaries and steroids to give myself a chance of a natural pregnancy (age and fact I can't easily conceive due to male issues not helping!) This gynaecologist has never met me, doubt understands about high NK cells, clotting factors etc. Can't cope with more mc's due to lack of drugs.

My little one has just turned one, so back at work part-time now. Just got first childcare bill in fact!! He is doing ok there after a little difficulty settling in. New routines for us.

So good to hear from you KC.

boba82 Mon 13-May-13 15:58:37

Wow so good reading everyone's updates! Lovely we are all mummies now - who'd have thunk it!!!

kc Congratulations on your arrivals! So glad everything worked out for you in the end. How lovely having one of each too. I too am in awe as 1 is a handful enough!

My little terror is 20 months now. I am EXHAUSTED!! I must admit it is really hard juggling part time work & home life. I feel as if I never have enough time at either.

hoops I would like to have another but can't even consider at the moment, he is such a handful! Be interesting to see how you get on though as I will probably need drugs to conceive again also. Best of luck to you x x

Hoophopes Thu 16-May-13 19:53:52

Hi boba wow, 20 months no wonder you are exhausted!! grin. Mine is 14mths and not yet walking or talking so still got the toddler phase to begin!! Very behind with moving, only crawled 3 weeks ago so had a very long baby phase!!

Totally get you boba juggling p-t work and home life.

Well after lots of hassle and 2 consultants (one who did the tests for IVF and immunes) and the NHS consultant who never met me but read my records, they both said I needed medication as soon as got a bfp. Can have prednisilone, utrogestone pessaries and clexane after bfp. Gp then said I had to get an appoitnment with him after bfp to get it - and if it was a weekend then I would have to wait. Mmm... I told him exactly what would happen if I miscarried because I couldn't get an appointment to see him!!! He said other gp's unlikely to prescribe it unless he wrote a care plan in my notes (and no way was he going to bother to do that!!) After dh phoned him with more legal speak and management talk, and a long wait from gp I have now got the medication sat at home. What I really want is the medication when ttc naturally as I think that is what I need, but no such luck I know! Plus at my age, getting too close to 40, and taking 7yrs to have first bfp I doubt I will be doubly blessed. But just means am back in the ttc naturally rollercoaster, as dh will not do ivf again as it failed and we had a natural miracle, albeit 2mths after all immune and ivf drugs in system!! Just would love to be able naturally to plan my family size rather than not be able to because my body will not do what other people can .... not mean that I am not thankful. Been ttc for 8mths already, and got to the stressed "it has to happen soon, before I get to 40!" panic. In some ways just wish I had decided not to want 2, so can relax. Arrgg.... sorry!!! Rant over!!

Ilovekittyelise Tue 21-May-13 09:05:11

Hi ladies!

Been ages since I have been here and catching up on everyone's news. Am working from home today so I can get some stuff done without being interrupted constantly. SO lush to be in the house with no toddler running round!!!

Am now working four days a week which is fantastic; i started a new job a few months ago (had been contracting prior to that) and just LOVE it, which is a big shock to me. four days is perfect for me and i feel really lucky to have found that balance that works.

My husband has been quite keen to try for another, but I'm kind of enjoying life as it is, and also studying a couple of OU modules at the moment, so to be honest, it has been the furthest thing from my mind most of the time, save for the odd broody moment. in general though, I have very mixed feelings and so will just see if it happens without 'trying'. a friend of mine has had my monitor for the last year or two and i dont think i will ever want to get it back!

sams doing great, he will be two in september. he loves nursery and dropping him off this morning (which i havent done in a while) involved a frenzy of excitement, a quick high five, and not even saying goodbye to me. i know my place! its great though, i love that hes finding his own little way in the world and enjoying being amongst peers and people that are actually good with children!

Hoop I hope you are doing ok. i know its easier said than done, but try not to be too obsessed about having another and enjoy the here and now. its so easy to focus on things we want and dont have and forget all the wonderful things that are right in front of us.

love to all xxxxxxxxx

Hoophopes Tue 21-May-13 22:11:19

Hi ilovekitty... Like you I gave my monitor away and am not asking for it back so I am not too stressed about trying, not like before. Just am broody!! Great to hear you happy in new job and your Sam is so happy!

Ilovekittyelise Fri 20-Sep-13 08:26:04

Hi all

Just dug this thread out from nowhere and thought if I post you might come back!

How are you doing with the twins KC and how are Kez and Boba getting on with those boys/work life balance etc.

We are having another in Jan, looking forward to it but having found a balance that works for us I'm not planning on taking a huge amount of time off work this time around! (not actually planning on finishing until about 38 weeks either....)

Hope everyone ok


SilverStars Mon 26-May-14 23:57:10

Hi found this post again - hope arrival of number 2 went well ILovekitty

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