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The CBFM Graduates Vol 1

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StormBird Mon 21-Feb-11 19:55:53

We have got to know each other pretty well during our TTC journey's so have created this thread on Chocciechips advice (hope she doesn't mind!!) so we can all contintue to support one another through our pregnancies.

Welcome................ smile

StormBird Sat 26-Feb-11 09:27:55

Hi Ladies,

A quick post from me and forgive any mistakes in advance as I am using my mums iPad and it's rather strange!!!!!!

misslol when I've finished today's shopping trudge I'll put together a quick list of stuff we've purchased so far for you, it's not loads of exciting things, just more essentials. Today should be the interesting part!!

choccie just wanted to let you know about my experience of the 12 week scan as it was somewhat different to others experiences I've found. It was a much longer scan than the early ones we had been to and as you can imagine we were more than a little worried about the results.

I had my bloods done a few weeks before the scan so that the midwives were able to give me my combined results there and then. The nuchal scan went ok and they were able to point out all the limbs, we heard the heartbeat and saw it etc. My main concern was the head, as our previous pregnancy ended due to annencephaly. They did some really detailed scan of the head and we could see that it was complete and there was a brain, which was a huge relief. The nuchal was on the high side, one of the measurements was 2.3mm and the other was 2.8mm. Then they finished the scan, and tapped all the results into a computer which proceeded to spit out the results for Edwards pataus and downs. The edwards and pataus results came back fine our ratios were 1:2800 and something, however downs came back at 1:43!!!!!

Obviously we were stunned, we saw a the midwife councillor and talked about our options and decided to go ahead with a cvs the next day. Thankfully, we got the results around 3 days later and we were given the all clear.

choccie please don't be alarmed by my story, I have not shared it with you to frighten you but I wanted to let you know that after all that we went through (in hindsight) we really should have remembered that the 1:43 result was simply a risk factor and that we had 43 chances of all being well. We never expected to have had to go through all of that after what happened with the first pg, plus age was meant to be on our side but This is just my experience.

If I were you I'd get my bloods done before hand so you can nip any odd results in the bud like we did. I wouldn't have coped if I had had to wait longer for any results.

I'm sure you will have a worry free experience. All the very best xxxxx

StormBird Sat 26-Feb-11 09:28:37

Haha........that was meant to be a quick post. Will post again soon xxxx

boba82 Sat 26-Feb-11 11:11:50

choccie I found the scan the same as my previous 2 but I have to go back for nuchal bit so not sure on that.

RE: the maternity wear I'm going shopping this weekend. I'm usually a size 10 and can only get into 2 pairs of existing jeans now. I'm living in leggings but sadly don't have enough long tops to cover so need to get a couple. Really don't want to spend a fortune though. Everything is bigger, my bum, boobs etc. I've actually been eating less than usual as been feeling so nauseous all day. I'm actually finding it quite hard to deal with which I never thought I would. Still hopefully things will plateu out once an actual bump arrives? I've put on about 1/2 stone so far blush

As far as the knitting is concerned, if it was me I'd finish off the things you started, it doesn't mean you're replacing/forgetting about the 2 babies that ended in miscarriage. You caould maybe knit some new stuff too? BTW I'm very jealous, I wish I could knit!

chocciechip Sat 26-Feb-11 14:43:09

storm and anytime Thanks so much for the detailed responses. Storm I really appreciate all info - even scary stuff - so I can best prepare myself. I don't have age on my side so am already very worried, but the advice of getting bloods done in advance is excellent. I'll write to my GP tonight to ask for that. Anything to speed things up.

boba I think I'll start knitting again after the scan and maybe start with something new first and then see how I feel about going back to the other pieces. I thoroughly recommend learning to knit, btw. I was taught when I was child by my gran, but didn't ever knit properly after that. I picked it up again 4 years ago - had to re-teach myself everything from a book, and I'm stunned by what I can produce now. It's so therapeautic as well - like meditation. There is a wool shop in Bruntsfield which run classes in the evenings I think - you could ask there. Or join a 'stitch 'n bitch' circle. Seriously, you won't regret it. smile

MissLolita Sun 27-Feb-11 21:07:42

Hi ladies,
I hope you are all well?
With maternity wear the first thing I needed were a couple of tops to accommodate my rather ample top half and then I've added things as I've needed them. I've bought a mix of cheap bits from H&M/New Look which are cheap and cheerful and pretty much disposable (the quality is pretty poor so I can't see them lasting 6/7 months wear) and then items from Asos maternity (really good range of clothes that are quite cheap and fashionable and some really good work-wear) and a relatively expensive but really good pair of jeans from Seraphine. I've been careful to keep the pictures from the more expensive stuff so I can sell it on eBay afterwards if I don't wnat to keep them and they are still in good enough condition. From non-maternity experience, branded clothes are much easier to sell on eBay than cheap stuff and the well-known maternity stuff like Seraphine seems to hold its value. I've also been keeping an eye on buying things that don't look 'too maternity' and are quite summery so I can wear them post-birth. Some of the maternity things I've seen are horrible and v expensive though! I'm also now being offered maternity clothes on loan from friends which is quite nice as well - I'm not saying no to anything right now
Choccie, I'm a knitter too and have completed a couple of bits so far - mostly cardigans. Everything until now has been knitted with someone else's child in mind 'just in case'. The part-finished items are hard and only you can decide whether you want to finish them or not. An option may be to unravel them and start again with the same yarn and make something new - that way you aren't finishing or abadoning maybe? It's entirely your choice though xxx
I love to knit and crochet and I've always loved knitting baby clothes - I find it so satisfying to try out technically advanced patterns on a small scale and I have quite a short attention span so small things are achievable. It's only now at 22 weeks that I'm thnking about thing for my baby and probably the first I bought for the baby after the 20 week scan was a lovely book of french baby knitting patterns. I highly recommend learning to knit - I find it incredibly therapeutic.

StormBird Mon 28-Feb-11 08:42:51

Hello all,

What a busy old weekend!!!!

I hope you are all doing well. choccie & misslolita I envy your ability to knit, my nan tried to teach me when I was younger and although I am particularly creative I couldn't grasp the technique what so ever. I am left handed so was having to try and replicate what my grandmother was doing backwards which totally confused the whole situation and in the end I got frustrated and gave up! Maybe I should try and give it another go?

I find buying maternity wear a nightmare!!!! I too have been buying bits and bobs as and when. I can't believe how much more expensive decent mat wear can be. I have resorted to buying tunic tops a couple of sizes bigger so I can get away with them with leggings and a belt (for now). My main problem is that I am nearly 5'10" so usually purchase clothes out of the tall sections, but no one does tall mat wear!! My recent purchase was a pair of skinny mat jeans (I also like a denim option) from dotty p's. I tried them on and they look like peddle pushers. I am so looking forward to the weather getting better so I can live in maxi dresses.

Well it's all been very busy with shopping and visiting people this weekend and I am currently meant to be getting ready to start the journey home, but I really can't be bothered. The shopping went well on Saturday. We picked up some more essentials e.g the cellular blankets
And flat sheets not to mention the very amazing and brand new to the UK, Uppa Baby Vista travel system in black and silver courtesy of Ma and Pa. I can't believe we managed to get the pushchair I have wanted since day 1 and all the accessories for the money we did, my dad is so good at bartering (if not a little CRINGE!!!). My mum bless her, was that embarrassed she went and sat in the car lol! The shop are even keeping it in storage until June 12th and they will even ship out to me down south when I'm ready for it - talk about customer services. I'm so pleased!

misslol here's a list of stuff we have bought already:
Plenty of Avent Bottles
An Avent microwave steriliser
I keep picking up baby toiletries when they are on offer and have a johnsons case from asda with essentials in
Some cheapy plain White sleep suits and under grows
A guess how much I love you baby book and story book
Russell Hobbs marco Pierre White blender
cellular blankets
Flat sheets for carrycot/Moses basket
Breast pads (they were on offer)
Mum and sister have bought loads of really lovely sleep suits and new born bits and bobs. Not to mention the gorgeous pram suits they have bought.
Oh and the all important pushchair which includes carry cot, footmuff and maxi cosi car seat.

I could go on I think but these are the things that stick in my mind so far. There's plenty more that we need to get but we are trying hard to spread it out and hunt for bargains cos it is so expensive!

Anyway time to shut up! Have a good Monday. Will post again soon.


boba82 Mon 28-Feb-11 12:13:32

Storm I'm 5'10 1/2" so I know how hard it is. I've just ordered couple of tops from ASOS and am making do with leggings for time being too. I miss my jeans though sad

I can't believe how I can't fit in them already. Not put on much weight but got a jelly belly and really thickened out! Has everyone else been the same?

Glad you got your pushchair storm. Me and my mum went looking at them yesterday. Not gonna buy anything like that until after 20 week scan but it was fun.

chocciechip Mon 28-Feb-11 14:18:06

boba I am having a hard time adjusting to my changing body. It seems so selfish, given all we've gone through, but after being a size 10 my whole life with a flat stomach, I am finding it difficult going to sleep at night with flab settling on the sheet just in front of me. I can definitely see a pouch of fat (not baby bump) developing around my wasit that I can grab with handfuls. This is not what I expected - I thought my tummy and waist would be bigger, but firmer. Not fat??! My boobs are drooping and veiny (and it pee's me off not being able to wear underwire), and I have saddle bags on my thigh area. There is no way I'd put leggings on with these thighs. I find it so depressing to think that my body might be shot to pieces from now on in. I'm not eating anymore than I ever did before - in fact, all I can drink is water so that's reduced calories on all the fruit juice I used to drink. Is this normal? Will I ever be myself again?

storm your list sounds exciting but yikes, it scared me a bit. I have no idea what to buy for babies. No idea at all. I don't know where to even start, except maybe clothes for new borns. The rest ... wow ... how I am ever going to learn what I need to buy? LOL at your mum hiding in the car!

misslolita I'm the same. I love the fact that baby-knitting allows me to push my skills on a small scale, and I've learned so much doing it that way. I have some really fun pattern books for hats and mittens and things, and I'm in the process of knitting a simple but lovely lacy baby shawl using the same pattern my gran used for me before I was born. I've only ever worked on the shawl in between MCs so no connection yet to other PGs. I think I'll pick it up again after 12 weeks, provided all goes well. I really feel a connection with history and women through the ages when I knit. A bit fanciful maybe, but I love the tradition around it. I haven't mastered crochet though! storm give it another go, but try one of those knitting circles that crop up in tea rooms so you have people on hand to guide you as you get started. And don;t worry about echnique. I look like I'm lasooing cattle when I knit, but I'm fast and neat even so. If you are creative you'll love it. It's totally addictive.

boba82 Mon 28-Feb-11 14:36:44

choccie I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've always been slim size 10 also. I've been eating less than I did before as been so nauseous. I feel bad as well as this baby is so longed for. I never thought I'd feel like this either. Hopefully when we have actual bumps we might look a bit better hmm

I've no idea either but picked up a mothercare catalogue and they have a handy wee bookmark type thing at back that you can remove. It's a list of all basic essentials you will need with checklist type boxes. I will defo use this as am totally clueless!

Harry2007 Mon 28-Feb-11 16:55:52

Hi ladies,

One piece of advice - DO NOT PANIC ABOUT THE BABY WEIGHT!!!! grin grin grin

I'm at 34.2 weeks now and have put on 20 pounds. The hardest part for me was definitely that stage when you don't look pregnant, just a little bit fat blush. I absolutely loved it when my bump started to show, although it was quite early, about 10 weeks, as I'm a size 8 and it's my second. My belly is now huge! Well, it feels like that to me but my Consultant says it looks bigger just because I am quite slight. BUT....with the baby arriving in 3 weeks and 3 days (not that I'm counting at all), I'll really miss the bump (it's really handy for resting mugs of tea on wink.

I found fantastic jeans from Mamas and Papas, low rise, 100% cotton, and also, my absolute saviours have been maternity linen trousers from NEXT. They're a fab fit, have seen through the Winter and now into the Spring and would be fine for the Summer too - and best of all, they're only £20 and go with anything. I've found that scoop neck maternity tops from Dorothy Perkins are good too - I think they may be on offer at the moment.

Had another appointment with the Obs Consultant today. Had another scan, baby is fine, head down and measuring about a week and a half bigger than dates. I have another appointment with her in a fortnight and then it'll be my pre-op assessment appointment, how exciting! It was nice to have an appointment with no bad news or drama wink. I went to Mamas and Papas after the appointment to but a few more things to celebrate!

chocciechip Mon 28-Feb-11 17:16:29

harry Since you're on DC2, can you tell me if I'll ever be the same again, or am I going to be droopy-boobed, flabby-tummied, fat-thighed moving wobble forever after this? smile Good news about your appointment today. I hope all the rest of your pregnancy is drama free and happy.

How do those weird looking jeans/trousers that have a extra piece of fabric at the top that fastens above your bump work? Do they stay up, and how do they fit when you're still at the fat-without-bump stage? I've read somewhere I should buy the same size I would if not pregnant - is that generally true? I'm not keen for people to guess I'm pg yet because I've not told a soul, but my jeans are really tight now with a roll of flab hanging over the waistline. Not a good look. I don't think its much longer before I have to make clothing changes.

Just saw we've got another graduate on the CBFM ttc forum today. Congrats to loup. smile

boba82 Mon 28-Feb-11 18:05:33

Glad you had a good appointment Harry and thanks for the advice! x

Harry2007 Mon 28-Feb-11 19:53:40

I went back to normal after my first choccie. You think you'll never be the same, but I came out of it pretty unscathed really...well, ok my boobs aren't as good as they were but nothing a couple of chicken fillets won't fix grin. Tummy went back to normal though (and it was a section) - it also looked fine after the second surgery for the ectopic which is more or less the same abdo trauma as a section. We'll see what I look like in 6 months time!

The trousers and jeans with an over the bump panel will stay up if you have no bump as the elastic won't have stretched at all to accommodate the bump IYSWIM. I personally didn't get on with that kind of trouser. I like to wear more fitted tops to show off the bump so you could always see the line where the panel on the trousers ended through the top (not a good look). I also found them very warm. Then again, some women dislike under the bump trousers as they can fall down. I think it just depends on what kind of shape you are.

I've always bought the same size of maternity clothes as my pre-preg size - they all usually have adjustable waist bands anyway. BTW, the M&P website gives a good demo of the different types of maternity trousers available.

Loup23 Tue 01-Mar-11 14:47:22

Hi girls, can I join you as a a very early cbfm graduate? Got my BFP yesterday (and today) but really early days for me. Have updated the stats and an quite a way off from you guys:

Harry2007 DC#2, age 29 BFP (sometime in August!) - Planned c-section 24/3/11
MissLolita DC#1, age 32 BFP 30/10/10 - EDD 7/7/11
StormBird DC#1, age 28, BFP 10/11/10 - EDD 14/7/11
AnytimeNow DC#3 age 39 BFP 20/11/10 - EDD 02/08/11
Ilovekittyelise DC#1 (kind of) age 34 BFP 30/12/10 - EDD 11/09/11
Chocciechip DC#1, age 39, BFP 11/01/11 - EDD 20/09/11
Loup23 DC#1, age 31 BFP 28/02/11 - EDD 08/11/11

Should I go and see the dr now even though I am only 16dpo? (4/5 weeks), I had high iron in my blood late last year and protein in my wee (tmi!) so wondered if I should get that checked before taking vitamins to help the bean stick.....

chocciechip Tue 01-Mar-11 15:58:48

loup Welcome to the thread and congrats

I don't know how your gp service works, but mine wouldn't believe I was pg until I'd done a test with them. So the first thing to do is call them and collect a pg test, or go in with a FMU sample in a clean jar to decant when you get there, and get that sorted as soon as you can.

Make sure you know the exact date of your last period when you go because they'll want that (i.e. day 1 of this cycle) and make a note of the time of day you pee'd for your sample in case they want that too.

My practice won't give the pg test result over the phone (which really alarmed me the first time I was told I had to come in to collect) so keep that in mind.

The system where I am gives you a phone number to call when they give you your positive result, and the first midwife appointment and 12 week scan was setup straight away when I called the number. But this is new. In my previous pgs, as soon as I had the pg confirmed by the clinic's test I made an appointment to see my GP and get the ball rolling. So that stage of things kind of depends on how the services are set up in your area.

In my opinion, it's fairly important to get a pg on the NHS records as soon as possible for various reasons.

chocciechip Tue 01-Mar-11 16:02:31

... For got to say, loup, even if you decide not to take any multi-vitamins because of iron concerns, you MUST take folic acid. The critical spinal development takes place in these very very early days (I think 4-6 weeks), so I think now is the time to definitely be taking folic acid.

boba82 Tue 01-Mar-11 16:26:38

loup welcome over. I would just see your Dr as soon as possible to try and help put your mind at rest.

Loup23 Tue 01-Mar-11 17:54:19

thanks girls, am taking folic acid (which I have been taking for about 4 months) and have an appointment on Friday to check re others - excited but nervous! Hope all is going well for everyone x

Harry2007 Tue 01-Mar-11 18:29:15

Welcome loup and congrats xxx

MissLolita Tue 01-Mar-11 20:54:32

Welcome Loup and many congratulations! It’s so lovely to see another graduate! Personally I would call your surgery now and fid out what their procedure is as it seems to vary. My surgery took my word for it and booked me straight into see a midwife at about 9 weeks and this was already quite late to make the 12 week scan before 13+6 (I wanted the nuchal so this was important to me) and I had to make lots of stressful calls trying to get the hospital to bring forward the scan etc. I had just moved house so this may have contributed to the problem but I would recommend being proactive!
Choccie I found the over the bump ones easier and more flattering as the panel ‘smoothes’ the bits in the middle. I’ve got relatively narrow hips and I invested in a maternity belt from Seraphine which has been wonderful – it has two bits of elastic at the sides with a normal belt front and back (not sure that makes sense?) so it looks and feels like a belt but keeps things in the right place without looking like you are wearing an elastic belt. Also, I chose a pair of jeans with a flesh coloured bump panel so I could wear lighter coloured tops over it and it not show through and it is quite thin but I’m not sure how I will feel when I’m bigger and the weather is warmer (Spring will be here soon surely?!). Harry I’m definitely going to investigate the cotton trousers... Also, I’ve just remembered that a couple of people have said over the bump can help after the birth before things start to deflate as the ‘smoothing effect’ comes back into action.
Harry , 34+2 – I’m very jealous!
Storm you are so organised! You have spurred me into action though – I will start looking out for offers from now on! Random question but are flat sheets better than fitted or not available? I just noticed you had stressed flat – perhaps you hadn’t though...? Also, I echo Choccie – give knitting another go! It’s brilliant fun although highly addictive! I’m quite new to crochet but when it clicked it was brilliant! Having seen so many things in the shops that were crochet or had crochet trims I was determined to learn and now I genuinely wonder that I have wasted 32 years of my life when I could have been crocheting things! If (any of you) you’re in London or Kent I’ll happily teach you to knit or crochet, although I am right handed! I’m about to start crocheting some pram blankets and just thinking about it make me quite excited grin
Right, must dash as I am supposed to be ironing...

boba82 Wed 02-Mar-11 10:20:55

Ladies has a sale on.

StormBird Fri 04-Mar-11 17:46:19

Hi Ladies,

Just a Quick one to say I have no internet at home at the mo - its a nightmare.

It won't be sorted until 7th April as thats the only time an engineer can get to us so will only have the chance to check up on you all at work.

Just wanted to pop on and say that I haven;t disappeared and will definately catch up with all the goings on next week but for now I must dash.

P.s Got my 20 Week Scan on Monday arrrrrrrgh!! I'm quite nervous but will share all the goings on next week.

Hope you are all well, sorry for not name checking.


AnytimeNOW Fri 04-Mar-11 18:56:43

Hello Ladies! How's everybody doing?

Good luck Stormbird for Monday! smile.

Congrats Loup!!! welcome to the other side smile.

I went for a 3D scan yesterday, mostly to check all was ok? after previous problems having the 12 week scan and then nothing till 20 was just too long, and midwife at 16 weeks refused to listen to heartbeat?? so was very anxious!...thankfully my sister arranged the scan for my birthday! the best gift ever!!!.
We found out what gender we are expecting, and my sister was the first to know, as a thank you from us both!...we are having a BOY grin.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!.

boba82 Sat 05-Mar-11 09:39:26

Good luck for Monday Storm, I'm having nuchal scan then too so lot's to catch up on.

Anytime Congratulations! A boy, how exciting! I'm contemplating going for 16 week scan privately too but don't want to find out sex. Was it really detailed?

AnytimeNOW Sat 05-Mar-11 10:16:21

Good luck Boba, hope all goes ok.

I was 18+2 when scan was done, detail was great but she really had to wiggle the baby around to see his boy bits! as long as you tell them before that you don't want to know gender it's fine.
Ideally I would have had the scan done around 25 weeks, but was so anxious, and needed to know all was ok. He was perfect, just a bit skinny. They gave us a CD as they didnt think the pictures were too good...I think they are great! but the CD is amazing!!! well worth £65 for the whole least I can now sleep! smile

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