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September 2011 - a Happy non-alcoholic New Year!

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Louplet Sat 01-Jan-11 11:15:56


Still whispering the good news but is there anyone else out there wishing they had made the most of the Stilton this Christmas? [Wink]

awopbopaloobop Sun 02-Jan-11 16:41:08

Hi there
Have just this minute got up from having a lie-down to recover from reading the CB result - BFP! Can't quite believe it and feeling anxious/guilty/pleased that I enjoyed plenty of champagne, stilton etc over Christmas...Is that bad? I just didn't really think it would happen this month.
When did you find out Louplet? Is it your first?

nannyl Mon 03-Jan-11 09:21:29

can i join please
Got my BFP new years eve and due 13 september

I gave up alchol / caffien on 31st October anyway as i knew we were planning to try so have already had 2 months alchol free.
Avoided pate / soft cheese (which i dont like anyway) since then too!

already feeling sick and just not quite as comfy us usual at night hmm

pinkvicki Mon 03-Jan-11 11:40:45


Feelign really worried that I over-did it in December too...especially on the alcohol front!

Got my BFP on 28th Dec...still in shock as really not expecting it to happen. Think my EDD is 4th September.

This is my 2nd pg. DD is 22 months and despite not being that long ago, feels like I'm doing it all again for the 1st time.

Has anyone else booked in to see their GP/Midwife yet?

Louplet Mon 03-Jan-11 14:57:19


Lovely to have some more members smile

This is DC3 for me. DS1 is 4 years later this month and DS2 will be 8 months later this month.

Did test on 30th and EDD is 6 Sept. Hoping to see nurse at GP surgery this week.

Don't worry about Christmas. The first couple of weeks wouldn't be a problem as the embryo does not start taking stuff from you until after it has implanted.

Was a bit of a shock as though we wanted a DC3 we weren't trying as such and thought as I am nearly 41 it would take a while anyway. We had assumed at least 6 months. It didn't!

Congratulations to all!

Louplet Mon 03-Jan-11 14:59:29

Also already feeling sick.

awopbopaloobop Mon 03-Jan-11 15:34:21

Hi all
I thought I'd better ring my GP this week. It'll be my first so not quite sure what happens - hope you guys can point me in the right direction.
Feeling tired today, didn't sleep at all last night, think because I'm getting a cold, feel sore throaty and ears popping today and sniffing away - very glam! I guess I shouldn't take anything - paracetamol etc?
Dreading the return to work tomorrow but might be good to have something else to think about.
Forgot to say last time but BIG CONGRATS to everyone!

Doobydoo Mon 03-Jan-11 17:14:32

Hello All
I am due 2nd sept[gulp]this is unplanned.I am 41! and will be 42 when baby due so am in shock.I have 2 sons.One is 11 and the other 3 years and 8 months.
Feel tad sick and look about 7 months alreadygrin too tired to hold stomach in all the timegrin
Congrats to all.

Louplet Mon 03-Jan-11 18:49:32

Hi awopbopaloobop

With my GP you just phone up and book an initial ante-natal appointment with the nurse and they then contact whichever hospital you want to go to (usually but does not have to be the most local) and arrange for the midwives to contact you for a booking in appointment. They don't usually do another test as the shop bought ones now are very accurate. They will probably take your history, blood pressure, urine sample and also arrange for blood tests. Hope that helps. First scan usually at 3 months. For colds - paracetamol only unfortunately. Even Lemsip has additional stuff in nowadays. Good luck with return to work. I am still on maternity leave from DS2 blush. Going back in March.

Hi Doobydoo

Congrats! Great to have another older mum on the thread. I will be 41 when DC3 is born.

100years Mon 03-Jan-11 21:30:09

Hi everyone.

I too am upduffed and I am so pleased, but I really don't believe I've been lucky enough to get pg!!

Found out on Christmas morning when I did a First response test on CD26 - my shortest cycle has recently been 30 days so was a fair few early, but I knew, or at least I thought that was what being pg felt like, totally dif to normal pre period. I've done far too many tests for my own good, just to be sure, and have had all of them come back +ve, including the last 5 or 6 where the test line showed up before the control line!

Had a fair few symptoms, lots of nausea, some fake puking (retching) some little sick moments, very sore boobs, ranging from me not even being able to touch them to just being generally achy, and I have had a few afternoon naps and have this evening fallen asleep in front of the telly! Very nervous about the whole thing, not about having a baby, but about the bit between now and then!

My EDD according to my last period will be the 6th Sept. So 5 weeks tomorrow

nannyl Tue 04-Jan-11 08:12:15

waves to 100 years! (we have been on the waiting thread for months!)

awopbopaloobob, i had a really nasty cold a couple of weeks ago, and knew i might be pg so told pharmacist i might be pg.
Was told i could have paracetamol and just the 'normal' strepsils, not the ones with extra aneasthetic or anything like that.

Pharmacist also told me it was fine to sniff olbas oil but theres a whole thread about that in pregnancy and it seems many medical proffessionals say dont use olbas oil, (but as many seem to say its fine!)

also feeling just a bit sick, only 4 weeks today!

Hope you feel better soon

slowshow Tue 04-Jan-11 10:56:26

Hello ladies!

I feel a bit nervous coming on here, as I only got a BFP yesterday. It's my first pregnancy and I really don't know what to expect! I think my EDD is around Sept 14th, although I REALLY can't think that far ahead at the moment.

I don't feel that different, apart from sore boobs and having no appetite and no period. It's weird, I don't feel nauseous exactly, but food isn't interesting me at all. I suppose I have plenty of time for the sickness to kick in, but I really hope it isn't too bad as I'm emetophobic blush

I'm really scared about miscarrying - really really scared. I have some really traumatic memories of my mum miscarrying when I was a child, and for a long time I've been worried that I'd have the same problems. I keep telling myself that there's no reason why that would be the case, but I'm nervous every time I go to the loo.

Anyway, I should be optimistic. One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, which means three in four don't smile

ursigurke Tue 04-Jan-11 13:15:02

Can I join in?
I'm 33 and have already a 14 month old DD and as it seems our first attempt for no 2 has already worked. My EDD should be Sept 7th.
So far I only had very mild symptoms and actually none the last couple of days. But last time I didn't feel sick until 6 or even 7 weeks so I'm rather enjoying the fact that I'm feeling fine.
I've already booked an appointment with my GP as I'm slightly nervous about getting into the system. Last time they lost my initial referral and it cost me several weeks, phone calls and finally a written complaint until I got my first antenatal appointment at 12 weeks.

slowshow, I like your positive thinking! You are right, three in four pregnancies go well!

Louplet, having an 8 month old and being pregnant is certainly not easy but there will be many benefits later with such a small age gap. Are you still breastfeeding? I am and not sure when to stop. Definitely not during winter and then we'll see.

awopbopaloobop Tue 04-Jan-11 20:52:29

Hi Louplet and nannyl - thanks for the cold advice, at least paracetamol is OK. I think I may have headed it off with day of complete idleness yesterday and v early night, feeling much better today. Maybe the clean living and no drinking is helping!

First day back at work not too hideous, quite good to have something else to focus on.

Slowshow, know exactly what you mean, am feeling mostly the same as before except for sore sore boobs. I'm not sure what I really expected, having never done this before. Would it be better to feel worse and then be more sure we are pg?!

Rang dr too, they weren't terribly interested in my BIG NEWS, said I have to have appointment with midwife - first available slot in 2 weeks' time. Have little paranoid thought in my mind that I won't still be pregnant by then, she needs to see me NOW! Am going mad.

Anyway ladies, better go - have good days tomorrow! xx

Louplet Tue 04-Jan-11 22:02:14

Hey 100 years - looks like we have the same EDD smile

Slowshow I know what you mean as with DS1 and DS2 I was really nervous. Strangely I feel more relaxed this time. It is hard but once the 3 month mark is passed you should feel psychologically much better. There is absolutely no reason why you should have the same problems as your mother. Try to take some time each day to have quiet relaxation. Maybe get a good relaxation CD? Keep thinking positively - I bet you know loads of people who have had children with no problems at all. You are likely to be one of them.

Ursigurke Thank you. I hope so. It happened a LOT quicker than I had thought it would considering my age and that we weren't actually trying, just letting nature take its course. Yes I am still breastfeeding. I hope to continue until a couple of months before or until I get too big (whichever comes first!). DS2 may self-wean though as I have heard that after about 6 months the pregnancy hormones somehow persuade the baby to do this - presumably the milk stops tasting so good. He would then be about 13 mths. Feel a bit guilty as bfed DS1 until around 15 or 16 mths. That was a good time to stop as before he could talk and before the real terrible twos stubbornness started to set in so he gave it up without any fuss. I was probably sadder about it than he was!

awopbopaloobop my drs the same - no appointment until 17th Jan - don't worry - they won't be doing anything interesting at the first appointment anyway. Glad first day back went ok.

Anyone else starving ALL THE TIME?

sanserif Wed 05-Jan-11 15:10:57


Just got my positive result a couple days ago, very excited due 12 Sept I think. I have a DS who's 22 months, so it's the second time around for me. Happened quite quickly this time around and wasn't really expecting to be pregnant quite so soon!

Am feeling more 'pregnant' this time around
a bit of mild nausea and just a weird feeling in my belly. Hopefully this doesn't mean weeks of morning sickness.

sanserif Wed 05-Jan-11 15:12:06

Erm, didn't mean to cross out any of that.

slowshow Wed 05-Jan-11 15:20:20

My boobs aren't sore anymore and seem to have deflated a bit. Also have had a really small amount of light brown spotting today. I'm really scared sad Four weeks today.

feralgirl Wed 05-Jan-11 20:13:29

Hi everyone,

I've been avoiding tempting fate by starting a thread but I'm more than happy to join it now it's started!

I'm due 8th Sept and went to the dr yesterday; I was back to school today and wanted to get it out of the way. I'm sure it'll be ages before the MW phones and I get my cool little card and free dental treatment though!

I have had massively sore boobs pretty much since conception I think and way worse sickness than with DS (now 2.1). Have also had stinking flu over christmas so combined with no alcohol = bag of pish.

Louplet, I too am permanently famished but this time I am resolved not to eat everything in sight and gain 3 stone. I will eat sensibly. I will snack on fruit, not sweets. I will go swimming once a week. hmm

slowshow, I really hope everything's OK sad

feralgirl Wed 05-Jan-11 20:14:49

I have just realised that saying that I'm back at school today makes me sound as though I'm 15. I'm not, I'm a 33 year old teacher!

acaseofyou Wed 05-Jan-11 21:04:40

Hi everyone,

It's my first pregnancy and first time here - got my BFP on New Year's Day and was totally blown away! We're so excited. Due on 1st Sept. I'm doing all sorts of earnest things like eating lots of fruit and veg and choking down horse-pill-sized vitamin D supplements. I even bought salmon. I'm not even sure I like it...

slowshow, I know what you mean. I'm so nervous: the only signs I've had so far are no period, sore boobs and pretty much continual stomach cramps. Reading on here, it seems like a lot of people get these, which has eased my mind a bit. Still. I keep thinking I'll wake up one morning and find I've imagined the whole thing.

Not saying I'm hoping for sickness, but I could at least then be certain it was really happening

catfishes Thu 06-Jan-11 09:49:46

Can't believe I'm typing in here, I got a definite BFP last night, it's weird because I took one on sunday and got a BFN. I'm going to take another one at the weekend to make sure I am not dreaming.... My last period was 1st Dec so that makes me due 9th Sept. Does that mean I am almost 5 weeks? No other symptoms apart from cramps, massive, slightly sore boobs and weird feeling in stomach - I'm also really hot all the time!

Started taking folic acid, is there anything else I should be doing? I need to register with a doctor, didn't get round to doing it after moving last summer - shoddy!

I'm 25, am I the youngest here? My partner and I are very excited. Congratulations to you all.

awopbopaloobop Thu 06-Jan-11 20:46:20

Hi all

Congrats to the latest joiners, so nice to hear others were as surprised as me to see the BFP.

This sounds terrible but me and DH are sort of a bit blue about it all - both a bit sniffly and full of cold (DH at death's door of course) and I think we're still a bit shell-shocked and panicking about our lives changing, no more nights in front of the fire with a bottle (or 2) of red, etc etc. I'm sure we'll be fine and we wanted this but now it's here it's a bit scary!!

BUT - midwife rang to say she's got spare slots and is coming round to our house next Sat! How amazing is that? She lives in the next village to us and seems really nice so feeling a bit better.

Sorry for the moan, not meaning to sound ungrateful at all, we are so lucky I know.
Off to watch DH enjoying his medicinal glass of red. Boo!


Hedgehogg Thu 06-Jan-11 21:28:41

Hi everyone - I'd like to join too if thats ok? this is our first and we found out on the 2nd Jan whilst away with friends.

We had been planning and really want a baby but I feel quite unprepared now! Half of me wants to tell everyone and the half no one (just in case!)

EDD - 10th September

Congrats to all.

Louplet Thu 06-Jan-11 22:29:01

Congrats to new joiners.

slowshow am thinking of you. Best to go to see your GP asap. They will probably send you for a scan. Light spotting is very common in early pregnancy, particularly around time your period would have been due and is NOT necessarily a sign that anything is wrong. Some women, including my SIL spot all the way through pregnancy. It is quite normal, particularly as light brown rather than red (so not fresh). Take care[big hug emoticon]

catfishes you might want to go for a pregnancy multivitamin (lots of brand avaialable from Boots) rather than just the folic acid but main thing is eat regularly, get lots of rest and get signed up with a dr smile

It is lovely hearing everyone's reactions. I have been the same shockwise each time I think. Half delighted and half disbelieving.

Still constantly ravenous - time for another snack I think wink

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