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Remember, remember, the month of November (2010), babies all over the shop!

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PrivetDancer Sat 30-Oct-10 20:29:34

stats thread

PrivetDancer Sat 30-Oct-10 20:40:25

Ooh thats a dull opening post, sorry!

Come on babies!!

Wonder if this thread will be full before my little darling appears.. (due 20th nov)

JFly Sat 30-Oct-10 20:51:06

Hmm, thread will most be likely full by my CS date of December 7th. shock

Many congrats, Addicted and Ebb! Lots of lovely little pink babies.

Babybean1 Sun 31-Oct-10 01:22:17

Bit if an eventful evening here!! Worried that babies movements had slowed down earlier to the point where I had myself in tears worrying!! Decided to ring and told to go into the assessment unit. Also had some slight leakage since yesterday afternoon so said it's best I go into to get checked out!

Well turns out baby is all fine altho is back to back....but waters have also gone!! Hospital is closed for new ladies in labour but as I am at too high a risk of infection I am having to stay in tonight in the assesment ward ready to move up to delivery suite tomorrow for an induction! Looks like baby should make it here before the end of Oct ready for Halloween !! Feels really weird leaving DH and staying in as really envisaged the first part at home, then coming in for a water birth!!
Not gonna happen that way now but as long as baby is ok I don't mind! Feels very weird to think that the next time I go home will now be with a baby!!

Keeping quite to outside world at the mo apart from parents as don't want 100 of phone calls etc so nice to be able to talk on here to you lovely ladies

Excited and nervous all at the same time !!!

Ebb Sun 31-Oct-10 01:29:29

Ooo babybean that'll mean the three of us will have had our babies within a week. How exciting! grin I hope the induction goes well and you have baby bean soon. Can't believe the ward is still shut. Certainly a Bristol baby boom! Good luck! X

balijay Sun 31-Oct-10 05:40:50

Morning - up early after crappy nights sleep.

Congrats on the birth of Abbie Ebb!
Thinking of you rinnyx - fingers crossed she pulls through x

Babybean sounds like you could be next!

And grin to whoever mentioned end-of-pregnancy irritation levels! I am normally very easy-going, but omg everything is getting on my nerves these last few days!

Wallace Sun 31-Oct-10 06:30:21

Good luck babybean!

Extra emotional here too - ds1 and a friend walked on my nice clean kitchen floor with their muddy shoes (it doesn't get washed as often as it should so when it is clean I like it to stay that way blush) then afterwards I felt really guilty and burst into tears blush Not in front of them thank god!

I had a couple of really bad nights with BHs strong enough to wake me up and keep me awake. I was starting to think something was going to happen (not due til 23rd Nov), but last night nothing at all. I'm beginning to wonder if it was my body playing tricks on me cos dh was away those couple of nights!

PrivetDancer Sun 31-Oct-10 09:27:02

Good luck babybean! Hope the induction goes well. Good job you went in!

I'm suddenly very bored. Been focussing on getting to 37 weeks, but now I'm here realise it could well be 3 or 4 weeks yet. Certainly no twinges or anything. Should be enjoying last few weeks of just the three of us but I am achey and tired and bored bored bored. Even packed hospital bag yesterday for something to do.
There's nothing on the telly at the moment either. Moan.

Threelittleducks Sun 31-Oct-10 09:49:46

Hello gorgeous ladies!!

Hope everyone is feeling ok despite being in the home stretch.

Mega congrats to all the new arrivals!

And Happy Halloween!

Got out of hospital on Tuesday and just finishing a pretty heavy course of antibiotics which are making me feel quite dopey. But hey, a day and a half t go and it's all over.
Section scar feeling pretty good - it's so very nice to be able to sleep on my back without feeling like I'm going to die!

My dh is being a proper hero - he has been the very perfect house husband and has been taking such very good care of me and ds1 and 2 since we got home. I really want to do something very nice for him for his birthday to show my appreciation - he has been the epitome of perfect, I am so very lucky. All our washing is done, he has handled all the visitors, housework, getting up with our 2 year old first thing in the morning, changing bums, feeding in the night and letting me nap during the day. Anyone have any ideas as best way to thank him? I really am so grateful!

And of course ds 2 is gorgeous I'm feeling all lovely and babymooney at the moment - which is such a difference compared to last tme when PND set in pretty early. This time last time all I wanted to do was cry and be crazy. Suppose there's still time eh? I live in fear of it - think dh knows this and that's why he's being so supportive. He's scared too.

Ah well, heres hoping we get a halloween baby! Ethan is wearing a very cute little skeleton babygro in honour of the occassion. grin

umf Sun 31-Oct-10 10:26:41

Go babybean!! All the best for the induction!

Very irritable here too.

Glad to hear home and well 3littleds!

hmmSleep Sun 31-Oct-10 10:53:18

Congratulations on the birth of baby Abbie Ebb grin

Thanks for new thread privet.

Good luck Babybean! It took just over 24 hours from my waters breaking for my contractions to start naturally, so you never know, it might kick start your body into labour without induction yet! My tummy suddenly felt really flabby and small after waters going, think there was alot in there making my bump huge.

llandb Sun 31-Oct-10 12:00:13

Wow, you lot have been busy!

Lots and lots of pages to catch up on -

Just popping by to say congrats to all the new babies (and those who've squeezed 'em out or had the sunroof opened!)

AddictedIsFeelingHappy Sun 31-Oct-10 12:04:57

hi right caught up...i think.

Congratulations ebb.

Right for any one thats intrested. At 2.30am i woke up feeling really odd, poked dh and said 'i dont feel right, i'm going to the toilet and then might ring mw' i stood up and then said 'i need you to get up and get dressed i'm ringing the hospital' i had liquid trickling down my leg and i was sure it wasnt urine!
As i have group b strep i want stright in, i wasnt really having contractions just niggles so they started inducing me. at 11am they started me on the hormone drip to get cx going. At 2.30pm i was given an epidural (i wasnt going to be allowed one due to health problems but had an amazing mw, doc and anethitist who said they were all happy to go ahead with one) and found out i was 5cm.
By 5pm i was fully dialated but she got stuck. My body wanted to push her out but i wasnt allowed, i had to not push for just over 2 hours it was hell! At around 7.15pm they managed to get her unstuck and she was born at 7.38pm. I had an internal sideways 2nd degree tear, some grazing and lost alittle too much blood, but i was just relieved it was all over.
She has a full head of hair. She is a very quiet easy baby, so far. But likes being cuddled and only likes sleeping on me or dh! But she will sleep for hours. Shes not great at feeding, but shes getting there.

fingers crossed for thoes that are over due or due today. We need some haloween babies!

cluelessnchaos Sun 31-Oct-10 12:34:06

Bugger, another bleed this morning, back into hospital who have vetoed the home birth. I am not surprised and have not got enough energy to fight it and as many have said a healthy baby is the main thing

lainey1981 Sun 31-Oct-10 14:47:14

ooh new thread and more new arrivals - congrats everyone, getting very envy now.

clueless really sorry to hear your home birth is out, you are right, a healthy and safe delivery for you and your LO is the priority.

i am officially FED UP. an emotional wreck. 37weeks today and just cannot comprehend possibly being pregnant for another 4/5 weeks. yesterday was hard day, felt like baby was literally going to fall out of me, there was so much pressure when I was walking - also kept getting niggly pains in my tummy and lower down but more discomfort than anything. my stomach was also rock hard pretty much all day -wonder if just BH?

all in all uncomfortable, of course DP is now convinced that I will go into labour in the next week or so, which means that in addition to getting our hopes up, he is now not wanting me to go far on my own (when he is at work).and has gone uber protective. as have had no pains today hopefully he will get over it!

I have also decided that i am having an 12lb baby (no foundation for this thinking, other than my weird dreams) and have been freaking myself out googling images of these very large babies and thinking I will be in the papers -

writing that down makes me realise I may be going slightly mad blush

BloodyBorisKarloffTheBold Sun 31-Oct-10 14:51:14

Hi all and congrats to those with new arrivals.

Just a quick one from me, before dp bundles me off to bed.

Went to birth centre yesterday, BP sky high so referred to Princess Anne in Southampton. Monitored and kept in overnight, diagnosis pre-eclampsia. Have been allowed home for the moment, with meds to try to reduce bp, but have to return tomorrow for more monitoring (or sooner if various symptoms make an appearance).

Hoping it doesn't get any worse, ELCS booked in for Friday so fingers crossed everything stays as it should until then.

Unfortunately, inset day at school tomorrow so will have to try and amuse dds (4 & 5) at home all day. Not sure I'll have the energy!!

Anyway, off to bed I go - keep your fingers crossed for me.

Rinny - sorry to hear about your step-nan. Hope she manages to hang on and meet your DS.

Congratulations too, to babybean and ThreeLittleDucks

lulastic Sun 31-Oct-10 16:37:14

Congratulations BB and 3ducks baby makers!
Sorry to hear about your bleeding Clueless. Rubbish news, but you sound like your making the best decisions for your little one.

Officialy on ML now, hurrah! So excited.

Have been having BH so regularly, thought baby might be on the way but midwife came over this morning for a check up (she's a friend) and baby not engaged yet. I am very very glad about this because I would like at least two weeks of lying in and relaxing!! (Plus carpet still needs to get down)

Phew (am I the only person on this thread trying to delay labour?)

lainey1981 Sun 31-Oct-10 18:00:01

boris fingers crossed everything holds off and you are well until Friday x

Lulastic- hurray for ML. I want a midwife friend. quite funny as DPs mum keeps on asking if the midwife has been out to see me - think things are different in essex. have to keep explaining that i live in sarrf london, am count myself lucky the midwifes house is round the corner from me. envy at the thought of check ups at home though - but maybe i'm just lazy

have just been out for a stroll to tire myself out, lots of v cute children dressed up for halloween and lots of houses decorated - made me all excited for doing similar with my little one, even though have NEVER celebrated halloween before.

CardiCorgi Sun 31-Oct-10 20:13:39

Congratuations Ebb and good luck Babybean

Another one with pregna-rage here. After being amazingly serene (well, for me) for the last few months, I'm now feeling incredibly grumpy. Signs that things are moving? In theory I have one week to go and am meant to be working until Thursday. We will see about that, but at least tomorrow is a public holiday here.

I hope the bp comes down Boris.

Gaga82 Sun 31-Oct-10 20:17:02

Boris Sorry to hear about pre-eclampsia. They managed to keep me going for 3 weeks with meds, monitoring etc so hope they can do the same with you to get to Friday.

Congratulations to all others who have had their babies too! Hope everything is going well. All good here with our DD, she even let us sleep for 3 hours between feeds last night - result! Had a bit of a teary day today, no real reason. Hoping not to repeat tomorrow. Bloody hormones!!

Bedtime now, need to sort out this ridiculous baby brain situation.

Fenouille Sun 31-Oct-10 20:38:32

Hi everyone and babies.

Boris hope you can make it to Friday. At least your OH is looking after you well.

I'm now 4 days over. I'm having to go in for daily monitoring but they don't seem in a hurry to induce, which is a relief for me but annoying for my Mum, who arrived last night and leaves on Friday! Definitely having some twinges now so planning to go for a long walk in the morning, mostly because I'm getting fed up of going backwards and forwards to hospital grin

The bathroom is mostly finished now so no need to delay any more (*Lula* you're not the only one!) - we inaugurated the shower this morning and it's fab

bunnygirl80 Sun 31-Oct-10 21:55:01

Congrats ebb

Good luck with the induction babybean

3littleducks glad to hear you're home and your DH is being so lovely

clueless sorry to hear your homebirth is off, but hopefully you'll still get a good experiece in hospital

boris hope your BP comes down soon

rinny sorry to hear your nan's so poorly. I hope she manages to hang on to meet your DS

I spent last night with my poor feet in a bucket of iced water to try and get some of the swelling down. I'm so glad I will have given birth before summer arrives properly - I can't imagine how bad it must be to be heavily pg in really high temps. I think I must currently be the only person in Oz who gets excited every time it clouds over and looks like it might rain grin

bunnygirl80 Mon 01-Nov-10 06:30:57

I tampered with updated the stats thread to include the latest arrivals. I also included the EDD as well as the actual DOB cos I'm interested to see how many of us pop early/late. Hope that's ok smile

Sabie Mon 01-Nov-10 09:13:28

Have just lurked for a while as was still working; now on leave!

Can't believe there are so many babies already and it's 1st Nov today! Congratulations to all.

Can really empathise with the grumpy waiting-to-be-mums. Had a crap day yesterday when I was just like 'what am I gonna do with myself'...but then don't want baby to come for another week as want a bit of me-time...there's just no pleasing some people!

comtessa Mon 01-Nov-10 10:25:06

Wow, so much happening over the weekend! DH and I had a lovely weekend away in West Yorkshire and, despite the hill-walking and curry, DD has decided to stay put for the moment. Which is just as well as I'm really looking forward to my pedicure this afternoon.

Welcome to maternity leave Sabie, hope you enjoy your me-time.

Congratulations to Ebb and hope things go well with you babybean1

Rinny, I really hope your step-nan holds on a little longer, I'm sure she's so hoping to be able to meet your new LO. My grandma was exactly the same for my sister's DC1.

Another hormonal angry-pregnant-lady waiting to be released here - I'm just wanting to pick a fight, it seems. Last week: stroppy email to local councillor re. lack of recycling facilities, this week chasing up bed which was ordered in AUGUST. Anyone got any battles I can fight for them?

Happy Monday everyone. Hope this week brings more happy and healthy babies.

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