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Jue in June - Stats

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8rubberduckies Sun 24-Oct-10 18:09:37

GoodVibrations - 25th May (DD1 21 months)
IamMrsJones - 28th May (DS14, DD12, DD4)
CuppaTeaJanice - 29th May (DS 29 months)
Igglybuff - 29th May (DS 1)
IsabelleSE19 - 31st May #1
BarbieLovesKen - 1st June (DD 4.11 & DS 8months)
melltobe - 1st June (first timer!)
mrshedgie - 1st June #7
mrsbigw – 1st June
Imarriedafrog - 4th June [DD 6,DD 5, DD 4, DS 2]
wonnaywombat - 4th June #1
tumtumknu- 4th June #1
Sasamaxx - 5th June #3
Petitech - 5th June #1
LobstersLass - 5th June #1
Clarkiee - 5th June #1
StarflowerGirl - 6th June #1
misshoohaa - 8th June #1
Gillzz - 9th June #2
Moomin156 - 10th June #1
Pashazade - 10th June
theQuibbler – 10th June
featherblue – 10th June #1
deliakate - #2
stargirl30 - #2
ajmac24 - 15th June #1
Yarnie - 16 June #2 (DS18m)
evie2000 - #3
MrsMills - 14th June #3
79monica - 14th June #1
Endlesslove - 15th June (DS3)
Humania - 16th June #2 (DD 2)
Broughthimroundtotheidea - 16thJune #3 (DD11 DS9)
Yellowtomato - 18th June #1
Pozzled- 18th June #2
Cep - 18th June #2 (not officially confirmed yet)
doughnutty - 18th June (unconfirmed) #2 (DS 11 months)
KaraStarbuckThrace - 19th June #2
MoogHasNoBrain - 19th June #2 (DD6)
mrswantstobeamum - 22nd June (first timer!)
8rubberduckies - 22nd June (unconfirmed) #2 (DS2)
Balletpink - 24th June #2
MainlyMaynie - 26th June #1
Supersunnyday - 30 June #1

DaisyFields Sun 24-Oct-10 18:43:47

Sorry to be cheeky, but please could somebody add me? I'm having trouble with copy & paste on my mobile.

Daisyfields - 1st June #1

Thank you.

DaisyFields Sun 24-Oct-10 18:54:19

Whoops, just read on in the other thread - it can wait!

deepbluewave Tue 09-Nov-10 12:46:32

Ahoy ladies--just cast an eye over your other threads!

Just joined MN today and I am due with my first bebekins June 8th....ish

Ive had a horrid couple of weeks, constant nausea, vominting, EXTREME thirst and tirdness--but..touch wood, I am starting to feel better. I tried everything, from ginger beer to sickness bands, the lot.

Got my 1st scan next Friday---

I am actually skiiving work today, as I felt so tired and had a little cystitis-has anyone else needed a bit of time off?????

Good luck all!

8rubberduckies Wed 10-Nov-10 10:39:07

Hello deepbluewave and congratulations! Come and join us all over here. We're not using the stats list until people have had their 12 weeks scans, but are all hanging out on the Jue in June thread.

Lucky you that your Morning Sickness has abated, I am 7.4 weeks and am feeling as rough as a dog at the moment!

meltobe Wed 24-Nov-10 13:13:37

I'd not planned to post again on here since my mc but I would please kindly ask that you don't use the original stats - I'm no longer due in June so it's now especially upsetting for me to see my name on the stats. I know there was no intention to cause any hurt but this is a really sensitive time for me and no doubt the many others who have had to leave this thread. Thank you and I wish you all continued happiness and healthiness in your pgs. I'll post this message on the other thread too just to cover all bases, thanks.

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