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March 2011 - rolling on into the second trimester

(994 Posts)
Muser Mon 16-Aug-10 14:07:19

We filled the first thread, time for a new one. Anyone and everyone due in March 2011 are welcome.

mendipgirl Thu 19-Aug-10 11:04:24

Hi All,

Really sorry Jeffily, I hope you get better news next week.

Welcome newbies.

If possible I would definitely take your DH/DP to the scan, I think it makes it more real for them and if it is a first baby they may not realise what the scan is like and how much you can see. Why miss the first opportunity to see your LO? I was a little annoyed yesterday when my DH asked if we really wanted to pay for a photo of the scan, I said yes actually i do want to have the first photo of our child!!

Anyway, onto the news of the scan yesterday, was great to see the LO wriggling around, really active, even the radiographer said how good it was at letting her getting some good measurements (first moment of maternal pride grin). We won't get the results for a few days re the nuchal fold and downs risk. She said she will call me by 6pm Monday if it's high risk and if she doesn't call it is low risk and I will get a letter in the post in about a week. So just praying the phone doesn't ring now!

Feel so much calmer now that I have seen it is there, heart beating, moving around. Took my DD as well and she was good as gold, didn't understand what was happening but seemed to enjoy it anyway.

mendipgirl Thu 19-Aug-10 11:29:52

ooh, forgot to say they have moved my due date to the 27th Feb, but if it's okay with you guys I'll stay with you rather than moving to the Feb board!

mendipgirl Thu 19-Aug-10 11:31:59

I've redone the list, but think some newbies still need to be added:
25/02 Spilttheteagain pg#1 16 week check 15/09
27/02 Muser pg#1 20 wk scan 11 Oct
27/02 Mendipgirl pg#2 (DD1) Scan 18/08
01/03 BunderTheBonnet pg#2 (DD3) Kent. Scan 20/8
01/03 Snapdragon3 pg#9 (MMC, DD 3, DS 2, 5 MC) anomaly scan 21/10 GTT 29/11
02/03 AfterIVF pg#1
03/03 Madasajarofwasps pg#3 (DD1 5 DD2 3) Worcester.
03/03 Celia76 pg#3 (DS1 5 & DS2 almost 3)
05/03 Hattie05 pg5 (DD1 7, DD2 3, no. 3 mc, DD3 7mths)
04/03 Bluebeach pg#1 dating scan 20/08
04/03 Jeffily pg#3,(DD1 angel baby, DD2 15months)
04/03 Sam2Oscar DC2
04/03 Carriebadshaw pg#2
06/03 Clucky31 pg#1 12wk scan 25/08/10
07/03 Superpenguin pg#1
07/03 Mixedmama pg#3 (DS1 4.5 and DS2 2.5) London. Scan 23/8
07/03 Flower11 pg#1
07/03 Bevyboo pg#2 (DD3, booking 16/8
08/03 Oceanbreeze pg#1 Booking in 4/8. Scan 29/8
09/03 Penguindreams #1 & 2!
09/03 Pushmepullyou pg#4 3MC, DD20 mo
10/03 EvianBaby pg#2 (DS1 Oct 08)
10/03 Coraltoes pg#1 booking in 11/8/10.
10/03 Sevenbubbles pg#2 (DD1 23.5 months) booking in 02/08/10
10/03 Mama2LeahandAisha pg#3 (DD2, DD1)
11/03 Rayeraye pg#4 (DD aged 3, two angels)
11/03 am988 pg#1
13/03 Polkadottytotty pg#3 (DS1 5.5 and DS2 3.5). Scan 30/08
14/03 Shitforbrains pg#3 (DS1 3 DS2 1)
16/03 Gemmasetters pg#2 (DD 2.5)
17/03 KateandEmsMum pg#5 (DD 3, DD 10 Months)
17/03 MrsMullen pg#1
18/03 EvaLongoria pg#2
18/03 Campervanfan pg#2 (DD 20 months)
20/03 Kagey pg#2 (DD Sept 08)
22/03 NoSleepTonight pg#3 (DS1 5.8, DS2 15months)
22/03 Purplefan pg#2 (DD 4.5)
24/03 Snotdroolanddirtybums pg#4 (5, 3 and 2)
24/03 Me23 pg#2(DD 5)booking 27/8 scan 6/9
24/03 Niamh29 (DD1 4yrs, DD2 11months)
25/03 PipPipPip pg#1
26/03 FuzzyWuzzwuzz pg#1
29/03 Emma31177 pg#7 (Ds 14, DD 17 months)
??? SuperSoph73 pg#3 (DS7, DS2)
??? Rain1014 pg#3 (DD8, DD6)
??? Applemuncher pg#1

EvianBaby Thu 19-Aug-10 11:36:27

mendipgirl so pleased your scan went well! Let's hope you don't hear from the midwife until the letter.

My scan is Tuesday which still seems a lifetime away! Mother in law is coming today (when she eventually arrives!) and will probably tell her as my tummy and lack of energy/colour, is a bit of a give away. I would have preferred to have waited till after the scan so it could be less of a cautious celebration, if that makes sense?!

Off to find some fruit pastilles before the nausea kicks in again!

Have a good day everyone!

EvianBaby Thu 19-Aug-10 11:38:38

And welcome to the newbies too!

KPidgeon Thu 19-Aug-10 11:40:30

I think I've been missed off the list. I think I'm due 26/03 but haven't had the first scan yet so that's an estimate.

I'm 9 weeks on saturday but my stomach is very extended. I think it's bloating but it's a dead giveaway and I'm running out of suitable clothing already. Anyone else have it this bad (with a first pregnancy?!)

shitforbrains Thu 19-Aug-10 11:46:33

KPidgeon, it might not be bloating, you might just be showing already!
Who knows.
Some people get big sooner, some people hardly show at 6 months.

It is fairly normal to get bigger, faster, with subsequent pregnancies though.

And someone asked if it was normal to feel cold all the time - well I am not sure if it happens to everyone but I have had it for all 3 - first few months I have been FUCKING FREEZING all the time. It passes!

Clucky31 Thu 19-Aug-10 11:49:25

Morning/afternoon all,

Larty74 welcome and congratulations.

Kagey waving at you from Bromley Are you due to give birth at QMH?

Mendipgirl great to hear about your scan and hoping for you that the phone stays silent.

EvianBaby I know what you mean about your scan - mine is on Wednesday and I feel like I'm just marking time until then.

I had my booking in appointment with midwife 2 weeks ago and she told me that I would receive my blood results within 3 weeks. Nothing so far and I was just wondering did she mean that they would get posted out to me at home or just get sent to my GP? I know I should have asked at the time blush...Did anyone else get their first blood results posted to them directly?

Have a good day

shitforbrains Thu 19-Aug-10 11:52:35

Clucky - IME they don't give you the results until your next appointment, unless they find a problem.

Clucky31 Thu 19-Aug-10 11:56:07

Sfb - Thanks. I guess that no news is good news then

BramblyHedge Thu 19-Aug-10 11:58:57

Hello - I posted a few times on the first thread but didn't put myself on the list. I was going to wait for my dating/ nuchal scan but as I have not even got a date yet for it I am very frustrated. I am 12 weeks on Saturday and they tell me they are 'chocker' and waiting for a cancellation sad. I just want to know that its all ok so I can start telling people.

Anyone else not got a date yet at such a late stage?

shitforbrains Thu 19-Aug-10 12:05:33

Hi Hedge

I don't have a date yet, I too am 11.5 weeks. In fact I haven't even had my booking appointment yet.

Try not to worry, delays etc are all pretty common in the early stages, depending which area you are in. I am in London which is notorious for lateness etc in the first weeks.

superpenguin Thu 19-Aug-10 12:19:14

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your opinions about husbands & partners attending scans.
I think I have talked him into coming with me now but still feel as if he's only coming because I asked him to and not because he actually wants to. He still thinks you won't be able to see much and that it won't make any difference if he is there. Oh well.

Chickened out of telling my boss yesterday but meeting with him today (in 10 mins in fact!) and going to tell him now! aaaarghh!

Hello to more new people!

mendipgirl Thu 19-Aug-10 12:26:58

ooh good luck with the boss superpenguin, let us know how you get on! Am planning to wait till next month as mine will probably panic a bit.

Muser Thu 19-Aug-10 12:28:24

Superpenguin I have put a pic from my scan on my profile for you to see how much you can see! Honestly, it was amazing. MrM is aghast that anyone would miss it, he was enthralled.

Things we saw:

Baby's brain and spine, as well as hands/feet/etc
Baby waving at us
Baby standing up
Baby rolling over
Baby's heartbeat

He has to go!

gemma4d Thu 19-Aug-10 12:43:45

Muser - omg! That pic is from 12 weeks? Its FANTASTIC! Mine was an unrecognisable blob. We argued over which end was the head!!!! But still hubbie can't wait for this scan (nor me!)

One person we should have waited to tell until 12 weeks - my 2 yo daughter! She told a friend of ours yesterday and the 2 of them got into an argument (friend is a child pychologist too, so funny her arguing with a 2 year old!!). I took pity on them both and told the truth. grin

"morning" sickness is getting worse, have been the closest yet to throwing up today and have been fairly miserable the last few days. Can't wait for it to end!

Wasn't going to have a nuchal test (£130!) but am having second thoughts after Jeffily's post. Except as far as I know the only person who can do them where I live is on holiday at the moment (aarggghhh) so goodness knows if it will even be an option.

am988 Thu 19-Aug-10 12:57:45

Muser that is a great picture I hope mine looks like that. Mine is on 7 September - three weeks to wait, I'll be 13+3 weeks then. Oh well, my patience being tested. I really can't wait to see what is going on in there. Last time I had an ultrasound (my first ever one) was last FEB for a bad news, when I discovered I had this enormous fibriod. All gone now, had the op (myomectomy) in March.

So I do hope this time, the scan experience
will be good. Then again, I know it is a risk - but.. if it is meant to be, its meant to be, no point worrying too much about it (although I will worry too much about it!).

By the way for all those who feel bloated and need of new clothes, I 'm one of them.. probably cause of my 'carbohydrate' diet tho too.

Welcome to all new mums to be - and once again, greatly enjoying everyone's posts.
xx A

Muser Thu 19-Aug-10 13:03:56

Thank you! I should confess that it is from an internal scan, the external one isn't quite as good, but is still obviously a baby. And I've seen other externals that are just as clear.

It always looks clearer on the screen anyway, just if you've got a wriggler sometimes you can't get a good pic to keep.

superpenguin Thu 19-Aug-10 13:06:41

Oh Muser that is an amazing photo! grin
Wow! I can't wait for my scan now!

Well, I told the boss! and phew! he was really supportive. Congratulated me, said it was really exciting and to make sure I take it easy and let him know if I need anything!!!
Boss has 3 young children himself so kind of understands I guess.

Going to tell everyone else at work next week after I've had the scan.

emma31177 Thu 19-Aug-10 13:32:34

great photo muser u gave me the idea to put my scan photos on here i think i did it right lol one is at 5 weeks 6 days and the next is at 8 weeks, i cant wait for the 12weeks scan to see the difference ....

hope everyone ok i booked in with my gp today thought i better had as am 8 weeks 2days now and really want a 12 weeks scan at 12 weeks not 13 or 14 weeks i hate waiting lol

emma31177 Thu 19-Aug-10 13:34:49

just looked at the photos i put on here they look like little blobs lol

Larty74 Thu 19-Aug-10 14:28:01

Oceanbreeze - (and everyone)

I've decided a way around not buying books is to check books out from the library! Lame? probably. What's the difference? not much. Who cares? not me as I haven't got the energy to do anything else but lie around and read! Anyway, I've found two great ones so far:

Your Pregnancy week by week by Lesley Regan (SO much better than that silly one you get from your GP by the NHS - anyone else feel like a year 3 student reading it?)

Ask a Midwife by Catharine Parker-Littler - answers all the silly questions a first-timer asks themselves all day, everyday.

mixedmamameansbusiness Thu 19-Aug-10 15:20:50

I love reading and normally have a history book (for uni) and a novel on the go, but this first trimester has been so trying it has been really difficult to read. I have even deferred uni (which I am a little upset about) but it is better this way.

Really enjoy all the reading first timers as it is so much fun, you will devour absolutely everything in sight. I am less bothered this time, but am going through week by week with DS1 showing him how big the baby is etc.

Purplefan Thu 19-Aug-10 17:42:07

Hi all,
Gr8 to see your scan picture Muser!
I have finally recieved my scan date in the post - very excited but it is an age away!!! 9th September!! It works out just right for me cos although I am a teacher, I only work Mon-Weds and scan is on a Thursday + DD will be at school!! perfect grin

polkadottytotty Thu 19-Aug-10 19:45:00

Hello all

Welcome to all the new ladies.

Lovely scan photos muser and emma. Can't believe how clear yours is muser and emma its really clear from yours just how much they grow in a short space of time.

I have had period type pains all day today - not excruciating but niggling. No bleeding/spotting - have been on constant check. Has anyone else experienced this at this stage (10wks). Just had a hot shower which has eased them.

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