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March 2011 - rolling on into the second trimester

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Muser Mon 16-Aug-10 14:07:19

We filled the first thread, time for a new one. Anyone and everyone due in March 2011 are welcome.

KPidgeon Wed 18-Aug-10 10:08:44

jeffily so sorry to hear that things are so difficult. It's good that you are getting away for a few days even though this will be weighing on your mind. I hope you have some sunshine whilst you're away and thinking of you when the results come through.

SuperSoph73- hope all works out for you.

Take care all.

pushmepullyou Wed 18-Aug-10 10:22:38

Supersoph I'm so sorry sad. Fingers crossed for you that it's nothing to worry about. I've had a bit of spotting myself this morning and am sitting at working completely failing to concentrate and hoping it won't get worse.

EvianBaby Wed 18-Aug-10 10:27:01

oh supersoph and pushmepullyou you must both be a bit worried. I hope for both of you it stops really soon. I know that you'll already know this but it is fairly common in the beginning and it often nothing to worry about. Thinking of you both x

mixedmamameansbusiness Wed 18-Aug-10 10:30:53

Jefilly - thinking of you.

Supersoph - thinking of you too.

Hello to all. Cant believe we have another thread already.

I had Sat and Sun completely without being sick, still nauseous but no where near as bad. Have been sick over the last couple of days but again no where near as bad as before.

My hormones are playing havock. I went to see Karate Kid with DH and cried all the way through hmm.

I had to go and have a glucose test yesterday as my brother has diabetes so they wanted to check for gestational diabetes early. couldnt eat until 12.00 noon. So long.

Anyway, scan on Monday so very excited and hoping for the best.

Kisses and hug to all.

superpenguin Wed 18-Aug-10 10:48:26

oh jeffily so sorry to hear about your scan results. try to stay positive, I hope things work out for you.

supersoph and pushmepullyou I am thinking of both of you too, hope everything is ok.

Here is a question for everyone - is it normal for husbands / partners to go with you to the 12-week scan or not???
When I asked my DH if he wanted to come with me, he didn't seem at all interested or excited and didn't seem to think it was that significant an event - "it's only a scan right?" ONLY?! confused
He is excited about us having a baby but doesn't see this scan as being significant.
I would like him to be there but don't want to force him to come if he's not interested.
btw DH is not working so there is no issue about being able to come, it's only whether he wants to.
Opinions please!

Clucky31 Wed 18-Aug-10 11:17:12

Jeffily and SuperSoph thinking of you both at this difficult time. Really hope that things work out xx

polkadottytotty Wed 18-Aug-10 11:21:05

Hello all

Sorry to hear your bad news jeffily - have got my fingers crossed for you over the next few days and supersoph and pushmepullyou also. Sending lots of postive vibes your way.

I had my booking in yesterday at the hospital (took an hour and a half!). I didn't actually meet my midwife as she was poorly but had a nice lady anyway.

Actually starting to feel a bit better (touch wood) and have a bit more energy which is great, just over 10 wks now.

Regarding scans superpenguin - from my experience i think most DH's do attend. My DH has been present for all mine - he says the 12 wk scan we had for our first DS was one of the most memorable moments of his life - it is amazing and definitely significant. Its your first opportunity to actually see your baby and he might regret it if he doesn't go.

Muser Wed 18-Aug-10 11:24:57

I would say you definitely ought to have someone there. Most of the men I know have gone along and loved it. Mine was transfixed and just thought it was amazing.

If nothing else, there is the small chance that something might not be right at any scan. You shouldn't have to go through that alone.

am988 Wed 18-Aug-10 12:13:50

Dear All,

First of all, sorry for Jeffily - can understand how worried you feel. I am hoping and praying for you that all will be good in the end. Take care.

Had booking appointment yesterday - it wasn't my usual midwife as she was on holiday - so it was more a matter of someone filling out all the papers and ticking the boxes.

Oh well... good thing is my midwife will be back. Got the date for the first scan on 7 september. That will be 13weeks for me cause the week before we're away. I would have wanted it to be sooner, but oh well... hopefully it will go well.

AS for husbands attending - I told mine that I'd want him with me and he will come along. Probably some men are not as much into it as we are since at this point not many of us 'show' and do not quite realise what it is. (?) don't know, that's what i think though.

By the way took up the suggestion of wearing travel bands - and I think they work... at least my nausea is less - and when i removed them to have a shower - it came back. So, it works in some way and I recommend them. Thanks..

KPidgeon Wed 18-Aug-10 12:42:12

am988- really glad they are working for you. they helped me for a while but am feeling pretty grotty again now. Really cold an shivery too. I'm almost 9 weeks- anyone else get freezing cold?
I'm dreading tonight- got dinner with my boss and his family (my hubbie is there too) and I usually just slump on the sofa in a tired heap at the moment so am worried about staying sociable until as late as 10pm. also worried about saying no to wine and them realising something's up. I just don't want to tell anyone that I'm pregnant until I've passed the 12-weeks and my boss will be a bit odd with me about it being so soon after we got married (I'm 29!)..

Any tips on how to pass off avoiding alcohol and any tips on how to act really well and fine when you're grotty and shattered?!

thanks all.

am988 Wed 18-Aug-10 12:52:46

KPidgeon I also get very cold and shivery - and it is normally when I am really very tired and need to lie down in bed - complete with pygamas and socks! Then I'm fine so just take some time to warm up. When I first felt it, I thought I had fever, turns out my temperature was much lower than normal!
*as for this eve, could you say you are on some sort of antibiotic? though if they know you well, they will guess. So it could be a goot opportunity to tell. He should be happy for you. Thought at work people hadn't noticed but they did so in a way.. just go with the flow if that makes sense.

coraltoes Wed 18-Aug-10 13:03:24

Oh Jeffily i can't imagine how your mind must be at the moment. I really hope you hear soon on those results, and i'm hoping for positive news for you.
supersoph good luck to you too, i hope it was nothing serious.

My troubles seem very superficial when i look at how others have been recently. Just tiredness, lack of sleep, and nausea.

I found the travel bands didnt really work for me in the long term. Great for a day but that was it. Still worth it for that 1 day of relief!! Current nausea levels are far more manageable and seem to be reserved for mornings and evenings (so i think possibly linked to my energy levels). I have my scan next week- i dont want to say the day as people will be waiting for comments and i think i'll need time to digest- who knows what news you receive, and if all good 'll announce to friends and work etc but I will of course be online at some stage to update you all, we;ve been a bit of a support network havent we in this first trimester, when it is impossible to share with the outside world a lot of how we feel.

DH definitely be coming with me, he nearly cried at our early scan, it is such a wonderful thing to see your little creation on a screen!

Good luck to the ladies awaiting news.

mixedmamameansbusiness Wed 18-Aug-10 13:05:07

My DH mentioned this morning about it being really necessary for him to be there. He is mainly concerned about finding out the sex at 20 weeks and seems to think that is all that they are there for. I agree though that at the end of the day the scan is there to check everything is ok so I have told him I WANT him there as if there is bad news I will need him.

Purplefan Wed 18-Aug-10 13:52:20

Afternoon everyone,
Jeffily thinking of you.
supersoph and pushme hope the spotting is nothing too serious, so sending positive thoughts your way.
I am still waiting for my dating scan appointment!! Getting impatient now!!! hmm Apart from the impatience all is well here at the moment. Hope everyone else is well.

Larty74 Wed 18-Aug-10 16:41:45

Hello everyone!

I don't have a clue what I'm doing - never joined a thread and, well, never had a baby!

I'm 11 weeks - due beg March and we're not telling anyone until we've had our scan on the 4th Sept - which by the way is taking forever to get here. I'm absolutely desperate to talk to someone who knows what I'm going through, but can't bring myself to say anything until we know for sure.

I'm a teacher and so on school holidays and really bored, but enjoying it while I can and spending lots of time on here reading other people's posts and finally gave in.

I'm afraid to join anything, buy any books, etc just in case, but obviously can't help myself. I just want to know what's happening!!!!!

Rayeraye Wed 18-Aug-10 18:17:15

Hi everyone - new board?! no wonder I got lost and thought I'd gone mad looking for things! I'm sorry to all f you facing stressful times at the moment, I am thinkin gof you all.

Larty I am a teacher too and due 11/3, I have loved having the holidays to sleep and feel sorry for myself when I feel sick! Don't know how I'd manage if I was at school!

I got a letter this morning from the Dr (but was out so didn't get it until this afternoon) asking me to ring about some tests I had. I had no idea of any but those I had at booking with the midwife, so I called and its something to do with one of those. the receptionist was so vague and wouldn't indicate if it was urine or blood results or whether I should be concerned angry !!! Those people are always so keen to tell you if your illness is an 'emergency' when you want an appointment at 10.35 (our cut off for same day appointments is 10.30) but not tell you if you should be worried about test results when I have to wait until at least the following day!!!!!!

Larty74 Wed 18-Aug-10 18:27:15


I know just what you mean re managing at school. I am SOOOOO tired - but not sick and ever so grateful for that.

Hope you are feeling ok and your results are ok as well.

bluebeach Wed 18-Aug-10 18:43:43

Jeffily what a horrid time for you and your partner. Really thinking of you while you wait for the other tests results and hoping that you hear some positive news.

supersoph and pushme hope you are both not bleeding now and have either had scans or assurance from the midwife not to worry. I had a heavy bleed at around 9 weeks and the scan showed nothing to worry about, and it seems pretty common. Also if your not in a lot of pain it's a good thing.

superpenguin my opinion is that your partner should definitely go with you to the scan. I would feel really hurt if mine didn't want to come and also I would really want someone there incase we got any bad news. If he really wont go then can you get someone else to go with you? That might make him realise how important his support is at the moment.
If its your first then maybe the reality of it hasn't hit him yet. After I had a scan at 10 weeks after a bleed and my boyfriend saw the baby on the scan he suddenly became the most helpful man on the planet and he got really excited. So I think you should insist he go for his sake as well as yours. oooo sorry for going on a bit.

HI Larty and congratulations!

sam26oscar Wed 18-Aug-10 19:29:48

superpenguin my Dh is of the same thought as yours,he thinks its just to find out the exact date its due, he was the same with DS1, he won't even be coming to the nuchal scan as we don't have childcare as mum and dad don't know so can't ask them to babysit, plus they both still work full time!! I have asked a friend to come shes the only one who knows, she cant look after DS as she currently 22 weeks pg but had diabetes and has had few hypos so not fair on her or DS to be put in that situ.
supersoph and pushme fingers crossed and big hugs,
welcome Larky74 smile

Kagey Wed 18-Aug-10 20:42:52

Fingers crossed Jeffily, Supersoph and Pushme and hope you are all ok.

Clucky and Emma we are almost neighbours - I'm not far away in Sidcup

pushmepullyou Wed 18-Aug-10 21:14:47

Hi everyone and thankyou smile so far so good here, haven't had any more spotting so hopefully things have settled down a bit now. Haven't had anything worse than I had with dd amd she is very much here! So still cautiously optimistic.

Hope you are ok too supersoph

Hi Larky, nice to 'meet' you smile

Larty74 Thu 19-Aug-10 07:45:05

Hi everyone -

thanks for the hellos and nice to meet you all as well.

Just want to say smile grin, think positive, and have a fab day!

mixedmamameansbusiness Thu 19-Aug-10 09:11:00

mOrning all...

Just saying hi.

shitforbrains Thu 19-Aug-10 10:01:58

Morning all.

Also just saying Hi.

I am really feeling for the ladies waiting for news/having problems. Thinking of you all.

I am ok, just worn out. Had a 2 day shoot in Marlow, back in the office today. Got another shoot on Saturday but am so, so tired and weary and am thinking of cancelling.

I know I shouldn't, I need the money, but I think I need a break more, especially as I am doing a wedding next weekend.


Oceanbreeze Thu 19-Aug-10 10:54:49

G'morning ladies, just checking in.

Welcome to all the newcomers - don't dare mention you by name as am sure to miss someone blush

Larty I know what you mean about not wanting to buy/join anything. I've bought a couple of books, and joined mumsnet. But that's it!!

sfb I am in awe. I don't know how you and the other busy ladies manage it. I am so tired all the time, I'm pretty much useless. I've decided to put it down to my, er, mature age.

superpenguin I asked my parter about attending the scan - and he looked quite hurt...I'd confused him & he thought I didn't want him to go to this one (Similar to Coraltoes he came to my early one, and was almost in tears). I definitely want him there though.

Jeffily so sorry to read your news, thinking of you. Got fingers crossed for you and all the other ladies awaiting tests.

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