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Webchat with Professor Tim Spector, the lead researcher behind the ZOE COVID Symptom Study app, on Wednesday at 2pm

17 Blue5238 01/12/20 12:33

MNHQ here: anything you'd like to tell your MP about your experiences with using childcare?

19 Throwntothewolves 01/12/20 14:36

To expect my neighbours to use the parking space provided with their house?

2 anitta 23/04/07 14:23

to twist off my friends lollipop head and flush it down the loo?

11 TheDuchessOf… 23/04/07 14:18

to be upset that my children haven't been to invited to a birthday party

87 OrmIrian 23/04/07 12:10

To expect my brother to remember my child's birthday?

49 evenhope 23/04/07 11:27

Controlled parking where I live is MAD!!!

4 vimfuego 23/04/07 11:15

to HATE supermarkets and feel ill for at least 5 minutes every-time I have to go in one

17 3littlefrogs 22/04/07 22:37

or is Dh a prize twat

46 Moomin 22/04/07 21:45

DP wants to buy a pair of crocs - should i leave him?

29 NotQuiteCockney 22/04/07 19:52

I am shocked that the police offered ds the option of paying 10.00 or "a night in the cells"

10 zippitippitoes 22/04/07 19:24

To want people to write ds1 full name (not just the shortened version)?

75 joash 22/04/07 16:54

to expect cod to be polite and type so I can understand it

301 SherlockLGJ 22/04/07 16:33

to expect the woman in front of me at a classical concert to allow my seven year old one whisper before she starts hissing at him?

22 singingmum 22/04/07 13:21

To expect the fly that is banging against the landing window to realise that it is shut and it shoud go out through the open patio doors????

12 singingmum 22/04/07 13:16

to feel really guilty for giving my DD

18 chirpygirl 22/04/07 10:37

to love posting in am i being unreasonable

2 belgo 21/04/07 18:20

to be shocked by people taking their smalll kids round tescos at 9pm in PJs + slippers

103 sunnysideup 21/04/07 17:41

T o expect that if PIL invite us around for a meal we will be sitting in the same room as them?

16 kslatts 21/04/07 16:59

that people sell used breast pads nipple cream on ebay?!!?

7 MrsSpoon 21/04/07 15:50

to expect that ALL my tyres will be inflated when I go to drive my car????

21 claireabo 21/04/07 14:45

to hate plastic toys that are made up of a zillion tiny bits

34 martianbishop 21/04/07 14:30

Bunny and Bear. Best Friends. ARE THEY??!!!

10 scrapper 21/04/07 14:16

To be irritated when people on television say "Haitch"?

158 fortyplus 21/04/07 13:06

To think we might not get the money back??

12 LIZS 21/04/07 11:25

to resent dd having to miss preschool for a birthday lunch?

4 DimpledThighs 21/04/07 09:07

what do you think of this swimming costume?

37 Clary 21/04/07 00:17

- to refuse to buy the Barbie doll with the 'Cat That Wees'

50 curlysmum 20/04/07 23:22

to be REALLY P****ED OFF with my friend

21 RedFraggle 20/04/07 17:32

Not to have a row at 7.30am because i asked dp to pick up a paper and some clothes off the bathroom floor!

18 kamikayzed 20/04/07 17:12

to think that a female colleague is being seriously uppity to react poorly to this

20 batters 20/04/07 17:04

To Ask MNHQ to shut down MN for one day????

7 CantSleepWontSleep 20/04/07 16:52

or should I change playgroups!

23 Lulou 20/04/07 16:37

to have created a scene in Chez Gerard

140 Bethbe 20/04/07 16:04

To be cross at the idiot father at nursery

14 Tinker 20/04/07 15:17

To be surprised at my neighbours bitter attitude?

36 newgirl 20/04/07 15:08

to feel somewhat vindicated by work colleague discovering that not all toddlers are created equal.

5 newgirl 20/04/07 14:54 chuckle just a bit at this???

26 claireabo 20/04/07 12:31

to feel like not bothering again?

43 LowFatMilkshake 20/04/07 11:09

for wanting to report my neighbours to enviromental health.

4 zippitippitoes 20/04/07 09:12

To want to go into London on public transport?

31 Lovecat 19/04/07 22:30

To expect a golf club to exercise discretion for new youth members!

7 paros 19/04/07 20:04

to receive a phone call from FIL regarding his wife's condition in hospital post op

20 misdee 19/04/07 17:32

To think that the Tesco delivery man shouldn't have sworn at me?

6 kslatts 19/04/07 16:17

to feel intimidated at two seperate childrens parks in one day!

33 yellowrose 19/04/07 14:24

To snigger unhelpfully in the background while dh is SERIOUSLY telling the children off???

40 custy 19/04/07 11:03

To prefer that my kids were adopted by anyone BUT my inlaws in the event of my death?

55 whomovedmychocolate 19/04/07 10:41

To refuse to buy dp rizla when in the shop

25 sibble 19/04/07 07:51

My bloody neighbours have eight kids and the whole lot of them are out there right now practising their stuppid dance routines.

86 mummylin2495 18/04/07 23:50

Yep you are

8 fairyfly 18/04/07 22:37

New to mumsnet need help with playfighting 4 year old

2 2shoes 18/04/07 22:26

To hate it that it gets so personal on here sometimes.

114 batters 18/04/07 22:20
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